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Continuous Assessment
School Placement 1 Reflective Essay
Programme: BSc (Hons) in Education (Design Graphics and

Year: 1

Module: School Placement 1

Module Credits: 5

CA Weighting: 50%

Internal Examiner(s): Ms. Ann Foley

External Examiner(s):

Submission Date/Time:

Post Lesson Reflection: 6/3/2017 at 10pm

Unless accompanied by a signed absence sheet, late submission will not

be marked

Instructions to Candidates:
Please read the following information carefully

Student Name: Shane Murphy

Student Number: G00348337

The Joys of Teaching! Module: School Placement 1


In the following essay I am going to discuss the joys of teaching. I will also
discuss some situations and scenarios I have been involved in whilst on school
placement and portray how these situations helped me realize some of the joys
of teaching. I feel that this topic was a very interesting one to be given to write
an essay on as there are so many things one can say about it. Also I found that in
most of these situations I could relate back to the topic as in my opinion, they
were associated with it.

Main Body

During my 2 most recent days on school placement I encountered many

situations that I could involve and muster into the topic of the joys of teaching.
There are many joys of teaching, and in my opinion the following would be
examples of them:

Fulfillment This could occur when a student is stuck on something or is

finding it hard to understand a task that has been given to them. As a
teacher it is then your job to explain the topic a bit more so it becomes
very vivid to the student. This would be a sense of fulfillment for the
teacher as they have helped the student understand the task and now the
student can go and complete it.
Professionalism Professionalism is achieved in teaching as you are
stepping into a professionals world when becoming a teacher. For me it
seemed very daunting and surreal that I was actually becoming a teacher
when I went on my first day out to the primary schools. I feel this is a joy
of teaching as you have an element of authority about you and also it
makes you take this job extremely seriously.

I was absolutely privileged to witness some extremely satisfying situations while

out on school placement in the last 4 weeks. On a Friday an engineering student
from NUIG would come in and teach the students about engineering. It was very
satisfying as a teacher to see the students learn about such an interesting
subject as the student taught them all about how we see engineering in
The Joys of Teaching! Module: School Placement 1

everyday life. It was very fulfilling to see the students learn but at the same time
they enjoyed it very much. Also I feel that the students enjoyed this because
they were all together as one whole group learning together. A classroom
teacher is not a tutor working with one child at a time. Even though she may
work with a single child at times, her main job is to work with a group of children
in one room at one time. (Pollard, 2010, p. 47)

On the last day of my school placement the students participated in the

Operation Transformation 10@10 Challenge. This involved the students
participating in a dance routine for 10 minutes. I feel that this is a joy of teaching
as each and every student was happy and the mood in the classroom was
extremely positive. At the end of the dance routine the teacher had to bring the
class back under control. In my opinion this would be very difficult so to do this
as a teacher would be an extremely good trait to have. Also this would be a joy
of teaching as once again after 10 minutes of fun the teacher was able to bring
the class back to reality and settle them down and they were straight back into
work. It is important that, at all times, the teacher knows what is happening in
all parts of the room. This appears daunting to student teachers, but, with time,
you develop a sixth sense. (Dolan, 2009, p. 77)


Overall on these last two days of school placement I feel that this topic the joys
of teaching fitted both days exceptionally well. I experienced a lot of happiness
and positivity throughout the classroom on both of the days. The first day the
positivity lingered through the whole day as it wasnt a hyper sort of positivity
but a controlled one as the students were content and satisfied with what work
they were covering. Also the position of each student had an impact on the way
they were feeling. The first day they were sitting down and learning whereas the
second day the students were up moving around and getting their blood going.
Once again I will reflect on the ability and also the authority of the teacher in the
class to regain full control of the students. This in my eyes is an exceptional trait
and I feel it would be a very good idea for all student teachers to get a firm grasp
on going forward. It was also effective the way each student listened carefully to
the teacher and did exactly what was asked of them, not one student
misbehaved. Sometimes it is inferred that all subjects or concepts need to be
taught using all seven intelligences. While most topics can be taught in a number
The Joys of Teaching! Module: School Placement 1

of ways, it is usually a waste of time to try and teach a topic using all seven
intelligences (Bills, 2004, p. 216)
The Joys of Teaching! Module: School Placement 1