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Rate Amount
Description Unit Quantity Remarks

Construction of Polymer Treated Base Course Layer (100-200mm thick) -

For the Construction of Sub-Grade/ Base Course, 100-200 mm thick using
Liquid Polymer Stabilizer viz. Soil Tech MK-III. Spreading and mixing with the
Selected Soil & Aggregate (If required to achieve desired grading/P.I); Mixing
of PTBC Compound with Water as per approved Mix- Deisgn and sprinkling
the Polymer & Water mixture over spreaded PTBC mass with approved
capacity mechanical tankers having sprinkler arrangement, Uniformly mixing
the Soil and Aggregate (If required to achieve desired grading/P.I) mass by
using Hydraulic Motor Grader with back end ripper/Tractor with rotavator or Resilient Modulus
any other approved mechanical means to achieve maximum Pulverization , (Mpa) Value of PTBC
spreading in uniform layers with motor grader and compacting with 8-10 ton layer as per
capcity vibratory poer roller to achieve the desired Dry Density 95-98 per cent, Manufacturer &
complete as per IS:2720-part 8. all complete as directed by the Engineer in Supplier's Claims &
charge. supporting Test
The Mix design of Polymer, Water and Soil shall be as per recommendations of
the 3rd Party Laboratory Tests prior to start of execution of this item & shall
be based on the available Local soil conditions & moisture content. The
moisture content of the available soil mass shall be monitored as directed by
Engineer in charge by using calibrated Moisture meter. This item shall be
executed under the guidance & supervision of technical expert deputed by the
Manufacturere/Supplier. All works are to be done by using mechanical
equipments only.

Providing & Applying Polymer Treated Base Course Compound (PTBC) viz.
SoilTech MK III with minimum Specific Gravity of 0,98; Ph Value of 8-9;
Solid content more than 53, Viscocity at 25 Deg within 25.5-26.5 and Toxicity
Limit for Lead/ Arsenic less than 5 & Cadmium/ Mercury less than 1 as per
pre-approved Water PTBC Ratio (Water + PTBC Compound) F.O.R site
inclusive of all taxes and duties but excluding any local tax, to the Technical
Specification of PTBC Manufacturer and as directed by Engineer in Charge.

Unit = cum
Taking output = 225 cum
a) Labour
Mate day 1.00 349 349.00
Labour skilled day 4.00 296 1184.00
Labour unskilled day 4.00 263 1052.00
b) Machinery
Tipper 5.5 cum/10 t hour 5.50 680 3740.00
Add 10 per cent of cost of carriage to cover cost of loading and unloading 374.00
Motor Grader 110 HP @ 50 cum hour 6.00 1200 7200.00
Vibratory roller 8 -10 tonne hour 5.00 1026 5130.00
Tractor - Rotavator , Blade, Harrow disc, all attachment hour 6.00 400 2400.00
Water tanker 6 KL capacity hour 5.00 560 2800.00
c) Material
0 mm to 40 mm @ 455per cent cum 101.25 730 73913.00
Soil @ 55 per cent cum 123.75 100 12375.00
Cost of water KL 20.00 250 5000.00
d) Overhead charges @ 10 % on (a+b+c) 11551.70
e) Contractor's profit @ 10 % on (a+b+c+d) 12706.87
Cost for 225 cum = a+b+c+d+e 139775.57
Rate per cum = (a+b+c+d+e)/225 621.22
say 621.00