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AP English 12


Period 2

23 January 2016

Intro to Hamlet Articles

Gertrude 1

In their analysis, Shmoop provides various thoughts on the character, Gertrude,

from Shakespeares Hamlet. They develop their argument by providing evidence

(quotes) from the text. Shmoops purpose is to give meaningful insight into this main

character. The author employs an inquisitive tone throughout the article in order to have

readers think seriously about how complex of a character Gertrude is.

Gertrude 2

In their analysis, the author shows the character Gertrude in an unfavorable view

as either dumb or evil. They develop their argument by providing evidence (quotes)

from the text. The authors purpose is to describe the personality of Gertrude to their

readers. They use a harsher tone than the previous article when discussing Gertrude

and her actions in order to give their readers the impression that she was not an

innocent woman.

Not-So-Innocent Ophelia

In their article from Crafty Screenwriting, the author argues that Hamlets lover,

Ophelia, is pregnant throughout the play. They provide numerous examples to support

their statement including a moment when Ophelia puts her hand on her stomach and

when Hamlet say puns like conceive and pregnant. The authors purpose is to

increase the intensity of the plays tragicness, since Ophelia is left abandoned and

heartbroken by Hamlet, and eventually drowns herself out of insanity. This also gives

deeper insight to Ophelia - her actions had reasons behind them. For example, Hamlet

puts Ophelia in a terrible situation when he abandons. To avoid being shunned by

society for her secret pregnancy or being sent to a nunnery, Ophelia must kill her

unborn child. The author uses an ominous tone when describing Ophelia to have

readers pity her and her eventual fate.

Defending Claudius

In Howard Mumford Jones article, The Charges Against King Claudius, the

author argues against all the charges that Hamlet makes towards his uncle, King

Claudius. Jones counteracts each argument that Hamlet makes using evidence

(quotes) from the text. His purpose is to portray Hamlet in a more unfavorable view,

ruining his credibility and criticizing his personality as illogical, vengeful, and

exaggerative. The author uses a negative tone towards Hamlet in order to have more

readers support King Claudius and his actions.