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IAM THE BREAD OF LIFE BREAD OF LIFE Based on John 6 Suzanne Toolan, RSM em) (GB) (Bm) Fm AWC cm it 1 am the Bread = of life. You who 2.The bread that_ I will give is my 3.Un - less_______ you___ eat of the 4k I am the Res - ur - rec - tion, 5. Yes, Lord,. T be - lieve ‘that z (C) (Cmaj? Dsus) D) : g Seah? Geist ® Ppa — — i SS SSS S555 come to me shall and who be - flesh for the life and if you flesh of the Son and— | Lom If you be yu ae the The following editions are also, available from the publisher: An arrangement by Richard Proulx for SATB Choir, Soprano and Tenor Soli, Assembly, with optional parts for Oboe and String Quintet, G-7374; and a Bilingual Edition (English and Spanish), G-7226, Copysght © 1966 GIA Pulcatons, ne.» AD Righs Reserved + integ n USA. 7404S Mase Ave, Chicago, IOS «wr gms “E0002 1358 Reproduction ffi publication whol perlasion of th pusher sa vison of he U.S. Code ofLaw foruhich he responsible indvduaor natn ssubacto ernnalprosoouton. Noone oxo G-1693 OP LIFE RSM you ‘be - vals for Quinte, (gs) (em?) © @ (em ‘ab Cnt Cm Db Ab lieve in me shall not — thirst. No one can conié™ to eat of this bread, you shall. live for drink. of his blood, and “drink of | his lieve. in me, © ~ ven— though you Son. of, God, Who. has al? ‘ Gp Gap Ginek ‘Se ® me un = less the Fa = ther beck = ons ev: es you shall live for ev - er. blood, you shall not have life with - in you die, you shall live for ev ~ come in - ‘tothe. world, (Gp) (Dy see Bis a & S Sm? And 1 will raise and 1 will raise. — B ee 8 Bios? BP you up—— on the , last. ane r Provided that sufficient performance copies have been purchased, the contents of the box may be reproduced for assembly use without further permission from the publisher. For all other uses, go to 1AM THE BREAD OF LIFE BREAD OF LIFE ‘Based on Jobn 6 Suranne Toolan, RSM gta 62 SS SS oe - T And I will raise you ae — up, ‘and 1 will raise you up, and I will raise you up on the last E = day, Copyright © 1966 by GIA Poicatons, In, A Rights Reserved For licensing needs or questions, go to 1-800-663-1501 An electronic version of this reprint material is available through HymnPrintnet. 1600 Cog Oi 6