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Product information of

our packaging materials

3M Propore
3M PROPORE protects works of art
The surface
ART HANDLING structure
Spedition of 3M PROPORE
GmbH, Oskar-Jger-Str.139-141, 50825 Kln was
developed for direct contact with delicate surfaces.
PROPORE is suitable for use as transport packaging
because of itszupermeability,
Produktinformationen so that the packing
unseren Verpackungsmaterialien
condition does not damage the artwork. The fact
schtzt Kunstwerke is tear resistant, pliable, breath-
able and chemically neutral makes it a popular
packaging 3MTM PROPORE wurde fr den direkten Kontakt
von material. mit
dlichen Oberflchen entwickelt. Als Transportverpackung eignet sich PROPORE
diffusionsoffen ist, so dass der Verpackungszustand dem Kunstobjekt nicht
tsache das PROPORE reifest, schmiegsam, atmungsaktiv und chemisch neutral
chen es zu einem angesehenen Verpackungsmaterial.
The most important properties at a glance:
chtigsten Eigenschaften auf einen
absolutely waterproof
absolut wasserdicht
biegsam abrasion resistant
reifest tear-proof

ORE ist What is PROPORE?
ein Faservlies aus mikroporsen Polypropylen, das sehr atmungsaktiv
Liter/m in 24 h) und gleichzeitig absolut wasserdicht ist. Mit der speziellen
ran von PROPORE kannisFeuchtigkeit,

a fibrouswelche
en kann, vom polypropylene
Kunstwerk which is very breathable
ferngehalten werden.
zeitig verhindert diese Porenstruktur den Durchgang mglicher uerer Einflsse
(10 Liters/m in 24 h) and simultaneously abso-
aub, Fett etc.
lutely waterproof. With the special membrane
of PROPORE, humidity, which can occur inside a
packaging, will be kept away
Diffusionsoffen from the artwork. At
the same time, this pore structure stops potential
outside influences from penetrating such as dust,
grease etc.
PROPOREs membrane can be imaginedFaservlies
as a film
which is laminated (glued on through the use of
heat) onto the supporting material. Membranes

are of a higher quality than coatings, as they are


more abrasion resistant and thus more durable. The

material is impervious to water drops, but does
allow steam to pass from the inside to the outside. 1
This is generally described as breathable the
correct formulation is steam-permeable.
Permeability Impenetrable to water

fibre fleece


In order to be equipped against any eventualities,
we especially recommend this packaging material
for long transports, such as for airfreight or sea
freight. Because PROPORE is absolutely water-
proof and yet simultaneously remains capable of
Thus, if the artworks packing crate should at any
point come into contact with water during a long
transport, the work of art will be safely protected
thanks to PROPORE.
The product has different surface structures
on the inner and outer side. The smooth side is
designed for the direct contact with the surface
of the artwork.
Product properties

PROPORE is tear-resistant when both wet or dry.
Owing to its unique fibre structure, its tear-resist-
ance continues even if the material is scratched.

A definite advantage of PROPORE
is the packaging materials notable
impermeability to water. It retains
its properties in both wet and dry
In an in-house, long-term experi-
ment, the waterproof properties
of this packaging material were
tested: The test environment
consists of two chambers divided by a strip of
PROPORE. The lower chamber contains a ventilator
which simulates constant air circulation; water is
pored into the upper chamber. After more than
a week of constant operation, PROPORE was
still waterproof and diffusible. In this experiment,
the long-term diffusion capabilities are visualised
through the water currents.

Chemical resistance
PROPORE is non-sensitive to most acids, alkalis
and salts.

Light weight
PROPOREs weight is less than half that of other
materials with similar durability. PROPOREs tight-
ness is 0.24 g/cm3.
Rot and mould-resistance
Pure PROPORE does not promote the growth of
mould or other micro-organisms.

PROPORE is not easily flammable.

Ageing / UV-resistance
PROPORE is very ageing and UV-resistant. Under
normal storage conditions (room temperature and
no UV reflection), PROPORE has a guaranteed stor-
age life of 20 years. Longer interruption to UV rays
can lead to changes in the materials properties.

Lengthways separation, arc sections, cutting as
PROPORE is made of very tear-resistant fibres,
each fibre must be completely cut through when
cutting. Any fibres remaining intact along the cut-
ting edge must be removed with a second cut. All
cutting tools must be clean and sharp and possess
a well supported, burr-free cutting edge.

PROPORE is a recyclable material and can thus be
placed in the dual system. During landfill disposal,
PROPORE does not break down to release any
substances hazardous to the groundwater. It is this
neutral to the groundwater and can thus be safely
disposed of in this way as a last option.

For enquiries please contact:

Art Handling Spedition GmbH
Oskar-Jger-Strae 139141 D-50825 Cologne
Fon: + 49-(0)2 21-954 27 11 Fax: + 49-(0)2 21-954 27 19

Quality- and Environmental

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
DIN EN ISO 14001:2004

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