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In my opinion Lisa and her team in the provision of incentives to their employees well
enough. By applying these things will get better employee performance and satisfaction with
the living will increase. incentives are very effective to improve the performance of
employees in order to better work If it is associated with the theory based on the performance
framework Austin Hayne which divides into five criteria , Good performance, responsibility,
obedience, cooperation and honesty. a performance appraisal feedback to the employee
because the results obtained are used to motivate employees in determining incentive. One
way to increase employee performance incentive system is the right and fair in accordance
with what has been done in the performance of employees.
Criteria that must be measured to differentiate between high performing and low performing
employees could be based on :
a) Speed (Time needed to served the costumer)
b) Friendliness (Expression given when serve costumer)
c) Delicacy (not only about how fast the service but also include how delicate it was)
d. Patience/Complaint Resistance (measure how patience employees could resist
e. On Time / On post (measure how on time employee attend to their post after rest orwhen
their time shift comes)based on this behavior the manager could look the outcome like :
a. Increasing in stay and return rate of the costumer.
b. Willingness of the costumer to recommend this hotel to othersc.
c. Good image, and professionalism of this hoteld.
d. Feed back from costumer about what is lack from costumere.
e. Increasing number of guest

2. And the purpose of development of strategies Hotel Paris is how to improve the
performance of employees , so it needs to be planned for bonuses and incentives. Strategic
Goal that Hotel Paris want to accomplished is like a
a. Increasing Employee performance.
b. Increasing Number of guest that attend this hotelc. Increasing stay and return rate to this
c. Increasing effectiveness (linked) of incentive plan to boost employee performance.
d. Increasing Eligibility rate of employee so that they could got higher incentivef. 10%
differentiation payment between low and high performing employeein order to achieve this
goal we must specify behavior for each job that related to this goal. I will give the incentive if
they do this:

A. Front desk clerk / Receptionist

The receptionist is the person in charge of receiving guests in hotel. The receptionist is
usually placed in the front, is intended that the guests who come easy to know an easy way to
find information. Terms - the requirements to become a good reception:

1. SKILL : must be able to organize work with a handle and can take care of guests who
come to the company. For that a reception should be good cooperation between superiors, co-
workers, subordinates and with other departments is indispensable for the smooth work. To
that end, the receptionist must have a desire to help one another and respect. A receptionist
must have the ability to communicate well to say something by way of a straightforward,
effective, efficient and friendly, so guests do not feel disappointed even if their wishes are not
fulfilled. Thus, guests can grasp and understand with a situation through a receptionist good
International language skills also must be mastered an When this is controlled by the
receptionist, then this is a powerful weapon that can bring the receptionist career jump as
high. Specialized knowledge : Must have accuracy, it becomes very important to remember
that the receptionist is the person who handles guest. So he is required to always meticulous
in counting a guest account, write down the name and number of guest rooms and other
important matters related to the guest to the hotel receptionist.The main tasks of a
receptionist, in addition to welcoming guests to arrive, is its ability to sell rooms and other
facilities in the hotel for the reception of the hotel. Therefore, mastering the information
about what the hotel production.The receptionist should be friendly to the employees within
the company, the receptionist should recognize the names and positions of vast quantities of
it. Hence, some of the characters often become the criteria to be a receptionist. For example,
sociable, friendly, and courteous.

Looks good, neat and clean, it is not only related to the personality of the receptionists were
clean and tidy, but also include things that are nearby, such as working equipment such as
stationery should be neatly arranged in place. Guests will be impressed and satisfied with the
services provided by the receptionist good, neat and clean.
A hotel receptionist should have a good personality and fun, which always is always ready to
assist guests when required, pleased to be associated with guests and others and can be a
good listener.Persistent and intelligent. a receptionist is always doing the same work from
morning to evening. Boredom is the first word that must be faced. Because boredom can
point to negligence on the job front. For example, a company with a face to face unfriendly
and did not smile tugging at his lips.Good, polite, friendly, thoughtful. Either because they
always provide the best service to inter inside the company and to other companies. The
receptionist at a particular company, there are times when assigned to connect between the
parts of the company through intra-company phone. The receptionist also must be friendly to
other companies, since this is one way to show a good image of the company.

B. Hotel Manager
the Hotel Manager is responsible to manage property operations on a day to day basis of a
single property to assure optimum performance and continual improvement in the five Key
Result Areas (guest service, employees, sales/marketing, property appearance, and
profit/financial control. Coordinates, directs and manages the staff and everyday hotel
operations to achieve profitability, guest satisfaction and efficiency while maintaining
standards set by the company assuring 100% guest satisfaction.

a. Directly manages the hotel staff on a daily basis; supervises a total of 8 to 10
employees on the Property. Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and
evaluation of this unit.
b. Carries out management responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies
and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees;
planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining
employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
Ability to read and speak the English language and comprehend simple instructions, short
correspondence, and memos. Ability to write simple correspondence. Ability to effectively
present information in one on one and small group situations to customers, clients, and other
employees of the organization. Ability to effectively communicate professionally with guests,
associates, supervisors, and others as required for optimum operation of the property.
Conversational Spanish would be beneficial. Ability to organize multiple projects; manage
and prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

C. Valet
a. Collects and delivers guest laundry, dry cleaning, pressing items in alternation, to and
from the guest or floor pantries, according to the telephone record sheet.
b. honest when Inspects clothing before dispatch and report to supervisor any items found
in pockets of guests or damages.
c. Ensures that guest laundry, dry cleaning and pressing are collected and returned as
quickly and efficiently as possible.
d. Checks carefully on the quality of guest items and the count before return to guests.
e. Fast respon when Pick up guest calls
D. Housekeeper
a. Fast when clean corridors, lobbies, stairways, elevators and lounges as well as guest
rooms, organize work schedule from the room status list, arrivals and departures, distribute
linen, towels and room supplies, restock room supplies such as drinking glasses, soaps,
shampoos, writing supplies, mini bar. replace dirty linens with clean items, inspect and turn
mattresses regularly, store all dirty laundry in line with company policy, monitor guest
laundry bags, replace laundry bags and slips.
b. Friendly when respond to guest queries and requests, respond to calls for housekeeping
problems such as spills, broken glasses, deliver any requested housekeeping items to guest
c. ensure confidentiality and security of guest rooms, follow all company safety and
security procedures, report any maintenance issues or safety hazards, observe and report
damage of hotel property

3. Incentive Plan For Hotel Paris


1 Sallary (16%) Bonuses (22%) Long Term Short Term Total
(42%) (20%)

$ 10,000 $ 13,750 $26,250 $12,500 $62,500

*the percentage used to mixed incentive above based on sarbane-oxley act.

Information :
1. Long term payment is stock option,and the plan that I used to determine its amount
based on performance achievement plan.
2. Short term payment that I used is almost same with annual bonuses but it also depend
on how wellthey performed their job so I used multiplier approach to determine their
3.The amount above only example to make it easier to calculated.

I used multiplier approach to determining Annual (short term) and long term bonuses.
Multiplier Approch
Individual Performence ( Based on Company Performance (based on number of guest attendings
appraisal weight = 0,5)

Excellent Good fai

Excellent 1.00 0.9 0.8
Gppd 0.8 0,7 0.6
Fair 0.00 0.00 0.0
Poor 0.00 0.00 0.0

To determine the dollar amount of a manager s award multiply the maximum possible
(target) toappropriate factor in matrix

And to determine individual performance I used guidance table below

Individual Score for Executive The Hotel Paris
FACTOR Excellent Good Fair Poor
Firmness 1.0 0.8 0.6 0,4
Patience 1.0 0.8 0.6 0,4
Leadership 1.0 0.8 0.6 0,4
Stress Resistance 1.0 0.8 0.6 0,4

Individual factor above we mixed with our target outcome (it depend on how much we
weight it) andthe score we matched with score at multiplier approach and we multiply it with
highest possible shortterm and long term here supervisor rule really important to
give objective scoring
And for Non executive employee I used same method but with different factor at
individualscore,plus I use double checked performance not only by supervisor scoring but
also I will use a kind of performance (satisfaction card) that will be filled out by guest.