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The prana in Ayurveda,

rlung in Tibetan
Medicine (qi in Chinese
Medicine, and "breath of
life" in Craniosacral
Work) is the foundation
of eastern medical
thinking and healing
methods. The rlung,
prana, or qi, is the
pulsation of the cosmos
It is the resonance of this cosmic pulsation that makes the
macrocosm-microcosm relationship possible. Resonance allows the
cosmos and any of its parts to influence each other. This talk is
focused on how the Resonance is weaved diagnostic and healing
methods of Ayurveda and Eastern healing traditions.
The round shape of our head emulates "Orange, blue, yellow and red are not
heaven. The square shape of our feet less in men's nadis (meridians) than
emulates earth. Heaven has the four in the sun... They flow from the sun,
seasons, the five movements, the nine enter into the nadis (of beings) flow
divisions, and the 366 days. Human beings back from the nadis and enter into
have four limbs, five organ (zhang) systems, the sun." - Chandaogya Upanishad
nine orifices, and 366 joints.~ Huainanzi
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist,
Herbalist and teacher of Ayurveda and CranioSacral Work. Over thirty years
studying and practicing healing work in the lineage of the Siddha tradition.
Traveled extensively through the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, and India,
to learn meditative and healing practices. In his healing practice he integrates
Siddha Ayurveda, Craniosacral work and Chinese Medicine to offer
personalized healing services for wellness and transformation.

Dr. Prana | LAc. | DAOM | MBA |