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Important quotes to remember

Quote Technique Description

I am not what I am - Dramatic Shows Iagos deception of Othello
Iago irony, theme: for revenge
vs reality
Zounds, sir, An old Crude racial Coarsely describing the sexual
black ram is tupping and sexual activity from Iagos perspective of
your white ewe Iago imagery Othello and Desdemona. Shows
that Othello is secretly with
Desdemona and having a secret
romance. This makes it as if
Desdemona has deceived her
father. This is the initial part of
Iagos plan.
Honest Iago - Othello Dramatic Means that Othello is trusting in
Irony Iago to keep his wife safe, despite
the foreshadowing fact that, Iago is
the one trying to harm Othello.
I hate the Moor, and it Metaphor, Shows what Iago thinks of Othello
is thought abroad that symbolism, and his motivation, as he explores
twist my sheets Hes soliloquy through done my office by
done my office Iago relating it to Emilia.

O, because my lord of Metaphor Exploring that Othello is full of

jealousy! He is a green- jealously from Cassio talking with
eyed monster Desdemona. Iago transforms
Othello from a loving husband to a
jealous monster.
My lord is not my lord Anti-thesis Desdemona is saying that Othello
Desdemona was not what he used to be as he
changed from what Iago said.
Some-external villain Dramatic Emilia talks about the utter truth of
Insulinating rogue irony, Iago and what people should really
Emilia foreshadowin see him, as before she reveals what
g is going to happen.
With as little as web as Metaphor Iago is the spider at the centre of
this will I ensure as great the web and controls everyone
a fly as Cassio- Iago trapped within its web, as if he
controls everyone.
My life upon her faith Foreshadowin Determining that Othellos death is
Othello g soon by suggesting that Othello
loses confidence in her and that he
cant control his jealousy, have no
trust and confidence.
Tis, not a year or two, imagery Eating food and pushing it out,
shows us a man. They talking about how Emilia and
are all but stomachs and Desdemona were used and once
we are all but food.. they did their job, they were not
When they are full. They needed no more. Gender inequality.
belch us.. Emilia