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Video Game

Rogue Spy


Karl Turner


99 Sutton Common Road





It is proposed that the video game will be of 29 hours of gameplay, and

developed our Sutton facility. Its working title is Rogue Spy

Rogue Spy will be a FPS action adventure game

Rogue Spy will open with the protagonist MK breaking into a rundown factory
alongside fellow spies Atrox and Prash, they continue to clear rooms by killing
the gang members and saving a hostage who turns out to be a fellow spy and
therefore nifty with a gun. They continues to bust down doors and clear the
facilities until MK and the Hostage catch up to find the suspicious death of
college Prash.

Cut to

MK and the Hostage outside the factory where player is directed to call
friend Pablo to come and pick them up, the game tutorial begins and the
player learns the game basics.

Once he fills Pablo in with the details, they decide they must break into the
MI5 building to look deeper into past cases to see if theres any clue as the
why Atrox supposedly killed Atrox. They start the planning process.

They then break in and uncover dirty secrets of todays government.

He takes the files but decides its to big of a job to face alone so organises
a meeting with Jude the leader of the gang whos warehouse they cleared
out in the first job, as they now have shared interests. They link up and
Jude provides off the grid shelter in return for inside information.

Throughout the game Jude helps MK plan heist in return for small favours.

Preparation missions take place, resources and connections gathered.

When the time is right they will pull off the final heist.

The video game will be aimed at teenagers to young adults (13-24)

We have made a number of decisions that appeal to this audience. They are:
The genre of action adventure
The complex storyline
The customisable characterisation
The realistic city location

Audience Research:
10 hours at 80 an hour = 800
Market Research
10 hours at 80 an hour = 800
Planning meeting
3 hours at 120 an hour = 360
Script development
Fixed charge of 2000

Production Contingency @10%
Total production budget:


The script will be produced within the timescale that will be indicated by our
production schedules. Slide will ensure that all development facilities adhere to
health and safety standards. The finished Rogue Spy will be available for testing
at an appropriate time in order for any changes to be made before the suggested
release date.

Sources of requirements

People to research with

Resources for research (Pens, paper, clipboard, audio recording
equipment, video camera)
Computer peripherals: Mouse, Keyboard, headphones, Inputs (allowing me
to plug the cameras in) and a USB stick to save my progress
Software to process the information on i.e. video editing software and
word processing software to record and analyse the data I recorded
Guarantee of Satisfaction

Initial discussion on the Rogue Spy content will take place.

Production equipment will be used in a safe operational manner at all


Slide is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the sum of 25,000.

A copy of all research and planning will be produced via online format.

A trial version of Rogue Spy will be supplied for inspection and discussion.

A meeting to discuss the final master version will be organised with a

focus group of interested parties.

The completed Rogue Spy will be provided on online for inspection.

The completed Rogue Spy will not be released until the client is
completely satisfied with content.

Slide Ltd


Slide asserts its rights as authors of this treatment in accordance with

the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988. Any unauthorised copying
of this work will result in prosecution.