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HiArc M 400R

When quality and productivity matter

Professional welding power Mains current vs. output current

for industry 30
Electrical energy used by
a typical thyristor controlled
400A power source.
HiArc M 400R is a modern, energy efficient Kemppi inverter power source, ensuring smooth and regulated welding output
and reliable arc ignition with C02 or mixed gas, regardless of mains voltage fluctuations, improving weld quality and reducing 20

Mains Amps
unnecessary rework cost. * HiArc M 400R IGBT
inverter controlled power
HiArc M 400R is built on a robust steel chassis, for use in heavy industrial environments. The strong axel and wheel set
source, reducing energy F 30 4-roll wire feed unit offers precise adjust-
allows easy positioning and movement, plus the integrated metal handles make carrying the compact power source light work.
costs and improving ment for voltage and wire feed speed. Wire
Welding parameter settings can be adjusted at distance from the power source, before and during welding, ensuring precise arc 10
profitability. inch function is included as standard.
control without the need to move from the work station, increasing productive welding time.
HiArc M 400R delivers 400A welding power from a 3ph, 380-440V fused supply of 25A. A power factor of 0.9 makes sure 5
electrical energy is used with maximum efficiency, delivering optimum arc power for electrical unit cost, and allowing greater
opportunity to connect additional machines where mains power restrictions exist. Compared to alternative thyristor controlled 0 Applications
welding machines, HiArc M 400R can reduce electrical energy cost by more than 50%. 100 200 300 400
Output Amps

Why buy Key features

HiArc M 400R power source metering keeps you informed, even in low light
Quality inverter welding system conditions. The Large, clear, back lit LCD panel, displays preset welding voltage, wire
400A at 60% duty cycle feed speed and amperage parameters during welding. Arc dynamics are simply set at
Low energy costs the press of a button for either CO2/Argon gas mixtures or pure CO2, ensuring you get
25 amp fused supply the best welding characteristics for the shielding gas used.
Shipyards and offshore industry
Heavy duty wire feed unit HiArc M 400R provides clean and reliable ignition, reducing spatter and post weld
Strong, durable wheeled chassis cleaning work and for high powered work, crater filling function is easily selected,
making sure you have the best arc control right to the finish.
Large and clear LCD display
CO2 heater power supply For tough work environments, Kemppi offer the F 30 wire feeding system, incorporating
the heavy duty, 4-roll Duratorque feeding mechanism, protected and enclosed within
Crater filling function an impact resistant, dual skin, plastic nylon cabinet.
Wire feed unit parameter control
36 kg compact power source

IGBT Inverter Metal fabrication workshops

* Less Energy

Entry level F 10 2-roll wire feed unit is simple The optional castor wheel kit provides ad-
and reliable, where the filler wire spool and ditional mobility
motor mechanism are open to the welding
environment. Includes wire inch function.

Installation and set-up

HiArc M400R When quality and productivity matter

Technical data
HiArc M 400R Wire Feeder F 10
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 380 440 V (-10 %+10 %) Operating voltage 24 V
Rated power at 100 % ED 60 % ED 17.6 kVA Rated power 65 W
100 % ED 12.5 kVA Load capacity 60% ED 500 A
Supply current I1max 27 A 100% ED 390 A
I1eff 19 A Feed mechanism 2-roll feed
Load capacity 40 C 60% ED 400 A / 34 V Wire spool 300 mm
100 % ED 310 A / 29 V Feed roll 40 mm
Fuse (delayed) 25 A Wire feed speed 021 m/min
Open circuit voltage 6070 V Filler wires Fe 0.61.6 mm
Power factor at 100 % ED 0.90 Cored wire
Efficiency at 100 % ED 87 % Gun connection Euro
Welding range 1339 V Degree of protection IP2X
External dimensions LxWxH 647 x 385 x 485 mm Operating temperature -20 C+40 C
Weight 36 kg Storage temperature -40 C+60 C
EMC class A External dimensions LxWxH 480 x 200 x 280 mm
Degree of protection IP23S Weight 9 kg
Gas heater connection 110 V/150 W Standards: GB/T15579.5-2005
Standards: IEC 60974-1, IEC 60974-10

Ordering information
HiArc M 400R power source 63104002 Accessories
HiArc F 10 wire feeder 6310010 Castor wheel kit W005977
Welding guns Fastening plate (HiArc M 400A/R) W007362
FE 42 3.5 m 6604203 Mains cable 4 x 2.5 mm, 5 m 4241513H
FE 42 5m 6604204
Optional interconnection cables for F 10 wire feeder
HiArc 10-70-G 70 mm, 10 m 6310710
HiArc 15-70-G 70 mm, 15 m 6310715
HiArc 10-50-G 50 mm, 10 m 6310510
HiArc 15-50-G 50 mm, 15 m 6310515
Earth return cables
Earth return cable, HiArc 50 mm, 5 m 6184511H
Earth return cable, HiArc 70 mm, 5 m 6184711H

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