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Kertamarta king is the king of the kingdom of Daha. King has two daughters, his
name is Dewi Chandra Kirana Galuh and beautiful and good. Candra kirana already
betrothed to the crown prince kingdom Kahuripan Raden Inu Kertapati good and

But Candra Kirana siblings are highly jealous Galuh Maya Candra Kirana, because
Galuh Maya put his heart on Raden Inu then Galuh Maya witches meet to condemn
kirana moon. He also slandered so candra kirana expelled from the palace when the
moon kirana walking down the beach, grandmother and bewitching magic emerged
into the keong Emas and threw the sea. But the magic is lost when the keong Emas
encounter with his fiancee.

One day an old woman looking for fish with nets, and golden snail transported.
Keong Emas brought home and placed in jars. The next day the old woman again
sea fishing but not seekorpun obtained. But when he arrived he was shocked
because digubuknya readily available cooking nice meals. Sinenek wondering who
sent this cuisine.

Similarly, the following days sinenek undergo a similar incident, the next morning
Grandma sea pretend he peered what happened, it was the golden snail turned into
a beautiful girl direct cooking, then grandmother admonished "who the hell you are
beautiful daughter?" I was a royal princess Daha who bewitched a golden snail by
my brother because he was jealous of me "said the golden snail, then candra kirana
turn back into the golden snail. grandmother was stunned to see it.

While Inu Kertapati prince would not say anything when he knew kirana moon
disappeared. She began to find ways to disguise a commoner. Grandma sihirpun
finally know and turn her into a raven to harm Raden Inu Kertapati. Raden Inu
Kertapati Shocked to see a crow that can speak and identify its purpose. He
considers it holy crow and follow it when raden Inu given the wrong direction. Raden
Inu journey met a grandfather who was hungry, gave the old man a meal.
Apparently my grandfather was a good magic he helped Raden Inu of crow.

The old man with the cane hitting crows and birds in smoke. Raden Inu finally told
where Candra Kirana was, she sent it away kedesa Dadapan raden. After walking for
days and came kedesa Dadapan She approached a hut he saw to ask for a sip of
water because his supply was exhausted. But it turned out he was very surprised,
because he saw it through the window of her fianc was cooking. Finally, the magic
is lost due to an encounter with Raden Inu. But at that time the owner of the hut
appeared grandmother and daughter Candra Kirana introduce Raden Inu
grandmother. Raden Inu finally brought his fiancee keistana and Candra Kirana tells
Maya to act Galuh Kertamarta Majesty.

Sire apologize to Candra Kirana and vice versa. Galuh Maya gets punishment.
Fearing Galuh Maya fled forestry, then he slipped and fell into the ravine. Finally
marriage Candra Kirana and Raden Inu Kertapatipun progress. They bring a good-
hearted grandmother Dadapan to palace and they live happily.