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Lesson plan no: 6

DATE: SCHOOL: Druga gimnazija Sarajevo CLASS: II


Class profile: Intermediate , YG II

Teaching unit : Reading: Sports superstitions

Type of lesson : Presentation/practice/skills work

Aims and To revise previously learned vocabulary related to sports, to develop reading and
objectives : comprehension skills, to practice predicting skills, to discuss superstitions

Teaching methods discussion, reading comprehension


Class whole class, individual work, pair work, group work

management :
Teaching aids,
materials and students book, board, chalk
equipment :
Sources: Gateway B1+ Students' Book; Workbook; Teacher's Book

Contingency plan: Short of time: Skip or reduce activities / skip activity 5

Plenty of time: Students choose some words from the text and look up their definitions. They
could test each other by reading out the definitions for their partner to find the word in the text.

Aims and Class organization procedures and activities Teachin Possible problems

objectives g aids and solutions
To prepare Play 20 questions. Tell students you are thinking of a famous sports If students are bored

students for with this activity,

the topic star. They can ask up to twenty questions to find out who he or she is. proceed to the next
Answer only with Yes or No. When they have guessed the answer, one. 10
brainstorm the names of other famous sports stars students know min
from the sports they looked at in the previous lesson.

Ask students to open their SBs on page 85

To introduce If some students
1 In pairs, students discuss the questions. Elicit answers from different
Main part

the topic, have problems with

provide key students around the class. Tell students to look at the text title and the understanding the
vocabulary photos and predict what they think the text is going to be about. text, encourage
and target them to use
language in 2 Students read the text and complete the Sport column of the table. dictionaries, or write
context 3 Students read the text again and complete the rest of the table. all unfamiliar words
sports 4 Students decide if the statements are true or false and write the line on the board.
superstitions SB, WB 25
where they found the answer. min
To discuss 5 Students find words in the text with similar meanings to the words
the and expressions.
6 What about you?
In pairs or small groups, students discuss the questions.
*7 Students do exercises 1, 2 on pa 57 in their WBs.
Students discuss these questions: Why do you think many

To practice
speaking sports stars have superstitions? Are you superstitious? 10mi
skills n
Set homework: Workbook, p 57, exercises 1, 2, (if they were WB
not completed during the lesson), 3, 4 and 5, 6 (optional).