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Official Publication of the Texas Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

Volume 42 January/February/March 2016 Publication #1

2016 Texas Postal Workers Union

Educational Conference..................1
Texas Postal Workers Union
TPWU Membership Update...........3
TPWU Educational Seminar
Classroom Schedule.......................4
Accessing Your Electronic Official
Personal Folder (eOPF) .................5
You Can't Do It Alone....................5
District 1 Vice President................6
District 3 Vice President................6
TPWU Registration Form..............7
Calendar of Events.........................8
Articles Due Date..........................8
Page 2 TPWU Lonestar Postal News January/February/March 2016

Texas Postal Workers

Union Officers
Executive Committee Members Motor Vehicle Craft Director District #5 VP SCF 760-764
President Lee Nelson DeAnna Newsome
Carlton Williams 102 W. Tidwell Rd 12 Greenwood Dr
2010 Postal Way Houston, TX 77022 Witchita Falls, TX 76301
Dallas, TX 75212 (o) 713.691.4818 (c) 940.224.1291
(o) 214.678.0523 713.263.4073
(f) 214.631.3184 District #6 VP SCF 758, 765-767, 778 Executive Board Members Mike Holloway
Legislative Aide 3817 Oak Valley Dr
Executive Vice President Bernadette Baker Killeen, TX 76542
Ruben Campos 102 W. Tidwell (o) 254.466.4336
1505 Skyline Dr Houston, TX 77022 254.690.5696
Portland, TX 78374-2226 281.748.1789 Mdmj41!
361.249.3115 District #7 VP SCF 779, 786-787, 789
Jessie Benavides
Secretary/Treasurer District #1 VP SCF 790-794 P.O. Box 140225
Wanda Coleman Eric Flores Austin, TX 78714
P.O. Box 8956 P.O. Box 483 (o) 512.342.1480
Tyler, TX 75711-8956 Lubbock, TX 79408 (f) 512.342.1477
(o) 903.592.5190 (o) 806.762.7869 806.544.2933
(f) 806.762.7882 District #8 VP SCF 783-785 Cindy Martinez
Director of News Information/Website/
2912 Mynah Ave
District #2 VP SCF 797-799 McAllen, TX 78504
Tonya M. Brooks
David Estrada (f) 956.618.1281
P.O. Box 183784
Arlington, TX 76096 P.O. Box 740
Fabens, TX 79838-0740 District #9 VP SCF 750-757
(o) 915.764.3712 Billy Jones
915.539.6390 2010 Postal Way
(f) 915.764-5901 Dallas, TX 75212
Clerk Craft Director (o) 214.631.3174
Tammy Armstrong
2010 Postal Way (f) 214.631.3184
Dallas, TX 75212 District #3 VP SCF 795-796, 768-769
(o) 214.631.3162 Judy Glossup
(f) 214.802.2682 2026 Grand Ave Abilene, TX 79605
District #10 VP SCF 759,770-777
(o) 325.518.3643
Earl Vaughns
Maintenance Craft Director 325.672.1020
102 W. Tidwell Rd
Robert Wentzel (f) 325.698.2168
Houston, TX 77022
P.O. Box 483
Lubbock, TX 79408
(o) 806.762.7869 District #4 VP SCF 780-782, 788 Norma Impallari
P.O. Box 774
Converse, TX 78109
(w) 210.658.5129
January/February/March 2016 TPWU Lonestar Postal News Page 3

TPWU Membership Update

Non Members Who District 6 (25)
Received Payment Under the Anderson, Bartlett, Bremond, Chappell
Hill, Crawford, Eddy, Fairfield, Grapeland,
Global Settlement by Districts
Groesbeck, Groveton, Kempner, Lorena,
McGregor, Rogers, Valley Mills, West .
District 1 (19)
Friona, Fritch, Gruver, Hartley Pan Handle,
Plains, Post, Ropesville, Shallowater, Skel-
District 7 (16)
Blanco, Cedar Creek, Columbus, Edna, Fis-
lytown, Slayton, Spearman, Stinnett, Tulia,
cher, Giddings, Hallettsville, Johnson City,
White Deer.
Lexington, Pflugerville, Red Rock, Schulen-
Carlton Williams burg, Smithsville, Spicewood, Weimar.
TPWU President
District 2 (3)
TPWU Membership Update Iraan, Mc Camey, Presidio.
District 8 (9)
The Members At Large (MAL) in the Alamo, Combes, Elsa, La Joya, Premont, Rio
State of Texas has 52% Non Members and Hondo, Sandia, Sebastian, Woodsboro
District 3 (9)
only 48% Dues Paying Members. There
Baird, Bronte, Coahoma, Coleman, Eden,
are approximately 706 Non Members in
Goldwaithe, Jayton, Mason, Robert Lee,
District 9 (29)
the MALs in the State of Texas. There are Blue Ridge, Bullard, Campbell, Chandler,
Samford, San Saba, Winters.
approximately 662 dues paying members. Crandall, Cushing, DeKalb, Edgewood,
There were approximately 164 Non Members Hawkins, Hooks, Judson, Linden, Malakoff,
who received payment and compensation District 4 (14) Palmer, Princeton, Rusk, Simms, Talco, Van
from the Global Settlement. I encourage all Carrizo Springs, Castroville, Comfort, El- Alstyne, White Wright, Wilmer, Winona.
TPWU Officers to assist and try to sign up mendorf, Fallas City, Hunt, Lytle, Medina,
the non members. Moore, Rock Springs, Sabinal, Three Rivers,
Von Omry .
District 10 (23)
Anahauc, Barker, Brookshire, Burkeville,
Call, Corrigan, Clute, Eagle Lake, East
District 5 (17) Bernard, Flushear, Hankamer, Hockley,
Archer City, Boyd, Dublin, Kennedale, Huntington, Palacios, Port Bolivar, Rye,
Millsap, Mineral Wells, Paradise, Pilot Sheridan, Sweeney, Tenaha, Van Vleck,
Point, Rhome, Rising Star, Sadler, Venus, Wells.
Whitesboro, Winthorst.

The Texas Postal Workers Union offers condolences to the following member (s) who
have lost love ones recently. We apologize for anyone we overlooked

Debra Stewart............................ ............................Mother

Page 4 TPWU Lonestar Postal News January/February/March 2016
January/February/March 2016 TPWU Lonestar Postal News Page 5

Accessing Your Electronic

Official Personal Folder (eOPF)
Number (EIN) and your Personal Identifi- What If My eOPF Is
cation Number (PIN) in order to access it.
Not Available
Once in go to the following:
Your eOPF will be available within 90 days
of your postal appointment.
Access eOPF
Access Personal Folder Now
Note: Discipline can only be removed by
Enter your EIN
Labor Relations, and only in accordance with
Enter your PIN
Collective Bargaining Agreements (if appli-
Tonya M. Brooks Log On
Director Of News Infomation/ cable). Also, documents placed in your eOPF
Website/Editor by another agency cannot be removed.
This shows your history of everything since
What is an eOPF your postal career. Step increase, shows all
If you find medical records in your eOPF
It is the Official Personal Folder for active your form 50s, contractual increases.
you may request that they be removed.
employees. In 2008 the eOPF became the Make your request in writing on PS Form
official record. You can easily access, view What If I Want to Remove 8043, Request to Amend Electronic Official
and/or print documents from your home Something From My eOPF? Personnel Folder, specifying exactly what
computer. If you want to remove a document from your document (s) you request to be removed
eOPF, make your request in writing on PS and mail or deliver it to your District HR
Accessing Your Electronic Form 8043, Request to Amend Electronic Local Services.
Official Personal Folder (eOPF) Official Personnel Folder, specifying exactly
When was the last time that you checked your what document(s) you request be removed, In Union Solidarity
eOPF? You can access this through Liteblue. and mail or deliver it to your district person-
You will need your Employee Identification nel HR Generalist.

You Can't Do It Alone

Ask for help and blogs for those who are in your situ-
You Cant Do It Alone
Involve older children who may be able to ation. There are many websites available
Care giving can be exhausting, isolating,
assist you. Make a list of things people can for information and support groups in your
frustrating, and stressful. It can go on for a
do to help; be specific. Call your siblings and area. Sharing your story with someone who
brief time or for many years. It can also be
tell them you need help, ask them what item is in the same situation, who understands
hard work, physically demanding, confusing,
or two from the list they would be willing what you are dealing with, can be the most
emotionally draining, and painful. For those
to do. If someone makes a vague call me healing step you can take.
who are care giving and working, juggling
both work and care giving responsibilities if you need some help, tell them right then
and there what you need help with. They do There is also your EAP as a support to you.
can feel overwhelming.
want to help but probably feel awkward or Counselors are available 24/7 at 800-327-
dont have any idea of what to do. Its also 4968 (TTY: 877-492-7341). There is also
You Cant Do It By Yourself
okay to call up family and/or friends and a wealth of information on their website at
Care giving can be very isolating. Others
ask them for specific help picking up some
may be aware of your situation but dont
know the day-in, day-out responsibilities groceries for you on their next trip or sitting
that you carry. That is especially true if you with your loved one while you take a nap or
have family who dont life nearby and may spend some quiet time by yourself.
be in denial about the situation anyway. All
the care your loved one gets may be coming
Care Giving
just from you. Know Your Resources
Thanks to the internet, there are many
resources available. There are chat rooms
Page 6 TPWU Lonestar Postal News January/February/March 2016

District 1 Vice President

District 1 News The Postal Service should attempt to cover $56 Million Dollar Settlement
There have been some news from District these absences with another Clerk. Its easier I have received a few calls on the $56 million
1 790, 792, and 793. Issues include PTF for them to utilize the Postmaster or Supervi- dollar settlement. The calls were because
Maximization, Non-Compliance on PTF sor or another Craft. some Clerks did not receive all the compen-
Maximization, and PTF scheduling. sation that they were scheduled to receive
There are Clerks in six or even four-hour of- or to clarify why they did not receive more
Crossing Crafts is a big issue. With so many fices that are available. If any absences need compensation. The process is ongoing and
newly hired PSEs and PTFs, many do not to be covered then, in most cases they should should be getting resolved.
know what is and what is not permissible be called prior to any other scenario.
within the National Agreement. It seems
in small offices that anything goes when it If we do not hear from the Clerks, then this
comes to Clerk work. allows for the Service to continue what they Yours in Solidarity,
have been doing, which is circumventing Eric Flores
Managements ability to perform Bargain- the National Agreement. I mentioned that
ing Unit Work in the Area Offices has been we have a lot of new Clerks at the Area Of-
capped. In level 18 offices, the Postmaster fices; we also have a lot of new Postmasters
or Supervisor can perform only 15 hours of and Supervisors at the Area Offices. There
Clerk Work per week. In level 16 and 15 is a good chance that they are not aware of
offices, the Postmaster or Supervisor can the provisions in the National Agreement
perform only 25 hours of Clerk Work. In these concerning Clerk work hours.
offices there will be no PMR usage.

District 3 Vice President

District 3 Vice President Education is Power might have that is not important. If I do not
As District 3 VP, I am responsible for the The APWU website, has have the answers you are looking for, I know
768, 769 and 795 zip codes. This is a large a wealth of information, and education is who to contact to get the answers. Over the
area, and I count on the employees in these power. I urge every postal employee to take many years that I have been a state officer,
offices to keep me informed of contract vio- advantage of the information that is available. and even before becoming a State Officer, I
lations. If you work in one of these offices Some things that are happening in your office have always gotten great response from the
and have any questions or concerns, please may just feel wrong. Check it out. If you National Business Agents. Current NBAs,
contact me at or 325-518- just need to vent, I am ready to listen. Sam Lisenbe, Jack Crawford and Larry
3643. I urge all employees to keep up with Crawford are always quick to respond, and
what is happening in our union. Keep my Here to Help You allow me to do a better job at representing
contact information so that you will have Texas has great National Business Agents and District 3.
it, if you need or want to talk to me about Officers who want to help with any issue you
something. might have. Do not hesitate to contact your Hopefully, we will have a new contract
representative. There is no question that you soon. As you enter the spring and summer
months, I hope you all enjoy your vacations
and holidays.

Submitted by: Judy Glossup

January/February/March 2016 TPWU Lonestar Postal News Page 7
January/February/March 2016 TPWU Lonestar Postal News Page 8

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