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Rock Community Fire Protection District

3749 Telegraph Road

Board Of Directors Arnold, Missouri 63010 Fire chief
636-296-2211 Jeffrey L. Broombaugh
Ken Baker 636_467_5734 Fax
Nathan Smith .

Dan Meyer Fire Marshal

Jeffrey L. DeLapp
Whatever It Takes

Dear Resident:

Your fire department has reached a critical point in being able to continue providing you with the same quality
service as in the past. Since 1941, Rock Community Fire Protection District has provided emergency services to
thirtyeight square miles of northeastern Jefferson County. We currently operate five strategically located
stations in order to provide timely response when seconds count.
Did you know that we are the only fire department in Jefferson County with Paramedics on every firetruck? Our
Paramedics guarantee you Advanced Medical Life Su_tpportt_for__at_l[_typ_e_s of medical emergencies, including heart
attacks and breathing problems, and there is no additional charge for this service.
The demand for our services has increased, and for the past six years, the cost of providing these services has
continually outpaced our revenues. Since 1998, the cost of firetrucks and firefighter protective gear have nearly
doubled, and the District experienced a 45% increase in calls for help. In 2016 alone, calls increased by 25%, and
2017 is on pace to set a new record.
Rock Community Fire Protection District has not had a general revenue increase since 1998. The Hancock
Amendment and sales tax rollback have impeded general revenuegrowth. In 1998, our tax ceiling was
established at 85. Since then, our general revenue has rolled back to the 2017 rate of 53. This, combined with
the redirection of public tax dollars to various TIF projects, has forced us to take serious measures in order to
meet budgetary shortfalls. During this time period, we had to cease funding of our equipment and apparatus
replacement plan. This means we are facing a time in which we have no financial means to replace aging
equipment and firetrucks.
In 2011, Rock Community began reducing staffing levels in order to help compensate for the increases in
operating costs. To date, we have eliminated seven firefighter jobs and two staff positions. This has led to an
increased workload placed on the remaining firefighters and staff. The reduction in firefighters creates increased
safety concerns, not only for you, but for your firefighters.

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continue, and expenditures will likely surpass our revenues. Without an increase in revenue, reductions in service
will continue.

Due to these continued challenges, the Board of Directors of Rock Community Fire Protection District has placed
Proposition Life Safety on the April 4, 2017 ballot. Proposition Life Safety is a general revenue increase of 50
per $100 of assessed property value that will allow the district to restore our staffing levels, replace expired and
expiring equipment, improve training and education, and repair and maintain our facilities and infrastructure.
In closing, thank you for allowing me to explain the district's current situation and the facts behind Proposition
Life Safety. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,
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Rock Community Fire Protection District
3749 Telegraph Rd. Arnold, MO 63010
Jeffrey L Broombaugh Nathan Smith Treasurer
Fire Chief