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aca Llmftt<l

2nd n@t, t lh@l Chanb.B.
W. Sanka fh..tta Conplex,
Aan.qi Road, Emdkutan - 6A2 A

CIN : L6591OKL1997PLC O1130O

me M.ttr@t Group Phone : +91 1A1239 7A, 2391t12

Fat : +91 .a1 2396506, 239f399

Scrip Code 533398


Ret: SFE/lvfiL/SE/2017 / 2&4 february 13, 2017

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. BSE Limited

Exchange Plaza, Department of Corporate Srvices
Plot no. C/1, G Block, P. J. Tower, Dalal Skeet,
Bandra- Kuda Complex Mumbai 400 001
Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400 051

Dear Sir/Madatr!

Re Unaudited Financial Results fot the quarts ended Dcember 31. 2Ol5

Tfu Board of Directors of the Company at tlrcit meeting held on 13s February, 2017 have
approved the unaudited financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2016.

We helewith endose the Unaudited Financial Results along with the Limited Review Report for
the quatte! ended Decernber 31, 2016 ar required under Regulation 33 of the Securities and
Exchange Board of India (Li.sting Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015
(sEBr - LODK).

The results would be published in one English and one Vemacular newspaper as rcquired under
Regulation 47 of SEBI - LODR.

Rquest you to kindly take on recold the infornation and dissminate the same to the investors
through the website.

Thanking You,
Registered end Corporale Olticet Muthoot Chambem,
Opposite Sariths Theatrc Complet, 2nd Floor, Banerji Road, Kochi 6E2 01t,Indie.
CIN No. L659l0KLI997PLC0r1300
Ph .No. M8.12396478, F.t No. 048.1 2396506, W.bshc :, id:

Stttemtrt ofUDaudited Financirl Resulb for the Querier & Nine months ended 3lst Decembr2016
Rs. ln lrl<hs

tl.t2,2016 40,09.2016 31.1t.tot5 31.12,20t6 !1.t2.2015 11.0!.20r6

(Uuudii.d) (t,ntudit d) (Un.!dit d) (Ur.udi..d) (Un.!dit d) (Audir.d)

hsmc nom Opq.tions 1,32,245.18 r.34,912.07 t.12,14670 1,94,3t8.97 t.37.161.06 4.80,066 83

Olbd Opdlling In@nc 1.E39.78 7.2A.a3 1,480.09 7,560 55 4_28415 6,073.22
Tolrt In.on. fro. Op.r.tiont lJtl,085.l6 lJt,l?,1.90 1,1t926.19 4,01J9.52 3,.|l,,r{5.4t ,t.E6,t,t0.05

Emplole B@fit' Ext ns6 17,t19.82 13,960.22 15,320.03 t4,?89.t5 48,t l6 30 64,t47.19
4,580.94 4,530.54 4,291.22 n,449.56 t2.165.J9 17,\29.76
1.155.47 t,331.61 1,289.94 3.671.11 4,?66.19 6,261.21
3EE.27 l,?11.94 74t5E 3,E 1.27 3,254.92 t6.243 9l
5,701.44 5,361.00 5.314.7t 16,l]?.40 15,634 27 20,482 66
Dctrccirtior od AndGation t,2t6.75 t,t07ll 1,455.59 3,493.11 4,246.02 5.75t 41
30Jt4.69 3JOl2.?0 2E.9t5.07 95J99.62 Et.t23.2t 1J0.056,80
Profil froh OF6lions b.foE orhd lron., Finde
1,01,700 47 1,05,th2 20 84,851.t2
@sr & Exeptional Iim 1.06J99.90 2.52,622_t2 1,56,0Et.25

Prcfit f.m ordinary lclivni6 bcfoE Finde 6s1 &

1,04,251.43 t.05,611.41 85. t4t 20 1,07.948.56 2,53,549.92 3,51,444.70

59.697_63 59.313.56 56,r58.0E 1,14,719.66 2,25,169.29

ftofir fron ordinary r.liviti6 lnd Fimc. @st bui
44,559.80 46,237.E7 28,981 t2 1,31,168.90 u,l70.52 1,1r,675.4t
bforc Exeplional l1m

Prolit fron Ordinrry A.tiviti.. b.for. trr a.frr59-t0 16,2t1t1 2,J8.l.rt 1J1,166.90 t4,l?0.5t 1J1,675,41
-rd cxpo& (includi4S dcf.rcd tu)
l5-.45t.72 16,565.51 10.316.t5 47,161.64 29,717.14 50,?20 tO
N.t P.ofit lron Ordln.ry A.ilvlti.r rlr.r r.t 29.r06.0E 29,61236 BS6n.71 E5,E05.26 sa.all.tE 80.9s5.3i

N.t Profil ao. th. p.riod 29,t06.0E 29,61''36 tE,666,11 5,1,,1t!.lE 80,955J1
Paid up Equity she opilil ( Fae valu. Rs. l0l 49,945.57 39,905.09 39,804.40 J9,945.57 39,804.40 19,900.2J

R.sd6 cxcludiag R.mluatio Rffi s p.r

balde shat of pEvious a@uiine tu 5,22.0246E

a)Eminss Pq She (Nor Annualised) (bcforc

.xirerdin&y It mt (ofRs 10/. each )
7.29 7.44 4.69 21.50 13.6E 20.34
7.23 1.3E 4.65 2t.32 1t.55 20.10
b)Emings P6 shc (Not Amudisco (sner
dtradin..y ltcns) (orRr.l0r.ach)
7.29 4.69 2t.50 l].68 20_34
1.2J 7.lE 4.65 21.32 13.55 20. t0

Sa !@opmyinS nol6 to finucial rcsuhs

R.gtut.r.d rnd Corpona. Otti..: Murnmr Ch.nD.n,
OpposircS.rith. Th.rrrcConpl.r, 2nd Flmn B.rcrji Rord, Kmhi682 olE,I.di..
CIN No. L659l0KLl99tPLC0l lJ00
Ph .No. 04E:l 2f,964?8, F.! No 04E4 2.396506, W.b.irc : ppr.durhoodir.rcc..oh, Enrit id: n.ikodlri@tgroup..ob


Rs. In Lakhs

f,I.I2.2016 31.12.2015 !1.12.2015 | 31.12.2015 tr.03.2016

(Ur.udit.d ) (Umudir.d )

1,34,045.81 1,t8,049.25 1,t1.815.02 4,01,693.57 1,4t,331.02 4,86,025 6l

39.t5 t25.65 tt.71 205.95 |2.39 |4.42
tJ4,085.t5 1JE,174.90 79 J.,ll 140.05

,t4,4E6.14 46,t9311 29,t47.41 1,13.073.81 84,628.45 t,32,266.14

2t.41 95.03 6.42 l52.ll 89.24 59.E9
55696 449,23 289.48 t,44E.66 927 E0 I,361.45
(504.91) (500.16) (499.79) (t,505.70) (.474.97) (2,0t2.71)
4.f,559.E0 462Y,a1 2rJ83.r2 rJt,t6E.90 &t,170.52 1J1,675.41
Td .xp..e (ii.ludins defencd td) r5,453.72 l0,J t6l5 131.34 50.72010
06.0t t8,666.t7 E r0J55Jl

29,76,t04.37 30.28,539.97 28.04.988.96 29,16,tO4.31 28.04,9E8.96 26,89,422 t6

502.67 541.00 4J2.42 502.61 432.42 427.56
38'99r.31 25,555.30 6,5r.80 J8,99t.31 8,511,80 15,023.57
30,15J9EJ5 3054.7tE.27 2t,I3,95J.18 10,1559EJ5 28,lt,95J.lE 21.o4,813,29

21,57,48 1.40 24,25,729, I E 22,64,t | 23.57,881.40 22,64,t | |.48 2t.2t,609.16

9.467.13 10,092.EE 5,261.90 9.467.73 5,263.90 21.i39.22
t-t,67J49. | 3 22,6937536 IJ 2ll2J.1818
Registered and Corporate Omce:
Muthoot Chambers,
opposite sarirha Thearre comprexr_2nd
Ft*., B"r".jiR;;;K;;il6E2 0rr,India.
- CIN No. L659t0KLt997pLC0lt300
Ph.No.04E4 23e647E, Fax No.0484 23e6s06,
wcbs*., *_*..,il;;";:.:ii, ,0, -.u"6_rhootsroup.cortr

l. The above financial results have been

reviewed by the Audit Committee and
Dircctors ofthe company at their respective approved by the Board of
m*,r"g, l,"ia." F"il;;'r, ,oii"uno o"o-"o ,r, ,0, r.
2. The above results have been
subject to Limited Review by the
Statutory Auditors ofthe Company.
The working resulls have been arri
;:;'dT:"ilfi:.,"ilT:,,Tf iT'?ij..";,:::L?' jni,ill"r::: fl :"":fr
4. The Company operates in
two sesments _ Financing and power Genemtion.
idenrified in tin with the Accountiig Standard .
I.hese segments have been
* *r-rrr*, n*"i^* foiiij.
t rhe company acqui.ed | existing equity shares of Rs. | 0/_ each for Rs.726 takis
.?iillt :*_Oll.:r,
tafirng the torar sharehording
to 64.60% of^1,728,57
Private Limiled (BIFPL).
ttre totat equrty s'trare
"'"0- "i
i"il". and Finance
6 During the quarter ended December 3r,
2o16, the company has arotted 404,g05
ESOP Scheme 2013. The company shares under the Muthoot
has nor granted any options during the quarter.

7. The Company has maintained

requisite.full way of mortgage of immovable property
panpassu floating charge on current
assets, book ::*. ll
T.,,debts and roans and
& ad"-i!.'.iii" c.rp"ny on its secured
Listed Nod convertible Debentures
aggrcgating to Rs.294,744.40 lakhs
u. : t, zoro.
- have been regroupcd / reclassified wherever ncessary to conform
;::'#:lr1';1;t"H,figures to current

Fo. and on behalfofthe Board o Diectors

l3.02.20t7 uthoot
Managing Director
RANGAMANI & CO.. 'Triden', Ist Floor
Ch!rtered Accountents Plakkat Colony
Kaloor Kadavanthara Road
Email: info@rangr!nrri.aan

lndeoendent Auditors' Review Report

The Board of Dirctors
Muthoot Finance Limited
Cochin - 682 108

We have reviewed the accompanying statement of standalone unaudited financial results of

Mulhoot I'insnce Limited ('th Company') for the quarler and nine months ended 31" December,
2016 ('the Statement'), being submitted by the Company pursuant to the rquirement of Rcgulation
33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, read with
Circular No. CLNCFD/FAC/6212016 dated 5th July, 2016. This Statement is the responsibility of
the Company's Management and has ben approved by the Board of Directors. Our responsibility
is lo issue a repon on the Statement based on our review.

We conducted our review of the statenrent in accordance with the Standard on Review Engagement
(SRE) 241C, "Review of l:ltrin Finnn.iai Infororation Perforir,eai 3y ths Indpeident Auilitor r,f
the Entity" issucd by the lnstitute ofchartered Accountants oflndia. This Standard requires that we
plan and perform the review to obtain moderate assumnce as to whether tle Statement is fiee of
material misstatement. A review is limited primarily to inquiries of company personncl and
analt'tical procedurcs applied to financial data and thus provide less assumnc than an audit. We
have not perfomed an audit, and accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion.

Based on our teview conducted as stated above, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to
believe that the accompanying statement of standalone unaudited financial rcsults prepared in
accordance with the applicable Accounting Standards and other recognised accounting practices
and policies, has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in terms ofRegulation 33 of
the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations,2015, read with SEBI
Circular No. CIRcFDF ACl62l2Ol6 dated 5tr luly. 2016 including rhe manner in which it is to be
disclosed. or that it contaios anv material misslalement.

For M/s Rrngamrni & Co

,iAN_ ChrrtredAccountrnts
(lRN: q030s0 S)

Place: Kochi x- sfenlvtSan
Da!e: Fetrruary 13, 2017 ,;t P.rtner (ll{. No. 020566)