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Microbiology Assignment I

Research two common diseases that may be transmitted through direct or indirect
contact with secretions (saliva and blood) from the oral cavity. Identify if the pathogen is
a bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus and how it might appear microscopically. Expand on
the transmissibility of the diseases, and highlight ways that the pathogen can be
destroyed. Ensure to discuss how dental professionals play a role in preventing the
transmission of disease.
This assignment should be no longer than 2-3 pages double spaced and contain
a separate reference page with at least 3 viable references (can include your
The assignment will be out of 20 marks and worth 5% of your final grade.

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Transmission of Clearly stated Fairly accurate in Somewhat Unable to clearly
disease how the diseases describing the accurately stated identify how the
are transmitted transmission of the transmission diseases are
from person to disease of the diseases transmitted
Pathogens Accurately Fairly accurate in Somewhat Incorrectly
identified the the description of accurate in the identified the
pathogens and the pathogens description pathogens and
microscopic and appearance the appearance
appearance microscopically
Destruction of Accurately Fairly accurate in Somewhat Inaccurate in
pathogen outlined how the outlining how the accurate in description of
pathogens are pathogens are outlining how the destruction of
destroyed, destroyed, pathogens are pathogens,
making dental making some destroyed, without making
clinic correlations dental clinic making few any dental clinic
correlations dental clinic correlations
Reference Accurately used Mainly accurate Somewhat Numerous
resources APA citation (6th in using APA accurately used mistakes
ed.) to reference citation (6th ed.) APA citation (6th occurred with the
all resources to reference all ed.) to reference APA citation
resources some of the reference
resources resources
Spelling, Report proper Submitted report Submitted report Submitted report,
Grammar and length, devoid of too short in short in length short in length
Sentence Structure spelling, grammar length with one with two spelling, with three or
and sentence to two spelling, grammar, or more spelling,
structure errors grammar, or sentence grammar, or
sentence structure errors sentence
structure errors structure errors