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Shahrukh Shaikh

Period 2
March 7, 2017

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

For each character, cite quotes and other evidence (commentary ok too) of their motives and intrigues. Whats REALLY
going on with these people? What are the possibilities? Quote chosen (Act, Scene, Line #s) eg: Hamlet: No (III, i, 96)

Act Hamlet Claudius Gertrude Polonius

Act I In Act I, Hamlet has begun Throughout Act 1, Claudius In Act 1, Gertrude conveys Throughout Act 1, Polonius
the grieving process for the is an unempathetic being genuine concern for consistently eavesdropped
death of his father. Instead towards Hamlet. Claudius Hamlet. Hamlet just and barged into things that
of just a usual death, believes that Hamlet should experienced a loss of a he may or may not had to
Hamlet believes that this not care about the death of loved one. However, she be in. For instance, in
was an unfortunate his father, and instead, just does not know the true scene iii, Polonius gives
patricide that was done to move on and embrace him gravity of the death that Laertes sound advice and
achieve vendetta. To aid as the new King. This may Hamlet has experienced. then impedes on a
Hamlet, a ghost has come seem cold of him, but conversation with Ophelia,
to accompany him, and seems rather reasonable in persuading her to believe a
knows the actual truth this time, as people were certain way about Hamlet.
behind his fathers death. not expected to live a long This line of reasoning is
Hamlet is getting life. In addition to this, the almost similar to that of a
increasingly suspicious in King is a lover of power. So swindler, as he is trying to
regard to the death of his the death of Hamlets father manipulate someone to
father, as he doubt[s] is of great news to him and adopt some other form of
some foul play (!,iii,273). is very pleasing, because of thinking. When speaking to
this, the death does not Ophelia, he states that
bother him at all. Hamlet walks with a large
tether (I,ii,134).

Act II Hamlet seems to be very Claudius continues his role Gertrude has seemed to In this Act, Polonius
confused and questions of working as a dominant have developed a rather continues his trend of
everything throughout this individual in this play submissive role throughout behaving in an ill manner in
act. Everytime he is because of his power. To this play. Easily being regard to his personality.
confronted by someone, he exercise this power, overcome by other Keeping up his mischief, he
questions what exactly is Claudius uses his characters and persuaded. seems to be upholding his
going on. However, Hamlet connections and network to This seems to be a reputation of being rather
does exercise some find a means to connect character flaw in Ophelia. manipulative. It seems that
dominance, as he pulls a with Hamlet. This She is also very intrigued he has influenced
player out of the band of connection is Rosencrantz with the status of Hamlet, Rosencrantz and
players and requests the and Guilenstern, two mentally. Because of this, Guildenstern to feel a
performance of a specific characters who help with she seems to be listening to certain way about Hamlet,
play. This shows that the chase of Hamlet. and working with Polonius while also exploiting
Hamlet is willing to go out Another reason why and his antics to get the Hamlets sins with
of his way. Hamlet stated Claudius continues his underlying details of how Ophelia. These were not
How can this player be so power is because of many Hamlet feels about the held private, as Polonius
filled with grief and rage diplomatic decisions made situations at hand. proceeded to tell everyone.
over Priam and Hecuba, by him in this act, especially
imaginary figures whom he in regard to Norway.
doesnt even know, while I,
who have every reason to
rage and grieve and seek
bloody revenge, am weak,
uncertain, and incapable of
action? (II,ii).

Act III Because of the climactic In this act, Claudius words Gertrude played a This Act is the end of
nature of this act, Hamlet is seem to hold much more submissive role in this Act. Polonius. Polonius worked
seen in new ways. weight than they usually do. Throughout this Act, to dominate Gertrude and
Specifically, he has finally At this time, they typically Gertrude was impressed have her work for him.
put action into words. This revolve around the fact that upon by Polonius and was Because of this, Polonius
is a crucial turning point of Claudius did indeed commit essentially manipulated to was given an easy way to
the play, as Hamlet has the murder he has been act as a scapegoat so eavesdrop on a
committed deeds that can accused of doing. Claudius Polonius can listen to conversation by Hamlet to
no longer be reversed. also continues to use Hamlets true intentions. learn about some inside
Hamlet believed that the Rosencrantz and Gertrude was rehearsed for details that only Hamlet is
play he had seen worked Guildenstern as pawns to as to what to say and how aware of. However,
to put his suspicions as a work for him and to confront Hamlet and Polonius makes a sound
reality. Unfortunately, manipulate Hamlet. accuse him of his during this confrontation,
Hamlet does not know wrongdoings. leading Hamlet to slay him.
what had happened to his
father, but has to make
blind guesses and logical
conclusions to arrive at his
conclusion -- resulting in
the death of polonius.
Hamlet questions: how his
audit stands, who knows,
save heaven (III,iv, 80).

Act IV After killing Polonius, At the scene of Polonius The main purpose of Deceased.
Hamlet is not so sure how death, Claudius was Gertrude of this act is that
to feel. Once Claudius nothing but confused. This she is the bearer of bad
discovers this death, him led him to behave rashly news. In this act, Gertrude
and Hamlet get into a with Hamlet, as the two of bears the news that Ophelia
verbal fight, as they them got into a quarrel over has been killed.
exchange insults regarding the dead body. When
the dead. Also, Hamlet Laertes found out about this
seems to be annoyed with death, Claudius found an
the soldiers, as they go odd way to express as to
around killing who they how this death occurred.
want. Hamlet draws a Because of these actions,
parallel with his own Claudius and Laertes work
personal war against to figure out a way to kill
Claudius. Hamlet.

Act V Deceased.