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ART. 294.

[279] Security of employment is for the duration

Tenure. of the season.

In cases of regular employment, An employment shall be deemed

the employer shall not terminate to be casual if it is not covered
the services of an employee by the preceding paragraph:
except for a just cause or when Provided, That any employee
authorized by this Title. An who has rendered at least one
employee who is unjustly year of service, whether such
dismissed from work shall be service is continuous or broken,
entitled to reinstatement shall be considered a regular
without loss of seniority rights employee with respect to the
and other privileges and to his activity in which he is employed
full backwages, inclusive of and his employment shall
allowances, and to his other continue while such activity
benefits or their monetary exists.
equivalent computed from the
ART. 296. [281] Probationary
time his compensation was
withheld from him up to the
time of his actual reinstatement. Probationary employment shall
not exceed six (6) months from
the date the employee started
ART. 295. [280] Regular and working, unless it is covered by
Casual Employment. an apprenticeship agreement
stipulating a longer period. The
The provisions of written
services of an employee who has
agreement to the contrary
been engaged on a probationary
notwithstanding and regardless
basis may be terminated for a
of the oral agreement of the
just cause or when he fails to
parties, an employment shall be
qualify as a regular employee in
deemed to be regular where the
accordance with reasonable
employee has been engaged to
standards made known by the
perform activities which are
employer to the employee at the
usually necessary or desirable in
time of his engagement. An
the usual business or trade of
employee who is allowed to
the employer, except where the
work after a probationary period
employment has been fixed for a
shall be considered a regular
specific project or undertaking
the completion or termination of
which has been determined at
the time of the engagement of
ART. 297. [282] Termination
the employee or where the work
by Employer.
or service to be performed is
seasonal in nature and the
An employer may terminate an reposed in him by his employer
employment for any of the or duly authorized
following causes: representative;

(a) Serious misconduct or willful (d) Commission of a crime or

disobedience by the employee of offense by the employee against
the lawful orders of his the person of his employer or
employer or representative in any immediate member of his
connection with his work; family or his duly authorized
representatives; and
(b) Gross and habitual neglect
by the employee of his duties; (e) Other causes analogous to
the foregoing.
(c) Fraud or willful breach by
the employee of the trust