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An original radio drama by

Sam Ellis

Production Script
March 2, 2017
All rights reserved


Jack Narrator / main character

Aaron Oldest person in the friendship group
Henry Youngest person in the group
News reporter the emergency Government message

By Sam Ellis



(Jack, Aaron, Henry)

Music: Introduction

Jack: It was a sunny morning, the skies were clear and the
roads were empty. We had been planning this trip for a long
time now, and we were all so excited to finally get to Spain
again and get to the nearest bar. (Pause) It was a day that we
planned to be great, but it was a day that changed all our
live forever (pause) in a way we would have never imagined and
a way we never thought would have happened. This is the day my
life changed


Sound: The sound of the engine of the car

Music: The background music in the car

Aaron: Jack, what are you doing? Slow down theres no rush!

Jack: Well maybe if someone didnt forget their passport, we

wouldnt have to rush

Henry: How many times, I thought I had it in my bag, I


Aaron: (Annoyed) Well Henry, now were clearly going to miss

our flight, thanks a lot mate!

Henry: (Sarcastically) weve got ages, what are you on about?

(Laughing) Youre so dramatic Aaron!

Aaron: (Angry) I just dont get how you could forget something
so important, how stupid can you get!

Henry: You can talk about stupid, how many times have you
failed English now? Isnt it like 5 or something?


Aaron: Do you know what, (pause) why did you even bother
coming anyway, I dont even like you! Actually no one likes
you Henry, we only hang around with you because we feel sorry
for you. I dont even (interrupted)

By Sam Ellis


Jack: (Angry) can you two seriously stop arguing now we are
nearly there already, I really cant be asked for this right
now, were all friends. So both of you, shut up!


Music: Gets louder and slowly takes over

Sound: Car engine

Sound: Beeping of Cars

Henry: Wait, what (pause) look, (pause) whats happened to the


Aaron: What the hell is going on? There not on at all? They
must not be working or something, must be an electrical

Jack: Do I go, (panicky) dont I go, what am I supposed to do


Aaron: Just go Jack, what you are waiting for!

Sound: Acceleration of the Car

Sound: Car horn

Henry: (Shouting) Jack look out!

Sound: Crash of the car collision

Sound: Loud bang


*Transition music*

Scene Two: INT, Hospital Morning

(Jack, Aaron)

Music: Opening music loud to quiet

Jack: It all happened so quickly, one minute I was in the car,

the next I was in a hospital bed surrounded by screaming
children and crying parents. It all felt like a bit of a blur,
I remember I kept wishing it was a dream, just hoping someone

By Sam Ellis


would wake me into another life. I just remember looking

around trying to find Aaron and Henry, feeling scared at the
possible outcome of what I might find. (Pause) But the outcome
was much worse than what I would have ever imagined, (pause) I
still to this day cant believe the events that happened, and
I never will.


Sound: Heart machines at the hospital

Aaron: Jack there you are, where have you been? (Worried) Ive
been looking for you everywhere. What are you doing?

Jack: I cant remember what happened, (pause) I just woke up

in this bed. (Pause) Wheres Henry?

Aaron: What, (Pause) you havent heard yet?

Jack: No, (worried) whats happened?

Aaron: Well, (pause) Henrys in a comma, (pause) he has been

since the crash now, its not looking good Jack, hes got
severe head injuries

Jack: Oh my god, (pause) does his family know yet?

Aaron: No, Ive been trying to contact them, Ive been trying
to get through to someone, but the servers are down due to the

Jack: What? (Pause) What do you mean the attack?

Aaron: Oh (pause) I guess you havent heard about that either,

(pause) its probably easier if I show you the news broadcast


Sound: Radio frequency blur

News reporter: This is an emergency announcement from the

Government; (pause) Britain is in a state of emergency. We
have been hit with a possible cyber-attack, which we are doing
all we can to assume normal operation for everyone. We advise
all people to stay indoors, and try to stay calm through this
difficult time. Evacuations are currently taking place in the
London area. All airports and motorways have been closed for
military use. Non-essential telephone lines have been

By Sam Ellis


temporarily disconnected. Please stand by and await for

further information. We appreciate your patience

Sound: End of connection


Jack: Oh my god, (pause) is that why the traffic lights

werent working then?

Aaron: Yeah, its cut the electricity supply from everywhere,

(pause) its mad out there Jack. People are rioting, stealing
and water is running low. I cant even get hold of my Mum to
see is shes okay

Jack: This is crazy. (Pause) Let me try ringing Henrys

parents again, we need to let them know whats happened

Sound: Dialling the number

Ringing the number
Voicemail setting

Jack: Hi its Jack, (pause) I need to let you know that weve
been involved in a car crash. (Pause) Me and Aaron are okay,
(pause) but Henry is in a comma, (pause), hes got severe head
injuries; we dont know what to do (pause). Please ring me
back if you get this message, thanks see you soon

Sound: Hangs up the phone


Aaron: What do we do now? Ive asked the doctors whats going

on, but no one is giving me a straight answer?

Jack: Wheres Henry, I need to seem him now?

Aaron: I think hes in A block, I heard something about a

patient in a comma from one of the doctors conversations. We
need to go have a look now!

Sound: Electrical surge

Jack: Why are the lights flickering, whats going on?

Sound: Light explosion

Aaron: Quick, we need to find Henry now; come on Jack!

By Sam Ellis


Sound: Running
Sound: Light Explosion

Scene Three: INT. Hospital Evening

(Jack, Aaron)

Music: Upbeat hospital music (spooky)

Jack: We were running so fast, I do not think either of us

knew where we were going; (pause) we just needed to make sure
Henry was okay. It felt like the world was crumbling around
us, (pause) I remember pushing myself through heaps of people
(pause) trying to locate where Henry was and see if he was
okay. We were just assuming the worse had happen. I will never
forget what happened next, (pause) it will live with me


Sound: Hospital life support machines

More light explosions
Screams of people

Jack: We must be close, (pause) where is he?

Aaron: I think we are, (out of breath) he should be here?

Jack: Wait, is that (pause), just over there in the bed

Aaron: oh my god, (pause) Henry?

Sound: Life support machine

Start quiet and get louder

Jack: (Worried) Henry can you hear me, (pause) Henry you need
to wake up, (pause) we need to get out of here now, everything
is going wrong!

Aaron: (pause) Henry mate, its Aaron. Look, I didnt mean

what I said; I do like you, (pause) your one of my best
friends. I need you to wake up now, (pause) we cant do this
without you. (Worried) Please!


By Sam Ellis


Jack: Its no use, hes not going to wake up Aaron! (Pause)

This is all my fault

Aaron: Dont say that, its not your fault! No one knew this
attack was going to take place. I (interrupted)

Jack: Yeah, but we were meant to be partying in Spain now,

(Pause) instead we are stuck here, Henrys in a comma (pause)
and we have no idea what to do

Aaron: Jack just stop, we are going to get through this, I

know it. Henry will pull through, (pause) he has always been a

Jack: Thats true, do you remember that time he fell down that
hill and just got straight back up, as if nothing had

Aaron: (Laughing) Yeah and we were just stood there laughing

our heads off, and he just didnt seem to care one bit.


Jack: (sigh) We cant lose him Aaron, (upset) I couldnt live

with myself if anything does happen

Aaron: We cant think like this, (pause) we need to stay

positive. Henry wouldnt want this, he will be fine, and I
know he will

Sound: Electrical Power Cut

Light Explosion Big

Jack: What the hell (interrupted)

Aaron: (scared) Jack, whats going on? The lights, (break) I

cant see anything

Jack: Dont worry, Im still here. (Scared) I dont know

whats going on. I (interrupted)

Sound: Power failure

Big Bang signifying panic


Sound: Heart machine gets louder

By Sam Ellis


Life support gets really loud

Jack: No! Whats going on, we cant lose him now. Aaron go and
find someone now

Aaron: But Jack, I dont (interrupted)

Jack: (shouting) I said now, go, now!

Sound: Running

Sound: Heart machine getting louder

Jack: Henry (upset) Please (pause) you cant go, I wont let

Sound: Heart machine getting louder

Jack: Henry!

Sound: End of heart machine




Running Time: 6minutes and 20 seconds

By Sam Ellis

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