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Filling the blanks with the proper verb.

Deal, include, lose, admit, win.

1) She always her gloves.
2) He .. the election.
3) The price just breakfast.
4) I must.., I didnt actually do anything to help her.
5) Ill .. with that on Monday.
Succeed(ed), discover(ed), increase(ing), decide ,fail(ed).
1) He in his first attempt his second
2) Food prices .. by 10% in less than a year.
3) The birth rate has been ..recently.
4) She that she was pregnant.
5) I cant whether I like him or not.
Explain, add, receive, carry, return.
1) All the children willa small gift.
2) I the situation to my mom.
3) Are you planning to .to Egypt?
4) I dont . A handbag. I just in my
5) Do you want to . Your name to the list?
Accept, agree, achieve(d), disagree, accept.
1) I .. with her in most cases.
2) She neither nor with me.
3) She ..the invitation to stay with us.
4) I have to ..that request.
5) Rebbeca ..very good exam results.
Lend ,hate(s), borrow, affect(ed), expect.
1) He .his job but she love her job.
2) I didnt ..her to stay so long.
3) Can you 10 $ until tomorrow?
4) Can I ..your pen for a couple of minutes?
5) We were all deeply by her death.
Hide(hid), express, perform, release(d), afford.
1) Harry under the bed.
2) Sometimes its hard to myself.
3) They ..the task quickly and expertly.
4) He was .from the hospital yesterday.
5) We cant go on vacation this year.
Ignore(d), enjure(d), claim(ed), damage(d), attend(ed).
1) She she had seen a UFO.
2) The roof was .by the storm.
3) She a car accident.
4) The phone rang, but she .it.
5) Only 12 people the seminar.
Hurt(s), recall, remain, face(d), allow.
1) She was too ill to at home.
2) Last year we .a lot of problems.
3) I cannot ..the meaning this right now.
4) My parents wouldnt to go to the party.
5) It when I try to move my leg.
Prefer, prepare, apply, reply, imagine.
1) She .for a job in Dubai.
2) Can old is he?
3) I to go to the cinema rather stay at home.
4) He didnt my email till now.
5) I must for my exams.
Compare, depend(s), arrive(d), improve, describe.
1) It on you, if you work hard you will achieve your goal.
2) You should ..your English level.
3) It is difficult to how I feel.
4) Anna always .herself with her brother.
5) I just home.
Fight(ing), prevent(ed),replace(d), complain require(s).
1) They .coal with oil.
2) It ..a long time to learn a new language.
3) When I was a child I was always . With my brother.
4) The heavy rain us from going fishing.
5) Neighbors .to the police about the dogs barking.
Promise(d), discuss, realize, overcome, confirm
1) I .my friend to visit her today.
2) When I talk to my friends, usually we . About some
3) I didnt that you came home.
4) I can .my tasks.
5) She didnt .. my idea.