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Chapter 1

Executive Summary
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Sole proprietorship will be the type of business. It is

the simplest, ease of setup and nominal cost business form

under which one can operate a business. The owner of sole

proprietorship should have his/her own business name and

obtains its sanitary permit, mayors permit and register to

Department of Trade and Industry. The sole proprietor is

entitled to all profits and responsible to all business

debts, losses, liabilities and decisions.


Lick me till ice cream business offers a delightful

ice cream having unique flavor.

In order to promote our product in the market we

decided to use the delicacies of provinces as the flavor of

the ice cream. In this way we are not only promoting an ice

cream but letting also our customer to experience being in a

certain province because of its delicacies.

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LICK ME TILL ICE CREAM will offer ice cream having the

flavor of the delicacies from different province. They will

offer tupig ice cream, puto ice cream, calamay ice cream,

suman ice cream, bibingka ice cream, pudding ice cream and a

lot more.


The business product will be common flavor ice creams

and flavor of the delicacies from defferent provinces.

Pupils and students will be the target customer of the

business since it is located near universities in Urdaneta

City Panasinan. Having the first ice cream parlor near

school in Urdaneta Panasinan will hit the interest of mostly

student especially ice cream can be a stress reliever.


This business will be sole proprietorship. This

business will be headed by three (3) Crew act as a cashier

and waiter, one (1) Chef responsible for providing the

recipes in most cases and placing food orders and necessary

kitchen tool orders in order to enable the preparation of

the ice cream and one (1) General Manager for managing the

business. The employees will be compensated according to the

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days worked and service rendered and it will be given after

the production. Fringe Benefits will be given.


This business will produce its product depend in the

customers that will buy in a day. The total revenue of the

business in a year will increase 10%. It will be open every

Monday to Saturday for the students that have a class in

those days.


The income of this business is P990,000.00 in first

year, P1,089,000.00 in the second year, P1,197,900.00 in the

third year, P1,317,690.00 in the fourth year and

P1,449,459.00 in the fifth year. Net income for the first

year is P49,932.00, P131,593.00 for the second year,

P223,353.00 for the third year, P324,629.00 for the fourth

year and P436,375.05 for the fifth year. Project cost total

is P427,416.00.


The socio economic contribution of this business is to

provide a delicious and unique ice cream to the people. The

business will contribute to the government in terms of

paying taxes and provide a job for the needed.

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