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Toad for Oracle database monitoring

Toad is the number one productivity and monitoring tool for database development and administration. It
provides functionality using which we can dig deep in the database and navigate thoroughly in and out of
it. Toad integrates seamlessly with databases. Whether youre a novice or a database pro, these Oracle
tools will allow you to work and collaborate with accuracy and ease.

Below are the few features of Toad

Browse and navigate through database objects. (Toad Database Browser)

The Schema Browser allows you to view, add, and modify database objects. It also displays detailed
information about a selected object. For example, the detailed information for a table includes its
subpartitions, columns, indexes, data, grants etc.
It has ability to choose multiple schemas in source and destination and compare large number of schemas
in your database that need to be compared across your TEST and PROD environments? This feature gives
you the ability to do so in least amount of time. No need to select individual schemas.

Schema Browser
Schema Browser layout displays all the schemas that are available in the database, we can see them in
tabbed view.
We can configure the schema browser so it only shows the tabs you really need:
We can add or remove some additional columns to the left hand side so it gives an overview on the size
and free space of the tablespaces or let us order tables by the number of rows.
Or we can look for objects regardless of the schema.
The following example shows the schema browser with additional columns (e.g. schema_name, number
of rows, last analyzed) sorted by table_names. With the filter column its possible to show or search for
tables regardless of the schema.
Compare Databases
Compare entire databases? Most of the time they do have different schemas and the tablespace layout is
different. But then it helps us easily compare the server parameters (init.ora) or check for database options
being installed or not. Its very helpful if we have a bunch of development databases where we can
compare if one of the database is slower than the other or this feature doesnt work while it worked
before. Easy to get an overview and makes my life easier.

Compare Schemas

Comparing schemas is very common and often used. But Toad Schema compare has one additional
feature. You can store the schema layout while comparing it and that allows you to do a historical
comparison of schemas. So how did that schema looked one month ago, what happened last week.
Statistics and Histograms in Toad

Toad can help us analyze all or some schemas and collect statistics. It can also help us analyze only
required objects and compare them on different environments. And optimize them as required.
Developing High Quality Code via Toad for Oracle
To help us to write more-efficient code quickly and easily. It includes integrated SQL and PL/SQL
performance tuning, with Auto Optimize tool inside the Toad Editor, and SQL Optimizer for reduced
query times. Ensure code quality. You can validate your code in real time in Toad Editor or use Code
Analysis for review and management reporting across the entire project. Manage code changes
effectively. Integrate with version control tools and combine Team Coding with Code Analysis to enforce
your organizations standards of code quality. Quickly create valid test data. The Data Generation feature
populates empty tables with representative data for the data types defined within the schema objects.
Automatically generate sync scripts and report on schema changes. You can confirm that your expected
schema changes are moving successfully from DEV to TEST to PROD and quickly catch any unexpected

SQL Tuning Using Toad (Sql Optimizer)

Optimize SQL It analyzes and improves original SQL statements automatically by using
artificial intelligence to rewrite the syntax, and apply the Oracle optimization hints. Generates
semantically equivalent and syntactically correct SQL statements that you can test run to determine the
best ones for your environment. Plus, provides indexing options that enable you to choose rewrites
only, index changes only, or both.


indexes Enhances an applications performance by analyzing its SQL workload (from Oracle
Automatic Workload Repository), and identifying indexing changes that will improve it.
Batch optimize SQL Automatically optimizes PL/SQL for performance by detecting issues
(through Oracle System Global Area (SGA), Foglight Performance Analysis or source code) and
providing rewrites that execute faster.
Scan SQL - Extracts inefficient SQL statements automatically from your source code, plus
reviews execution plans from these statements and categorizes them by complexity. Optimizes the
problematic statements with Optimize SQL or Batch Optimize SQL.
Inspect SGA It Captures, analyzes and classifies both running and executed SQL statements
from Oracle SGA. Send problematic statements to Optimize SQL or Batch Optimize SQL for
Analyze impact Reviews the effect that database modifications may have on the SQL by
identifying execution plan changes that could have occurred within a set of SQL statements. Collects
SQL from a variety of sources, such as Oracle Automatic Workload Repository, Foglight Performance
Analysis or source code.
Manage plans Manages both Oracle Stored Outlines and SQL Plan Baselines, and allows
you to refine execution plans without changing the source code. Stored Baselines are optimization
hints that help maintain an execution plan for a SQL statement.

Database Health Check

It assures you of proper maintenance, performance, and change. Helps in predicting the impact of
changes on production instances. It helps in maintaining and managing schemas, including compare
and sync. We can simulate the production environment by replaying database workload in
development or on test databases. We can easily administer databases, including users, roles and other
utilities like export and import. It is a very useful tool for managing and deployment of schema
changes, codes and packages. Using toad makes it efficient and accurately manage Oracle user
accounts without the use of scripts. We can schedule and perform database instance health and security