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Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely pleased to be writing a letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms.
Natalie Haller. I initially got to know this young lady when she was a student in my science and
education classes. She is extremely focused on education, and making it attainable for her
cherubs. Natalie is quite a young lady with a huge heart and strong work ethic. She is always
one of the first to volunteer, assist, and clarify in classroom discussions. Ms. Haller often
speaks up for her classmates and asks procedural questions so that everyone knows what will
be happening.

I have physically seen Natalie teach in numerous field experiences with students of all
ages. She is innately adept at reaching a wide array of learners and building a supportive
repertoire in minimal time. A couple of attributes that come to mind when watching her in the
classroom are student-focused, goal-oriented, positive relationships, and soothing demeanor.
Family and community are very important aspects of Ms. Hallers life and her community is her
family, and vice-versa. I have been blessed enough to get to become close friends with her and
soon-to-be husband, Ryan Henkel. I am always excited when I see young people form
supportive relationships with others, personally and professionally.

Natalie does a phenomenal job: following guidelines, completing projects, and excelling
beyond mere adequacy. I have no reservations about her qualifications to not only become a
teacher, but a teacher leader. She has proven to be very mature in her decision-making, goal
setting, peer interaction, and, ultimately, career focus. I foresee Ms. Haller become the go to
person in the district because of her knowledge, drive, and helpfulness. She will be a positive
role model for her students and her community. If you have any questions, or would like to
discuss her attributes further, please feel free to contact me via cell at 319.883.6741.

Kind regards,
Dr. Michael D. Bechtel, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Science Education
Dr. Michael D. Bechtel Biology Department
Wartburg College
100 Wartburg Blvd
Waverly, IA 50677-2215
Office: 319.352.8380
Fax: 319.352.8606