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TEACHER: Laura Viviana Guzman SCHOOL YEAR: 2017
TOPIC / TASK IN PROJECT: Healthy Nutrition and Food Choices. Engage Sts
into thinking about healthy food in order to get
good health


To assess sts on understanding of facts.

To promote application of knowledge to actual
PURPOSE: situations.
To promote analysis of facts and give examples.
Content: good health
DIFFERENTIATION Process: previous thinking
Product: journal
Learning environment: home
(content/process/product/af Effect: think about nutrition.
ect/learning environment)

Reading: facts about healthy food

SKILL INVOLVED (reading, Writing: take notes.
Listening & Speaking: may be present when
writing, listening, speaking) teacher delivers the task.
+ literacy Literacy: journaling

Discovery/Inquiry based learning


A graph of Healthy Food done in class by student

A sheet of paper to take notes by student
MATERIAL: A poster of a Timetable for the outcome activity
whole class.

Previous class: Sts cut out images of food

groups including water. They draw an oval and
TASK: paste the images according to healthy nutrition
criteria,(similar to a food pyramid) . Teacher writes
new words on the blackboard and models
pronunciation. Sts write words next to each item
on their oval
HOMEWORK: Teacher explains that next
class they will make a healthy menu for the
class. T asks Sts to design a journal in order
to record what they eat, day by day, during a
period of time given. Sts must use the
healthy food oval with words to recall some
of them but, they can write the items in L1 if
they have not learned yet.

Discussion: In class Sts give examples of meals

or food and compare with the healthy food oval.
They reflect on the ingredients of the meals and
share with a partner while T monitors. Sts read
their journal notes and/or give examples while
Teacher writes on the blackboard, organising the
Bibliography: Howdy Friends! Students ingredients for each meal and providing with new
Book 1. Zanatta Theresa. Editorial vocabulary.
Santillana, 2013.
Outcome: In groups Sts analyse the information
from the blackboard, the oval graphs and their
journals. They should agree on the healthier meals
to write and/or draw a menu for a week in a poster
to share with the School Community. Teacher
collects the oval graphs and the journal to
individually assess the homework.