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Giving early-stage companies

the tools they need to grow
and succeed in global markets 1
A vision for growth 2
Helping entrepreneurs realise
their potential 3
What the experts say 4
Focusing our expertise 7
Why the UK? 8
...but dont just take our word for it! 10
Meet the team 17
Global Entrepreneur Programme 1

Giving early-stage
companies the tools
they need to grow
and succeed in
global markets
DITs Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) attracts
entrepreneurial, innovation-rich businesses with high-growth
potential from all over the world. We help them set up their
strategic HQ in the UK and then provide focussed mentoring
to assist their growth.
Our dynamic team of entrepreneurs identifying world class IP and enabling
has helped more than 350 entrepreneurs client companies to access industry talent
and early-stage technology companies and expertise
to establish in the UK, with more than
200 of these landing since 2010. We have raising investment capital with over
achieved this by: US$550 million raised so far

harnessing the insight and networks This brochure gives an overview of the
of our own team of internationally GEP and will help you decide whether your
successful entrepreneurs business would benefit from our support.

leveraging these networks to help

accelerate our client businesses realise
the potential of their innovative ideas
2 Global Entrepreneur Programme

A vision
for growth
The world is an ecosystem of opportunity and
breakthrough technologies can be found everywhere.

There is a wealth of capital, talent and opportunities facing early-stage

guidance out there, so why not take the businesses seeking to grow and
very best of what the UK has to offer? commercialise internationally. They are
ideally placed to provide strategic business
We have developed a highly innovative mentoring every step of the way. They help
business model that helps you develop you make connections with key networks
your innovative, early-stage company that can give you the support, advice and
to scale internationally from a UK HQ. funding that you need to scale.
The key to our success is our team of Find out more about our current team
Dealmakers based in the worlds technology of Dealmakers including biographies
hot spots. Successful entrepreneurs and and details of their key expertise on
investors in their own right, they are able our website:
to relate directly to the challenges and
Global Entrepreneur Programme 3

Helping entrepreneurs
realise their potential

Making it work:
once a client, always a client.

Our team of Dealmakers is looking for Our Dealmakers can introduce you to
talented entrepreneurs and early stage investors, highly skilled individuals to
technology businesses with outstanding take board or advisory roles within your
intellectual property and innovation. company and introduce you to their wider
However, these qualities will only get UK business network.
you so far.
The GEP will stick with you for the long
Acting as mentors and coaching you haul. You can enjoy continuing support
through the steps you need to take to make through our Alumni group, made up
a commercial success of your business. of other successful GEP clients who
You are invited to harness our passion for are on-hand to provide an additional
entrepreneurship and let it work for you. network of assistance.
4 Global Entrepreneur Programme

What the
experts say

The UKs dynamic ecosystem is The GEP helps UK plcs communicate to

an important location for global the world why Britain is a great place to
entrepreneurs. I would certainly grow a business. Its team of Dealmakers
recommend the significant help and provides key advice and networks to
support the Global Entrepreneur high-potential businesses and Ive
Programmes team of experts are able experienced first hand the benefits
to provide technology businesses looking on offer. I know the entrepreneurs
to scale and grow internationally from concerned felt the Programme added
a UK hub. significant value.
Brent Hoberman, Serial Entrepreneur and Alex Van Someren, Partner at Amadeus Capital
Angel Investor (Founder of

As an entrepreneur and investor

living in the UK, I am amazed by the
innovation and opportunities that
the ecosystem provides. The GEP has a
stellar network that provides companies
with Dealmaker support and access
to new markets. Im proud to be a
part of this network and encourage
entrepreneurs to make the most of the
UKs thriving business environment.
Paul Birch, Angel Investor and Serial
Entrepreneur (Founder of Bebo)
Global Entrepreneur Programme 5

The GEP is instrumental in bringing

together networks that bring UK
innovation to the forefront. By working
with investors and entrepreneurs, the
Dealmaker team has attracted stellar
entrepreneurs that have created new
technologies which has led to new
Heidi Roizen, Silicon Valley-based Venture
Partner at DFJ, experienced entrepreneur
and lecturer at Stanford University

Entrepreneurship has transformed from

a local to a global phenomenon and the
GEP has developed a highly innovative
business model using their own
entrepreneurs to help accelerate early-
stage technology companies from a UK
hub. I was especially impressed with the
quality of people who deliver the service
who are all successful entrepreneurs
in their own right. Their passion for
helping other entrepreneurs succeed
is impressive and I look forward to
continue working with them in the future.
Alex McCracken, Silicon Valley Bank
6 Global Entrepreneur Programme

GEP Dealmakers provide fantastic DITs growth acceleration work is

support to global technology best in class in Europe for entrepreneurs.
entrepreneurs looking to set up and then I have witnessed first-hand their
scale internationally from a UK hub. experienced entrepreneurs at work and
In addition, their industry knowledge their team of Dealmakers is a hugely
and understanding means they can help valuable addition to our network.
organisations like ours find relevant William Stevens, International Accelerator
innovation. Thomson Reuters is now Programme, Europe Unlimited
working with some really great
companies that we have met via GEP.
Bob Schukai, Thomson Reuters
and Tech City Ambassador
Global Entrepreneur Programme 7

Which sectors does the GEP have expertise in?

Our objective is to discover the next billion We will help you understand the many
dollar technology superstars and we have advantages that the UK, as a global
already helped some of the worlds most marketplace, has to offer your business.
innovative early-stage companies, across
a broad range of sectors, relocate here. We also welcome investors who are
interested in investment opportunities
To qualify for GEP support, you must be an or access to GEPs proprietary deal-flow.
overseas based entrepreneur or technology
business and be willing to relocate to the UK.
8 Global Entrepreneur Programme

Why the UK?

Five reasons to invest in the UK

Corporation tax Enterprise Investment

The current rate Scheme (EIS)
of corporation tax is EIS is designed to help
20percent. This is the smaller higher-risk trading
joint lowest in the G20. companies to raise finance
by offering a range of tax
Patent box reliefs to investors who
The UKs patent box purchase new shares
can give you an effective in those companies.
10percent tax rate for
qualifying net revenue Global innovation
arising from the UK and The UK has been ranked
EU registered patents. as the 2nd most innovative
country in the world. The
Global connectivity Global Innovation Index (GII)
A stable, sophisticated, has placed the UK above
pro-business environment the USA, Singapore and
and the largest e-commerce Germany for the third
market in Europe. Providing year running.
direct access to Europe and
a springboard to Asia and
the Americas markets.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 9


Patent Investment


Global Property



Migration Scheme
10 Global Entrepreneur Programme

but dont just take

our word for it!

listen to what our clients say about us

Established in 1984, Think Positive Print (T+) are international

leaders in direct to fabric digital printing and textile design. T+ has
spent the last ten years developing the right printing machines, inks,
Think Positive processing routes and crucially the colour software management.
Australia The companys ground breaking technology gives it global
potential and the company was considering locations in Italy,
France and China from which to establish its global HQ.
Then having met the GEP regional Dealmaker for the North West,
Walli Ullah, who has himself set up successful global businesses,
the company founder, Penny McIntrye became convinced that
the UK was the best location to realise her ambitions. She has
therefore decided to set up a creative design studio in London
and a manufacturing hub in Macclesfield, an area renowned for
its silk industry, as well as the skill of its designers and for its richly
patterned woven fabrics. T+ anticipates creating at least 20 jobs
in the short term and have huge potential beyond that.

Being based in the UK, I was able to fly

easily around the northern hemisphere
generally ensuring that the project was
kept on track.
Penny McIntyre, CEO of Think Positive
Global Entrepreneur Programme 11

SOMA Analytics provides a smartphone-based platform to

measure, manage and reduce stress at the workplace. They use
sensors already built within smartphones to measure sleep quality,
keypad and voice patterns to detect rising stress for those in the
workplace. By combining state of the art mobile technology with
SOMA Analytics proven psychological methods from the fields of occupational
Germany and positive psychology they are able to provide evidence-based
interventions which helps to create emotional resilience.
SOMA Analytics attended the Healthbox Accelerator programme
and started working with the Global Entrepreneur Programme
(GEP) Dealmaker that had supported the company with the
development and implementation of their business plan. The GEP
had helped the company understand the funding opportunities
that will enable the company to secure a non-dilutive innovation
grant from Innovate UK. With the additional funding, this will enable
SOMA Analytics to develop their team to drive their pilot with
University College of London (London, UK), St Thomas Hospital
(London, UK) and Mayo Clinic (Minnesota, USA).

The GEP has helped us to understand funding

opportunities, and in particular to understand
the benefits of UK in regards to the strength of
tax breaks for potential investors the EIS
and SEIS schemes which are pushing
interest in early stage Start-ups.
Johan Huber, CEO of Soma Analytics
12 Global Entrepreneur Programme

CrowdEmotion is an emotional data science company that created

a cloud-based signal system enabling people to capture emotional
biometrics anytime, anywhere simply using their own devices and
link those emotions to choice behaviours.
Canada Before CrowdEmotion became a reality the founder already
knew that they wanted to bootstrap the growth of the business.
They didnt believe that giving away equity to an investor would
have any long term benefits for my business. Having travelled
to London with a previous employer the founder knew that
there were significant benefits for growing businesses there.
The presence of so many multinational businesses within striking
distance of each other makes London the ideal environment to
grow a bootstrapped company. Theres also a very strong talent
pool and well established commercial infrastructure.
In an unfamiliar market GEP has opened doors for CrowdEmotion
to had conversations with the right people and has played a key role
in the development of our commercial proposition. The Dealmakers
knowledge and guidance had been invaluable by identifying the
opportunity to develop their product for a variety of markets. As well
as helping them with office space when they first arrived, the GEP
had also arranged meetings with a number of corporate contacts
to drive business development. Connections with organisations like
the Technology Strategy Boards Knowledge Transfer Network that
had proven to be a great way to get their name out in the market.

The Dealmakers are impressively well connected so,

as a business leader new to the UK, being able to
access their knowledge and networks has been
invaluable in navigating an unfamiliar environment.
Matthew Celuszak, CEO of CrowdEmotion
Global Entrepreneur Programme 13

Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) has developed a patented

technology that extracts the carbon from the CO2 discharged
through industrial flue chimneys. The recovered CO2 can then be
safely stored underground, or re-used in other industrial processes.
CCS innovative technology achieves a 35percent energy saving
compared to others on the market, which can cost 70percent
Carbon Clean more to install and run.
Solutions CCS was introduced to the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)
India Dealmaker that had used his expertise and networks to help CCS
enter a new technology competition ran by the Department of
Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The GEP helped the company
to establish their operations in the UK, develop their pitch, and
DECC was so impressed by CCSs innovation it awarded them
a grant of 3.6 million to work with Imperial College London,
Leeds University and engineering firm PSE Ltd, to optimise the
technology for commercialisation.

Global warming is a real challenge its

here and we need to deal with it. Thanks
to GEPs support, our technology is on
the way to changing the way our planet
will look 30 years down the line.
Aniruddha Sharma, CEO of Carbon Clean Solutions
14 Global Entrepreneur Programme

jobandtalent is a social recruitment platform that allows job

hunters to harness the networking power of their connections
and social media.

jobandtalent At the heart of jobandtalent is an innovative algorithm formulated

Spain in collaboration with HR and big data experts and PhDs from the
IULA (Research Institute for Applied Linguistics) of Universitat
Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. The algorithm behaves like a virtual
recruitment consultant, it identifies and recognises the linguistic
patterns within the structure and phrasing of both job adverts
and CVs. These patterns are then converted into data points that
match a candidates or recruiters specifications word for word.
jobandtalent was introduced to a GEP Dealmaker with experience
in digital recruitment. He provided strategic advice and crucial
connections that allowed the jobandtalent team to efficiently
establish UK headquarters, as well as to attract interest
and investment.

The welcome we received from a GEP Dealmaker

and the support he offered really impressed us, and
reassured us that coming to the UK was the right move.
Juan Urdiales, Co-Founder of jobandtalent
Global Entrepreneur Programme 15

In 2010, Nutmeg founder and CEO, Nick Hungerford, was living

in Silicon Valley and studying for his MBA at Stanford University.
In the back of his mind was a dream that it should be possible for
everyone to receive 24/7 access to top quality investment advice
and portfolio management, regardless of who they were or how
much money they had to invest. Three years on Nutmeg had built
Nutmeg the UKs first online discretionary investment management
United States company. Nutmeg had taken away all the aspects that made the
wealth management industry unpopular. As Nutmeg is completely
online, the costs are lower than traditional investment managers
and can be completely transparent about what they are doing
with their customers money.

The GEP networking event was the greatest

touchdown I could have hoped for, the positivity
and energy in the room, the quality of talent
and ideas and the smooth flow of the day made
it really useful and added to my enthusiasm
to start our business in the UK.
Nick Hungerford, Founder and CEO of Nutmeg
16 Global Entrepreneur Programme

2-B Energy has designed a new offshore wind power plant concept
which significantly lowers the cost of energy. Before starting their
business the founders Herbert Peels and Mikael Jackobsson were
both first introduced to the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP)
by the UK Ambassador to the Netherlands and started to explore
how the GEP could support them. They needed a site permit for
2-B Energy
the deployment of their first machine and they also needed to
raise capital and develop a plan for commercialisation and scale-
up. The GEP Dealmaker James Graham had offered them
sustained support in shaping and executing our growth strategy,
in particular with their capital raising activity. James connections
within the industry led to several meetings with businesses and
investors such as Clyde Blowers Capital, BAE Systems and Masdar.
In the immediate future 2-B Energy plan to raise 2 million which
will top off our existing funding round and allow them to deploy
two machines in the Firth of Forth. Meanwhile they have longer
term plans to establish a manufacturing facility in Scotland and
want to expand the Firth of Forth installation in steps to a total
of nine machines. We are set to reach ten UK employees by year
end and plan to grow this to 46 by 2017, as we scale up activities
and local production for sales to major UK utilities.

Having the validation of someone from DIT gave us credibility

and helped us through the ups and downs of negotiations
with potential investors and clients. Specifically, as part of
a 22 million investment round, James engagement and
contacts played a valuable role in securing 2.8 million
funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Mikael Jakobsson, Chief Operating Officer of 2-B Energy
Global Entrepreneur Programme 17

Meet the team

Sam Bakri, MD, MBA Andrew Corbett-Jones

Healthcare Services and Life Sciences Digital, Creative and Media,
(Therapeutics, Devices and Diagnostics) Healthcare, Medical Devices
and Animal Health
He has extensive experience including
Sam is the current Entrepreneur-in- television reporting and production,
Residence at Mayo Clinic. He is Vice- e-commerce, digital publishing, and
Chairman and Chief Business Officer technology commercialisation with
for Gelexir Healthcare. organisations such as WIN TV, Channel
Nine (60 Minutes), Redwood London,
He is a Senior Advisor to Helios LLP. and Lion Interactive.
He previously founded and held a CEO
role at two healthcare companies: He has advised some of Australias
Eastern Healthcare Partners (managing leading corporations on digital strategy,
obesity and diabetes) and Kind Consumer user-centric design and strategic thinking,
(medical technology in smoking cessation). including Telstra Innovation, Hardie Grant
Publishing, Sydney Swans Football Club,
Sam is a faculty member focused on and NRMA.
international healthcare entrepreneurship
at Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business Andrew is a founding mentor at PushStart,
and acts as an advisor to the British co-founded Healthcare at Home Australia,
government (Global Entrepreneurs and is Managing Director of an innovative
Program). He previously worked at Roche resource recovery company, his sixth and
and Novartis, and advised numerous current Start-up.
firms in the life sciences space.
He has an MD from University of London
(Guys and Thomass Hospital Medical
School) and holds an MBA from Harvard
Business School where he was a
Fulbright Scholar.
18 Global Entrepreneur Programme

James Graham Peter Holden

Clean Technology, Renewable Energy ICT, Med-Tech, Advanced Materials
and Environment and Software
James is a serial entrepreneur with more Peter has spent the last 25 years
than 14 years experience in the fields of commercialising emerging technologies
climate change and renewable energy. and intellectual property having established
three funds to date and taken multiple
James has worked in Europe, North companies (including two of his own as
America and Asia. In 2003, James founder) through to sale or IPO.
co-founded Camco, taking the business
from concept through two rounds of He is a dual UK/USA citizen and has lived
financing and on to a listing on AIM. and worked in Japan, Korea, UK, Silicon
Valley and New York City. He currently sits
At the end of 2009, James left Camco on the Boards of SITOMobile (NASDAQ:
to build a portfolio of private business SITO), Osang Group (South Korea) as well
activities. His work has since included as a number of hi-tech Start-ups in the USA
renewable energy project development that he seeded in areas ranging from IoT
across Europe (solar, wind and hydro) and and blockchain through to point-of-care
mentoring entrepreneurs with breakthrough diagnostics and industrial drones. He is also
technologies in carbon capture, offshore on the Innovation Advisory Board of United
wind turbines and materials science. Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX).
He holds a PhD in AI and was awarded the
Honda Fellowship at Tokyo University as
well as being a Senior Fellow at Wharton
Business School.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 19

Tony Hughes Andrew Humphries

Games, Digital Media and Software Software, IT, Digital Media
and Mobile Internet
Tony has been working in traditional
and digital media for over 15 years. He Andrew is a highly experienced business
established a Digital Media lab, partnering strategist who has helped entrepreneurs
with Television company and a university, and new businesses quickly find the best
in the late 1990s. He has worked with and most established profitable
a variety of Start-ups from e-learning, opportunities in new markets. He has
retail and commerce to games and mobile held senior executive roles in Sales and
applications. He set up the UKs first Marketing for some of the worlds
digital content dedicated incubator and largest IT manufacturers.
currently is the Commercial Director of
Focus Innovation, providing consultancy In his first Start-up he was a key part of
services and establishing Start-ups with a team that raised over US$42million, and
innovative products and services. went on to develop the worlds largest
and most successful alert and messaging
Tony works with Start-ups to introduce them solutions business for the financial industry.
to relevant networks, whether academic or Since then he has co-founded two
commercial, along with potential mentors successful technology businesses, and now
and funders. He has worked with DIT is co-founder of The Bakery, an accelerator
for over six years, supporting overseas dedicated to the advertising and media
companies landing in the UK from Asia, sector, working with some of the worlds
Europe and North America. largest brands and agencies.
Tony is based in Bristol and Liverpool.
20 Global Entrepreneur Programme

Tony Kypreos Richard Leaver

Healthcare, Sensors, Mobile Engineering, Software, Energy
and Digital Media and Physical Sciences
Tony is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 Richard has extensive experience
years experience in consumer goods, digital building and investing in market-led
products, telecoms, media and healthcare. technology businesses from Start-up
to commercial success. With a PhD
Tony was formerly on the operational board in Artificial Intelligence, his career at
of T-Mobile International and Deutsche BAE Systems focussed on autonomous
Telekoms T-Ventures and Group Managing robotics, developing an advanced
Director of Bauer Digital for the 1.4 billion telematics concept car before moving
M&A of EMAP PLC. to international management consulting.
Hisentrepreneurialexperience includes Following a successful flotation, Richard
being co-founder of mobile entertainment became a Fund Manager, investing in many
company Mobilephonia, leading the technology companies before setting up
turnaround and sale of digital services the UKs first Homeland Security fund
agency Bluewave and leadership team and subsequently leading an AIM-listed
for the US$800 million IPO of investment plc as CEO. He is a board
(NASDAQ: ACOM). He is an investor member and investor in several private
and board advisor in mobile technology, and public companies, a mentor at the
digital media and healthcare. Judge Business School, and works
He has a keen interest in the intersection of extensively in the UK, Europe and China.
physical performance, nutrition, behaviour Richard is based in Cambridge.
and advances in sensor technology and is
the Founder and CEO of Dupl which is
focussed on using behavioural science and
technology totackle childhood obesity.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 21

Alan Lowdon Tim Luft

Energy, Cleantech, Innovation, Computer Games, Advance,
Mathematical Modelling Manufacturing and Automotive
and University Interaction Supply Chain Digital
Alan, an applied mathematician with a Tim is a Digital Media entrepreneurlocated
PhD in Fluid-Structure Interaction and an in the West Midlands. Tim has previously
MBA from Durham University, has over 30 established University led Research
years experience of the energy and water Institutes and Incubators based around
sectors, focussing on the development Digital Media (Games and Simulation).
and commercialisation of technology
and systems applied to infrastructure Tim alsohasdirect experience in the
asset management. establishment of high growth technology
businesses, incorporating the securing of
Alan has worked for global corporations investment through to leading highly
such as Rolls Royce, British Gas, Suez, Shell, skilled technology teams to achieve
Mott MacDonald and Jacobs, as well as significant growth.
running and investing in university spin-out
companies and leading technology and Tim is a Director of two technology
innovation business units in RTOs such companies which focus on 3D Simulation,
as NaREC and ITI Energy. In 2010, Alan was Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.
instrumental in the creation of investment Tim is an active member of the Telford
fund NCL to which he is now an advisor. Business Board and regionalsector
He is a board member (one as CEO) and champion for Digital Media.
investor in three Start-ups, a non-executive
director at the Port of Blyth, chair of the
Innovation Board of the North East LEP
and Visiting Professor at the University of
Durham, where he also chairs the Advisory
Board of the Durham Energy Institute.
22 Global Entrepreneur Programme

David Maher-Roberts Judith Milne

Digital Media, Creative Media, Aviation, Business
Big Data and Software and Commercialisation
David is an experienced digital media Judith is a specialist business advisor
executive, angel investor and advisor. and investor, primarily in the international
He is the founder and chairman of aviation sector. She has recently exited
TechSPARK, a not-for-profit organisation her ownorganisation and now advises
designed to support and develop the tech companies and individuals on all aspects
ecosystem in the Southwest of England. of corporate strategy, including
fundraising, sales, employment
He is currently Managing Director of and international growth.
Immediate Medias Sports Group and prior
to that was CEO of personalisation engine, She was appointed Non-Executive
The Filter and was on the Board of Future Chairperson for Blink Ltd, a new Start-up
Publishing where he was responsible based in London, that raised US$30 million
for the companys digital properties Series A funding in 2007. The company
(launching GamesRadar, TechRadar was founded by two Harvard graduates
and and Judith was appointed by the investors
to coach and mentor the new Managing
Directors in strategy, people management,
logistics and international development.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 23

Stephen Mooney Anmol Nayyar

Software, ICT, Innovation Financial Services, Fintech, Defense,
and Life Sciences Cybersecurity, Cleantech and Software
Stephen has over 20 years experience Anmol Nayyar is our Entrepreneur in
working in sales, business development Residence based out of New Delhi, India.
and IT strategy across a broad range of He is a partner at DMI Finance which he
sectors in both a Start-up and Fortune 500 has built into one of the largest diversified
environment. As co-founder of ENXSuite credit platforms in India. Prior to this he
he led product sales within key clients and founded and sold several businesses in
was also responsible for successfully leading financial services. He started his career
that companys expansion into the UK/ as a lawyer at Ashurst in London in 2003.
EMEA market until its acquisition in 2010.
He is an active investor and board member
Stephen is currently the Director of iVeridis, in India in companies in financial services,
an innovation management software fintech, defense/cybersecurity, cleantech,
provider that links large corporates to education, aviation/logistics and media.
emerging global technologies. He also
Anmol received a BA from Reed College
assists the EUs top-ranked business
and a Juris Doctor from the Northwestern
incubator in Europe, SetSquared, to help
College of Law, both in the US.
Start-ups to acquire customers and
investment. Prior to founding ENXSuite
Stephen served in various roles for Pfizer
and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the
University of Calgary and a Masters
of Business Administration from the
University of Victoria.
24 Global Entrepreneur Programme

Alpesh Patel Mark Shaw

Financial Services, Media ICT, Aerospace, Satellite Applications,
and Cyber Security Defence and Security
Alpesh Patel is a former barrister now Mark has 20 years of experience in
founder CEO of hedge fund and private supporting and building growth in SMEs
equity asset manager Praefinium Partners. through investment or organically. Having
He has published over 200 columns in the worked within and for global corporations
Financial Times in his Diary of an Internet such as BAE Systems, Oracle and IBM he
Trader column and written 18 books changed track to get involved with small
translated into 8 languages on Investing companies with global propositions in the
and Entrepreneurship. IT and IT security world. He wears the scars
of fruitless investment rounds and the
His investment software now in its 11th
laurels of success. He co-founded TSA
year has over that period outperformed all
Europe and lately the Ashover Group and
UK company fund managers and Warren
has now got investment in several Start-ups.
Buffett ( He
has won competitions in the FT to forecast Securing investment to support growth,
the FTSE 100 over a 12 month period, at the right time, has always been part
coming within 0.5% of its final value, of Marks remit and he has an extensive
compared to asset managers running business network that has a particular
billions who were wrong by 40%. focus in Central and Eastern Europe. He sits
on the Board of three SMEs and is involved
Formerly on the Advisory Board of ICICIs
in Regional entrepreneurial groups.
private banking division is also a former
Visiting Fellow in Business, Oxford University
and Council Member of Chatham House.
Alpesh was appointed by the Foreign
Secretary to the UK India Roundtable.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 25

Anthony Sheehan Ben Shorrock

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Media, Creative and Media,
Smart Cities, IoT and Wireless Comms Big Data and Software
Anthony works with Start-ups, university Ben has over a decadesexperience
spin-outs and growing enterprises from helping build digital tech businesses
across Europe, North America and Africa. across the UK. He isMD ofTechSPARK,
An active entrepreneur, he also has a not-for-profit network who help to
extensive experience in executive positions support and grow the tech ecosystem
with large global technology companies in the Southwest of England.
and VC funded Start-ups. His primary
areas of focus are software, sensors, Ben has worked across a number
autonomous vehicles, smart cities, IoT of UKcities helping fast growing
and wireless comms. techbusinesses to invest and thrive.

Anthony is currently founder and CEO He has supported withgovernment

at mobile news platform Near You Now. relations,acquisition strategy, talent
Prior to this, he successfully established engagement and access to capital. Healso
multiple new business lines in Europe and supports Invest Bristol andBath as their
ran global strategy for mobilemarketing, Digital TechSpecialist, talking to businesses
location andpersonalisationtechnologies globally about theopportunities available
at Qualcomm. investing in the Westof England.

He has also led the successful European

market-entry of multiple US software
Start-ups including Packetvideo and
Urban Science.
26 Global Entrepreneur Programme

Simon Sprince Sarah Turner

Creative and Digital Media Digital Media and Software
Simons background is in digital media Sarah has spent most of the last 20 years
with 20 years experience of content and working in and around digital media in the
application production. He has an in depth UK, Europe, US and Asia. She works with
understanding of digital industrys key sub Start-ups and growth stage companies as
sectors as well as the technologies and advisor, supporter and connector; and helps
markets that drive them. larger organisations and multinationals
develop their peripheral vision by identifying
After building up extensive experience areas for innovation and the best partners
of working at the intersection between and processes to help them deliver it.
industry and academia he set up Focus
Innovation. The team at Focus specialise Sarah is the Director of digital strategy
in analysing user and market trends in company Turner Hopkins whose clients
order to identify the essential factors include BBC, Ofcom and Thomson Reuters
needed to influence the development and the Founder of Angel Academe, a
of new products and services. pro-women (but not women only) angel
investment group.
Simons network includes leading figures
from industry and the research community
and he has a depth of knowledge in regards
to public and private product financing.
Global Entrepreneur Programme 27

Walli Ullah Eric van der Kleij

Film, TV, Creative and Digital Media FinTech and Blockchain
A successful Media entrepreneur with over Eric van der Kleij is a pioneering technology
30 years experience in film, TV and digital entrepreneur who founded FinTech
media. Walli has been at the forefront of company Adeptra (sold toFICOin 2012)
developments in digital media and was before helping establish DITs Global
an early pioneer of VOD and IPTV. Entrepreneur Programme. He then helped
create the strategy and was appointed the
As CEO Walli successfully built a global first Chief Executive of the Tech City
entertainment content production and initiative by10 Downing Street.
distribution company headquartered in
the UK to revenues exceeding US$100 Following Tech City he moved to
million, with staff and offices around the Canary Wharf where he created and led
world. After exiting Walli setup EMU Films, Europes largest FinTech and Smart City
a Film and TV development and production hubLevel39for Canary Wharf Group.
company that is producing a number
of high quality film and TV projects with Eric is founder of specialist consultancy
the express aim of utilising new digital DV2C Ltd advising clients such as the
distribution technologies. EMU has FinTech Kickstart Accelerator in Zurich.
completed two feature films, Catch Me He was recently appointment Chairman
Daddy which had its world premiere at the of the Advisory Group and Special Adviser,
Cannes Film Festival and The Goob which FinTech and Blockchainfor DITs Global
premiered at the Venice Film Festival and Entrepreneur Programme, and is a
now is in production on its next three films. volunteer member of theTech London
AdvocatesAdvisory Board.
Walli is Co-President of TiE in the UK
as well as an adviser to the Princes Trust.
28 Global Entrepreneur Programme

Sheetal Walsh
Software, Social Enterprise and
Angel Investor
With over 18 years experience in
technology, venture capital and social
enterprise Sheetal has served as
Dealmaker to the Global Entrepreneur
Programme since 2006 in London and
is now based in San Francisco.
She began her career in the UAE as
Director of WestLB, and started the VC
Relations business for Microsoft as Director
in the Silicon Valley and then EMEA. Sheetal
has worked with over 250 Start-ups and
now is advisor and investor to a select few,
helping them expand globally and often
enhancing their social impact.
Sheetal is founder of Shanti Life, a UK social
enterprise that promotes sustainable living
through entrepreneurship and microfinance
for the poor in India and is on the Board of
MetaCert a US mobile security Start-up.
A Canadian and British citizen, Sheetal
completed her MSc at London School of
Economics and BA Honours at University
of Alberta and she teaches yoga.
If you are interested in finding out
more about the Global Entrepreneur
Programme, please visit our website:

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