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OSS aspects principles

LTE Counters and KPI [FL16A/TL16A]

Module 1

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Course Objectives

OSS aspects

After completing this learning element, the participant will be able to:

Explain the principles of measurement activation, with available and

applicable settings

List the KPIs available to evaluate the different phases (setup, access, active

Describe of PM counters and KPIs

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OSS Aspects

Performance measurements within OSS hierarchy

Performance measurement activation and architecture
PM files structure

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LTE Measurement Hierarchy
OSS Nokia/NetAct
implementation within LTE
NetAct managed RRM/field
counters, phases, and KPIs to
Other ACCESS Technologies
detect faults and ensures QoS NETACT/ Nokia counters/KPI
requirements at all layers
Diagnostics at OSS/PLMN layer


Mobility Management Entity OSS level
eNB level
Cell level
Radio, transmission monitoring
Probing and drive test is based
on trouble shooting at single S1
eNB/cell area.

Probing at eNBs X2

Drive test Radio measurements only at cell layer

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LTE Performance Measurements
Grouped reporting Radio Access counters and their KPI's

8xxx SAE GW
M 8001 M 8036 M 8006
M 8004 M 8037 MME M 8007
M 8011 M 8046 M 8008
M 8012 M 8047 M 8013
M 8018 Access/drop
M 8035 Load
measurements S1 signaling

eNB M 8005
M 8010
LTE M 8023
M 8026
M 8031
M 8052
M 8054
M 8056
M 8009 M 8021 Air interface
M 8013 M 8025 QoS
M 8014 M 8027
M 8015 M 8033
M 8016 M8042
M 8017
M 8019 Mobility/HO

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LTE Performance Measurements
Group of M8xxx counters cell level & traffic
A-GPS Server

M 8001 Cell Load packet scheduling related X2

Traffic measurements

Traffic cell
M 8012 PDCP/RLC/MAC Cell throughput

M 8011 PRB per TTI

Traffic cell

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LTE Performance Measurements
Group of M8xxx counters eNode B QoS, HO, air
interface, field, traffic

M 8014 X2/S1/ Inter BTS HO

M 8018 UE per eNB load
X2 M 8009 intra BTS HO
QoS M 8010 CQI eNB DL air interface


Field measurements measurement
M 8031 SINR DL

cell M 8015 X2/RAN HO
for each adjacency

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LTE Performance Measurements
Group of M8xxx counters access,

eRAB Access
M 8006 EPS Bearer setup/release/drop

RAN Access M 8013 S1 setup/release M 8027 RLF trigger

M 8014 X2/RAN Inter BTS HO

X2 M 8009 RAN
intra BTS HO

RAN RB drop M 8007 SRB/DRB setup/release/drop

RAN setup access drop M 8008 RRC


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LTE Performance Measurements
Group of M8xxx counters at RAN, MME, traffic,

M 8013 RAN/MME states/RRC/EMC

LTE UE State measurement

M 8004
Traffic M 8004 Transport
Transport Load
Load GTP-User
GTP-User plane
plane measures UE State
Transport Load measured at
GTP-U protocol


M 8012 Cell Throughput

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OSS Monitoring Example
KPIs based on LTE EPS Bearer measurements (M8006)

LTE_5017a E-UTRAN E-RAB Setup Success Ratio

E-UTRAN E-RAB Setup Failure Ratio due to radio network layer failure (RNL) cause
LTE_5086b Radio Connection with UE lost

LTE_5087b E-UTRAN E-RAB Setup Failure Ratio per Cause TRPORT

LTE_5088c E-UTRAN E-RAB Setup Failure Ratio per Cause RESOUR

LTE_5089b E-UTRAN E-RAB Setup Failure Ratio per Cause OTH

LTE_5023g E-UTRAN E-RAB Normal Release Ratio User Perspective

LTE_5024g E-UTRAN E-RAB Normal Release Ratio RAN View

LTE_5025g E-UTRAN E-RAB Drop Ratio, RAN View

LTE_5090e E-UTRAN E-RAB Drop Ratio per Cause RNL

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OSS Aspects

Performance measurements within OSS hierarchy

Performance measurement activation and architecture
PM files structure

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Performance Management Architecture Overview
Groups of counters activated/deactivated
within Flexi Multiradio BTS with NetAct
The measurement interval is NetAct
configurable to 15, 30 or 60 minutes or 6, BTS Site manager Reporting Suite (RS)
12, or 24 hours.
Administration of Network Performance
The upload interval is configurable (15, Measurements (AoM) Manager (NPM)
30 or 60 min)
When the reporting interval expires a
notification is sent to NetAct indicating iOMS
that on or more PM files are ready for

Configuration file
Upload Upload
(Measurement notification
activation) PM-report

Multiradio storage
collection PM

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PM Data Structure
- Operator is able to activate
different measurement types
(group of logically related PM-
counters) per Flexi Multiradio
BTS Measurement type Z
PM-report file
- One file per measurement type
per granularity period is created
- After expiry of the upload interval
all measurement type files are
merged into a single PM-report
file which is uploaded to NMS Measurement type X
- Each PM-report file is stored for
24 hours before being deleted

Measurement type Y

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Performance management counter data flow
Also optimizer, cell outage detection,
SON, etc.

Southbound IF Northbound IF
multiple xml collected xml

Oracle DB
eNB /tmp
(parsing: kpireporter)

PostgreSQL DB
OR 3rd party sw
(data warehouse
+ analysis)
Kpireporter data export
(Custom SQL queries)

Reporting Suite
Network Performance Manager
KPI reports

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Aggregation levels and reporting example Reporting
Suite output

Export to excel

Aggregation levels and reporting exemplary Reporting Suite output

Report name
Content of the report grouped into
functional areas

Period of the

Filtered and aggregated report for

the selected object

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OSS Aspects

Performance measurements within OSS hierarchy

Performance measurement activation and architecture
PM files structure

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PM File Examples

LNCEL name calculation

LNCEL XY = LNCEL -< btsId x 256 + lcrId >

btsId = 11 (LNBTS btsId == LNBTS- 11)

lcrId = 1
XY= 11 x 256 +1 = 2816 + 1 = 2817
=> LNCEL-2817

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