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Jeffrey Armstrong Torchlight Publishing presents

Jeffrey Armstrongs new book

God (Goddess) the Astrologer

Soul, Karma & Reincarnation
How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny

A profoundly wise book that resonates with

clarity and purpose, God the Astrologer projects
an intensity that moves us in more than one
way to rethink the next step in our personal
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S. Graham & Associates
JEFFREY ARMSTRONG 2005-1850 Comox Street for additional reviews of this book Vancouver, BC V6G 1R3
Available in book stores or call 1-888-867-2458

This book isnt just for

Astrology buffs
If youre also interested in Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda, Chinese
medicine or are studying Yoga ~ this book is a must read.

Jeffrey Armstrong has poured forth a fountain of extensive knowledge,

bridging history, philosophy, medicine, science and religion, pulling
together the threads of life's most timeless questions. Youll be
pleasantly surprised by the authors broad scholarship, witty and crisp
exposition as he reveals the surprising relationships between Ayurvedic
Medicine and Vedic Astrology.

In true tantric style Armstrong explains the spiritual relevance of

astrology in our everyday lives, establishing it as the lost science that
explains the interconnections between karma, free will, reincarnation,
yoga and God/Goddess.

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This is a fantastic volume, which answers so many needs. It is a great PERSONAL APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS CONTACT
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