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Comparison-and-Contrast Essay

Willian Carrasco

Chemistry Kinetics

Mass Transfer

I took a diversity of courses while studying at the university. I am happy that all the
courses helped me to become an engineer. However, there were two courses that
definitely made me work really hard, Chemistry Kinetics and Mass Transfer. These two
courses, which I took in the same semester, had some similarities and differences in
difficulty, evaluations and classes.

Chemistry Kinetics and Mass Transfer were challenging courses. Mass Transfer
required a lot of investigation that I had to spent a lot of hours at the library researching
scientific papers and reading Mass Transfer books. Furthermore, to understand the
complex theory I had to study Mas Transfer books for more than four hours every day.
Similarly, Chemistry Kinetics required investigation using a variety of sources such as
books, internet, papers and so on. In addition, both courses required laboratory work
and its reports. Mass Transfer required four hours a week of laboratory work in the
same way Chemistry Kinetics did. This made both courses really hard that I did not
have enough time to study other courses well.

Not only were Chemistry Kinetics and Mass Transfer difficult but also they were
evaluated effectively. My grade in Chemistry Kinetics was based in four tests, three
presentations, laboratory reports and final exam whereas my grade in Mass Transfer
was based in ten tests, two research papers, laboratory reports and final exam. The
chemistry kinetics tests were always paper-based tests, and they were mainly
engineering problems; on the other hand, mass transfer tests were both paper-based
and virtual tests. While the paper-based tests were engineering problems just
chemistry kinetics problems, the virtual tests were theoretical multiple-choice tests.
This diversity of evaluations I had in both courses made they special courses, so the
attendance to the classes was fundamental to get higher grades.

Finally, Chemistry Kinetics and Mass Transfer classes were essential. The classes in
both courses were highly expected because the students did not want to lose anything
important from the classes. Chemistry Kinetics classes were mainly presentations; for
example, I remember I made almost ten presentations, so I had to prepare my
presentations very well and explain step by step engineering processes; on the other
hand, Mass Transfer classes were lectures given in the auditorium. Furthermore, some
Mass Transfer classes were virtual ones; consequently, I had to watch some videos
from foreign universities explaining the design and operation of distillation towers.
Additionally, the both courses deal with fundamental topics such as reactors design or
distillation columns, which made the classes valuable.

In conclusion, Chemistry Kinetics and Mass Transfer allowed me to do my best effort in

order that I could pass these courses, which had both similarities and differences in
exigency, evaluations and classes. If I had not taken these courses, I would not have
become a petrochemical engineer.