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Wheel Loader

Cat 3126 DITA Diesel Engine

Flywheel Power 119 kW 160 hp
Maximum Flywheel Power 128 kW 172 hp
Bucket Capacities 2.1 to 2.8 m3 2.75 to 3.65 yd3
Operating Weight 13 181 kg 29,060 lb
938G Wheel Loader
State-of-the-art design and superior quality allow you to maximize productivity.

Engine Power Train Traction Control System

Cat 3126 DITA Diesel Engine is built Automatic power shift transmission The optional Caterpillar electronic
for performance, durability, and helps provide on-the-go speed and system automatically transfers torque to
excellent fuel economy, and meets all direction changes, while heavy-duty the wheel with the best traction.
current emissions regulations. The 3126 axles with enclosed wet-disc brakes are Operates on all four wheels
has many heavy-duty features normally designed to provide optimum independently and provides the
found on larger displacement engines. performance in all kinds of applications maneuverability of an open differential
pg. 4-5 and operating environments. with the power of limited slip.
pg. 6 pg. 6

Performance you can feel.

Caterpillar design delivers excellent
breakout force, fast cycle times and
precise maneuvering for top all-around

Reliability you can trust.

Proven components, combined
with easy maintenance
ensure reliability over the
life of the machine.

Hydraulics Operator Station Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools
Powerful and efficient Caterpillar Engineered using advanced virtual Choose from three General Purpose
hydraulics help provide strength and reality technology to provide Buckets and three Material Handling
versatility for various applications, exceptional vision and operator Buckets, plus a variety of specialty
giving the 938G exceptional lift comfort. Ergonomically designed for buckets. A variety of Ground Engaging
capacity and load handling. total machine control in a comfortable, Tools are available to match virtually
pg. 7 roomy environment. All control levers, any job condition. pg. 10-11
switches and gauges are positioned to
maximize productivity.
pg. 8-9

Attachments Serviceability
A wide selection of Caterpillar Easy daily maintenance with ground-
attachments add versatility to your level access through hinged doors to all
938G Wheel Loader. pg. 12-13 major service points. The tilting hood
provides unmatched access to the
engine and cooling components. pg. 14

Total Customer Service

In addition to machine selection, your
Cat Dealer offers a wide range of
services, from purchase options to
operator training, maintenance
programs and parts support.
pg. 15

3126 Engine
The six-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged and aftercooled engine is built for power,
reliability, low maintenance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

Powerful performance. The 3126 DITA Torque rise. The unit injected fuel Air intake heating (optional on some
Engine develops flywheel power of system provides a controlled fuel configurations) eases cold starts. When
119 kW (160 hp), and meets all current delivery increase as the engine lugs coolant temperature is above 10 C, the
worldwide emissions standards. back from rated speed. This results in air intake heater does not operate. When
increased horsepower above rated below 10 C, the length of the heating
The four-stroke cycle design delivers
power. A combination of increased period automatically adjusts to the
long power strokes and efficient fuel
torque rise and maximum horsepower temperature.
combustion with low emissions.
improves response, provides greater
Individual, high-pressure unit injectors
Precisely engineered and stringently rimpull, more lift force and faster cycle
atomize fuel efficiently for fast
tested to maintain a tradition of times. The 128 kW (172 hp) maximum
response, increased fuel economy with
quality. flywheel power occurs at 1,700 rpm
low emissions. The radius cone injector
when power is needed during the
Profit-boosting performance, heavy- nozzle provides excellent contact with
working cycle.
duty durability and reliability. the cylinder head sleeve to ensure
Turbocharger. Waste gate design tightness with the combustion chamber.
Built-in serviceability and excellent
enhances performance and engine
fuel economy. Fuel pre-filter and water separator
efficiency, especially at high altitudes,
element combined with two high
by packing more air in the cylinders for
efficiency fuel filters (in series), ensure
excellent combustion.
excellent fuel cleanliness, provide
Jacket water aftercooler reduces extended injector life, fuel system
smoke and emissions by providing durability, and protection.
a cooler, more efficient combustion.
This also extends the life of the piston
rings and bore.

1 Jacket water aftercooler
2 4
1 2 Air intake heater*
3 Radius cone injector nozzle
7 4 Camshaft roller followers
3 5 Two-piece piston
New ceramic coated ring package
6 Induction hardened forged
7 crankshaft
7 Series fuel filters with
ecological drain hoses

8 8 Large spin-on oil filter

* Optional on some configurations.

Camshaft roller followers reduce wear Crankshaft is forged and induction Factory remanufactured parts. A large
and frictional power losses for hardened for long-term durability. It has choice of factory remanufactured parts
durability and fuel economy. Followers seven main journals and eight reduces total repair costs.
and pushrods can be replaced without counterweights and is dynamically
removing the camshaft. balanced for smooth operation. The
crankshaft is completely regrindable.
Two-piece, articulated pistons with
Connecting rods can be removed
forged steel crown and forged
through the tops of the cylinders for
aluminum skirt provide durability,
servicing ease.
lower engine sound levels, enhanced
fuel efficiency with improved thermal Deep skirt engine block design ensures
and structural capability. The new rigidity and reduces vibration.
Chrome Ceramic Surface (CCS) ring
Caterpillar engine oil is formulated to
package, specifically developed for
optimize engine life and performance
high load/high temperature applications,
and is strongly recommended for use in
significantly improves ring and bore
Cat diesel engines.

Power Train
The Cat power train makes dependable performance a standard feature.

1 Heavy-duty axles and brakes are 2 Optional Traction Control System is 2

designed to last in all kinds of a state-of-the-art Caterpillar
operating conditions. Planetary final electronic system. Sensors (A)
drives use full-floating bronze measure axle shaft rotation and

sleeve bearings in the planet gears vehicle articulation (B). When a tire
and differential pinion. Oil-disc slips, the system applies the service

brakes are adjustment free and fully brake and torque is transferred (B)
enclosed to lock out contaminants. through the differential to the wheel
Patented Duo-Cone Seals between with the better traction, whether
the axle shafts and housings keep traveling straight ahead or turning.
lubrication in and dirt out. An energy management system
Oscillating rear axle helps ensure monitors brake energy and protects
four-wheel ground contact for the brake system by automatically
traction and stability, even on reducing brake pressure as needed.
rugged terrain. The system operates on all four
wheels independently, providing the
Power shift transmission with maneuverability of an open
automatic shift capability is designed differential and the power of a
and built by Caterpillar. The limited slip.
electronically controlled power shift
transmission allows full-power speed Optional limited-slip differentials and
and directional changes. Fully NoSPIN rear differentials are also
modulated shifts increase component available to deliver traction in poor
life and productivity, and help reduce underfoot conditions.
operator fatigue.
Easy maintenance is designed into the
transmission. Built-in pressure taps help
reduce troubleshooting time for
increased machine availability. Oil
sampling valves allow quick, clean
access to the transmission for SOSSM
oil analysis. The daily oil level check is
done from ground level through a well-
protected sight gauge.

Well-balanced hydraulics deliver precise, low-effort control and trouble-free operation.

Matched hydraulics. Pump flow, large- 2 Caterpillar XT hoses and couplings Smooth, efficient steering. Load
bore lift, and tilt cylinders (1) ensure are uniquely designed and tested to sensing steering maximizes machine
quick, efficient load handling. work together as a system for performance by directing power
superior performance. through the steering system only when
Low-effort hydraulic control. A pilot
needed. When the machine is not
control valve enables the operator to Hoses are specifically engineered
steering, more engine power is available
move the control lever with minimum and manufactured for high
to generate rimpull, breakout and lift
effort. This reduces operator fatigue, abrasion resistance, excellent
forces. Load sensing reduces
while providing quick response and flexibility and easy installation.
horsepower draw by up to 8%, resulting
precise control. One lift and one return- XT hose provides extended life,
in increased fuel economy. Large-bore
to-dig position may be adjusted on the less downtime and reduced
steering cylinders allow responsive
loader linkage. operating costs.
Caterpillar hydraulic oil offers Caterpillar couplings use O-ring
Automatic Ride Control. This optional
maximum protection against face seals which provide positive
Caterpillar system uses a nitrogen-oil
mechanical and corrosive wear in all sealing for reliable leak-free
accumulator in the hydraulic lift circuit
hydraulic systems. Its high zinc content connections. Reliable
that acts as a shock absorber. The lift
reduces wear and extends pump life. components reduce the risk of
arm and bucket response to movement
leaks and blown lines, helping
is dampened over rough ground,
protect the environment.
reducing fore and aft pitch. Automatic
Pressure taps allow quick diagnosis of Ride Control System benefits include
the hydraulic system. a more controlled ride, less dynamic
stress on structures and components,
Sampling valves provide easy access to reduced tire flexing and greater payload
hydraulic oil for SOS oil analysis. retention. Collectively these benefits
contribute to improved operator
efficiency, lower operating cost and
enhanced productivity.

Operator Station
Comfort and control top-quality operator station will help maximize productivity.

11 12

12 11 3
8 8


The 938G cab is a spacious and 7 Steering console and all the Other options available for the 938G
comfortable work environment that machines primary gauges can be operators station:
promotes productive operation. The positioned infinitely within the tilt
new cab includes larger windows, better
Sun visor for the front windshield.
range by the operator. With the
ergonomics and generous storage areas. stroke of a lever, the entire console Roll-down sun screen for the rear
Access/egress is through a new two- lifts effortlessly out of the way for window.
door design. Both doors open fully and easy access or egress. External mirror package.
lock flush against the side of the cab. 8 Dual suspended brake pedals serve
Doors are available with either fixed or
Auxiliary lighting package including
brake and transmission neutralizer
sliding glass windows. Steps are wide cab-mounted flood lights and rear
functions (left pedal only for
and angled out for secure footing. bumper mounted work lights.
neutralizer) so the operator can
1 Larger windows improve the maintain high engine rpm for full Air conditioning.
viewing area in all directions. hydraulic flow. Payload Control System provides
Twelve percent more glass area 9 Generous storage space includes: high accuracy, on-the-go weighing.
(compared to the former model)
opens the operators view for
Lockable compartment for Ride Control allows the selection of
excellent forward and peripheral personal items. three different travel modes:
viewing. The stylish, sloping hood Molded compartments for Off: always off service.
allows the operator a better view to lunchbox, cooler, thermos, cup
the rear of the machine. View to the
On: always in service.
or can.
bucket corners is better, too. Auto: system will automatically
Silicone-bonded windshield and 10 Parking brake. be actuated when machine
rear window eliminate pillar travels at a speed greater than
11 LED warning indicators.
obstructions and improve 6 mph and will be turned off
serviceability. 12 Improved ventilation for better air below 6 mph.
flow to the operator and windows.
2 Automatic shift control allows the Remote F-N-R Switch
Six repositioned vents throughout
operator to concentrate on the work,
the cab keep air flowing. A large
not gear selection. Preset factory
recirculation filter ensures better air
shift points ensure each shift occurs
quality and contributes to operator
at optimum torque. A switch allows
the operator to select either
automatic or manual shifting. The Radio-ready cab includes a 12-volt
low-effort shift control allows one- converter (5-amp), speakers, antenna,
handed shifting for speed or all wiring and brackets for
directional changes. entertainment radio installation.
3 Ergonomic control handle with Seat options include the standard seat
transmission kickdown button for with adjustable fore/aft position, Remote forward, neutral, reverse
fast, efficient cycles and all day seatback angle, lumbar support, bottom control switch is available with all
comfort. cushion height, armrest angle and valve/lever combinations.
4 Pilot-assisted hydraulic bucket suspension stiffness. The seat cover is
controls make low-effort operation a combination of durable, breathable 13 Third valve control for actuating the
possible. cloth and vinyl. Also available is the quick coupler pin to retain
optional Cat Contour Series Seat, with attachments, or for controlling the
5 Padded, adjustable wrist rest helps added back support extension and hydraulic flow when using powered
reduce fatigue. electrically adjustable air suspension. attachments.
6 Load-sensing, steering system with Both seats are equipped with a 76 mm
flow amplification matches steering (3 in) wide, retractable seat belt.
response to application

Cat Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools
A wide variety of buckets and Ground Engaging Tool combinations maximize
performance in all applications.

1 6 Tip Options
Short Long

Heavy-duty Long Heavy-duty Abrasion

5 4 Penetration


1 General Purpose Buckets. Nine 5 Bolt-on, reversible segments 7 Corner Guard System allows
combinations are designed for protect the base edge eliminating maximum flexibility between teeth
excellent loadability and extended scalloping and maintaining a and edge systems providing
life in a broad range of applications smooth work surface. superior protection and performance
such as bank loading, excavating, for each application.
6 Five tip options are available to
and stock pile loading. Built to
provide the best combination of
handle the toughest conditions,
wear life, penetration and strength
these buckets feature a well-proven,
needed for each application.
shell-tine construction design that
resists twisting and distortion. All Short.
buckets feature an integral spill - Use in high-impact and pry-out
plate that prevents rear spillage, as work such as rock.
well as bottom wear plates for - Extremely strong.
greater durability. Long.
2 Bolt-on cutting edge and end bits. - Use in most general
Standard DH-2TM steel, reversible, applications where breakage is
for superior strength and wear not a problem.
Abrasion Resistant Material
Heavy-duty long.
- Use in general loading and
(ARM) with impregnated
excavation work.
tungsten carbide for maximum
- Has extended wear life and
wear life in low-to-medium
greater strength.
impact applications. Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on teeth and
Heavy-duty abrasion. cutting edges teeth edge segments
3 New two-bolt corner adapter - Use when working in sand,
securely attached to prevent gravel and shot rock. Penetration ability

shifting. - Maximum wear material. Impact resistance

4 Bolt-on two-strap center adapters. Penetration. Wear life/Abrasion protection

- Use in densely compacted Smooth floor maintenance

material such as clay.
- Gives maximum penetration.
10 - Self-sharpening.

8 Material Handling Buckets. Nine Many Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T.) Retention Systems. Two systems are
combinations are designed with a options are available to help meet the now available standard and heavy-
flat floor for excellent performance, special needs of each machine and duty. The heavy-duty system eliminates
easier pile penetration, better fill application. Choosing the right G.E.T. pin walking and the resultant tip loss in
factors and faster loading cycles in is critical to getting the highest particularly severe loading conditions.
stock pile applications. Equipped performance and lowest cost-per-ton
with bolt-on cutting edges and from a machine investment. For
corner guards, these buckets provide a G.E.T. solution designed to match Cat
excellent load retention. All buckets buckets and machines, consult a Cat
have an integral spill plate that Dealer.
prevents rear spillage, as well as
bottom wear plates for increased

Add versatility to the machine with a wide range of buckets and attachments
designed for the 938G to optimize operation.

Quick Couplers are now available ex- A complete range of attachments and 2 Multi-purpose buckets. Loading,
factory as a price list attachment. tools is available from Caterpillar dozing, clamping objects or filtering
Horizontal pin-lock design is approved Dealers. the discharge of material are easy
by Caterpillar standards and tasks with multi-purpose buckets.
1 Woodchip buckets are specially
designed to load and carry
A complete installation includes woodchips and similar light
hydraulic lines, electrical controls and a materials. Bolt-on cutting edges are
coupler frame. A "coupler ready" (lines standard. Visibility screens help the
and controls only) group is also operator with loading.
The factory quick coupler attachment
features durable steel lines and clean
routings for improved visibility. It is
compatible with two or three valve
machines. The coupler's control valve
uses hydraulic flow from the brake pilot
system. A lockout switch in the cab
prevents accidental disengagement.

5 6

7 8

5 Side-dump buckets permit loaders 7 Forks. Millyard, logging and lumber Material handling arms, designed for
to operate in congested worksites forks are the ideal tools for handling use with the quick coupler, are
and also dump forward like a variety of materials. The different constructed of tough rectangular tubing.
conventional buckets. configurations (various tine lengths, Pre-drilled holes in the arm make load
top clamps, etc.) are well-matched changes possible. Now available with
6 High dump buckets are ideal for
to the applications and log size. ex-factory hook and shackle.
loading stockpiled, light material
into high sided trucks, hoppers in Pallet forks are available with a number Other attachments:
waste transfer stations or rehandling of different tine lengths and clamp
fertilizer, coal or grain. Contact Loader rakes. Use for fast,
options. Swinging tines slide to permit
Caterpillar Work Tools (CWTS) for economical removal of brush, trees,
adjustments in width to accommodate
availability and pricing. stumps and rocks. (Various clamp
various sizes of loads.
options are available.)
Light material buckets easily haul, load, Other available forks: Hooks. Convert any brand or type of
dig and pile light material. Increased Core forks. pin-on tool or attachment to quick
capacity over standard buckets.
Other available buckets: 8 Hydraulic angle brooms offer a
unique balanced suspension system
Tire loaders are specially designed to
Sand and gravel. which eliminates the need for feed tires to shredder or load trucks.
Landfill/refuse. supporting wheels. V-plows.
Rock. Snow plows, hydraulically reversible, Reversible plows.
angle 35 left or right. This reversing
action is ideal for cleaning applications
on mountain roads, airports, parking
lots, plant facilities, etc.

Keep machines up and running with easy-to-perform daily maintenance.

Maintenance has never been more Caterpillar Radial Seal air filters do Sloped hood, electrically activated, tilts
accessible than on G-Series machines. not require tools to service, reducing up for complete access to the engine,
Fast, easy maintenance at extended maintenance time. The ultra-high cooling system and other major
intervals means improved uptime and efficiency primary air filter element components. If needed, the hood can be
greater value. is coated with a fine layer of fibers removed quickly and easily by
Lockable, ground level service doors that prevent dust particles from removing three pins and disconnecting
give quick access to engine oil fill entering the filter media. This results a single harness connector. A built-in
and dipstick, coolant sight gauge, air in more efficient filtration, extended lifting point facilitates easy lift off.
filter indicator, fuel tank fill and service intervals, and extended filter
Sampling valves allow quick, clean
battery disconnect switch. Sight life all contributing to reduced
access to engine, transmission and
gauges for hydraulic and transmission operating costs.
hydraulic oils, and provide the most
oil levels are also easily viewable Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant
representative oil samples for analysis.
from the ground. allows extended change intervals up
254 liter (67 gallon) fuel tank to 6,000 hours. SOS oil analysis enables scheduling
provides extra capacity for long work Maintenance-free batteries are of downtime for component repair or
days. protected by a built-in battery box in replacement before major problems
Grouped remote grease fittings allow the left rear frame. These premium occur.
ground level access for lubricating tilt high output Caterpillar batteries are
Caterpillar engine, transmission and
and steering cylinder pins and rear designed for high cranking power and
hydraulic oils deliver maximum
axle oscillation bearings. maximum protection against
performance and service life.
Caterpillar fluid filters are especially vibration, offering extended service
designed to assure maximum life in severe earthmoving Factory remanufactured parts. A large
component life. The unique design applications. choice of factory remanufactured parts
uses non-metallic centertube and Individual Multi-Row Modular core and dealer proposed repair options
molded end-caps, which fully blend reduces time to repair or replace the increases machine availability and
with media ensuring no internal radiator. reduces repair cost.
leakage. Electronic Technician provides self
Cat high efficiency fuel filters feature diagnostics of the Traction Control
cellulose/synthetic blend media that System, transmission and Payload
remove more than 98 percent of Control System to allow effective and
particles that are two microns or efficient troubleshooting by service
larger, maximizing fuel injector life. personnel.

Total Customer Support
Unmatched in the industry.

Customer support agreements. Cat Purchase. Look past initial price. Replacement. Repair, rebuild or
Dealers offer a wide variety of product Consider the financing options available replace? Cat Dealers can help evaluate
support agreements. Dealers will work as well as day-to-day operating costs. the cost involved so customers can
with customers to develop a plan that This is also the time to look at dealer make the right choice.
best meets specific needs. To protect an services that can be included in the cost
Product support. Cat Dealers utilize a
investment, these plans can cover the of the machine to yield lower
worldwide computer network to find in-
entire machine, including attachments. equipment owning and operating costs
stock parts to minimize downtime. Save
over the long run.
Selection. Make detailed comparisons money with Cat Remanufactured parts.
of the machines being considered Operation. Improving operating Receive the same warranty and
before a purchase. How long do techniques can boost profits. Cat reliability as new products at cost
components last? What is the cost of Dealers have training videotapes, savings of 40 to 70 percent.
preventive maintenance? What is the literature and other ideas to help
true cost of lost production? Cat increase productivity.
Dealers can give precise answers to
Maintenance. More and more
these questions.
equipment buyers are planning for
effective maintenance before buying
equipment. Choose from a wide range
of maintenance services at the time you
purchase a machine. Repair option
programs guarantee the cost of repairs
up front. Diagnostic programs such as
SOS Oil Analysis and Technical
Analysis help avoid unscheduled

Engine Transmission
Four-stroke cycle, six-cylinder 3126 turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine. Countershaft power shift transmission
with four speeds forward and three
Ratings* kW hp *Power rating conditions reverse.
based on standard air conditions of
@ 2,200 rpm 119 160 25 C (77 F) and 99 kPa (29.32 in Maximum travel speeds
Maximum flywheel Hg) dry barometer (standard 20.5-R25 XTLA 1 L2 tires)
used 35 API gravity fuel having km/h mph
@ 1,700 rpm 128 172
an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg Forward 1 7.4 4.6
The following ratings apply at 2,200 (18,390 Btu/lb) when used at 30 C 2 13.4 8.3
rpm when tested under the specified (86 F) [ref. a fuel density of
3 23.4 14.5
standard conditions for the specified 838.9 g/L (7.001 lb/U.S. gal)]
standard: flywheel power advertised is the
4 39.4 24.5
Flywheel power kW hp PS power available when the engine is Reverse 1 7.4 4.6
Caterpillar 119 160 equipped with fan, alternator, air 2 13.4 8.3
ISO 9249 119 160 cleaner, and muffler 3 23.4 14.5
no derating required up to 2300 m
SAE J1349 119 160 Features
(7,500 ft) altitude single lever to control both speed and
EEC 80/1269 119 160
Features direction
DIN 70020 166 direct-injection fuel system with separate control to lock in neutral

individual adjustment-free unit single-stage, single-phase torque

Maximum torque (net) @ 1,200 rpm injectors for cylinders converter
874 Nm 645 lb-ft water jacket aftercooled automatic shift capability
Total torque rise 69% 3-ring aluminum-alloy/forged steel quick gear kickdown button

2-piece articulated pistons, cam- F-37 high energy friction material

Dimensions ground, tapered and cooled by oil provides extended clutch life
Bore 110 mm 4.3 in spray externally mounted controls with

Stroke 127 mm 5.0 in Chrome Ceramic Surface (CSS) ring

quick disconnects for easy diagnostic
Displacement 7.2 liters 439 in3 package, designed for high load/high checks
temperature applications high contact ratio gears are precision

induction-hardened, forged crankshaft

Exhaust emissions ground for quiet operation
uniflow cylinder head design with transmission cooler bypass valve
The 3126 meets the following emissions
requirements: two alloy-steel valves per cylinder
deep-skirted cast cylinder block
tapered connecting rods
US EPA Tier 1
oscillating roller-followers
Japan MOC
direct-electric 24-volt starting and

charging system with two 12-volt,

950 CCA Caterpillar maintenance-
free batteries, heavy-duty starter and
a 50-amp alternator
700 946
645 lb-ft 874 Nm

500 676

Torque 400 541 Torque

(lb-ft) (Nm)

300 405

200 270

{ Working
Range } 135

172 hp 128 kW
High Torque Rise
160 hp 119 kW The unit-injected fuel system delivers a controlled increase of fuel as the engine
140 104
lugs back from rated speed. This results in horsepower greater than rated
Power Power
(hp) (kW) power. The combination of increased torque rise and maximum horsepower
120 89
improves response, provides greater rimpull, more lift force and faster cycle
100 75 times. Maximum flywheel power of 128 kW (172 hp) occurs at 1,700 rpm when
1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200
power is needed during the working cycle.
Engine rpm

16 938G Wheel Loader specifications

Axles Brakes Final Drives
Fixed front, oscillating rear (13). Meet the following standards: OSHA, Planetary final drives consist of ring
SAE J1473 OCT90, ISO 3450-1996. gears and planetary carrier assemblies.
maximum single-wheel rise and fall: Service brake features Features
420 mm (16.5") full-hydraulic actuated, oil-disc brakes ring gears are pressed in and doweled

conventional differentials, enclosed completely enclosed and sealed to axle housings

brakes and final drives included adjustment-free carrier assemblies include:

threaded nuts to set bearing pre-load separate circuits for front and rear planet gears with full-floating
Patented Duo-Cone Seals between axles bronze sleeve bearings
axle shaft and housing dual pedal braking system planet shafts
uses SAE 30W (oil change interval: left pedal functions as brake or retaining pins
2,000 hours or one year) brake/neutralizer bearings
limited slip and NoSPIN differentials sun gear shafts
Parking brake features
available mechanical, shoe-type brake planetary carriers
Traction Control System available mounted on transmission output

pull-cable operated

Loader Hydraulic System

Open-centered, interrupted series system with full-flow filtering. System is completely sealed. Pilot-operated controls.

Implement system, vane-type pump Hydraulic cycle time seconds

Output at 2597 rpm and Raise 6.0
6900 kPa (1,000 psi) Dump 1.4
with SAE 10W oil at 66 C (150 F) 163 liters/min 43 gpm Lower, empty, float down 2.8
Relief valve setting 24 800 kPa 3600 psi Total 10.2
Cylinders, double acting:
lift, bore and stroke 127 x 693 mm 5.0 x 27.25"
Cylinder, double acting: completely enclosed system
tilt, bore and stroke 139.7 x 527 mm 5.5 x 20.75" low effort, pilot-operated controls

full-flow filtering

reusable couplings with O-ring face

Pilot system, variable displacement piston-type pump*
Output at 2,597 rpm and seals
pilot shutoff valve disables bucket
6900 kPa (1,000 psi)
with SAE 10W oil at 66 C (150 F) 102 liters/min 27 gpm functions
tilt-out hydraulic oil cooler is
Working pressure 3000 kPa 435 psi
Caterpillar XT hoses
*Common with steering pump.
pressure taps

Automatic Ride Control system


938G Wheel Loader specifications 17

Steering Cab
Full hydraulic power steering. Meets SAE J1511 FEB94 and ISO 5010:1992 Caterpillar cab and Rollover Protective
Structure (ROPS) are standard in North
America, Europe and Japan.
Ratings Features
center-point frame articulation
Minimum turning radius
load sensing hydraulic steering pump Features
(over tire) 5480 mm (18')
meets OSHA and MSHA limits for
front and rear wheels track
Steering angle, each direction 40 operator and sound exposure with
flow-amplified, closed-center,
Hydraulic output at 2597 rpm and 6900 doors and windows closed (according
pressure-compensated system
kPa (1,000 psi) steering-wheel operated metering to ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90)
102 liters/min (27 gpm) ROPS meets the following criteria:
pump controls flow to steering
Relief valve cylinders SAE J394
setting 22 800 kPa (3,306 psi) full-flow filtering SAE 1040 APR88
adjustable steering column ISO 3471-1:1986
ISO 3471:1994
also meets the following criteria for

Falling Objects Protective Structure:

SAE J231 JAN81
Tires 3449:1992 LEVEL II
Tubeless, nylon, loader-design tires.
When properly installed and maintained,
Choice of Note: the cab offered by Caterpillar when tested
20.5-25, 12 PR (L-2) In certain applications (such as load-and- with doors and windows closed according
20.5-25, 12 PR (L-3)
carry work) the loaders productive to ANSI/SAE J1166 MAY90, meets OSHA
capabilities might exceed the tires tonnes- and MSHA requirements for operator
20.5-R25 GP-2B 1 (L-3) steel radial
km/h (ton-mph) capabilities. Caterpillar sound exposure limits in effect at time of
20.5-R25 XTLA 1 (L-2) standard
recommends that you consult a tire manufacture. The operator sound pressure
20.5-R25 XHA 1 (L-3) steel radial supplier to evaluate all conditions before level is 75 dB(A) when measured per ISO
555/70-R25 XLD70 1 (L-3) selecting a tire model. 6394 or 86/662/EEC.
low profile

Low profile tires will have the following affect on specs:

Width over tires +17 mm +0.7 "

Ground clearance -44 mm -1.7 "
Vertical bucket dimension -44 mm -1.7 "
Service Refill Capacities
Dig depth +44 mm +1.7 "
Reach +80 mm +3.1 " Liters Gallons
Operating weight +20 kg +44 lb Fuel tank (dry fill) 254 67
Straight tip load +15 kg +33 lb Cooling system 48 12.7
Full turn static tip load +13 kg +29 lb Crankcase 20 5.3
Run out speeds -7 % Transmission 30 7.9
Rimpull +9 % Differentials and final drives
Departure angle -3 % front 24 6.3
rear 27 7.1
Hydraulic system
(including tank) 90 23.8
Hydraulic tank 76 20.1

18 938G Wheel Loader specifications

All dimensions are approximate



3845 mm
(12' 7")


3435 mm

3300 mm 11' 3"
(10' 10") Dump
3225 mm
(10' 7")
2360 mm
(7' 9") 46

400 mm
(1' 4")

1510 mm
Dimensions vary

(4' 11") Note: Dimensions listed
with bucket. Refer 1855 mm 3020 mm 750 mm Digging
(2' 6") Depth are for machines
to operating (6' 1") (9' 11")
specifications chart equipped with 20.5 R25
Overall Length
on pages 20-21. XTLA 1 (L-2) tires.

Tread width for all tires 2020 mm (80")

Change in
Ground vertical Bucket Controls
Width over tires clearance dimensions Pilot-operated lift and tilt circuits.
mm inches mm inches mm inches
20.5-25 12 PR (L-2)* 2605 103 424 17 24 0.94 Lift circuit features
four positions: raise, hold, lower and
20.5-25 12 PR (L-3)* 2600 102 378 15 -22 -0.87
20.5 R25 GP-2B 1 (L-3) 2595 102 410 16 10 0.39 adjustable automatic kickout from
20.5 R25 XTLA 1 (L-2) 2600 102 400 16 horizontal to full lift
20.5 R25 XHA 1 (L-3) 2595 102 406 16 6 0.24 Tilt circuit features
555/70-R25 XLD70 1 (L-3) 2615 103 356 14 -44 -1.7 three positions: tilt back, hold and

* Specs may vary with tire manufacturer. adjustable automatic bucket positioner

to desired loading angle, eliminates

need for visual spotting
Supplemental Specifications doesnt require visual spotting

two lever control (standard)

three lever control (optional)

Change in Operating Change in Articulated Static joystick (optional) combines lift and

Weight Tipping Load tilt controls

kg lb kg lb joystick (optional) with auxillary third

Remove cab only, ROPS -198 -430 -191 -420 valve lever
remote F-N-R switch (optional)
20.5-25 12 PR (L-2)* -60 -130 -39 -80
available with all valve/lever
20.5-25 12 PR (L-3)* -85 -180 56 120
20.5 R25 GP-2B 1 (L-3) 127 280 86 190 lever lockout

20.5 R25 XTLA 1 (L-2)

20.5 R25 XHA 1 (L-3) -170 -370 114 250
555/70-R25 XLD70 1 (L-3) +20 +40 +13 +30

* Specs may vary with tire manufacturer.

Note: Tire options include tires and rims.

938G Wheel Loader specifications 19

Operation Specifications

General Purpose Buckets Handling
Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on
Adapters Adapters Adapters
Bolt-on & Bolt-on Bolt-on & Bolt-on Bolt-on & Bolt-on Bolt-on
Edges Segments Adapters Edges Segments Adapters Edges Segments Adapters Edges
Rated capacity () m3 2.8 2.8 2.7 2.5 2.5 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.1 2.8
yd3 3.65 3.65 3.5 3.25 3.25 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.75 3.65
Struck capacity () m3 2.41 2.41 2.04 2.11 2.11 2.01 1.97 1.97 1.87 2.42
yd3 3.15 3.15 3.02 2.76 2.76 2.63 2.58 2.58 2.45 3.17
Width () mm 2705 2775 2775 2705 2775 2775 2705 2775 2775 2705
ft/in 8' 11" 9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 11" 9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 11" 9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 11"
Dump clearance at full mm 2720 2615 2615 2790 2685 2685 2825 2755 2755 2720
lift and 45 discharge** ft/in 8' 11" 8' 7" 8' 7" 9' 2" 8' 10" 8' 10" 9' 3" 9' 0" 9' 0" 8' 11"
Reach at full lift mm 1055 1160 1160 985 1090 1090 1020 1125 1125 1055
and 45 discharge** ft/in 3' 6" 3' 10" 3' 10" 3' 3" 3' 7" 3' 7" 3' 4" 3' 8" 3' 8" 3' 6"
Reach with lift arms mm 2390 2540 2540 2290 2440 2440 2240 2390 2390 2390
horizontal and bucket level ft/in 7' 10" 8' 4" 8' 4" 7' 6" 8' 0" 8' 0" 7' 4" 7' 10" 7' 10" 7' 10"
Digging depth () mm 50 50 25 50 50 25 50 50 25 50
in 2" 2" 1" 2" 2" 1" 2" 2" 1" 2"
Overall length** mm 7325 7475 7475 7225 7375 7375 7175 7325 7325 7325
ft/in 24' 0" 24' 6" 24' 6" 23' 8" 24' 2" 24' 2" 23' 7" 24' 0" 24' 0" 24' 0"
Overall height with bucket mm 5285 5285 5285 5190 5190 5190 5140 5140 5140 5270
at full raise () ft/in 17' 4" 17' 4" 17' 4" 17' 0" 17' 0" 17' 0" 16' 10" 16' 10" 16' 10" 17' 4"
Loader clearance circle with mm 12 000 12 160 12 160 11 950 12 100 12 100 11 920 12 070 12 070 12 000
bucket in carry position () ft/in 39' 4" 39' 11" 39' 11" 39' 3" 39' 8" 39' 8" 39' 1" 39' 7" 39' 7" 39' 4"
Static tipping load straight* () kg 10 517 10 387 10 586 10 668 10 538 10 742 10 742 10 611 10 642 10 447
lb 23,190 22,900 23,340 23,520 23,230 23,680 23,680 23,390 23,460 23,030
Static tipping load kg 9189 9059 9246 9330 9199 9391 9397 9267 9308 9128
full 40 turn* () lb 20,260 19,970 20,380 20,570 20,280 20,700 20,720 20,430 20,520 20,120
Breakout force*** () kN 110.1 110.1 117.3 120.3 120.3 128.9 126.1 126.1 135.6 110.1
lb 24,770 24,770 26,390 27,060 27,060 29,000 28,370 28,370 30,510 24,770
Operating weight* () kg 13 181 13 289 13 196 13 110 13 218 13 125 13 077 13 185 13 092 13 166
lb 29,060 29,300 29,090 28,900 29,140 28,940 28,830 29,070 28,860 29,030

Specifications and ratings conform to all applicable

standards recommended by the Society of Automotive
Engineers. SAE Standards J732c govern loader ratings
and are denoted in the text by ().
* Static tipping load and operating weight shown are
based on standard machine configuration with sound-
suppression cab and ROPS, 20.5 R25 XTLA 1 (L-2) tires,
full fuel tank, coolant, lubricants and operator.
** Dump clearance, reach and overall length dimensions
for bucket equipped with teeth reflect actual dimensions.
SAE J732C allows dimensions for bucket with teeth to
reflect the dimension using the cutting edge. Caterpillar
Inc. uses actual equipped bucket dimensions.
*** Measured 102 mm (4.0"): behind tip of cutting edge with
bucket hinge pin as pivot point in accordance with SAE
**** All buckets shown can be used on the high lift
arrangement. High lift column shows changes in
specifications from standard lift to high lift. Add or
subtract as indicated to or from specifications given for
appropriate bucket to calculate high lift specifications.

20 938G Wheel Loader specifications

High Lift**** Hook-on Bucket
Arrangement Using Quick Coupler
Bolt-on Bolt-on Bolt-on
Adapters Adapters Adapters
& Bolt-on Bolt-on & Bolt-on Bolt-on & Bolt-on Bolt-on
Segments Adapters Edges Segments Adapters Edges Segments Adapters Edges
2.8 2.7 2.5 2.5 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.1 2.7
3.65 3.5 3.25 3.25 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.75 3.5
2.42 2.32 2.13 2.13 2.03 1.98 1.98 1.89 2.34
3.17 3.04 2.79 2.79 2.66 2.59 2.59 2.47 3.06
2775 2775 2705 2775 2775 2705 2775 2775 2701
9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 11" 9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 11" 9' 1" 9' 1" 8' 10"
2615 2615 2790 2685 2685 2825 2755 2755 +425 2628
8' 7" 8' 7" 9' 2" 8' 10" 8' 10" 9' 3" 9' 0" 9' 0" +17" 8' 7"
1160 1160 985 1090 1090 1020 1125 1125 +68 1367
3' 10" 3' 10" 3' 3" 3' 7" 3' 7" 3' 4" 3' 8" 3' 8" +3" 4' 6"
2540 2540 2290 2440 2440 2240 2390 2390 +375 2381
8' 4" 8' 4" 7' 6" 8' 0" 8' 0" 7' 4" 7' 10" 7' 10" +15" 7' 10"
50 25 50 50 25 50 50 25 +61 133
2" 1" 2" 2" 1" 2" 2" 1" +2" 5"
7475 7475 7225 7375 7375 7175 7325 7325 +470 7438
24' 6" 24' 6" 23' 8" 24' 2" 24' 2" 23' 7" 24' 0" 24' 0" +19" 24' 5"
5270 5270 5175 5175 5175 5130 5130 5130 +364 5156
17' 4" 17' 4" 17' 0" 17' 0" 17' 0" 16' 10" 16' 10" 16' 10" +14" 16' 11"
12 160 12 160 11 950 12 100 12 100 11 920 12 070 12 070 +430 12 094
39' 11" 39' 11" 39' 3" 39' 8" 39' 8" 39' 1" 39' 7" 39' 7" +17" 39' 8"
10 317 10 512 10 617 10 489 10 686 10 703 10 576 10 775 -1370 10 487
22,740 23,170 23,410 23,120 23,560 23,600 23,320 23,750 -3,020 23,120
8998 9182 9287 9159 9345 9368 9241 9429 -1241 9164
19,840 20,240 20,470 20,190 20,600 20,650 20,370 20,790 -2,730 20,203
110.1 117.3 120.3 120.3 128.9 126.1 126.1 135.6 -5.5 106.7
24,770 26,390 27,060 27,060 29,000 28,370 28,370 30,510 -1,230 23,987
13 274 13 181 13 099 13 207 13 114 13 065 13 173 13 080 +162 13 144
29,260 29,060 28,880 29,120 28,910 28,800 29,040 28,840 +350 28,978

Pin-on Bucket Selection Guide

1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 kg/m3
yd3 m3
GP 3.0 2.3

GP 3.25 2.5

GP 3.65 2.8

MH 3.0 2.3

MH 3.25 2.5

MH 3.65 2.8

2250 2500 2750 3000 3250 3500 3750 lb/yd3

Material Density
% = Bucket Fill Factor

115% 100% 95%

938G Wheel Loader specifications 21

Standard Equipment
Standard equipment may vary. Consult a Caterpillar Dealer for specifics.

Electrical Warning indicators (LED): Other Standard Equipment

Alternator (50-amp) Coolant temperature Automatic bucket positioner
Back up alarm Electrical system, low voltage Automatic lift, kickout and return to
Batteries (heavy duty, maintenance Engine oil pressure work
free, 950 CCA) Hydraulic oil temperature Bottom guard
Electric starter (heavy duty) Parking brake Counterweight
Ignition key start/stop switch Primary steering oil pressure Drawbar hitch with pin
Lighting system, Halogen (six total) Secondary steering oil pressure Extended Life Coolant antifreeze
Main disconnect switch Service brake oil pressure Fenders, front and rear
Transmission oil temperature Hydraulic diagnostic connectors
Operator Environment
Windshield washers/wipers, wet-arm Indicators:
Cab, pressurized and sound
(front and rear), front intermittent Air cleaner service
suppressed, and rollover protective
Coolant level sight gauge
structure (ROPS) Power Train
Hydraulic oil level sight gauge
Cigar lighter and ashtray Brakes, full hydraulic, enclosed wet-
Loader linkage, sealed Z-bar design
Coat hook disc
Oil sampling valves for engine,
Cloth seat, KAB (adjustable backrest, Cat 3126 DITA Engine, turbocharged
transmission and hydraulic system
armrest, lumbar support) and aftercooled
Pilot hydraulic controls
Dome light (cab) Driveline, extreme service
Steering, load-sensing hydraulic
Heater and defroster Fuel filters (primary and secondary)
Tilting hood, non-metallic, one-piece
Horn, electric (steering wheel mounted) Fuel priming pump
Vandalism protection caplocks
Implement lever lockout Fuel/water separator
Instrumentation: Multi-row (six) modular radiator
Engine coolant temperature gauge (IMRM)
Fuel level gauge Precleaner, engine air intake
Hydraulic oil temperature gauge Radiator cooling fan, hydraulically
Transmission oil temperature gauge driven
Lunch box and beverage holders Torque converter
Radio-ready cab, includes antenna, Transmission, countershaft automatic
speakers and converter (12 volt 5- power shift (4F/3R) with fully
amp) automatic speed range control and
quick gear kickdown button
Rearview mirrors (internal mount)
Transmission neutralizer lockout
Seat belt, retractable, 76 mm (3")
Steering column, adjustable angle

22 938G Wheel Loader specifications

Optional Equipment
Optional equipment may vary. Consult a Caterpillar Dealer for specifics.
With approximate changes in operating weights.

kg lb kg lb
Air conditioning 73 161 Radio, AM/FM cassette
Auxiliary lighting package 8 18 in fixed mounting or quick
Axle Oil Cooler 190 419 release versions 2 4
Buckets see pages 10-11 Ride Control System 46 102
Cab removed, ROPS remains -198 -437 Roll-down sun screen (rear window) 2 4
Differentials: Seat, air suspension 55 121
NoSPIN (rear only) 2 4 Signal lights, directional 8 18
Limited slip (front and rear) 8 18 Speedometer 1 2
Guard, power train 57 126 Starting aids:
Hydraulic arrangement: Air intake heater 2 4
Three valve 25 55 Engine coolant heater, 120-volt 1 2
Wobble stick 13 29 Ether starting aid 1 2
Hydraulic oil cooling package 3 7 Receptacle, 120-volt, 220-volt 3 7
Lighting system, warning Steering, supplemental 30 66
(rotating beacon) 3 7 Sun visor 1 2
Mirrors, outside mounted 5 11 Traction Control System 73 161
Payload Control System 15 33 Voltage converter, 5-amp,
15-25 amp 3 7

Custom Products Offerings

3rd valve conversions
High ambient packages
High lift arrangement
Retrofit kits:
3rd valve
Payload control system
Ride control
Secondary steering
Wobble stick
Reversible fan
Waste arrangement

938G Wheel Loader specifications 23

938G Wheel Loader
1997, 1999, 2001 Caterpillar
Printed in U.S.A.
Featured machines may include additional equipment only for special applications.
AEHQ5221-02 (04-01) See your authorized Caterpillar Dealer for available options.
(Replaces AEHQ5221-01) Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.