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Business Name: Investglobe & Associates Corporation (IAC)
Business Number:835317587RC0001
Governing Legislation: Canada Business Corporation Act (CBCA)
Year Founded: 2014
Business Address: 54 Fife Road
City: Aurora
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Postal Code: L4G 6Z8
Phone Number: +1 416-930-1482
Primary Line of Business: Administrative and General
Management Consulting Services
Alternative Services: Other Management Consulting Services
Management Directory

Victor Wambura, CITP/FIBP, P.Log, CMHR, MIT

Mr. Wambura is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Investglobe &
Associates Corporation (IAC). He is responsible for overseeing and managing
the daily operations of the company globally. Mr. Wambura possess a wealth
of experience in global business negotiations, international sales, and global
strategic thinking.

As a leader, Mr. Wambura has played a pivotal role in both the private and
public sector areas of Marketing & Connections; Deliverance of Sales
Proposals and Presentations; Business Plans & Development; Corporate
Development; Supply Chain Management & Logistics; Human Resources.

He holds Masters Degrees in International Trade from the University of

Saskatchewan, and Human Resources from York University, Canada.
Additionally, Mr. Wambura holds a Diploma in Banking and Financial Services
from Rotman School of Management University of Toronto, and a certificate
in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University, Canada. He is
also a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) as well as FITT
International Business Professional (FIBP).

Eric Kasoyaga, BA PSIG

Having spent 11 years travelling in the African continent for business deals
and negotiations, Mr. Kasoyaga is passionate about the development of the
African continent. It is through the combination of his business experience in
Africa and his professional life in Canada, Mr. Kasoyaga has been routinely
helping various international companies achieve their goals of exploring the
lucrative African market. Mr. Kasoyaga possess the acumen of forming
business networks and lasting relationships. He is the Business Development
Manager for IAC and is responsible for all the international business
initiatives of the firm.

For Mr. Kasoyaga, success is not just about professional growth, but
community service as well. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth
basketball and runs an afterschool basketball program for youth in

Mr. Kasoyaga holds a degree in Political Science and International

Governance from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver,

Johansein Rutaihwa, Msc. International Trade Policy and Laws

Dr. Johansein Rutaihwa is a Trade Economist specialized in the field of
industrialization, policy formulation, regional trade, management, investment
and business development in East Africa. He has extensive knowledge of the
business environment in Tanzania, Southern Africa Development Community
(SADC) and East African Community (EAC).

Dr. Rutaihwa has published numerous research literature in the field of

national strategy plans, market analysis, and policy development of
Tanzanias private and public sectors. His experience working with various
international and regional institutions such as EAC, UNIDO, as well as
national ministries including the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment
gives him exclusive insights on how business is conducted in Africa.

He holds a Masters in Science (Msc.) in International Trade Policy and Laws

from Lund University, Sweden. As well as a Degree in Economics from the
University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania and an Honorary Doctorate from
Eastern European Science Academy Scientific Council, Ukraine.
James Jorgensen, C.WEM, CEnv,

James has a diverse skillset and 15 years of project experience in water and
wastewater systems. His technical understanding of systems, processes, and
software enables him to assist in establishing suitable solutions to meet the
needs of clients. Identifying and implementing innovative solutions has
brought efficiencies and cost savings to many of the projects in which he has
been involved.

His expertise in water systems has brought him to the United Kingdom,
Canada, United States of America, Australia, Qatar, and United Arab
Emirates. He has extensive experience in hydraulic analyses, master
planning, GIS and asset modelling.

James has significant experience in providing senior technical leadership and

project management for infrastructure planning and municipal engineering
projects. He prides himself on being proactive and responsive.

Company Overview

Investglone & Associates Corporation (IAC) is a Canadian Consulting

Management Firm which is incorporated under the Canada Business
Corporation Act (CBCA). IAC provides Foreign Investment Facilitation and
Project Management Services to a Diversified client base including domestic
and foreign investors, contractors, developers, and partners. IAC bridges the
gap in operational standards by acting as a strategic partner that effectively
and efficiently identifies foreign investments and projects on clients behalf.
IAC works with public and private sectors to accomplish the following:

Explore growth opportunities;

Investigate entry into foreign markets;
Identify new revenue streams;
Attract FDI and capitalize on new technologies;
Evaluate strategies, minimize risk and stay ahead of competition;
Help clients engage with top C- Level Executives from worlds top
corporations, high level government officials, government
institutions, and public organizations.

IAC areas of expertise include Trade Finance Facilitation; Global Supply Chain
Finance Facilitation; Foreign Investment Promotions and Connections; Foreign
Investment Management and Facilitation; Trade Missions & Conferences,
B2B/B2G/B2C Promotions & Connections; Contract Negotiations; and
Capacity Building Projects and Training.

IACs industry sectors of interests are in Agriculture and Food Production;

Water Resources; Infrastructure / Construction; Consumer Products;
Environment; Energy (Generation, Transmission, Infrastructure); Technology
and Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Medical/Biotechnology/Chemical;
Mining/Petroleum/Gas; Consulting Services; Tourism; Transportation;
Aerospace; Defense; Food and Beverage Manufacturing; Equipment and
service supply chain.

Foreign Investments Promotion & Connection

Investglobe & Associates Corporation (IAC)s role in the Foreign Direct

Investment (FDI) services is to promote global economic direct investment
by linking the potential foreign direct investors to wide open investment
opportunities worldwide, hence facilitate the business transactions in a win-
win situation.

This win-win situation is such that the potential investors get opportunities to
explore the investment sectors of the target market and bring in FDI thus,
strengthen the economy and create job opportunities in the investment
country as well as in the investors country.

IACs Foreign Investment Promotion & Connection services include:

Strategic Promotion & Connection IAC connects global business firms

to various projects and industries worldwide thus paving the way for
parties to make sound business deals;
Strategic Relationships IAC welcomes joint efforts with global
institutions and business associations to maximize efficiency. IAC
collaborates with local and international investment promotion
agencies, and business associations to co-organize trade missions, and
Hosting Delegates IAC collaborates with its local associates and
partners to host officials and assist them in promoting and securing
investment projects in the target markets. These visits offer an
excellent opportunity for officials to examine and analyze the
investors, investments, and the project opportunities while establishing
business relationships.

Foreign Investment Facilitation

Investglobe & Asspciates Corporation (IAC) offers the following range of

investments services and information for private and public sector business

Investment Project Profiles IAC provides potential investors with

project profiles for joint ventures in industrial projects, as well as
private opportunities in a target market;
Distribution Analysis IAC works with government agencies,
institutions, and partners to offer prospective investors in-depth
analysis and reports on various sectors;
Investment Environment IAC provides investors with information on
investment environments including incentives, policy on foreign
investment, foreign exchange controls, tax systems, registration
procedures, labor laws, visa requirements and other areas.

Project Management

Project Management is not only about timelines and deliverables but also
about firms profits, reputation, stability and growth. IAC embarks on projects
that are strategic in nature and that align with the competitive business
environment, to enable clients to benefit successfully in a more cost-effective
manner. With expertise in project management and delivering tailored
solutions, IAC has a methodology which enables clients to successfully
complete projects on a timely and cost-effective manner.

Business to Business (B2B) Promotions and Connections

With the experience of working with numerous clients from FTSE 500
organizations to start-ups, IAC has the capacity to help businesses reach
their competitive advantage. IACs mandate is to provide clients with
services they need to grow their business, and market strategies that will
sustain their competitiveness. The client needs are paramount, and IACs
philosophy is to discover those needs and provide long term solutions.

IACs B2B Promotions & Connections services include:

Strategic Business Partner Recruitment and Connection IAC works

with businesses to identify potential business partners and
counterparts. IAC conducts due diligence of screening the business
partner before connecting them to the client;
Contract Negotiations IAC has negotiated multi-billion dollar contracts
throughout its history. The wealth of experience in contract negotiation
gives leverage to the firm when negotiating substantial contracts.

Capacity Building Training and Seminars

Investglobe & Associates Corporation (IAC) organizes tailored

approaches in assisting business clients understand the know-how, and the
know-why of doing business internationally. IAC hosts seminars and
interactive workshops for the business community to gain up-to-date and in-
depth information on global markets and investment environments.

Trade Finance Facilitation

IAC has the access and experience of working with international firms
specializing in initiating large-scale projects across the world, and facilitating
attractive financing packages based on top international banks and
insurance companies.

IACs international partners enjoy massive track records of successfully

implementing and facilitating financing for infrastructure projects in Africa
and worldwide. As well as cultivating intimate networks with top international
financial institutions which provide long-term competitive financing for
projects globally.

Global Supply Chain Finance Facilitation

IAC work with international financiers, insurance companies, and banks to

provide solutions to clients for financing specific goods and or products such
as medical equipment, trucks and trailers, agricultural equipment, and
general infrastructure equipment. Financing takes place throughout the
supply chain as the goods move from the country of origin to the destination.

Trade Missions & Conferences

IAC collaborates with domestic and international trade partners to organize

and facilitate trade missions that give clients hands-on experience and
information on the investment opportunities in the target market. A
distinguishing feature of these trade missions and conferences is they
provide opportunities for one-on-one consultations and meetings between

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances play an integral role in IACs consulting practice. IACs

partnership network consists of private and public sector partners who are
interested to work with IAC in areas beyond its reach. With dedicated
professional consultants, IAC fosters an inclusive environment and promotes
collaboration with other firms.
IAC is interested in collaborating with:

Financial Institutions such as lenders, banks, hedge fund organization,

and insurance companies;
Global Marketing and Sales Firms for product licensing, distribution,
joint marketing;
Technology Companies for technology transfer, R&D, co-
Global Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC ) Firms.

International Capital Projects

IACs and its partners have been successfully involved in implementing

turnkey projects at value of more than USD $4.5 Billion worldwide. Some of
the notable projects executed by IAC and partners include:

Financing $60 Million for Water Projects in Ghana;

$205 Million for Gas Project in Turkmenistan
$100 Million for Chemical Plant project in Vietnam
$38 Million for Water Desalination Project in Cyprus
$300 Million for Biomass Project in UA
$40 Million for Metal Recovery Plant in Botswana
$20 Million for Agri-Industry Project in Belarus
$150 Million for Water Projects in Venezuela
$195 Million for Gas Pipeline Project in Uzbekistan

IAC in collaboration with its international partners is currently in the initial

stages of implementing international capital projects in other African
countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo Brazzaville, Ivory
Coast, Benin, Gabon and Gambia
Business Development Email:
General Email:
Business Development Phone: +1 778-838-5342