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TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF THE receive per year if he retires now and the money is invested in

PHILIPPINES an annuity earning 6% interest?

MANILA (A) Php20,980 (B) Php22,980
PRE BOARD EXAM DAY 3 (C) Php24,980 (D) Php26,980
STUDENT NAME & NUMBER 12. A conic has the lines y = -3 and y = 5 as directrices and the
__________________________________________________ point (1, 26) as a focus. What are the coordinates of the
DATE: OCTOBER 11, 2013 vertex closest to the given focus?
DIRECTIONS: PROVIDE THE SOLUTION TO a. (1,11) b. (2, 11) c. (3, 8) d. NOTG
SELECT THE CORRECT ANSWER. 13. The lines y = (5/12)x are asymptotes of a hyperbola
1. What part of 90% alcohol must be removed and replaced whose foci are 26 units apart. Which CANNOT be a vertex
by an equal amount of pure alcohol to make 95% alcohol of the hyperbola?
solution? a. (-12, 0) b. (0, 5) c. (0, -12) d. (12, 0)
a. 5% or less b. between 5% and 10%
c. 5% d. 50% 14. Find the centroid of a hemisphere of radius R revolving
about the x-axis.
2. A man wants to sell his scooter. There are two offers, one at a. 5/8 from center b. 2/5 from center
Rs. 12,000 cash and the other a credit of Rs. 12,880 to be paid c. 3/5 from center d. 3/8 from center
after 8 months, money being at 18% per annum. Which is the 15. How many kilogram of sugar costing Php. 9 per kg must
better offer?
A. 12,000 in cash B. 12,880 at credit be mixed with 27 kg of sugar costing Php. 7 per kg so that
C. Both are equally good there may be a gain of 10% by selling the mixture at Php. 9.24
3. A companys marginal revenue function is given by dR/dx = per kg?
1000/ x 1, where x>1 is the number of items manufactured. A.36 kg B.42 kg C.54 kg D.63 kg
Find the total revenue R in terms of x, if R =$13,000 when x = 16. The solution for dy/dx = xe x when y(0) = 0
a. y = - ex (x+1) b. y = - ex (x+1) + 2
a. R = 1000/ x 1 + 3000 b. R = 1000/ x 1 + 3000 2x
c. y = - e (x+1) + 1 d. NOTG
c. R= 2000/ x 1 + 3000 d. NOTG 17. Given the force vectors; A = 8i + 4j -2k and the position
4. The equation of motion of a particle starting from rest along vectors B = 2j + 6k m and C =3i 2j + 4k m, the dot product
a straight line is x = t3 - 3t2 + 5. The ratio of the accelerations of A and B is
after 5 sec and 3 sec will be a. 4N.m b. 3.71 N.m
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 c. 4.5 N.m d. 7.3 N.m
118. If a body moves in such a way that its velocity increases
5. A man buys a watch for Php 1950 in cash and sells it for 8by equal amount in equal intervals of time, it is said to be
Php 2200 at a credit of 1 year. If the rate of interest is 10% .moving with
per annum, the man: A.a uniform retardation B.a uniform acceleration
A. gains Php. 55 B.gains Php 50 C.a variable acceleration D.a variable retardation
C. loses Php 30 D. gains Php. 30
19. You are saving up for a big investment in six years. You
6. A pump can fill a tank with water in 2 hours. Because of a estimate it will take Php14,500 to secure this investment. How
leak, it took 2 hours to fill the tank. The leak can drain all the much do you need to put into a savings account at the end of
water of the tank in: each year if the savings account earns 4%?
A. 4 1/ 3 hours B.7 hours (A) Php2,185 (B) Php2,375
C. 8 hours D. 14 hours (C) Php2,415 (D) Php2,485
7. Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is 20. A man wants to fence a rectangular area as inexpensively
drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn as possible. If the fencing material cost Php 38 per meter and
has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5? Php 1,520 is available for the project, how much area can be
A. B. 2/5 C. 8/15 D. 9/20 enclosed?
208. Suppose that a corpse was discovered in a motel room at a. 100 m2 b. 105 m2
midnight and its temperature was 80F. The temperature of the c. 110 m2 d. NOTG
room is kept constant at 60F. Two hours later the temperature 21. Against the current in a river, a boat traveled 230 miles in
of the corpse dropped to75F. Find the time of death. Note: 4 hours. With the same current, the boat traveled the same
The temperature of a live person is 98.6F. distance in only 3 hours and 20 minutes. What is the boats
a. 8:30 PM b. 7:30 PM
c. 9:00 PM d. NOTG
9. When equal and opposite forces applied to a body, tend to a. 6.1 mi/h b. 9.8 mi/h c. 63.6 mi/h d. 75.6 mi/h
elongate it, the stress so produced, is called 22. Two forces PQ and PR of magnitudes 5.0 kg and 8.0 kg,
A. shear stress B. compressive stress respectively, acts at a point P. The direction of PQ is N20E,
C. tensile stress D. transverse stress. and the direction of PR is N65E. Approximate the magnitude
10. Determine the resultant of the line load acting on the beam
and direction of the resultant PS.
shown in the figure.
a. P = 105 KN b. P=75 KN a) 11.2 kg, N42oE b) 12.1 kg, N48oE
c. P=90 KN d. P=45 KN c) 14.1 kgN73oE d) 15.1 kg.N27oE
23. You are considering investing in a 5-yr CD(certificate of
15 KN/m
deposit) with an annual yield of 6.5% and monthly
Figure 10
compounding. If you invest Php5,000, your effective interest
10 KN/m
earned is most nearly:
(A) 6.5% (B) 6.6%
(C) 6.7% (D) 6.8%
4m 6m 24. Find the equation of the hyperbola with vertices at ( 2,0)
11. Toms retirement account in a company currently totals and asymptotes y = 3x
Php416,384. What perpetual income can Tom and his heirs a. 4x2 36y2 = 144 b. 36x2 4y2 = 144
c. 9x2 4y2 = 36 d. 4x2 9y2 = 36 36. In the cantilever truss as shown in below figure, the
25. Find the length of the latus rectum of a hyperbola whose horizontal component of the reaction at A, is
equation is 4x2- 9y2 +8x- 54 y 113 = 0. A.30 tons B.60 tons C.90 tons D.120 tons.
a. 2/3 b. 4/3
c. 8/3 d. 16/3
26. The beam shown in the next figure is supported by a
hinge at A and a roller at B. The reaction RA of the hinged
support A of the beam, is
A. 10.8 t B. 10.6 t C. 10.4 t D. 10.2 t
37. A rectangular beam 20 cm wide is subjected to a maximum
shearing force of 10, 000 kg, the corresponding maximum
shearing stress being 30 kg/cm2. The depth of the beam is
A. 15 cm B. 20 cm C. 25 cm D. 30 cm.
Figure 26 38. For a given material Young's modulus is 200 GN/m2 and
modulus of rigidity is 80 GN/m2. The value of Poisson's ratio
A. 0.15 B. 0.20 C. 0.25 D. 0.40
39. The force in member U2L2 of the truss shown in below
figure, is
27. The maximum velocity of a body vibrating with a simple A.10 T tension B.10 T compression
harmonic motion of amplitude 150 mm and frequency 2 D.15 T compression.
vibrations/sec, is
A. 188.5 m/sec B.18.85 m/sec
Figure 39
C. 1.885 m/sec D.0.18845 m/sec
28. The vertical reaction at the support A of the structure
shown in below figure, is
A.1 t B.2 t C.3 t D.2.5 t.

0.5C 0.2C
40. Two charges, one of + and the other of ,
attract each other with a force of 100 N. How far apart are
29. The total surface of two cubes is 150 sq. m, The total a. 3 mm b. 4 mm c. 30 mm d. 40 mm
length of their edges is 84 cm. Find the edge of the larger 41. A particular moon rock is analyzed and it is found to
cube. contain equal amounts of Potassium-19 and Argon-18, which
a. 4 b. 5.5 c. 6.4 d. 7.2 are denoted as , respectively. is a radioactive
30. Find the point on the curve y = x 2 + 8x 12 where the isotope that can decay to . Note that for
tangent line is parallel to the x - axis
a. (4, 36) b. (- 4, 28) potassium decay and that the yield of is about 11% (i.e.
c. (- 4, - 28) d. NOTG about 1 out of every 9 atoms decays to ). Assuming
31. The angle of elevation of a hot air balloon, climbing that the initial amount of argon was zero and that all of the
vertically, changes from 25 degrees at 10:00 am to 60 degrees argon is the result of potassium decay, estimate the age of the
at 10:02 am. The point of observation of the angle of elevation moon rock.
a. 2 billion years b. 4.3 billion years
is situated 300 meters away from the take off point. What is
c. 5.3 billion years d. NOTG
the upward speed, assumed constant, of the balloon? 40
a. 2.25 m/s b. 2.76 m/s c. 3.16 m/s d. 3.89 m/s 42. A shell is fired at an angle above the horizontal at a
32. The present worth of Php 1404 due in two equal half- velocity of 300 m/s. What is the time of flight?
yearly installments at 8% per annum simple interest is: a. 39 s b. 41 s c. 43 s d. 45 s
A. Php 1325 B. Php 1300 43. Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Php 13,900 divided in
C. Php 1350 D. Php 1500 two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of
33. Find the centroid of the semicircular area inside x2+y2 =a2 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of
with y greater than or equal to zero. simple interest earned in 2 years be Php 3508, what was the
a. (0,2a/3) b. (0,2a/5 amount invested in Scheme B?
c. (0,4a/3) d. (0,5a/3) A. Php 6400 B. Php 6500
34. The masses of two balls are in the ratio of 2 : 1 and their C. Php 7200 D. Php 7500
respective velocities are in the ratio of 1 : 2 but in opposite 44. A parabola has its focus at (7, -4) and directrix Y = 2. Find
direction before impact. If the coefficient of restitution is , the the equation
velocities of separation of the balls will be equal to a. X2 + 12X 14Y + 61 = 0 b. X2 + 14X 12Y + 61 = 0
A. original velocity in the same direction c. X2 12X + 14 Y + 61 = 0 d. X2 14X + 12 Y + 61 =
B. half the original velocity in the same direction 045. In how many ways can one make a selection of 4 black
C. half the original velocity in the opposite direction balls, 5 red balls, and 2 white balls from a box containing 8
D. original velocity in the opposite direction black balls, 7 red balls and 5 white balls?
35. The angle which an inclined surface makes with the a) 14700 b) 17400
horiontal when a body placed on it is on the point of moving c) 47100 d) 10740
down, is called 46. The tensile force required to cause an elongation of 0.045
A. angle of repose B. angle of friction mm in a steel rod of 1000 mm length and 12 mm diameter, is
C. angle of inclination D. none of these. (where E = 2 x 106 kg/cm2)
A. 166 kg B. 102 kg C. 204 kg D. 74 kg
47. At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of Php596,700 per year. The cost of manufacturing is Php18.40
Php 1200 become Php 1348.32 in 2 years? per gear. If the company sells the gears at an average price of
A. 6% B. 6.5% C. 7% D. 7.5% Php37.90 each, how many gears must be sold each year to
48. The compound interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is break even?
Rs. 4347. The period (in years) is: (A) 15,740 (B) 18,400
A. 2 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 (C) 30,600 (D) 32,430
49-50. A tire manufacturer uses 10,000 tons of special additive 62. A man draws 1 card from each of 2 separate decks. What is
uniformly throughout the year. It costs Php50 to place each the probability that the card from the first deck is an ace and
order, with storage costs running Php1.30/ton/yr. How many the one from the second deck a face card?
tons should the manufacturer order at a time? a) 14/169 b) 2/169 c)16/169 d) 3/169
(A)777 (B) 877 (C) 977 (D) 1077 63. An elevator system for a 20-yr old high-rise office
50. How frequently should orders be placed? building cost Php400,000 when first installed. The system was
(A)26 days (B) 28 days (C) 30 days (D) 32 days designed to last 30 years, with salvage at 10% of initial cost.
Depreciation is straight line. The allowable depreciation
51. A right triangle has a fixed hypotenuse of 30 cm and the charge per year is:
other two sides are allowed to vary. Determine the largest (A) Php12,000 (B) Php13,333
possible area of the triangle. (C) Php18,000 (D) Php20,000
a. 225 b. 234 sq. cm 64. Find the equation of the ellipse with foci at (1, 0) and
c. 243 sq. cm d. 216 sq. cm major semi axis 3
20 C a. 9x2 + 8y2 = 72 b. 3x2 + 4y2 = 12
2 2
52. A total of 0.8 kg of water at is placed in 1 kW c. 4x + 3y = 12 d. 8x2 + 9y2 = 72
electric kettle. How long a time is needed to raise the 65. An archeologists discovered some ancient objects which
had organic remains. He found that 60% of the original
100 C
amount of C 14 remains and the disappearance of C-14
temperature of water to . obeys the first-order decay law, give an estimation for the age
a. 3.5 min b. 4.5 min of the objects given the half life of C14 is approximately 5600
c. 5.5 min d. 6.5 min years, determine the age of the fossil.
53. A bag contains six white, five red, and four blue balls. If a. 4127. 01 yrs. b.4205.6 yrs.
six ball are drawn, find the probability that there will be two c. 4569.5 yrs. d. NOTG
66. An open box is made from a square piece of cardboard (of
balls of each color. side 1) by cutting out four equal (small squares) at the corners
a) 180/1001 b) 108/1001 and then folding. How big should the small squares be in order
c) 180/1100 d) 108/1100 that the volume of the box be as large as possible?
54. The shear stress at any section of a shaft is maximum a. 1/8 b. 1/10 c. 1/6 d. NOTG
A. at the centre of the section 67. It is a quantity that when applied to a member, tends to
B. at a distance r/2 from the centre deform the member by causing a rotation of one part of the
C. at the top of the surface member relative to another.
D. at a distance 3/4 r from the centre a. couple b. torque c. axial force d. reaction
55. A cylinder is said to be thin if the ratio of its thickness and 68. A particle moves according to the following function of
diameter, is less than time: x(t) = 3sint and y(t) = 4 cost, what is the resultant
A. 1/25 B. 1/20 C. 1/15 D. 1/10 velocity at t= pi?
56. The 36 m cable shown in Figure weigh 1.5 KN/m. a. 3 b. 4 c. 9 d. 25
determine the sag H and the maximum tension in the cable. 69. Future value less the present value
a. T = 44.3 KN, H = 8.67 m b. T = 34.3 KN, H = 8.77 m a. discount b. rate discount
c. T = 74.3 KN, H = 5.77 m d. T = 94.3 KN, H = 6.77 m c. discount rate d. profit
70. It is the worth of the property as recorded in the books of
account of the company.
Figure 56 a. book value b. fair value
c. market value d. goodwill value.
71. A spring scale in a stationary lift shows a reading of 60 kg
57. Stress in members of statically determinate simple frames, for a man standing on it. If the lift starts descending at an
can be determined by acceleration of g/5, the scale reading would be
A. method of joints B. method of sections A. 48 kg B. 60 kg C. 72 kg D. NOTG
C. graphical solution D. all the above 72. A 50 kg boy climbs up a 8 m rope in gymnasiam in 10 sec.
58. You purchase 1,000 shares of stock at Php15.00 per share. The average power developed by the boy is approximately
The stock pays quarterly dividends of Php125 for two years A. 400 watts B. 500 watts
at which time you sell the stock at the trading price of C. 4000 watts D. none of these
Php16.50 per share. The yearly return on your investment is 73. Given part of an arithmetic sequence ( -312, ___, ___,
most nearly: -174) and t50 = 1160, what is the value of the 26th term
(A) 2% (B) 4% (C) 6% (D) 8% a. 48 b. 56 c. 67 d. 74
59. Find the limit of the sequence an = 3 (1 + n-1)/(2 n2), n = 74. If x increases uniformly at the rate of 0.001 feet per
1, 2 . second, at what rate is the expression (1+x)3 increasing when
a. 2 b. 1 c. 3 d. NOTG x becomes 9 feet?
60. Two forces of 6 Newtons and 8 Newtons which are acting a. 0.001 cfs b. 0.3 cfs
at right angles to each other, will have a resultant of c. 0.003 cfs d. 1.003 cfs
A. 5 Newtons B. 8 Newtons 75. If a cube has an edge of length 2, what is the distance from
C. 10 Newtons D. 12 Newtons. any vertex to the center of the cube?
61. A company produces transmission gears used by several a. (2) 1/2/2 b. (3)1/2 c. 2(2)1/2 d. 2(3)1/2
farm tractor manufacturers. The base cost of operation is