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Natali ruden comes from a family long time goes, from one collection to another, I
associated with design. Since she was very keep learning more about myself, about
young she had a chance to get familiar with where I am going. I love colours and
the works of world famous designers like accuracy of form. I do not think that beauty
Yves Saint Laurent or Pierre Cardin. She lies only in simplicity, at least not always. A
graduated as one of the best ever students beautiful curved line is as important to me as 
from the prestigious Design Academy in Kiev. colour. I have been fascinated by it from the
! Natali Ruden is also a talented time I first saw paintings by Modigliani.“
painter with a strong feel for balance, contrast ! When you say NATALI RUDEN, for
and form, which shows in her designs. She anyone in Europe who is interested in fashion
likes to use distinct colours that reflect her it means success and exclusivity. Her designs
temperament. She also likes to combine are considered distinctive and very luxurious
different types of fabric, especially leather, with the emphasis on womenʼs beauty. She is
wool and silk. Natali uses leather together now a household name in haute couture as
with silk, Belgian lace or other fabrics in a well as in pret-a-porte.
thriling and unusual way. Fabric is for her a ! NATALI RUDEN - a European
means to form and stress the beauty of a fashion brand  for the self-confident woman
body so that a pulsing spirit can emerge. who stands out and has an individual style.
As the designer says: „Elegance - that is a ! She started her successful career as
thought-out beauty. It is very important for a a fashion designer in 1992 in Prague (Czech
fashion designer to develop her own style. As Republic) where she lives and works. Very
NATALIRUDEN soon she came to the very top in this field and became
one of the most sought-after designers, especially Her contribution to art was acknowledged by the
among celebrities and people from showbusiness.  Masaryk Academy, which awarded Natali Ruden in
! NATALI RUDENʼs remarkable talent drew the 1999 The Award for Creative Work. Some of her
attention of famous companies.  In 1997  the well clothes are already part of art museum collections in
known UK jewellery company Mappin & Webb, an Europe.
official supplier of jewellery to the British Royal Family,
approached her. She designed a collection of evening
dresses for them, specially made for the occasion of The brand Natali Ruden is a dynamic company with big
presenting their new collection of jewellery. The fashion plans for the future including expansion abroad. That is
show received rave reviews and  standing ovations why NATALI RUDEN broadens her portfolio. At the last
both in London and Prague.! fashion show she for the first time introduced her new
! Similarly in 2003 Natali won a competition and collection of luxury lingerie „NATALI RUDEN INTIMA“.
designed a collection for a Czech jewellery company She also plans to expand into footwear design.
Jablonex. It was shown in numerous European and
world cities including London, New York, Toronto,
Edinburgh and St Petersburg with huge success. The ultimate goal of NATALI RUDEN is to create a
! In 2004 Natali Ruden was invited by the fashion for women that will bring happiness, self-
organizers of renowned Fashion Weeks in Moscow and confidence and success
Kiev to present her work, as the only representative of
the Czech Republic, together with world leading
designers Valentin Judashkin and Slava Zajcev.
! As a head designer of a prestigious beauty
contest „Czech Miss 2006“  she created a collection of
evening dresses and swimming suits for the finalists. It
was a big success - the collection received a huge
response and Natali Ruden was asked to design for the
winner a new collection for the final of Miss Universe
2006 in Los Angeles,USA.
! Natali Ruden loves fashion shows generating
excitement. That is why she always conceives them as
grandiose shows.  She gives a lot of attention to the
selection of unsual venues - her shows have taken
place in a water purification station, a military aircraft
shelter and a church.
! She adds outstanding choreography that
intensifies the remarkable beauty of her designs
presented by top models including those already
famous on the international stage - Tereza Maxova and
Adriana Sklenarikova, to name but two. It wakes up an
archetype of femme fatale  by using  distinct stage
properties like huge feather fans. These are attributes
which make these shows so unique, thrilling and
eagerly anticipated.
! Her outfits look very fresh and young, they are
quietly provocative and very feminine. Distinct female
silhouttes and assymetrically placed details are very
typical for her work. Her designs are individualistic,
extravagant but still easy to wear - it is a rare
demonstration of a conceptual thinking about fabrics,
quality and image of people wearing the particular
outfit. Natali Rudenʼs designs  are made for strong
Natali v datech

časová osa

1990! !
• study Kyjev Design Academy - fashion designer

• NINA RICCI competition - Moscow

• entrance on czech market - fashion show and “Pražské

módní dny”

• work for Rocca - Leather - Zlin
• fashion
show hotel Fórum Prague - collection for Linea -


• Fashion Show - Fashion Gallery in Prague Lucerna

• participation in the Mode Collection Brno with top-model

Simona Krainova
• start selling model in the gallery of fashion clothing Lantern
• Irene Skliva
Mode Collection Brno with the participation of Miss World

• participation of Brno in Style

• collaboration with British jewelery company Mappin & Webb

• the sale of ready-made model in Otto Blanc, winning 1,
Prague 1
• participation in the Brno Style
• participation in the Prague Elegance
• Adriana Sklenarikova
Mode Collection Prague with the participation of top models

• Fashion show Snina - Festival International Miro Gallery

• Elegance"
Show Bertramka Prague in the project "In Search of Lost

• start
selling model in clothing Nicol - Vinohradská 52, Prague

• Fashion Show at Fashion Gallery in Prague Lucerna

• award
"Prize for art artistic creative activity" of the Masaryk

• placement of models Natali Ruden brand in North Bohemian

Museum in Liberec
• Show Natali Ruden 2000 - National Gallery in Prague
• start selling model in the clothing store brands Natali Ruden

• fashion show St. Michal, Prague

• the sale of the Fashion Gallery in Kiev, Ukraine

• Natali
Ruden fashion show, themed "Fashion for Success" -

• Natali Ruden face collections for 2002 - singer Dara Rolinc
• Natali Ruden becomes a partner for designer Jablonex
• Tour a collection
Show Natali Ruden for Jablonex
• Edinburgh, New York,
of the world's metropolises, Toronto,

• face of the brand - Andrea Verešová

• the sale of luxury boutique on the National Class 37

• face of the brand in 2004 - Andrea Verešová

• Successfulshow
Fashion - Natali Ruden FOR MIELE - Barrandov Studios
• 2004 held in Prague at a fashion show Wedding dress OF

• participation at the event Fashion Week in Kiev

• participation at the event Fashion Week in Moscow

• March 10 - Fashion Show Natali Ruden associated with

hairdressing salon show
• May 11 - Fashion show Natali Ruden "inspired by heaven"
• Proclaimed the new face of NR a collection - known actress
and singer Catherine
• Opening a new studio, Natali Ruden on Old Town Square 10
• The sale of the brand Natali Ruden in the trade as "the Paris of
The Address"
• Natali Ruden - the main designer of Czech Miss 2006 contest
• April 5 - fashion show "Life in Pictures"
• Miss Universe
a gown for Miss Czech Renata Langmannovou the finals of

• February 8 - Fashion show at the ball of the Central Group in
the Municipal House
• February 24 - Final Czech Miss 2007 - extravagant models for
the finalists

• November 28 - Fashion Show Tyršův dům
• March 10 - Fashion Show Natali Ruden associated with
hairdressing salon show

• Fashion Show FLOWER POWER (PR + video)
• May 2 - Fashion Show DIAMOND at Prague Castel
NATALIRUDEN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


7.-8.srpna 2010: !Fashion show on chateu Mcely

4.-5.září 2010: ! Fashion show during Fashion Weekend,

! Pařížská street., Prague

23.září 2010: ! Fashion show and event management

! for ČSOB bank clients, Michnův Palác
Říjen 2010: ! Fashion show in Slovak republic

Listopad 2010: ! Fashion Ball, Trojský zámek, Prague