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S3 Current and Voltage Homework

Things you need to remember:
Current is the flow of positive charge. In most circuits it is moving free
electrons which carry the charge and they are negative.
Current can be calculated using the formula I = Q/t
Voltage is the thing which pushes the charges around the circuit. It is
defined as the energy given to every Coulomb of charge which flows
through a circuit.
Voltage can be calculated using the formula V = E/Q

The current through the bulb is 3A.

What is the current through the battery?

What is the current through the meter 1?

What is the current through meter 2?

Appliance Time switched on in Current in (A)
Electrical drill 20 2

Food mixer 1

Hairdryer 8

The electrical appliances in the chart were all switched on for different times.
a) How much charge was taken by the electrical drill?
b) If the food mixer took the same charge as the electric drill, how long
was it switched on for?
c) If the hair dryer took the same charge as the other two, what current
was flowing through it?

Pg. 157

In which part of the circuit do the electrons have:

a) most energy

b) least energy

What happens to the energy they lose?

What is the voltage across each arrangement of cells?

a) What is the reading of the voltmeter across bulb B?
A. Battery of dry B. C.
cells car battery watch battery
EMF in V 15 12 1.5

Maximum 6 100 0.01

current in A

b) How much energy does the battery give each coulomb of charge it
pushes out?

c) How much energy is spent by each coulomb of charge as it passes

through bulb A?
To answer this question, you may need to look up information in the previous

a) Which battery can push out the most electrons every second?

b) Which battery pushes out electrons with most energy?

c) How much charge can the car battery push out in 10 seconds?

d) How much energy can the car battery deliver in 10 seconds?

You have three 1.5V cells, a switch, connecting cables and three bulbs. You
may use as many or as few of the components as you wish. However, you
are asked to build a circuit which may turn on and off and gives out the
maximum brightness. Draw a circuit diagram of the circuit you would build
and underneath the circuit, explain why you have chosen this circuit.