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Appendix A

Development of Oil-Pump for Lubrication of Turbocharger in Wankel Rotary engine


VRDE is in need of development of compact light weight lubrication oil pump for turbocharger.
The specifications of the required pump are as follows:
Pump type Positive Displacement Gear Pump
Type of Oil SAE 20W50
Flow rate 25050 cc/min
Speed 5000 -8000 RPM at Max Flow Rate
Delivery Pressure 1 bar to 3.5 bar
Operating Temperature Max 120o C
Dimensions (50-60mm)x(50-60mm)x(10-30mm)
Outlet/Inlet Diameter 8-10 mm
Drive Gear Drive (Driven by Engine Shaft)
Weight Max. 250 gram

a) The pump has to be mounted in oil tank with drive arrangement as shown in Fig.1. In case of any
further queries regarding the design & mounting, the firm shall consult with VRDE before Quoting.


The firm shall quote separately for the following development phases:
1. The initial design of the pump for the above specifications, layout of the integration on the engine,
development of first prototype and testing.
2. Development of test rig for the pump.
If the pump developed by the firm is found acceptable, VRDE may consider placing an order for 20
pumps for which the firm should quote separately a cost excluding engineering/development cost, for 20
Nos. of pumps. L-1 will be decided after clubbing together Design cost & development cost.


The payment shall be made in phases as follows:
1. After delivery of tested prototype pump:90%
2. End of warranty period:10%

A. The drawings, design documents and the results of any analysis shall be supplied to VRDE within
2 months from date of supply order.
B. A Comprehensive report comprising of following details should be Submitted :
1. The design methodology.
2. Design parameters, variables, calculations and results.
3. Complete manufacturing drawings of pump components, its assembly & fixtures.
C. The first prototype pump after testing shall be supplied within 4 months from date of SO.
D. Test reports and complete test rig.
E. Reference documents, SAE papers and any supporting documents.


1. The components shall be physically examined at VRDE after delivery for defects.
2. The firm rep shall carry out testing of the developed pumps at VRDE on the developed test rig.
3. The pump parameters as per test reports from test setup testing should meet the above specified
4. All drawings, fixtures, tools will be sole property of VRDE and should be submitted while
delivering the oil pump meeting the required performance.
5. Testing of the pump is to be carried out on a specially developed test rig for this pump with the
following controls and range:
a. Oil flow rate 0.1 to 0.5 lpm
b. Oil pressure 0 4 bar
c. Temperature Heating up to 130C
d. Pump speed 1000 to 8000 RPM


1. The firm shall not, without prior written approval of the Director, VRDE, sublet, lease, assign or
transfer the contract or any part thereof to any third party.
2. A non-disclosure agreement must be signed by the firm with VRDE.
3. The design of the pump shall solely be owned by VRDE after development.
Oil pump

Drive pulley

Pump drive gear

Oil tank

Fig: 1 Oil pump mounting arrangement in oil tank.