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Creativity and The story has The story has a The story is The story is not
uniqueness unique plot and unique plot but entertaining but entertaining and
(story) entertaining. not quite the story plot is not unique.
entertaining. not unique.

There are evident

A lot of new ideas A few (2-3) new efforts to add new There are no
are incorporated story twists are ideas to the efforts to make
in the adaptation added to the adaptation (1 new any revisions to
of the story. story adaptation. idea) the story.
Visuals (story Drawing (or Drawing (or Minimal effort No drawing
book) visuals) visuals) is related given to drawing included
reinforces the to the word (or visuals)
word problem problem
Presentation The story book is Presentable with With efforts to Not presentable
(story book) neat and minor problems make it and not clean
presentable with neatness presentable
Organization Writing is easy to Writing is Writing is difficultWriting is very
(story) follow with only generally easy to to understand difficult to
one reading: follow with only with only one understand with
clear and one reading: reading: only one reading:
logical idea Adequate idea weak little to no
progression progression progression idea
effective Adequate ineffective progression
transitions transitions transitions incorrect or no
Mathematical Demonstrate Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates
Correctness complete adequate partial unsatisfactory
(x2) understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of
the mathematical mathematical mathematical mathematical
concept. concept. concepts. concept.
Clarity of the All the problems 1 or 2 problems 3 4 problems are 5 or more
problem. (x2) are clearly are not clearly not clearly stated. problems are not
stated. All stated. clearly stated.
needed to solve
the problem is
Accuracy (x2) There are no There are 1 3 There are 3 5 There are major
math errors minor math minor math errors errors that lead
(solution). The errors. The (solution). The to incorrect
answer is correct answer is correct answer is correct answers
and with proper or with minor (based on your (solution)
label. errors (wrong solution) or with
sign) and with minor errors There are too
proper label. (wrong sign) and many (6 or more)
has proper label. minor errors that
lead to incorrect

**plus 2 if you create your own story

**minus 1 (everyday) for late submissions

**minus 5 (if the required number of questions is not met)