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Turbine Startup Procedure

Following things to be checked before startup of the turbine

1. After Long period / Short period of Turbine Shut- Down, Turbine auxiliaries like
a AOP, EOP, Turning gear pump, Auxiliary water pump, COP, CEP, MCW,
Cooling tower fans and oil Centrifuge service trial has been taken to know the
right condition of the system.
2. Check the 505E Woodward governing program for Lifting of MIV (ESV), HP &
LP governing system.
3. Check the turbine Lube oil level at Oil tank and maintained the level as required.
4. Oil centrifuge should be taken in to service before start of AOP and barring gear.
5. 8-Hrs before start up of the turbine, AOP & Barring gear should be taken for
better lubrication.
6. Turbine Lube oil temperature should maintain between 41C to 44C for better
lubrication before startup of the Turbine.
7. With reference to the turbine lube oil temperature oil cooler should be taken to the
8. Before startup of the Turbine open all MIV drains, Extraction drains, Casing
drains and Ejector drains to remove the condensate present in the piping.
9. Maintain the Water level in Hotwell by 50%. By operating CEP & water line
coming from the Feed water tank.

Things to be Check up from the Boiler Side

1. After getting the boiler pressure at 87 Kg/cm, 510c. Charge the main steam line
coming from the Boiler by operating the Bypass valve near the MSSV.
2. Charge the CSDH.
3. Charge the steam line coming from the CSDH to Turbine in let.
4. Check the parameters of the steam coming from the Boiler.

Start-up Procedure

1. Start the A.O.P. Observe the oil pressure at Turbine, gearbox and Generator
Bearings and it should above 1.2 Kg/cm.
2. Put turbine in the barring gear position 8hr before startup of the turbine.
3. Open the bypass valve of steam to turbine near the C.S.D.H header.
4. Open the bypass valve of the ESV for warming the turbine casing up to 400C of
inlet steam temperatures.
5. Start the gland Ejector fan and open the outlet damper.
6. Open all the First stage, Second stage and hogger ejector drain valves.
7. Operate the Auxiliary steam valve and maintain the pressure of 26 Kg/cm @
350C for charging the ejector system.
8. Full open the hogger ejector steam valve.
9. Open the air valve and maintain the condenser vacuum pressure up to -0.5
10. After getting the steam pressure up to 0.5Kg/cm operate the Main steam
ejector steam valves.
11. Operate the sealing steam control valve to maintain the steam pressure between
the 0.1 to 0.2 kg/cm.
12. Up to 0.9Kg/cm of Condenser pressure vacuum pulling is to be carried out.
13. After getting the condenser pressure of -0.9Kg/Cm close hogger air and steam
14. Start the Control oil pump & maintain the pressure up to 15Kg/Cm to
15. Maintain the lube oil temperature between 40C to 45C before rolling the
16. Operate the MCW pumps before rolling the turbine.
17. Reset the fault reset in DCS.
18. After getting the turbine reset fault normal in DCS, press the governor clear push
button. Check the heavy fault alarm normal in governor panel.
19. Push the turbine clear button at governor panel.
20. Check the E.S.S.V, 1st Extraction and 2nd Extraction free at governor panel.
21. Push the start button of Turbine at governor panel.
22. After getting the turbine speed up to 750 rpm allow it for 35Min in cold start up
and 15 min in hot condition.
23. Press the turbine rated push button at governor panel.
24. Check the vibrations and sound of turbine at bearings, gearbox, generator and
thrust bearings especially during the critical zone between 1880 to 2500 rpm.
25. After getting the turbine speed of 6231rpm synchronize with Grid Power.
26. Check the turbine expansion and maintain above 4mm.
27. Check the rotor differential expansion at governor panel and maintain below 2.2
mm/sec and raise the load.
28. Check the remote input speed and actual speed the difference between two is
maintained below 150rpm.
29. Start the APC Mode at 5MW.
30. Check the bearing Temperature and vibrations at full rated load (i.e. 16.8MW)