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1. Advertising and sales promotion techniques used by retail businesses

with special reference to big bazaar
2. Advertising strategy of max new york life insurance company ltd.
3. To understand the international marketing, advertising and promotion
strategies of nokia
4. Brand identity of lux
5. Product strategies of private life insurance companies
6. Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector
7. Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer
8. Study on creation of luxury brand
9. Strategies used to build successful internet based customer services
10. Study of awareness and acceptability of upvc windows and door
11. Changing trends in fmcg industry in India
12. Study of consumer behavior in automobile industry
13. Customer buying behavior towards insurance products
14. Promotion strategies followed in insurance sector
15. Study on changing consumer preference towards organized
16. From un-organized retailing.
17. Study on "impact of advertising in b2b marketing"
18. Distribution network & general insurance industry
19. A study on distribution channels in aluminum industry
20. Study on strategies for promoting retailers' brands
21. Study of operations & marketing of chemical goods in ssi
22. Marketing in fmcg sector
23. E-marketing of financial services: relationship approach
24. Understanding cross cultural literacy in international business
25. The study of operations & marketing of Indian pharmaceutical
26. Impact of promotional activities at mall on consumers behavior
at shopping malls
27. A study on Indian pharmaceutical industry
28. Managing of luxury brands
29. Study on factors influencing adaptability & usability of consumer
30. Study of consumer behavior related to different soap brands in
31. Impact of small car segment on two-wheeler industry
32. Influence of branding on consumer purchasing behavior
33. Analysis of factors influencing in selection of mobile service
providers in Hyderabad
34. Impact of nano on two wheeler industry
35. Study and analysis of market potential of pvc windows and doors
36. Consumer behavior towards public sector and private sector
37. Analysis of sales promotions ability to prompt brand
38. Measuring effectiveness of display system for chocolate in retail
39. Choosing retail locations for shopping in India (retail industry)
40. Integrated marketing communications (imc)
41. Analysis of the role of outdoor advertising and establishing
strategies for managing space
42. Consumer perception of m-commerce
43. A study of customer perception of service quality dimension in
insurance industry
44. Study on medical tourism and growth of health care sector
45. Innovations in marketing in electronic and it companies
46. Perceptual mapping of two-wheeler industry
47. Study on perception of customers on mutual fund advertisement
48. Customer perception of online purchases in Hyderabad
49. Impact of customer relationship management (crm) on
communication industry
50. A study on 'ready to eat' food industry and comparative analysis
of 'ready to eat'
51. A study on assessing the factors leading to the purchase of bikes
52. Comparative analysis of urban and semi urban buying behavior
53. A study on e-marketing of financial services: relationship
54. Consumer's perception towards branded jewellery" - a study
55. The study of customer perceptions towards ayurvedic health
56. The study of customer perceptions towards ayurvedic health
57. An analysis of possible strategies for successful internet based
customer services"
58. Analyzing the scope of advertising in real estate sector in India
59. A study on the perception of the potential customers towards
electric cars"
60. A study of consumer behavior towards life insurance products in
61. Analysis of the effectiveness of branding on luxury products
62. A study on changing importance of various media vehicles of
63. Study of factors which influence the location of retail outlet"
64. A comparative study on customer's perception towards credit
cards offered by nationalized banks and mnc banks
65. A study on the effectiveness of using banks as a channel for
selling life insurance products
66. A study of buyer behavior towards after-sales-service of
electronic products"
67. Study of consumer behavior related to different bathing soap
brands in Hyderabad
68. Customer perception towards foreign retailers entering India"
69. A study on consumer's perception on micro insurance schemes
70. A study on consumer perception towards service quality of
internet banking"
71. A study on consumer behavior with reference to preference of
brands in cellular phones"
72. Analysis of factors influencing in selection of major gsm service
providers in Hyderabad & secunderabad
73. Effects of negative word of mouth communication on brand
74. A study on impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in
insurance industry": customer perspective
75. Study of awareness and acceptability of upvc windows and door
76. A study on the impact of loyalty programs on consumer purchase
behavior and loyalty"
77. Consumer behavior towards public sector and private sector
78. Study on changing consumer preference towards organized
retailing from un-organized retailing
79. A survey of market potential of upvc windows and doors in
80. A study on consumers' perception towards luxury car segment"
81. Study on consumer perception of organized retailing in India"
82. Effectiveness of e-crm in insurance industry by mobile service"
83. A study on effectiveness of online social networks and user
84. Developing a communication strategy for cycle brand agarbathi
at ad factors pr pvt ltd
85. Consumer behavior towards electronic security solutions,
analysis of competitive strength & market visibility of Tata Honeywell
security solutions in some city
86. Brand perception of Samsung a dealers survey in Hyderabad
87. Distributors perception towards asm's, sales executives & the
coca-cola company
88. A comparative study of Karnataka and Kerala consumers buying
89. Behavior towards branded cloth in Bangalore city
90. Buyer's behavior towards electronic security systems in hospitals
and hotels with reference to the marketing department
91. A comparative study of tamilian & andharite consumers buying
behavior towards branded clothes in Hyderabad city
92. Understanding the qualities & attributes of a medical
representative through doctors & medical representatives
93. Comparison between Samsung and other consumer durable
94. Competitive analysis of airtel compared to other service
95. Policy holders attitude and satisfaction
96. Marketing strategy adopted for selling different mobiles
97. Effective retail distribution in insurance
98. Customer perception on mutual fund
99. Customer perception on performance of mutual fund
100. Customer perception for online trading
101. Customer taste and preference
102. Customer satisfaction
103. Customer preference towards photo studio
104. Customer behavior
105. Customer awareness
106. Customer preference towards promotional activities
107. Brand image
108. Brand preference
109. Comparative study on brand loyalty
110. Consumer preference towards branded and assembled
111. Developing marketing strategies
112. Distribution & promotional strategies
113. Effectiveness of rural distribution
114. A study on effectiveness of after sales service