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1. Peter _____ not French.

a. am
b. are
c. were
d. is

2. I am going travelling _____ myself.

a. on
b. from
c. by
d. with

3. Excuse me, _____ the train station?

a. gives there
b. where is
c. where are
d. are there

4. Is Susan in the garden? Yes, _____ is.

a. it
b. she
c. those
d. they

5. Which language _____ in Austria?

a. should they speak
b. do they speak
c. are they speaking
d. do they talk

6. The bathroom is _____ the first floor.

a. on
b. in
c. of
d. up

7. The hotel _____ room service.

a. have not
b. doesn't have
c. don't have
d. has not
8. _____ going?
a. Who is he
b. What is he
c. Where is he
d. Was is he

9. I _____ at six, every weekday evening.

a. finish work
b. final work
c. finishes work
d. finishing work

10. _____ the afternoon we could go for a walk.

a. On
b. Of
c. From
d. In

11. _____ is David? - I think he is 26 years old.

a. Why
b. How old
c. Who
d. Where

12. What _____ for dinner? - Pasta, please.

a. could you like
b. have you like
c. would you like
d. does you like

13. The meeting will begin _____ nine in the morning. Please don't _____
a. at / by
b. on / be
c. on / by
d. at / be
14. That car is _____ than mine.
a. still expensive
b. expensiver
c. more expensive
d. expensive

15. We don't have _____ of those items.

a. any
b. that
c. these
d. this

16. What time are we _____ Grandma's house tomorrow?

a. to go
b. going to
c. going for
d. going

17. You _____ when you have finished writing that report.
a. can left
b. can leaves
c. can leaving
d. can leave

18. The person _____ lives next door is on holiday.

a. where
b. he
c. which
d. who

19. The holiday _____ fantastic! We had a great time.

a. is
b. be
c. was
d. where

20. He drives a black car, _____ he?

a. will
b. won't
c. do
d. doesn't
21. Where is the post office? It is _____ there.
a. by
b. from
c. over
d. at

22. Is Amina in the office today? - Yes, she _____.

a. were
b. is
c. was
d. be

23. If you _____ good grades, we will buy you a car.

a. get
b. doing
c. getting
d. do

24. You _____ your passport.

a. need to
b. will need
c. will needed
d. have need

25. I hope _____ rain tomorrow.

a. it doesn't
b. it not
c. it don't
d. why

26. _____ what day do you leave?

a. In
b. Of
c. From
d. On
27. I would love to go for a drink, but I don't _____ enough time.
a. would have
b. will have
c. had
d. have

28. The letter _____ this morning.

a. have been delivered
b. has delivered
c. will be delivering
d. was delivered

29. I will mow the lawn, but only if I _____.

a. must to
b. had to
c. haven't to
d. have to

30. She speaks the language very _____.

a. nice
b. super
c. well
d. excellent

31. The singer was popular because he knew _____ the crowd.
a. to be entertaining
b. how to entertains
c. how to entertaining
d. how to entertain

32. I love chips! - _____!

a. So do I
b. I too
c. So do me
d. I do so

33. Let's go somewhere less noisy, _____ we?

a. shall
b. will
c. don't
d. do
34. I am really _____ your party.
a. excited to
b. exciting about
c. excited about
d. exciting to

35. He is a friend _____.

a. of mine
b. of my
c. of me
d. from me

36. How _____ your trip?

a. make
b. are
c. was
d. were

37. Please _____ me to post that letter.

a. remember
b. rememmbered
c. reminder
d. remind

38. The dog ran _____ after the rabbit.

a. quicker
b. quickly
c. quick
d. quickest

39. He's thinking of _____ Alaska this year.

a. to go
b. going to
c. going of
d. to go to

40. I wish I _____ more time.

a. has
b. have
c. haven't
d. had
41. I would travel more if it _____so expensive.
a. didn't
b. doesn't
c. isn't
d. wasn't

42. It's good, but I am not _____ satisfied.

a. completely
b. loyally
c. understandably
d. relatively

43. They don't deliver the letters themselves. They _____ a separate
delivery service.
a. use
b. make use
c. uses
d. have use

44. He was very brave _____ of the dangers involved.

a. despite
b. even with
c. in spite
d. even though

45. It's important that you _____ attention during class. Otherwise you won't
learn anything.
a. make
b. pay
c. do
d. get

46. She _____ me a letter last week.

a. send
b. sends
c. sended
d. sent
47. He is _____ a very good chef.
a. supposed
b. believed to be
c. considered of
d. famous for

48. Why _____ we go to Italy this year?

a. do
b. does
c. doesn't
d. don't

49. I _____ that is a good idea.

a. don't think
b. don't thought
c. don't thinks
d. doesn't think

50. He moved to Paris _____ find employment.

a. in order
b. in order to
c. to order
d. in order for

51. Make sure that this information is kept strictly _____.

a. confident
b. confide
c. confidential
d. confidence

52. Are you sure that you _____ all the questions on the exam this morning.
a. answered
b. to answer
c. had answered
d. are answering

53. It has been a _____ bad year for rain.

a. particularly
b. formatively
c. locally
d. optimistically
54. The job sounds fantastic and I am _____ to get started.
a. wanting
b. eager
c. frequent
d. readying

55. He might not notice right away, but he will notice _____.
a. completely
b. conclusively
c. formatively
d. eventually

56. There _____ a mistake in your calculations.

a. could appear
b. is made
c. appears to be
d. makes

57. We _____ your trip next weekend.

a. hoped you enjoy
b. hope you enjoy
c. hopes you enjoy
d. hope you enjoyed

58. It is always nice _____ you.

a. to hearing from
b. hearing of
c. to hear of
d. to hear from

59. We would appreciate your _____ attention during the seminar.

a. complete
b. completely
c. completing
d. completed

60. If there is anything we can help you with; please _____.

a. you let us know
b. let us be known
c. let us know
d. be letting us know
61. We _____ long before the repair man arrived.
a. wasn't waiting for
b. didn't have to wait
c. wasn't
d. didn't waiting

62. Time and money are both major _____.

a. budgets
b. fictions
c. findings
d. factors

63. I set myself _____, but I think it is good to be ambitious.

a. top targets
b. high standards
c. obvious goals
d. great objectives

64. A little common sense can help _____ silly accidents.

a. avoidance
b. caution
c. prevent
d. disturb

65. The details of last week's meeting were recorded in the _____.
a. memos
b. minutes
c. folders
d. files

66. May I _____ a small thought?

a. intrude
b. intermission
c. interlude
d. interject
67. The soup was _____, but also very _____.
a. tasted / spiced
b. tasty / spiced
c. tasty / spicy
d. tasted / spicy

68. The business was operating on a very tight _____.

a. funds
b. policy
c. budget
d. lending

69. The bank asked for _____ because of the risks involved.
a. credit
b. collateral
c. bonus
d. loan

70. She considered all her options before making the _____.
a. investment
b. liabilities
c. assets
d. funding

71. She _____ half her salary to charity.

a. permitted
b. credited
c. donated
d. allowed

72. Banks charge _____ on their loans.

a. funds
b. interests
c. commissions
d. interest

73. He needed to go to the bank to make a _____.

a. loan
b. deposit
c. accounts
d. credit