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Different roles of manager

1. Informational roles
Regular update in various new strategies to be played
Receives information given by BOD/CEO and passes to its staff
Also receives information from outside the organization and supplies in
Monitor branch profit
Monitor whether the bank is in the planned path or not.
Find information in the dynamic environment
Should clear the information among the staff members
2. Decisional role
Gives decision in critical conditions
Generating new ideas and implementing them successfully
Make decisions in investing in a particular risk,
Decisions in portfolio investment
Creates plan and control the changes in the bank
If conflict arises in bank, must make decision in settlement of conflict
Manage the conflict in such a way so that only profit can be extracted
Any disturbance in process, he should take a charge
Acts as a mediator in making various decisions
Acts as negotiator
Make decisions in giving loan to right persons
Making decisions in the staff roles
Decisions in interest rates
Determine the resources in the bank
Should extract out the best human resources within the staffs
Make decision in funding
3. Interpersonal role
Should acts as a source of inspiration in staff members
Should give the spirit of working in staff members
Must be social with every staffs and non-staffs
Fulfill the legal requirements
Should be responsible
Maintain good relations with every member and non-members
Be leader for the team
Evaluate the performance of the staffs
Communicate with internal and external contracts
Should network effectively on the behalf of the bank
Challenges that he is facing

Should maintain balance between personal life and official life

Should deal with various personalities
He has to motivate various staffs and workers
He has to continuously examine workers performance
He has to maintain the limited resources

Different Problems that he is facing are

Resources problems
Lack of skilled manpower
Budget problem
Turnover risk
Liquidity risk

Measures used

Different risk tools

Various strategies