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Pramata Fast Facts

General Info Key Customers

Privately held
Founded In: 2005
Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area | 8000 Marina Blvd., Suite 120 | Brisbane, California
Additional Offices: Kansas City, MO | Bangalore, India
Web Address:
Twitter: @PramataCorp

Executive Team

Praful Saklani, Co-founder & CEO Brian Fisher, VP of Engineering

Brice Elliott, Executive VP, Sales David Munn, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Caroline Japic, Chief Marketing Officer Sylvia Menezes, Head of India Operations
Justin Schweisberger, VP of Operations GP Ravikumar, Director of India Operations

Key Partnerships

DocuSign, Salesforce

Core Products

Pramata Customer Relationship Intelligence Platform

Pramata Digitization as a Service (DaaS)
Pramata Digital Intelligence Hub


Sales Effectiveness
Empower your sales teams to better grow and retain customers through proactive insight to help
them find opportunities faster and operate more efficiently.

Business Performance
Equip finance, compliance and customer ops teams to better mobilize customers, ensure fulfillment,
track customer compliance and develop strategies for optimizing pricing and profitability.

Contract Management
Enable legal, finance, and compliance teams to understand your agreements, remain compliant with
regulations and obligations, and develop best practice strategies in contracting.

Corporate Value Proposition Customers Speak

Grow and Transform Your Most Valuable Customer Relationships Pramata is helping us improve

Pramata customers know the only way to eliminate the information gaps and make
the retention of at risk revenue
the most effective decisions at every stage of the customer value lifecycle is to by 4.5 percent, and increase
active selling time for our sales
yy Unlock the foundational information buried in your complex
team by 15 percent. That is
customer contracts
an extraordinary return on a
yy Digitize and refine that information to within 99% accuracy, then intelligently
combine it with relevant data from your CRM and billing systems modest investment.
yy Place this meaningful intelligence in the hands of the people who need Jim Rose
it to fuel downstream processes across sales, finance and operations VP - Sales Effectiveness
yy Accelerate revenue, manage compliance risk and grow your most CenturyLink
valuable customers

We started by centralizing
The Pramata Difference contracts but quickly came
to see the real power of this
Where Customer Value and the Revenue Lifecycle Meet and are Transformed solution. Pramata helped us
Your most valuable customer relationships are also your most complexhighly realize the end game when we
negotiated, long-standing, frequently changing. This complexity often creates were still at the beginning.
havoc for the people who regularly engage with your customers to both provide
Chris Courts
and grow valuewhether in the sales process, in service delivery or in back Assistant General Counsel
office operations. Novelis
Often this complexity leads to costly gaps within the revenue lifecycle because of
chronic misinformation. And these gaps open up serious revenue leakage at the
rate of millions per quarter, while also inviting in significant compliance risk.

Your CRM, billing system, even tribal knowledgethese information sources cant
tell the whole story. The missing link? The tangible information found only in your
signed, complex customer contracts.

In Pramata, customers find a unique solution that injects immediate value into
the revenue cycle, but also underlies their larger digital transformation strategies.
What begins as the digitization of complex contract information quickly becomes
a transformational solution for enriching all downstream customer processes and
business decisions. By applying greater meaning and context to that information
and placing it in the hands of the people who need it most to sell, service, operate
and retain value throughout the customer lifecycle.

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