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The embedded industrys most High-performance

microkernel design
popular real-time operating system At the heart of the VxWORKS run-
time system is the highly efficient
WIND Microkernel. This microkernel
VxWORKS, the runtime component complex product designs; reliable, supports a full range of real-time
of the TORNADO II embedded used in mission-critical applications features, including fast multitask-
development platform, is the most ranging from anti-lock braking ing, interrupt support, and both
widely adopted real-time operating systems to interplanetary explo- preemptive and round-robin
system (RTOS) in the embedded ration; compatible, works with scheduling. The microkernel
industry. With a reputation for numerous industry standards; and design minimizes system overhead
performance, flexibility, compati- available, can run on all popular and enables fast, deterministic
bility, and scalability, VxWORKS CPU platforms. response to external events.
provides an extremely reliable The VxWORKS RTOS comprises VxWORKS efficient intertask
runtime platform for embedded the core capabilities of the WIND communications mechanisms
application development. TORNADO Microkernel along with advanced permit independent tasks to
II also includes a comprehensive networking support, powerful coordinate their actions within a
suite of cross-development tools file system and I/O management, real-time system. The developer
and utilities, and a full range of and support for C++ and other may design applications using
communications options from the runtime standards. These core shared memory (for simple sharing
host connection to the target. capabilities can be combined with of data), message queues, sema-
VxWORKS is flexible, with more add-on operating system runtime phores, events and pipes (for
than 1800 powerful application extensions available from Wind intertask communications within
program interfaces (APIs); scalable, River and its wide range of a CPU), sockets and remote proce-
from the simplest to the most Partner Program partners. dure calls (for network-transparent
communication), and signals (for
exception handling). For controlling
TORNADO II DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT critical system resources, several
types of semaphores are provided
binary, counting, and mutual
TORNADO 2.2 Embedded Development Tools

VxWORKS 5.5 Scalable Runtime System exclusion with priority inheritance.
Core TORNADO Tools Real-time Embedded Application

Compiler Debugger
Scalable runtime software
Graphics Java Support VxWORKS is designed for scala-
Project Facility
POSIX Library File Systems bility, enabling developers to
TORNADO Dynamic Visualization Tools
allocate scarce memory resources
Target Server

I/O Management
RTOS Event and Object Analysis
to their application, rather than to
Multiprocessing Virtual Memory
Application Data and Event Analysis
the operating system. From
Networking Protocols
deeply embedded designs requir-
Code Coverage Analysis Ethernet
Serial Line ing a few kilobytes of memory, to
Debug WIND Microkernel
Memory Analysis Custom Agent Core OS
complex high-end real-time
Source Code Execution Analysis
Hardware BSP
systems (where more operating
Wind River Reference Hardware
system functions are needed), the
Third-party Tools JTAG/BDM
developer may choose from over
100 different options, to create
highly customize configurations. POSIX compliance BSPs, Wind River offers specifi-
Individual modules may be used VxWORKS supports the POSIX cation details for chip evaluation
in development and omitted in 1003.1b and POSIX 1003.1c and early hardware and software
production systems. specifications and basic system development.
Furthermore, these individual calls in the 1003.1 specification, VxWORKS also supports a full
subsystems are themselves scal- including process primitives, files line of optional hardware-assisted
able, allowing the developer to and directories, I/O primitives, tools to aid in the entire develop-
optimally configure VxWORKS language services, and directory ment cycle, from board bring-up
runtime software for the widest handling. In addition, VxWORKS to real-time trace and data
range of applications. For example, adheres to the final approved acquisition. The hardware-assisted
individual functions may be removed standard for POSIX 1003.1b Real- tools are integrated within the
from the ANSI C runtime library, Time Extensions, including TORNADO II tools to allow develop-
or specific kernel synchronization POSIX-compliant asynchronous ers to access and debug their
objects may be omitted if they are I/O, counting semaphores, application from a familiar devel-
not required by the application. message queues, signals, memory opment environment. These tools
Also, TCP, UDP, sockets, and management (page locking), and extend the power of Tornado
standard Berkeley network services scheduling control. The pThreads development to designs that do
can all be scaled in or out of the implementation of POSIX 1003.1c not have Ethernet ports or to
networking stack as necessary. comes standard in VxWORKS. debugging Ethernet drivers.
These configuration options
can be easily selected by means Broad silicon support Operating system accessories
of the TORNADO II project facili- Wind River supports a wide range Accessory products give developers
tys graphical interface. of the latest RISC and CISC archi- access to an unprecedented
Developers can also use TORNA- tectures so users can select the range of features and help to
DO IIs auto-scaling feature, which right silicon for their designs. extend the VxWORKS platform.
automatically analyzes application VxWORKS open design is highly These products include the BSP
code and incorporates the appro- portable and complete across all Developers Kit (included as
priate options. supported processors, allowing standard), support for flash file
application migration between systems with TrueFFS for
Comprehensive networking architectures with minimal effort. Tornado, support for graphics
facilities applications, Java, virtual memory
VxWORKS was the first real-time Easy porting to custom hardware management with VxVMI,
operating system to integrate Architecture support is strength- multiprocessing with VxMP
industry-standard TCP/IP ened by the availability of the and VxFusion, and connectivity
networking facilities optimized industry's broadest selection through the Common Object
for real-time applications. This of validated Board Support Model (COM, included as standard)
tradition of innovation continues Packages (BSPs). BSPs provide and the USB Developers Kit.
with standard support for the users with a turnkey software
latest Berkeley networking package that enables VxWORKS
features, including: to run out of the box on Wind
Rivers extensive set of evaluation
BSD 4.4 TCP/IP networking boards, as well as many third-
IP, IGMP, CIDR, TCP, UDP, ARP party evaluation boards, reference
RIP v1/v2 boards, and popular COTS boards.
Standard Berkeley sockets, The BSP Developers Kit
zbufs (a.k.a., zero-copy sockets) enables developers to easily use
SLIP, CSLIP VxWORKS with custom hardware;
BOOTP, DNS, DHCP, TFTP for developers using commercial
NFS, SUN RPC hardware, over 200 BSPs are
FTP, rlogin, rsh, telnet available. When developing a BSP
SNTP for a custom board, developers
can choose from a vast array of
Wind River also supports optional standard device drivers provided
WINDNET and WINDMANAGE for all target architectures.
products, and augments these core
technologies with the industrys Hardware reference designs
most extensive networking and tools
development environment, In addition to offering Wind
available through the Wind River Rivers hardware reference
Partner Program. designs with VxWORKS-ready
Target development features
Features Full ANSI C compliance and enhanced C++ features
for exception handling and template support
WIND Microkernel
Extensive POSIX 1003.1, .1b, .1c compatibility
Efficient task management
(including pThreads)
Multitasking, unlimited number of tasks
Interactive C interpreter target shell
Preemptive and round-robin scheduling
Symbolic debugging and disassembly
Fast, deterministic context switching
Powerful performance monitoring
256 priority levels
Extensive kernel, task, and system
Fast, flexible intertask communications
information utilities
Binary, counting, and mutual exclusion
Dynamic linking loader
semaphores with priority inheritance
Libraries of over 1800 APIs
VxWORKS events
Auto-scale feature
Local and distributed message queues
Flexible booting from ROM, flash, local disk, or
POSIX pipes, counting semaphores, message
over the network
queues, signals, and scheduling
Highly scalable design allows for wide range
Control sockets
of applications
Shared memory
System-level debugging via Ethernet, serial line,
Highly flexible design allows for wide range
JTAG, BDM or custom
of applications
Hardware bring-up via JTAG or BDM (optional)
High scalability footprint
Incremental linking and loading of components
Supported VxWORKS 5.x targets*
Fast, efficient interrupt and exception handling
Motorola / IBM PowerPC
Optimized floating-point support
Motorola ColdFire
Dynamic memory management
Motorola 68K/CPU32
System clock and timing facilities
Intel Architecture family (Pentium)
Intel StrongArm and XScale Microarchitectures
Networking support included as standard
Fast, flexible I/O and local file system
POSIX asynchronous I/O and directory handling
Hitachi SuperH
SCSI support
MS-DOS compatible file system
Raw disk file system
TrueFFS flash file system - optional
ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system * For latest target availability information, please
PCMCIA support contact your local Wind River sales representative.

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