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Ken Aisa G.

NL/LG Leader: Jill Boyonas/Joie Bajo

Intercession, as how I have come to know it, is bridging between the gap
the gap between God and other people, people who havent yet known Him, people
who doesnt know how to pray yet. Honestly, when I heard of such definition of
intercession, I began becoming fascinated by such thing. How is it to intercede? Can
I do it? Am I already doing it? After a lot of prayer and meditation, I realized quite a
number of things about it. I study the bible and I always look at the life of Jesus
there. I always try to understand how he lived his life on earth. I look at how he
deals with his disciples, how he thinks, how he does things. And one thing Ive
noticed was that Jesus had a lot of time spent alone with God. He always prays and I
believe it was the true kind of prayer because every time he comes out from his
time of solitude in prayer, that is also when miracles take place. I want that, I said
to myself. I want to know how it is to really pray. Then I remembered the time when
Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane. He asked his disciples to go with him and
to pray for him as well. That was the first time I had a glimpse of how Jesus prayed.
He cried his whole self out. He cried in intercession. Jesus was interceding for
himself. That whole time he was praying was so powerful that even the first time I
read the passage of it, I was moved to tears. I somehow felt the heaviness that
Jesus was feeling that time. I want to pray as well, not just a cute prayer, but a
prayer like thata prayer that really involves ones whole spirit and soul, a prayer
done with a mans everything. The verse said that as he was praying more
earnestly, his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. That shows how
intense Jesuss prayer was. He was giving his whole self out in prayer. His prayer
really has a connectionconnection to the Father, by the spirit. That was
intercession. It is said that Jesus was the great intercessor. I believe he was
interceding for us too, that we may come to know God for who He really is, that we
may go back home to Him. With these thoughts, I prayed to God that He may open
my eyes, open my heart that I too may be able to intercede just like Jesus for with
eyes, I mean spiritual eyes still blinded, one cannot connect to God and therefore,
cannot connect other people to God as well.
Intercession has never been real to me until one prayer meeting where I
knew I just cried everything to God. Its just like a woman in labor; it was as if I was
pushing all the burden inside out of my body. I didnt even know what it was. I just
know that I need to pray for people. I just knew that I know and see something that
they have to see themselves. After pushing everything out, I knew it was a success.
I started to see and believe for breakthroughs in my family, lifegroup, finances, and
in many more areas of my life. I started to have the boldness I never was familiar of
before. I cant really explain it but I knew that something changed. I felt the
freedom. I knew that something happened. And true enough, when I had my
lifegroup that week, the atmosphere changed. People became more open. Their
eyes twinkle as they listen to the word. Its like theyre filled with amazement and
awe. After that meeting, they started to randomly share some changes in their
lives. By then, I really decided to myself to intercede moreto draw people more to
God. Faith started to arise and even longing for more of it, to see more, to bring out
more. I knew by then that anything and everything could happen through
intercession. Intercession is one of the things I consider home. It is a sanctuary; it is
where I and the people around me grow, it is where I could and would always go
back to. Theres a lot more to say about it, only that it cannot fit in just a single
page. hmm