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MARCH 12, 2017

Written & Compiled By

Danny Thakkar
CEO & Co-Founder

The global biometrics
market will increase to
$15 billion this year from
an estimated $7 million
dollar just three years

The parent organization of

Biometric technology is identifying individuals be user friendly and agile so that transactions
based on their unique physiological or can be handled quickly leading to profit
behavioural characteristics such as fingerprint, maximization. Thus modern day POS systems
iris, voice, face etc. Due to this characteristic need a sophisticated technology which can
biometric technology is highly accurate and assure reliability, security, accountability and
reliable. There are many types of biometric quickness. Biometric technology such as
technology such as fingerprint recognition, fingerprint identification can meet all these
voice recognition, iris scanning etc. Biometric criteria without sacrificing precision.
technology has been successfully adopted in
industries such as law enforcement, banking
security, border control, healthcare etc. and its
adoption in POS solutions within the retail
industry is also increasing quite rapidly.

According to Biometrics Research Group, it is

predicted that the global biometrics market will
increase to $15 billion this year from an
estimated $7 million dollar just three years
back. According to another technology firm
Frost and Sullivan, it is predicted that almost
half a billion people will be using biometric
technology equipped smart phones by 2017. So
we can see the tremendous potential of
biometric technology and its adoption in retail
POS will surely provide faster and more secured
ways of managing the business transactions.
The biggest benefit that biometrics could offer Fingerprint POS at ration shops in India (Photo: The
the retail industry is POS payment
authentication because traditional methods In the retail industry, employees traditionally
such as passwords or PINs are considered used swipe cards or password and PINs for
obsolete and vulnerable to security breaches. logins. But these identification methods are
now considered outdated and expensive. Often
WHY ARE BIOMETRIC POS SYSTEMS NEEDED? employees forget or lose their PINs or ID cards
Modern day point of sale software systems leading to unnecessary expenses and
have evolved over the years and so have the productivity interruptions. This in turn could
transactional complexities and nuances of the cause a great financial loss to the business
retail industry. These software systems should owners. Using passwords or ID cards also lead

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to buddy punching and payroll frauds. Buddy possession. Biometrics, on the other hand is
punching is another common problem in the almost fool proof as it is based on the inherent
retail industry in which one employee clocks characteristic of the individual. Fingerprints are
into the POS system for an absent or late unique to each individual and even identical
employee using their ID cards or passwords. twins do not have the same set of fingerprints.
Biometrics is a more accurate method of Hence it is the most accurate form of
identification as they cannot be shared and identification and implementing fingerprint
integrating it in a POS system can help recognition technology in POS systems will
eliminate the loopholes of traditional ensure peace of mind to the retailers and faith
identification systems. Biometric based systems in the POS systems. They will be able to
such as fingerprint recognition can eliminate conduct their retail operations smoothly and
the problems of buddy punching and allow for efficiently while at the same time increasing
more secure manager approvals. Thus employee productivity.
integrating biometric technology in a POS
system can add a lot of value to the customer HOW CAN INTEGRATION OF BIOMETRIC
by boosting accuracy, security and increasing TECHNOLOGY BENEFIT POS SYSTEMS?
the overall efficiency of the business. Even though retailers would like to believe in
the honesty and integrity of their workforce,
FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC TECHNOLOGY IN they still need to adopt loss prevention
POS SYSTEMS technologies in their POS systems that will help
Today's retail industry is fast paced and curb fraudulent transactions, safeguard their
demanding. Business owners have to business and enable profit maximization. A
continuously deal with problems such as payroll report by the U.S. Department of Commerce
theft and POS shrink. Hence they look for estimates that American businesses lose a lot of
secure solutions which can maximize their money due to employee dishonesty which
return on investment (ROI) and allow tracking amounts to more than $50 billion annually. The
the workflow thus eliminating time theft and magnitude of this amount indicates that it is
fraudulent transactions. And at the same time, indeed an arduous task to prevent losses
these solutions should also be cost-effective. happening due to employee thefts. Hence
More and more retailers are choosing to retailers cannot rely on conventional methods
integrate biometric fingerprint recognition in to manage inventory or employees as they
their POS systems as it is affordable, have many loopholes and cannot provide
convenient and the most widely used biometric effective security against frauds.
identification method.
Biometric technology such as fingerprint
Swipe cards or passwords can be stolen and recognition adds an added layer of security to
transactions easily carried out by the individuals POS systems which ensures that only the
having these stolen cards or passwords in their authorised individual can access his account

1743 Park Avenue t. 877.917.3287 (USA)
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and must also be present physically at the time Deploying a biometric fingerprint reader at POS
of transaction. Fingerprint recognition is highly systems helps to seamlessly tie employees to
reliable as it is based on the inherent each sale and ensures accountability of every
characteristic of the individual and also discount, return or gift card transaction. Thus
extremely difficult to spoof under normal retailers now have more control over employee
conditions. Thus it eliminates the problems activity and are able to audit trail every
associated with swipe cards or passwords which completed sale to the sales person. Hence
can be shared among employees and helps in cases where unscrupulous employees scam or
maintaining a concrete audit trail of each rip off retailers through false returns and phony
transaction. transactions can be totally eliminated with the
help of biometric enabled POS systems.
Moreover, there are expenses associated with
replacing a lost or stolen card. Resources also Biometric fingerprint readers allow accurate
need to be spent in resetting a forgotten or capturing of employee time and attendance
compromised password. The IT help desk might data which is critical for efficient workforce
have to spent unnecessary time in resetting management. For hourly employees, the time
forgotten passwords or PINs of employees. A calculations are straightforward and
report by Gartner Research estimates that IT transparent. It is more secured than card based
help desk spend as much as 40% of their time systems which have many loopholes such as
in resetting forgotten PINs. This leads to a huge buddy punching. The benefits of integrating
time drain and affects productivity levels. biometric technology in POS systems are
Integrating biometric fingerprint recognition in immediately realised in terms of reduced time
POS systems will remove any need for and attendance fraud and better adherence to
password management and instead allow retail corporate policies by allowing secure manager
establishments to focus on their core approvals and transaction overrides.
competencies. Employees can securely and
accurately clock in their time with a quick scan Shoppers can also benefit from fingerprint
of their fingerprint. So the need for scanning recognition while making payments at POS
cards or entering PINs are totally eliminated. A terminals. Nowadays, many brick and mortar
biometric enabled POS system will enable businesses such as cafeterias are using
accurate identification of employees and fingerprint solutions in their POS systems that
retailers no longer need to worry about enable their patrons to make payments quickly
employee identity theft. without the need to remember passwords or
Employee time theft and employee retail theft
are the areas contributing to the highest INTEGRATING FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION IN
percentage of point of sale shrink over the past POS SYSTEMS
few years and the numbers continue to rise. Touch N Go is a developer friendly biometric
solution that allows easy integration of

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fingerprint recognition technology into existing quality fingerprints get enrolled. Thus retailers
point of sale systems. The unique nature of the looking to rapidly adopt fingerprint recognition
integration methodology of Touch N Go allows technology in their POS systems can take
for very quick fingerprint integration. In fact, advantage of the many features of Touch N Go
fingerprint integration into existing POS biometric solution.
systems can be accomplished with just four
lines of code and does not take months or CONCLUSION
hours. Even with no prior experience, Touch N We have already discussed the various benefits
Go allows fingerprint recognition to be of biometric technology integration in POS
integrated into applications instantly and with systems. Biometric fingerprint identification is a
no learning curve. cost-effective solution and has proven to be
both durable and reliable. It is a highly accurate
Touch N Go provides the highest level of system that ensures only authorized individuals
security and a solid identity management will have access to POS terminals, networks
infrastructure for existing applications. The GUI and applications. Within the first few months of
is completely pre-developed and ready to use fingerprint integration in POS systems,
and hence developers are not required to spend unauthorised manager overrides are stopped
any time on this component. Also, the client and employee time and attendance fraud are
and server installation takes just a few minutes. eliminated completely. Sophisticated users
clearly recognize the immense benefits of
Touch N Go has support for a variety of investing in biometric technology. The return on
programming languages such as C, Java, .NET investment (ROI) is tangible in terms of
etc. and programmers also have access to the increased employee productivity, improved time
inbuilt applications and source code in different and attendance tracking and customer
languages. It has features such as fingerprint satisfaction. Retailers can have a detailed
deduplication and fingerprint quality checks. perspective of their business which allows them
These checks are performed in the background to run their operations securely and efficiently.
to ensure that duplicate fingerprints do not get
enrolled in the system and also only the best

1743 Park Avenue t. 877.917.3287 (USA)
San Jose, CA, 95126 t. 408.940.3955 (INT)


CEO & Co-Founder
Danny Thakkar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bayometric,
one of the leading biometric solution providers in the
world. He has been in the Biometric Industry for 10+
years and has extensive experience across public and
private sector verticals. Currently, he is chief evangelist for
Touch N Go.

1743 Park Avenue t. 877.917.3287 (USA)
San Jose, CA, 95126 t. 408.940.3955 (INT)
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