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The new moon, and the solar eclipse. What does this mean for Humanity...well...
Earth becomes a 5th dimensional sun which equals, the Birth of a Star Nation. We
lcome Home Everyone. We Come Home Everyone.
Star Nation Activation.
Human Consciousness is ready.
Unity Wave

Enlightened Unity, Galactically. Activation in process.

One Equal ALL, ALL Equal One. We Are The One, Equal to the ALL. Humanity is equa
lity, made manifest, as well as, made of Spirit, Universally and Multi-Dimension
ally. Got Yours?
To begin, again, Awakening is always fresh and new, cause Awakening is the path
of enlightenment. Who is walking on the path? And where does the path lead? The
path is always here and Now, enjoy the step of your journey as Love, the Stairwa
y to Heaven. When you fully arrive you find us.
Equality is the true state of Being Present. Everyone in the Oneness, everyone t
hen comes home.
See, a star nation is welcomed into the galactic Presence, when there Planet has
become a fifth dimensional sun. That means all the lights are on, with Love as
the brilliance. Simple as Being Present, as a God in manifestation, equal to all
God is, throughout the within of all Love Being shared equally, universally.
This is the joy of humanity's arrival into complete Awakening, which is just the
beginning again unto the higher levels of human Consciousness.
Out of duality and into the light, after all, soon is the end of the 6th night.
Within each human heart, there exists an equal Being, an equal Being to the high
est possible thought, of the one Love Present. When all of the human hearts are
unified in equality the Oneness of this star nation is glorified completely. We
lcome home everyone.
Transmitted from the Galactic Central Sun.

Your Family of Love, ALL of Us.


James Gilliand March 24, 2010 interview
New Website:
It's looking like we're gonna go with to host our new site. It's still un
der construction, but feel free to join:

â We are the Worldâ Dedicated to those on the Gulf Coast

WE are supported by your donations and care packages. We have just begun the ear
ly stages of setting up the base camp for The Company of Heaven and We could ver
y much use your assistence in this for the grander of everyone. Serve Love, Mean
s you are serving you. Thank you for making a donation today! We really could ut
ilize the funds for the Benefit of the All right Now!
Also We have just begun building the Heart Medicine Wheel for The Planet, made f
rom the Pure Energy of Love. This is part of The Healing Process for Mother Eart
h and all of Humanity. We will have until July 17th to complete this For all of
You. We will be providing pictures as We go, and the completion of this. If you
would like to see any of your special stones or crystals placed in this wheel, y
ou can mail them to
Kingdom of Heaven
PO Box 881
Crestone, Co 81131
We will also be happy to send you a picture of where your stone or crystal has b
een placed in the wheel. This Heart Wheel is Being utilized by Spirit to bring i
n the Real â Spillâ that is occuring and that is â The Light Spillâ , overflowing abun
source energy. This is Our Gift to All of You, in the Name of the Highest Love!!
It will also be utilized as a physical transmitter to the Planet, directly conn
ected to the Starships. Please Be In Joy!! This is From all of us to all of you
, the Moment has come.
Urgent Request from Mike Quinsey to Support Steve Beckow. We Also concur, that E
veryday is the Day to Celebrate the Arrival of this inevitable event. Start Now,
Spread the Word.
Hi Friends, [ Mike Quinsey]
I often have people Email me asking what they can do to bring about the changes.
For this reason, I am sending out Steve Beckow's call to establish "World Discl
osure Day" on August 1st. 2010, and he seeks peoples support.
I feel that many of you would like to support his aims,
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.
Steve Beckow:
I understand from the New York Times (1) that I missed World UFO Day, July 2, 20
10. I'm greatly disappointed. But not to worry. I have the remedy. Let's host an
other festive event.
By the right vested in me as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth (the same right
vested in you), I declare Sunday, August 1, 2010, to be â World Disclosure Dayâ (WD2
I invite every citizen of Earth on that day to express him or herself in the bes
t possible way to invite our galactic family, (2) who currently are situated abo
ve this planet in spaceships of varying size and shape, in different times, spac
es, and dimensions, to disclose their presence.
If the galactics do not respond on Sunday, August 1, by that same right vested i
n me (and you), I hereby declare the first Sunday of each month to be World Disc
losure Day until the galactics are assured of their welcome and agree to reveal
themselves to us.
I say this understanding the following:
(1) That the galactics around this planet are overwhelmingly of friendly and vir
tuous character and are here to assist us with the planetary transformation expe
cted at the end of the present age or cycle in December 2012.
(2) That the galactics are servants of the same God that we are and led by highe
r councils of friendly and virtuous character whose reason for being here is to
save this planet from the destruction towards which it was rapidly heading in an
age of nuclear destruction and world wars.
(3) That the time has arrived for the Earth to assume its place among the family
of civilizations, with their help and guidance, ending our isolation from the p
eople of other planets and stars.
Lest one think that the occasion is only one of joy and celebration, let me add
that it has a very sober and serious side to it and that is that, in my opinion,
the galactics have in their possession the technology and will to stop the deva
stating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and are only awaiting an invitation from
us to do so.
In the absence of a long-overdue invitation from our governments, it is my belie
f that the galactics await the spontaneous outpouring of welcome from the people
of Planet Earth to make their appearance and begin the work of restoring this w
Yes, there have been negative star nations here that have had an unfortunate imp
act on Earth in periods of our history through subjugation and abductions. (3) B
ut it is my understanding that these extraterrestrials have been barred from the
planet by space coalitions such as the Galactic Federation, who are Earth's gua
rdians and mentors. These negative ETâ s cannot come near the planet any more.
It is now time to end our ignorance of the existence of our space family, some o
f whom are our progenitors, some our future, and all our well- wishers.
I'll be publishing other articles on my websites (4) and, if permitted, on OpEdN
ews (5) elaborating on all aspects of disclosure. But for now, I simply wish to
extend this invitation to you to express yourself in any way you deem best to we
lcome our galactic family and invite them to approach the Earth openly and revea
l themselves.
I urge you to circulate this invitation far and wide, among friends, relatives,
colleagues, and acquaintances. I also urge you to organize petitions, parades, p
eaceful marches, and any other festive events to convey to our galactic family o
ur welcome.
This is your invitation â to a new era in world history and a new world.
With all love and light,
Steve Beckow
Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth

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