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Many people thinks that studies history was waste their time,but the value
we or you place on knowledge or learning is a reflection of you or your
society. For me history is very important because I can better understand
world culture in a visual form.So I believe a deeper manner because it was
importance value on their history.
First and foremost,animation has had various uses over the past, as it
reached various nations with many different cultural practices and
societies.All of these influences are typically portrayed through animation,
and the medium has found use for promoting propaganda, rallying
support for political causes, advertising, and also largely as entertainment
features for public consumers. In order to do this,animation has its
applications in many different fields and has been utilized in order which
cannot be witnessed through realistic means.
In addition,I thinks our local product be more improve because there are
many success product from Malaysia break though the market.Many local
works success such as Boboiboy from Animonsta Production,Upin Ipin
from Les Coque and several cartoons was popular.Its not popular only
but the success cartoons can raise image the country.However its will
help Malaysia increase investment in the field of animation to the
country.In that ways,its can ignite the creative potential of our students at
a young age to create amazing works.So the students can be more
creative and its will help them to apply in assignments or something
else.So as a youngers we need study more about animation history to stay
up the bottom such as big country would create animation.

Secondly,animation its inception has been a work regarded with a sense

of awe and spectacle. There has always been something magical about
bring the things which one imagines to life on a
screen.Therefore,Animation in the modern age has taken on a wide
variety of forms and styles,with the genre exploding in the late 1990s
with the advents of digital animation and computer programs such
as Adobes Flash and Photoshop. However, the animation which people
are so familiar with today took centuries of technological development to
finally come into its more recognizable form.The contributions towards the
genre over the past 100 years to an internationally significant cultural
medium.Althought,students also can learn many tools that used to create
an animated.So they knowledge will improve and they appriciate artworks
of the first figure.
In conclusion, we can see that animation history is importance to us.
Despite the many problems, improvements and failures of the animation
industry, Animation still now plays an even larger role in our culture
thanks to these technological advancements. The websites that many of
use now in Flash animations and animated effects to grab our attention
with advertisements and videos, digital animation, fandom and art
communities online dedicated to the practice have sprung up
and blossomed showing just how influential animation has been in the
minds of creators and viewers. Animation is an integral part of society,
and its seemingly magical hold on the human mind will forever captivate
and excite the imagination with new possibilities.So as a students we need
to explore many things about history because that was our guideline to us
for bring creative in this industry.