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Bachelor of Education 2017

Lesson Plan
Bachelor of


Name: Noof Mohammed ID:


15 March, 2017 Class: 4/4
Tim No.
8:00-9:00 First period 24
e: Students
Unit 8: Our amazing body
Lesson (2): Healthy and MST: Miss Khaltham

Prior Knowledge (What prior knowledge are you building in?)

Students will start a new unit and the unit is about amazing body. In this lesson students will
learn about exercise, healthy food and sleep. Students already know about different healthy
food and different exercises and they should sleep early. In this lesson I will add more
knowledge to the students about healthy food and different exercises that they should do
every day.
Lesson Objectives: (What will students be able to do by the end of the lesson?)
o Students will listen and read different short texts about exercise, healthy food and
o Students will say different sentences about how can we stay healthy.

Attitudes: Attitudes:

o Respect each other opinions (I will ask them open questions so they have to
respect each other opinions and responses).
o Its acceptable to make mistakes. (Students might mispronounce some words
while they presenting their projects and I should mention to them you should
try and its fine to make mistakes).
o To work cooperatively (Students should work cooperatively to accomplish the

o Students will increase their learning about different vocabulary about how can
we stay healthy.
o Students will apply the knowledge that they have learned about different
Bachelor of Education

words and put them in sentences.

o Students will increase their knowledge and awareness of different ways to stay

Listening: To listen for specific details in a text

about health.
Speaking: To speak about healthy habits.
Reading: To read and follow stepped
instructions in a text.
Writing: To spell theme-related lexis about
keeping a healthy lifestyle.
Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the
lesson objectives?)
First of all, during the activity time I will use monitoring strategy and I will observe the
students and see who want help then I will scaffold the students who need one to one
support and I will set with them to help them. Also, I will use questioning techniques
during teaching time to see if students understand or not. Both of these assessments I will
implement them during my lesson to check students understanding so I can know if I
achieved the lesson objectives or not.
Teaching Competencies focus
In this lesson I am working on implementing learning and I aim to develop it. First, I will
implement strategies that motivate students such as I will show them video and I will let
them work together as they prefer to work cooperatively. Second, I will include students
centered activity in my lesson. Also, I will put approximate time for each stage of the lesson.
Fourth, I will work on my instructions and I will made it clear and I will use both written and
verbal instructions. Fifth, I will use differentiated instructions as some students need more
help than other so I will use different ways to introduce my instructions through the lesson
such as model one example for the students so they understand more and be in the track.

Teaching strategies: using modeling strategy such as model sentences for them by
write it in the board, using dialogue teacher to students and student to student. Also,
I will link the lesson to their own experience to maximum students interest for
instance, I will ask them about their best dinosaur that they want to work on it in
their project.
Classroom management strategies: using the rules and remind the students of
them, use gestures because that affect a lot on students and manage the class. Also,
I will use phrases to stop them from work and the one that I been using it with them
is stop, look and listen and they replay we are listening. Moreover, I will use MENTOS
because it include every aspect related to manage the classroom.
Behavioral management strategies: using eye contact for example; when any
student misbehave I will look into their eyes until they stop misbehaving, use ripple
effect by correct students behavior so it affects positively in the other students
(Kounins theory). Also, if someone misbehave I will stop the class and say when you

Bachelor of Education

finish just tell me and I will use it in serious situations.

Feedback strategies: Use verbal feedback such as good, very good, excellent, good
job, well done, think about it and all these verbal feedback depends on the students
response. Expanding this kind of feedback; during discussion time I will give students
feedback on their responses to let them think more about the issue that they have to
discuss it. Also, I will use written feedback on their writing I will write comments on
their papers to help them develop.
What do you need for teaching & learning?

Materials & Resources: presentation slides, activity book.

Technology integration: data show to present the slides.

What the Teacher says and What the Students say and do. Lesson connection to
does. PDP goals and/or Action
Research Focus

ENGAGE -Introduction: (5 minutes)

I will bring real materials such as fruit, vegetables, ball and I will introduce the new words for
the students using the materials.
PHASE ONE (5 minutes)
I will play the audio for the Students will lesson to the
students. The teacher will ask audio.
students different questions
Students will answer different
such as un
What do you need to eat to stay
Students will involve in
discussion with the teacher
How many hours we need to about how we can stay
sleep? healthy.
Scaffolding: I will stop after
each text so it will be easier for
the students to understand.
PHASE TWO (5 minutes)
I will let students work as group Students will work as group
and solve the activity book. and solve the activity book.
Page: 91
Students will practice using
In this stage I will let students the new words and put them
will practice using the new in sentences.
words and put them in

Bachelor of Education

Students will answer the
I will ask students what you question and said what they
learned in this lesson. learned today.

Bachelor of Education