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Tri-City Times Wednesday, March 15, 2017




143rd Volume - Issue No. 11

Grow operation in future?

Attica Twp. officials mull R.Y.O. proposal to grow medical marijuana
By Maria Brown Medical Marijuana Act. Of particu-
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor lar interest is a new provision that
allows growers, processors, testing
ATTICA TWP. Township labs, transporters and provisioning
officials have opted to wait three centers to become licensed and
months before resuming discus- regulated through the state.
sions about the states new medical At issue is a proposal before
marijuana law and local implica- the planning commission.
tions. Between now and May, Ochadleus said R.Y.O. Distribution
elected officials plan to educate owner Andy Shango had submitted
themselves on the latest develop- a proposal to the commission that
ments. would have them growing medical
Supervisor Al Ochadleus said marijuana on 24,000 square feet of
board members will attend upcom- existing space at the Imlay City
ing seminars at the Michigan Road facility in addition to leasing
Township Associations annual space to other growers in new
meeting in April where presenters The company already sells buildings on site.
will talk about the 2016 revisions tobacco products and stamps
made to the states Michigan cigarettes for the state. Proposal page 16-A

A Revival experience

Photo by Glenda Cantrell

1996 Imlay high school grad pens book of inspiration, motivation Glenda Cantrell said this is the first time a
By Catherine Minolli began to lift. Brandt says majestic Sandhill Crane made a pitstop at
Tri-City Times Editor his entire being experi- her Imlay Twp. home.
enced a peace and joy

Signs of spring
IMLAY CITY It unlike any other he had
was almost two decades felt, ever. It was at that
ago that James Brandts moment his life changed.
life changed in a flash. He found the key that
Well, not a flash,
exactly, but it was some-
unlocked his purpose in
life. Harbingers of warmer season stop
thing absolutely electric, It was right then that in Imlay Twp. womans yard
Photo provided

says the 1996 Imlay City Ireceived my calling into

High School grad. the ministry, he says. It
By Maria Brown
Brandt was sitting Tri-City Times Assistant Editor
was an amazing supernatu-
alone in his apartment, ral experience. IMLAY TWP. Were less than a week away
Pastor James Brandt, a 1996 graduate of Imlay from the official first day of spring, but looking at
City High School, talks about finding purpose The path opened up,
and Pastor James Brandt the freshly fallen snow outside our windows it
in life during church service. appears winters not quite ready to release its grip.
immersed in a dark depres- As Brandt began to lis- The road more The wildlife in Glenda Cantrells backyard cer-
sion, flipping through the ten more deeply, he felt a traveled tainly seem to think the seasons are ready for a
multitude of channels on shift in the atmosphere After becoming a pas- change.
TV. For some reason he around him. tor and leading a church in Within the last week, a Sandhill Crane appeared
stopped on TBNTrinity My apartment was Big Rapids for almost five outside her Chic Drive home and a pair of House
Broadcasting Network. filled with the presence of years, Brandt created a Sparrows have staked
That random stop ended up God, Brandt says. The traveling ministry where
he hosts monthly meetings
their claim to one of her
birdhouses. Ive lived in
starting Brandt on the road only earthly way to
Ive lived in Imlay Imlay Township
Big blast
to clarity and freedom. The describe the heavenly at a variety of locations.
preacher on TBN was talk- experience is that it felt He posts his ministry
schedule online at his web-
Township for 17 years
and have never had a
for 17 years
ing about making a true like electricity and warm
Wind storm hits hard commitment to Jesus oil being poured over me. site, visitor like this, Glenda and have
in Tri-City area, Christ; saying that doing As that feeling of light He says he enjoys the said, referring to the
never had a
...see pages 3-A so would unlock ones pur-
pose in life.
and warmth grew, the
darkness of depression Revival page 16-A Beautiful! visitor like this.
According to Sevens
Ponds Nature Center --Glenda
Director Daryl Bernard,
these big birds choose to
head south for the win-
ter, although they dont go too far away.
A lot of these birds overwinter in southern
Indiana but a few may choose to stay depending on
the severity of the weather,he said.
The population of Sandhill cranes is on the rise,
Jump to health he notes, so that while seeing one of these birds this
early in the season might have been odd in the past,
their growing numbers mean more are visible.
Dryden students take
on healthy lifestyle, Those migrants who dont go too far south are
Photo by Kim Schall

more readily influenced by short-term warmups,

...see page 16-A Bernard said.
When we get a nice warm spell, theyll start to
move north again to stake out their breeding territo-
TRI-CITY This area looking south behind businesses on the west side of Main
ries,he said.
Another bird in this category is the Red-winged
Street in downtown Almont will soon undergo some physical improve- Blackbird.
TIMES ments thanks to a $45,000 USDA grant awarded the Almont DDA. Those long distance migrants, like warblers,

Upgrades on tap
who go as far as Central and South America, are
ONLINE completely oblivious to changes in the weather. We
Spring page 16-A
Almont DDA project to improve lot, sidewalks behind Main St. businesses
By Tom Wearing cement walkways to con- the buildings, including
FACEBOOK Tri-City Times Staff Writer nect the businesses located
from the Almont Downtown
two spaces dedicated for
people with handicaps.
ALMONT The Dentistry offices south to Project bids opened
Almont Downtown Development Authority is
the Yarbrough Insurance Schall said five con-
building. tractors bids were opened
/Tricitytimes/ moving forward with a plan She pointed out that the on Monday, March 6,
to improve the appearance which had been submitted
upgrades will not apply to
and pedestrian access to the to the DDA for its consider-
the corner property owned
back of businesses on the ation. She said the bids
west side of Main Street. by non-participating prop-
The Tri-City Times ranged in cost from $39,000
Photo by Glenda Cantrell

DDADirector Kim erty owner Marty Clauw.

is printed on to $66,000.
Schall reminded that the Schall said the project
recycled paper She said representa-
DDA was a recent recipient will also include planting
grass and installing new tives from Rowe
of a $45,000 grant from the Engineering will review
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture decorative lighting to illu-
minate the parking area and the bids to ensure they are
(USDA) for the purpose of complete and that they
making the upgrades. grounds behind the busi- A pair of House Sparrows have kept guard
nesses. meet the specific needs of
Schall said the project the project. at this nest box in her yard, too. Some birds,
will include cleaning up the She added that there are in anticipation of the changing season, are
property and constructing 35 parking spaces behind Upgrades page 16-A staking out breeding territory.
Page 2-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Drs. Jay

Is your Farm Bureau Insurance Vanderest

(back, center)
and Lois Meek

agent located in another county?

(far right) and
crew at
Dentistry are

Would you like to have a local agent? ready to Give

Kids A Smile
on Saturday,
March 25.
We would love to give you a quote on your policies.
We are Atkins Insurance, located in downtown Imlay City.

Our agent Paul Atkins has 38 years experience

insuring farms, homes, and vehicles, both personal

File photo
and commercial. In addition, Paul has extensive
experience in agriculture, having grown up on a farm
and has a hobby farm today out in Imlay Township. Dentists Give Kids a Smile
Almont Drs. Meek, Vanderest offer free basic services March 25
We have several highly rated, and very competitive By Tom Wearing health at a young age.
Dental-related give-
Its very important
that kids get an early start
Tri-City Times Staff Writer
Farm-oriented insurance companies to choose from. aways for children, to on learning how to prevent
ALMONT This include free toothbrushes cavities and tooth decay,
time every year, Almont and gift certificates to said Vanderest. The key is
dentists Dr. Jay Vanderest Charlie Browns Creme to maintain a continuum of
Paul Atkins and Dr. Lois Meek host
Give Kids A Smile Day, a
national program designed
Cone, Almont Hideaway
Lanes and other locations.
Vanderest views the
dental care throughout their
lives starting when they
are young.
Atkins Insurance Group to introduce youngsters and
their parents to the benefits
community outreach pro-
gram as an opportunity to
educate children and par-
Moreover, he said the
staff at Almont Downtown
of basic dental care.
Local, Independent, Caring On Saturday, March 25,
Doctors Vanderest and
ents about oral health,
while providing the young-
Dentistry is focused on cre-
ating an inviting and fun-
filled environment for chil-
Meek and their staff at sters with a fun-filled expe- dren.
Almont Downtown rience. Children need to know
Dentistry, will be offering As has been the tradi- that coming to the dentist is
free basic dental services to tion, Almont Downtown not scary or something to
children of all ages. Dentistrys staff will be
810.724.0548 Dr. Vanderest, who joined by the Molar
fear, said Vanderest. Its
very important that chil-
notes this year marks the Monster, a not-very-scary
Fax 810.724.7631 15th annual Give Kids A puppet who also espouses dren feel at ease and con-
fortable. Making the whole
Smile Day, invites all inter- the importance of brushing
ested parents to make an every day. experience fun for the kids,
appointment for their child Vanderest said he and is really fun for us.
by calling the office at 810- his staff look forward to Appointments will
begin at 9:30 a.m. on March
230 E. 3rd St. 798-3941.
Free services include:
seeing the smiling faces of
children and parents who 25, so parents are asked to
Basic oral examina- take part in Give Kids A make appointments early to
Imlay City, MI 48444 tions and x-rays with an Smile Day. ensure availablility.
evaluation for discounted He notes that the pri- Almont Downtown
treatment at a later date if mary goal of the program is Dentistry is located at 106
needed. to remind parents that it is S. Main St in Almont. Dental health informa- never too early to introduce For questions or to
tion and educational videos children to modern and make an appointment for
pertaining to the impor- generally pain-free dental Give Kids A Smile Day,
tance of initiating oral care. call 810-798-3941.



4021 Huron St. North Branch





Multi-State Income Tax
Preparation & E-Filing
Free 1 Hour Initial Consultation
with Federal tax return.
New Business Set-Up Restrictions apply
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Please visit us at our new location at Imlay City, MI 48444 Marlette, MI 48453
3720 Huron Street
301 E. First Street, Suite 400, Imlay City, MI
810-724-1120 989-635-3113 North Branch, MI 48461
810-724-6431 Fax: 810-519-1120 Fax: 989-635-5580
Open 8am to 7pm Monday thru Friday Fax: 810-475-2083
Page 3-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Wind storm impact felt in Tri-City area

March 8th event cuts off
power, downs trees
By Tom Wearing Chief Andy Martin report-
Tri-City Times Staff Writer ed that power was out for
the majority of village and
TRI-CITYAREA township residents, as well
Local road and emergency as businesses south of
crews were busy, clearing Dryden Rd.
debris, fallen limbs and He added that Almont
downed trees in the after- School officials were
math of last Wednesdays forced to cancel classes and
brutal wind storm. scheduled sporting events.
As of Thursday after- He further noted that
noon, March 9, more than the Almont village/town-
850,000 Michigan residents ship offices were being
were still without power in powered by a generator(s).
what local power compa- Martin said reports
nies described as the larg- began coming in of downed

Photo by Rita Freidinger

est weather event in histo- trees and power lines at
ry. around 10 a.m. on
Officials from DTE and Wednesday.
Consumers Power reported At first, the power out-
sustained strong winds ages were intermittent, he
throughout the region, with said. But by noon, all Imlay City Firefighters secure scene on South Almont Avenue where last Wednesdays wind storm
gusts reaching more than power was out everywhere. uprooted a large tree, which smashed a nearby fence.
60 mph in some areas. We began responding
Officials from both to calls about downed trees Rd., south of Almont Rd., a.m. Thursday, it was As it turned out, power poles broken off and trees
power companies warn that being in the road and a called to report that a large unknown as to when power was restored to most and wires hanging over the
residents should stay away couple of accidents, where tree had fallen on a vehicle. would be restored to the Almont-area residents by highway, said Horton.
(at least 20 feet) from all motorists struck trees or The road commission area. Saturday afternoon. Every fire department in
downed wires, and to limbs that had fallen onto did a really good job of get- Im being told some- In Imlay City, Police Lapeer County was out on
assume that those wires are the roadways. ting the roads cleared, said time on Saturday, but its Chief Scott Pike reported weather-related calls.
still energized. He added that a resi- Martin. too early to say, said that a resident on Almont Though the Imlay City
In Almont, Police dent on Scotch Settlement He noted that as of 10 Martin. Avenue, south of old M-21, area sustained relatively
reported that a large tree had minor damage and few

Storm keeps first responders busy

been uprooted, falling on a power outages, Horton said
fence. grass fires resulting from
Fire Chief Rick Horton downed lines were reported
said fire crews responded to in other areas of the county.
By Maria Brown to the utility company through Central Dispatch As of Tuesday, nearly seven calls related to wind He attributed the grass fires
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor instead. on March 8. They also one week after the event, damage, starting around to an unusually mild winter.
Citizens should know logged 117 road hazard power had been restored to 10:30 a.m. and continuing Imlay City was very
LAPEER COUNTY that public safety agencies reports and 28 field fires. nearly all customers except into the early evening, when fortunate to have had a
Wednesdays (March 8) such as 911, the dispatch With the wires down for a few small pockets in the heavy winds finally small amount of power loss
wicked winds kept law center, police, fire or EMS calls many of them also Attica Township and along began to subside. and damage, Horton con-
enforcement, first respond- do not know when the created field fires due to the Goodland/Lynn town- We had wires down, cluded.
ers and dispatchers very power is going to be the dry conditions created ships border.
busy as they fielded calls restored; we are not the by the wind, Central
for downed power lines, power company and have Dispatch noted.
field fires and debris in the nothing to do with According to the

Its Coming...
road. that,they stated. National Weather Service,
Our dispatchers were Calling the 911 dis- Lapeers Dupont Airport
busy non-stop all day patch center asking about top wind gust was record-
answering calls from citi- when power will be ed at 53 miles per hour
zens about the trees, wires restored takes up telephone around 3:30 p.m. The
and fires and sending out lines and dispatchers time weather service notes that
the appropriate public away from helping people Lapeer was one of several
safety agencies, Lapeer
County Central Dispatch
said in a press release.
Fire departments were
in emergencies.
In a statement, the
company called it the
largest weather event in
stations that experienced a
power outage due to the
wind so its possible the
actual peak gust was high-
March 30, 2017
clearly the busiest out there DTE history. er.
and the road commission Downed power lines Across the region, sus-
was just about equally resulted in the temporary tained wind gusts were
busy trying to clear the closure of M-53 on clocked at 30-40 miles per
roads of the debris. Wednesday afternoon, the hour.
More than 600,000 Lapeer County Road DTE crews worked
DTE Energy customers Commission reported. around the clock, utilizing
lost power in southeast Traffic on the state 16 hour shifts to restore
Michigan. Many of those highway was diverted at power to customers.
customers called Central Imlay City Road to the Additional crews from
Dispatch to seek more west to Lake Pleasant Rd.. Kentucky, Indiana,
information about those Drivers were able to return Tennessee, New York and
outages. Officials want to to M-53 via M-90. Pennsylvania assisted with
remind residents that those In total, 82 wires the restoration, the compa-
questions must be directed down calls were reported ny said.

Investigation underway
in the death of motorist
Deceased man found in back returned to the scene, he
found the vehicle engulfed
seat of vehicle on Almont Rd. in flames.
Martin said the man He (Officer Kosinski)
By Tom Wearing was able to open the driv-
Tri-City Times Staff Writer told Officer Kosinski that
he had slid off the snowy ers side door and the vehi-
ALMONT An roadway and was waiting cle filled with thick smoke,
investigation is underway said Martin, There was
for his father to arrive and
nobody sitting behind the
to ascertain the circum- pull the vehicle out of the wheel.
stances that led to the death ditch. It wasnt until after
of a 19-year-old Lake Martin said Kosinski Almont firefighters arrived
Orion man in a vehicle fire offered the man a ride to a and put out the fire, said
on Almont Road early gas station; an offer that Martin, that they found the
Tuesday, March 14. was declined. man in the back seat of the
Almont Police Chief Because the vehicle vehicle.
Andy Martin reported that was off the road and not an Chief Martin said the
sometime after midnight, obstruction to passing incident will be investigat- Laura Zelenak D.O. Michelle Simpson N.P. Susan Reuter N.P.
Almont Officer Jordan motorists, Kosinski left the ed by a Michigan State Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified
Kosinski noticed a vehicle scene, assuming that assis-


Police Fire Marshal.
We still dont know
"We still don't know the cause of the the cause of the fire,
Martin said, but it appears
fire, but it appears it may have it may have started in the Same Day Appointments Available
started in the engine compartment" engine compartment.
Martin said he could Welcome New Nurse Practitioner Susan Reuter!
--Interim Police Chief Andy Martin only speculate, but sur-
mised that the victim may In Office Lab Testing X-Ray Lesion Removal Wart Removal Well Baby Visits
in a ditch on Almont Rd. tance was on the way, have been getting tired and
near Glover Rd. and Martin said.
Immunizations Diabetes Hypertension Womens Wellness
climbed into the back of
stopped to assess the situa- A short time later, the vehicle to wait for a Sports Physicals Same Day Sick Visits Care Management
tion. police were alerted by family member to come to Joint Injections Most Insurances Accepted
Martin said the Oakland County dispatch his aid.
deceased motorist, whose to be on the lookout for a Martin noted that the 6672 Newark Road Imlay City
name has not yet been
released, appeared at the
missing man who was
potentially suicidal and
mans mother arrived at the
scene shortly after the fire (810) 724-0591
time to be uninjured and
was sitting behind the
whose vehicle matched the
description of the car in the
was extinguished.
It was a very sad situ-
Visit us on the web:
wheel of his 2004 Ford ditch. ation all the way around, Follow us on Facebook!
Mustang. When Kosinski said Martin.
Page 4-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017


Free Treatment Day

for First Responders

Photo provided
Friday, March 31, 2017
FAMILY MEMBERS RECEIVE 20% OFF Shawna Felster, Hannah Kemp, Madi Osmialowski, Ryan Colston, Alana Porter and Morgyn Kipper
Must provide ID
are all smiles after a top four finish at Mock Trial regionals on Saturday in Pontiac.

A Team is off to States

Call now to make your reservation!
(810) 683-5516
Capacs Mock Trial team advances with undefeated record
Subscribe Today! By Maria Brown successful Mock Trial A the state final next weekend with one judge telling
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor Team. in Lansing. Felster she sounded like a
The six-member team Teacher Coach Steve bona fide expert in the field
Tri-City Times CAPAC Undefeated finished in the top four at Sampson boasts that Alana of police conduct.
(810) 724-2615 and advancingthats Saturdays regional event in Porter, Madi Osmialowski, Saturdays competition
Capac Jr./Sr. High Schools Pontiac, earning a spot in Hannah Kemp, Ryan in Oakland County pitted
Coltson, Morgyn Kipper all three of Capacs Mock
and Shawna Felster out- Trial teams against the likes
shown teams from much of Northville, Birminghams
larger districts and earned Seaholm, Detroit Catholic
THE FIRST all kinds of accolades from Central, Grand Blanc and
Bob Riehl 30 JEEP SALES IN Chris Byrnes
New Car Manager
judges who were impressed Cass Tech, among others.
General Manager
with their teamwork and Having three teams
MARCH RECEIVE A preparedness. helps to make us stronger
FREE RTIC 20 COOLER! What makes this team
so special is the incredible
because the students on our
other teams push just as
rapport they have with each hard, Sampson said.
2016 JEEP WRANGLER SPORT 4X4 2016 DODGE CHARGER SXT AWD other, Sampson said. Matt Lozen, our law-
They push each other yer, is an incredible coach,
Jeff Riehl
MSRP $35,580 23,848 Tom Patten
Used Sales
to succeed in Mock Trial,
but even more importantly,
who fits right in with the
personalities on this team.
OR LEASE ONE FOR care about each other out- Matt and I are so proud of
EVERYONE SALE PRICE FRIENDS & FAMILY: side of Mock Trial. That our kids for not only how
28,073 $
$0 DOWN $22744 PER MO
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bond was evident at Pontiac
where they worked so
smoothly together.
they perform but also how
they represent us and Capac
High School.
Tim Wilcox
$0 DOWN $21892 PER MO Lionel Guerra
Capac was one of four Mock Trial participants
Commercial Truck
1,999 DOWN $15824 PER MO Commercial
Vehicle Sales
teams from the regional started practicing back in
contest to advance to states, November. In anticipation
2017 DODGE JOURNEY GT FWD 2017 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO 4X4 building on the school dis-
tricts success and reputa-
of contests, students ramped
up those hours in January
MSRP $35,690 26,917 tion in Mock Trial.
This will be the sixth
and February. Capacs A
Team took second place at
OR LEASE ONE FOR OR LEASE ONE FOR team Capac has sent to state last months St. Clair
Bob Lesko FRIENDS & FAMILY: FRIENDS & FAMILY: Ty Schmidt finals in the past nine County tournament.
$0 DOWN $12400 PER MO $0 DOWN $22600 PER MO Sales years,Sampson said. Capac will be one of ten
1,999 DOWN $ PER MO $
1,999 DOWN $13700 PER MO The other three headed teams competing inLansing
to states are Ann Arbor on March 25. The state
$0 DOWN $9300 PER MO $0 DOWN $18900 PER MO Community, Farmington champions will be eligible
1,999 DOWN $ PER MO $
1,999 DOWN $10300 PER MO Hills Mercy and University to compete in the National
of Detroit Jesuit. Mock Trial Championship
He credits lawyers in Hartford, Connecticut in
Rob Piccirilli
Sales Porter, Osmialowski and May.
19,154 Kemp for being ruthless
MSRP $26,215


MSRP $27,910 and tough as nails during
Saturdays competition.
Coltson, Kipper and
$0 DOWN $15818 PER MO $ $0 DOWN 238
$ 00 PER MO Felster were equally
impressive in their roles as
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Shannon Lane Bill Hilliard

witnesses, Sampson said,
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Page 5-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Lions honor Vinckier

for his giving nature
Almont businessman earns Heart of the Lion award
By Tom Wearing Dkye store to present pride that we present this
Tri-City Times Staff Writer Vinckier with the organiza- award to you today.
tions prestigious Heart of The acknowledgements

Photo by Tom Wearing

ALMONT Almont a Lion award. did not stop there.
Lions Club members are Doing the honors was Almont Lions Club
appreciative of the support Michigan Lions 11-D2 President Pat Ohlert fol-
and generosity of local District Governor Dave lowed up by presenting
businessman Mike Wineman, who made a spe- Vinckier with a plaque
Vinckier. cial trip to Almont for the thanking Vinckier was his Lions member Pat Ohlert presents Heart of a Lion award to Mike
They say Vinckier has honor of presenting myriad contributions. Vinckier. Pictured L-R are Vinckier Foods staff Frank Haken, Deana
regularly given of his time Vinckier with the award in Mikes done a lot for Gafken, Karen Butler, Lion Wes Wagester, owner Mike Vinckier, Mike
and money to Lions causes, person. us and for this community, Williams and Dave Wineman, Lions District 11-D2 District Governor.
which in turn benefit the Before making the pre- said Ohlert. Any time we He also does a lot of always ready to step up and nity.
greater community. sentation, Wineman allud- need help and support, we things on his own to sup- help. He (Vinckier) has
The owner of Vinckier ed to Vinckiers consistent can go to Mike and he port the community, said He added that Vinckier done so much for this com-
Foods and ACE Hardware support of the Almont always comes through. Ohlert. If he or his is a regular supporter of munity, Ohlert said, and
since 2012, Vinckier has Lions Club and his many Ohlert noted Vinckiers staff hear about a local indi- Almont Schools and has we feel he is deserving of
been making his mark as a contributions to the com- willingness to make the vidual or family experienc- donated to myriad other being honored for his gen-
community leader by munity-at-large. store available for the ing hardship, they are causes within the commu- erosity to others.
example. You have opened your clubs annual Goodfellow
On Tuesday morning, heart and your wallet to this Newspaper sales, and past
Feb. 28, Lions Club mem- community, said Christmas tree sales on his
bers gathered at the Van Wineman. It is with great property.

LCCF scholarship deadline nears S i lv e r S e r i e S

Rick and Dayna
local artiSt SerieS
Bakon Brothers
By Tom Wearing being offered to high female students attending
Tri-City Times Staff Writer school seniors at schools Mott Community Colleges March 15, 2:30 pm March 18, 7:30 pm
throughout Lapeer in Flint or Lapeer.
LAPEERCOUNTY County. The award amounts of
The deadline for Students may access up to $1,000 can help with
Lapeer County students to information on eligibility the purchase of books,
apply to the Lapeer and applications on the various fees, child care
County Community foundations website at: and transportation costs.
Foundation (LCCF) for For further informa-
scholarships is on Friday, In addition to youth tion about available
March 17 at 5 p.m. scholarships, the Lapeer scholarship funding for
LCCF Director Nancy County Community Lapeer County high Rick has an unmatchable ability to impersonate
the voices of famous recording artists dating from
The Bakon Brothers have been performing Irish
and Folk Music in Michigan for over 30 years.
Boxey says applications Foundations Womens school seniors, contact the 1940s up to current pop radio personalities. Their ballads and rebel songs about Ireland will
are now being accepted Fund offers scholarships Nancy Boxey at 810-664- Performing a wide variety of songs that everyone
knows, Rick and Dayna will give you an afternoon
surely have you clapping and singing along.
for 20 local scholarships to assist non-traditional 0691. well-spent.

All Seats Are $6.00
Wednesday, March 15 & Thursday, March 16, 6:45pm
Friday, March 17, 3:30 & 6:45pm AFTER 6PM For ticket information
Saturday, March 18 & Sunday, March 19, 12:30, 3:30 & 6:45pm call 810-664-4824
Monday, March 20 thru Thursday, March 23, 6:45pm
Adults $8.00
Children 12
& under
$6.00 For Showtimes &
Senior Citizens
55 and older
Ticket Information
Thursday, March 16, 7:00pm
Friday, March 17, 4:00 & 7:00pm Students with
Saturday, March 18 & Sunday, March 19, 1:00, 4:00 & 7:00pm Student ID
or call
Monday, March 20 thru Thursday, March 23, 7:00pm
Join Our Email Club SAVE $$$ GET COUPONS! 810-667-7469
66120 Van Dyke In the Village Shopping Center
1650 DeMille
Tuesday $5.00 All Day
For Most Movies

Blueberry Festival Auction

Saturday, March 25, 2017 LAKESTONE
Castle Creek Golf Club
5191 Lum Road, Attica
Doors Open at 5:30 pm Live Auction at 6:00 pm
*Tickets to Detroit Tigers Game w/ Parking - Sponsored by Tri-County Bank
The Lakestone Scholarship is designed to provide needs based
*Gas and Gamble Package at Soaring Eagle Casino - Sponsored by Hartung
*Annual Family Pass to Huckleberry Railroad and Crossroads Village - scholarships for graduating seniors in our community. As a
Sponsored by King & King and Champion Entertainments locally owned community bank, Lakestone Bank & Trust wants to
*Hunting Package at the Rooster Ranch - Sponsored by Doug Halabicky State Farm encourage and reward graduating seniors who are motivated to
obtain a degree. The Lakestone Scholarship is designed to award
Thank You donors to the 2017 Blueberry Auction . . .
Police Chief Scott Pike, American Tree, Bee Gees Family Shoes, Daisy Way Dog Training, B Naturals, Dr. up to $4,000 to each recipient; $1,000 per year for up to four
Mark Lamb, DDS, Sanctuary at Maple Vista, Imlay City Historical Society, StudioE Photography, Imlay consecutive years.
City Veterinary Clinic, Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds, Fire Chief Rick Horton, Blakes of Almont, Im-
lay City Womens Networking Group, Kellys Pet Salon, Ray Swain, Dick Coulter, Inc., Jaliscos, Pix Theatre,
Greg Irwin, Flying A Canine Ranch, King & King, Narayan Physical Therapy, Dr. Young, DDS, Dairy Queen WHO IS ELIGIBLE?
of Imlay City, Werners Hallmark, Stu Davis, State Farm Doug Halabicky, Liebler Agency, Cindy Hummel, High school graduating seniors from public, private, parochial and
Rite Aid, Anytime Fitness, Champion Entertainments, Gibbards Elevator, Skyline Camp & Retreat Center, charter schools in the Lapeer, Imlay City, North Branch, Dryden,
Imlay City Monuments, Security Credit Union, Oz Motorsports, Jays Septic, Imlay City School of Martial
Arts, The View Newspaper, The Spicer Group, LaBarons Powersports, Greenias Outdoor Power, Riding to Almont, LakeVille, Capac, Yale, Memphis, Armada, Brown City
Impress, Alvin Norlin Pool, Cedar Lanes, Hartung, Imlay City Historical Museum, Village Barn Carpets, and Port Huron districts who plan to attend an accredited two
Tri-County Bank, Hideaway Lanes, Scotts, Churchill Insurance, Noffert Dental, Muir Brothers Funeral or four year college or university are eligible. Home schooled
Home, Dodge Bros. Napa Auto Parts, Al Parsch Oil & Propane, Jim Sillers, Rickard, Denney, Garno &
Associates, OReillys Auto Parts, Tianas Dollar and Deals, Natures Grace Soaps N Such, Tom Youatt-
students are eligible by providing documentation of high school
City Manager, Heritage Church, Me for Me Fitness, Clendenan Chiropratic, Beth Patrick, Dani Hitchcox, equivalency and college eligibility as an incoming freshman in the
Benny & The Jets, Imlay City Auto, April DeLang, Crystal Champagne, The Mulefoot Gastropub, Little fall semester.
Bit of Everything, New China Buffet, Fortunes Arcade, Little Ceasars, Cricket Wireless, Sprint Store, Great
Clips, Montana Sweet Shop, Pinnacle, Country Smokehouse, On The Avenue Salon, Holly Meadows, IC
Athletic Boosters, Lapeer Rent-All, Castle Creek Golf Club, Woods-N-Water News, Pizza Machine, Silver This is a needs based scholarship. Eligibility is first based on
Grill, Imlay City Fish Farm, North Branch Rental, Big Boy, Tri-City Times, Youngers Irish Tavern. financial need. An essay will be required and academic perfor-
Tickets are $5 at the door mance will be evaluated.
Ticket price includes a chance to win a door prize Food and beverages will be available for sale
Deadline to be considered
for the scholarship is April 1.
Brian Rowng
as auction ley
eer Member FDIC

All proceeds benefit the 2017 Blueberry Festival! For more information go to
Page 6-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Taser purchases approved

Sheriffs dept. seeks 45 tasers, one for each deputy
By Maria Brown puter software. March 31 to pay those over-
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor In other commission due 2014 tax bills to avoid
business: loss of the property to the
LAPEER County the commission held county.
commissioners have given off on approving a license Don Brown of Rep.
the green light to use grant agreement with the city of Paul Mitchells office
monies for the purchase of Imlay City that would allow passed along the latest
new tasers. the county to utilize office news from the new con-
The total bill stands at space within the police gressmans office saying
$54,000 for 45 tasers, one department. the Republican is keeping

Photo provided
for each road patrol deputy Sheriff Scott McKenna his ear to the ground and
on the force, said and Undersheriff Jeremy keeping in regular commu-
Undersheriff Jeremy Howe. Howe introduced new staff nication with constituents.
Kindergarten students from Mrs. Redd's classroomBridgette Juip, Ty Currently, the sheriffs to the commission. Deputy commissioners
Wagester, Adalyn Siegler, Arabella Martinez and Jesus Padillapose in department has 16 opera- Christopher Boshell will approved motions to seek
their PJs and 100th day attire. tional units, a situation that transfer from corrections to $2,000 and $4,000 respec-
Howe described as not the road patrol division. tively from the Lapeer

Chillin out at Weston

acceptable. Those tasers Taking Boshells spot in County Community
still in use are close to 12 corrections is Deputy Jodi Foundation and Four
years old but will no longer Wood whos transitioning County Community
be serviced by the manufac- from the front office. Taking Foundation on behalf of
Pajama Day celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week turer.
Howe said not equip-
Woods spot is Krystal
Moralee, whos worked
the 50th Anniversary of the
Vi e t n a m Wa r
IMLAY CITY On Weston teacher, Mrs. also took place on the ping every deputy on patrol previously as a journalist, Commemorative
Thursday, February 16, Julie Shanks, organized the 100th day of school. with a taser is a potential who will also be tapped to Committee
students and staff at Imlay event titling it Pajama During the day, students liability. Once the new help the department with the board authorized
City Schools Weston Program. The goal for participated in a number of weapons are delivered, each public relations and brand- the Veteran Affairs Office
Elementary wore their Weston, as explained by 100s day activities. Many will be assigned to an offi- ing, McKenna said. to accept several grant
pajamas to school! They Mrs. Shanks, was to classes dressed up as if cer in the same way they Treasurer Dana Miller awards including one for
did this in celebration of deliver good nights with a they were 100 years old. receive their gun. reported that tax foreclo- $15,000 that will let them
Random Acts of Kindness goal of providing good Pajamas + dressing up like Howe secured a grant sures continue to be on the purchase a new vehicle to
Week. They wore PJs to days. Really, you cant you are 100 years old from the Michigan decline. All numbers are transport veterans to medi-
raise money towards pur- have one without the equaled some pretty awe- Municipal Risk trending down from last cal appointments.
chasing pajamas and books other! some outfits and a lot of Management Authority for year and that continues a a motion to pay more
for local children. The Pajama Program fun for all! $22,500. Funds were taken multi-year trend since the than $555,000 towards the
The best part of the day from capital improvement height of the recession. Indian Creek Drain project

Your Local Agent

was that Weston raised and drug forfeiture covered Foreclosure has been was approved. The
$560.64. This money will the remaining $31,000. entered on 115 properties motions verbiage noted
be able to buy 1,500 pairs The purchase also still owing 2014 taxes. Last that amount represented a
of pajamas and books for includes holsters, battery year, that number stood at savings of more than
- for - children. packs, cartridges and com- 157. Owners have until $186,800.

Auto Still time to donate items for auction

or 2017 Blueberry Auction comes to Castle Creek on March 25

Home By Tom Wearing

Tri-City Times Staff Writer
scheduled for July 21-22, to
include the cost of music
and entertainment, chil-
Auction Services
Attendees are asked to
make a $5 donation at the
continue to be accepted up
until the evening of the

IMLAYCITY drens games and activities, door, making one eligible Items may be dropped
Chamber of Commerce the fireworks display and for door prizes. Food and off at the Chamber of
Director Wendy Muehleisen other related costs. beverages will be available Commerce office at the
is putting out another call Preview at 5:30 p.m. for purchase. Imlay City Hall on Mondays
for donated items to go up Everyone is invited to Muehleisen reminds through Thursdays from

for bids at the 2017 preview the available auc- that the deadline for donat- noon-3 p.m.
Blueberry Festival Auction tion items at 5:30 p.m., to ed auction items to appear Those unable to attend
on Saturday, March 25 at be followed by the live auc- on this years auction pro- the auction but still want to
ALMONT CAPAC METAMORA Castle Creek Golf Club. tion at 6 p.m. gram is Wednesday, March make a donation to the
Funds raised from the The auction will again 15. Blueberry Festival, should
auction will go toward the be conducted by Brian She adds that donated contact Muehleisen at 810-

Almont Downtown
2017 Blueberry Festival, Rowley of Rowleys items for the auction will 724-1361.

15th Dentistry Capac Schools hosts ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH

Annual ALL YOU
Give All Kids A Smile! Kindergarten Round-Up CAN EAT
Give Kids a Smile Day is a National Event
program seeking to improve the oral By Maria Brown Any child not currently
Adults: $10
Children 12 & under: $5
March 17, 24 & 31
health of children by providing dental
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor enrolled in one of the dis- Children 5 & under: Free 4:006:30 pm or until sold out
care to children. tricts preschool programs
Dr. Jay Vanderest and Dr. Lois Meek, CAPAC Capac will undergo a readiness Meal includes Baked or Fried Fish,
local Almont dentists, are community Elementary School is mak- assessment. French Fries or Baked Potato, Mac & Cheese,
sponsors for this national program. ing plans for the 2017-18 Vision and hearing Coleslaw, Roll, Dessert, and Beverage
On Saturday, March 25, 2017, the following services will school year and that screenings, conducted by
be provided to children at no cost: includes getting ready to the St. Clair County Health 4331 Capac Rd., Capac 810/395-7572 Carry-Out Available
Basic oral exams and x-rays with an evaluation for discounted welcome a new kindergar- Department, will also be
ten class. offered.

Knights of Columbus
dental treatment at a later day
Dental health education and fun videos The school invites pro- As part of the registra-
Dental giveaway items like toothbrushes and other fun spective families to their tion process, families will
surprises such as certificates to Hideaway Lanes and Charlie upcoming Kindergarten need to supply the childs
Browns Round-Up day on March birth certificate, proof of 1405 N. Van Dyke Road IMLAY CITY 810-724-8563
23. Two sessions will be residency (rental/mortgage
Children will be seen by appointment only

at Dr. Vanderest and Dr. Meeks office,
offered that day8:30-10 agreement/billing state-
located at 106 S. Main St. in downtown Almont a.m. and 12-1:30 p.m. ments) and immunization
Families and their record.
To make a dental appointment, please call the dental office at incoming kindergartners Capac Elementary Bring in a can/box of food and
798-3941. Appointments will be available starting at 9:30am, are welcome to stop in dur- School provides a nurtur- receive $1.00 OFF your meal!
Saturday, March 25th. ing those times for assess- ing place for children to LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!
ments and screenings. develop friendships, have 50/50 RAFFLES
fun, and learn. We have a
safe and secure building,
high expectations for our FRIDAYS IN LENT 2017!!
students, and value positive March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st and April 7th

and Great Start Readiness Program

character and life-long
learning, said Principal
Kathy Kish.
From 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

For more information

Elementary School office
Great Start Almont Preschool staff, Christine Knoblock at
395-3652 or Carolyn St. Patricks
Readiness Program Program Rodriguez at 395-3648.
Day Dinner
MUST BY 4 BY SEPT. 1, 2017
MONDAY-THURSDAY 8:30am-3:25pm
MUST BY 4 BY SEPT. 1, 2017 Talk to us! Admission:
MONDAY-THURSDAY 8:30am-11:30am
To Qualifying Families . . . Tuition Based
Have a story idea,
$10 for Adults
$5 for Children 6-12 years old
news tip or opinion?
Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Provided Children 5 & Under - FREE
6 children to 1 teacher ratio 12 children to 1 teacher ratio Our readers are the
experienced, caring staff educational field trips experienced, caring staff fuel that keeps us going
parental involvement open to all school districts outstanding Program field trips and class parties parental involvement from week to week. The
Quality Assessment Scores Highest Great Start To Quality Star Rating (5) open to all school districts Tri-City Times welcomes
your input, tips and
Registration March 28th 5 pm to 7 pm at . . . ideas.
Share your thoughts
Corned Beef & Cabbage
Beef Stew
March 18, 2017
ALMONT MIDDLE SCHOOL ALMONT and concerns by writing
to the editor, P.O. Box
278, Imlay City, MI
Dinner Rolls
Dessert 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
For Additional Information Please Contact Star Sutphin at 810-673-9107 (daytime) or 248-736-1550 48444, or email to tct@ Drinks 109 E. Kempf Court Capac, MI
(evenings) or go online at 810-395-7557
Page 7-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Budget amendments approved

members approved trip
Capac district moves funds to cover anticipated shortfalls requests from their Metal
By Maria Brown reduce that to $9.5 million. get shortfalls. Bigelow said and Soul robotics team to
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor Conversely, the $9.72 mil- he plans to make that pre- attend state and national
lion originally budgeted for sentation at the March 23 contests in April and gave
CAPAC Declining expenditures has ticked up meeting. their consent to the forma-
student enrollment and to $10.05 million. Bigelow said the tion of a new piano club.
other factors have forced As a result of dipping February student count has the board entered into
the school district to make into their fund balance for a yet to be finalized but tenta- closed session for the pur-

Photo provided
their first budget amend- half million dollars, that tive numbers put it at pose of a complaint notifi-
ments of the school year. rainy day fund is expected 952.56. cation. After emerging
At their February 16 to total $626,834 as of June In other meeting mat- from the closed session,
Metro Jazz Voices smooth sounds will be fea- meeting, the board voted to 30, 2017. That drops the ters: members requested their
tured at the PIX on March 25. approve using more than general funds percentage a motion to approve attorney file a response on
$503,000 in fund balance of annual expenditures from the weighted grading scale their behalf. The board held

Metro Jazz Voices

monies to cover anticipated 11.7 to 6.2 percent. for all high school honors a special meeting on Feb.
shortfalls in their general After approving the courses from 4.0 to 4.5 was 23 where they entered into
fund. general fund and other fund defeated in a tie vote. closed session for the same
Business Manager Deb amendments, board mem- Members Barry Geliske, stated reason. In the open

to appear at PIX Lewis said the original

2016-17 budget called for
an expected $9.7 million in
bers approved a motion
requesting Supt. Dr. Steve
Bigelow to come to their
Travis Fahley and Bill Ellis
voted in favor of the motion
while Tim Lewis, Marie
session that followed that
day, a motion was passed
stating the board finds no
LAPEER Metro drums), Metro Jazz Voices revenues but the next board meeting with Killingbeck and Jim Crane merit relative to the com-
Jazz Voices is Detroits is a delight to fans of the approved amendment will options for offsetting bud- voted no. plaint filed.

Almont Enrollment
only four-part harmony familiar and the adventur-
vocal jazz act. Theyll take ous, and offers a unique
center stage at the historic and colorful update of the LOCATED IN IMLAY CITY

Dr Jerry E Zayid
PIX Theater on March 25 Great American
at 7:30 p.m.
Known as Detroits
Manhattan Transfer, the
Songbook, she says.
The Voices are Meri
Slaven (soprano/alto),
Kick-off is March 28
group is comparable to Trish Shandor (soprano/ By Tom Wearing p.m. and is free to qualify-
Lambert, Hendricks & alto), Carl Cafagna (tenor) Tri-City Times Staff Writer ing families.
The half-day preschool
Foot Specialist/Surgeon
Ross, says PIX Executive and Jordan Schug (bari-
ALMONT Getting program runs from 8:30-
Director Jill Lyons in a tone). Cafagna also plays
off to a good start educa- 11:30 a.m. Affordable
press release. In fact, saxophone and flute, and
tionally can be the key to tuition and convenient pay-
Annie Ross herself has Schug sometimes adds
heard their new CD,
Wingin It, and loved it!
cello. The groups original
baritone voice, Jeremy St.
future success for many
ment plans will be avail-
able for interested parents
Medical & Surgical
Wingin' It, has been Martin, still appears occa-
In an effort to provide a
jump start for future pre-
and guardians.
Required documents
Foot Specialist
called beyond fabulous, sionally, as a substitute or a
by Bill Barnes (
Mark Deming (allmusic.
5th voice. Lyons adds that
all members of MJV are
schoolers, the Almont
school district will present
Those interested in reg-
istering their child for Medicare Diabetic Shoe Provider
an enrollment kick-off either program must pro-
com) calls Metro Jazz mainstays of the Detroit on Tues., March 28 from
Voices one of the brighter Jazz and music scenes, and vide the childs original
5-7 p.m. in the library at the birth certificate, immuniza-
lights on the Detroit scene. together they make a pow- Almont Middle School.
tion records and proof of
Winners of the 2014 erful tour de force. To be enrolled, the income.
Detroit Music Award for Tickets in advance are future preschoolers must Following the event,
Outstanding Traditional $15 for adults and $13 for achieve the age of 4 by parents are invited to pick
Jazz Group, the group students, seniors, and vet- Sept. 1, 2017.
Diabetic Foot Care
up an application at:
straddles the line between erans. Ticket prices will go Matters to be discussed Orchard Primary School, Heel Pain/Orthotics
finger-popping American up at the door. To purchase on March 28 will include: Almont Middle School, or Bunions, Warts, Corns
Songbook classics and jaw- tickets in advance, visit the the Almont districts full- online at: www.
dropping modern Jazz PIX Box Office located day Great Start Readiness
Ingrown & Fungus Nails, Calluses
Vocalese with elegance and inside Gallery 194, Program and a half-day For more information, Most Insurances Accepted
aplomb, Lyons says in the Tuesdays through Preschool Program fea- contact Star Sutphin at
press release. Saturdays from 11 a.m.-6 turing the popular 810-673-9107 during the House Calls Available

Backed by the superb p.m. Tickets may also be Alphabet Letter People day, or at 248-736-1550 in
Scott Gwinnell Trio purchased over the phone curriculum. the evenings. 1795-A
(including Scott, piano, at 810-664-4824 or online The Great Start The Almont Middle S. Cedar
Shannon Wade, bass and at www.centerfortheartsla- Readiness Program will School is located at 4624 (in Kroger Plaza)
Stephen Boegehold, run from 8:30 a.m.-3:25 Kidder Road in Almont.


Get A Lifetime Engine Warranty On
Select Pre-Owned Vehicles!*

2013 2014

Leather heated,
around! 23,499 2nd row buckets,$
low miles! 25,907
NEW 2017 Fusion SE FWD New 2017 Escape SE FWD FWD Ecoboost,
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24 month lease with $1,969 due at signing
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Mon./Thurs. 9:00am-8:00pm; SERVICE HOURS: All wheel drive, Low miles,
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Tues./Wed./Fri. 9:00am-6:00pm;
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Tues.-Fri. 7:30am-6:00pm; Sat. 9am-3:00pm miles! accidents!


Page 8-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Our Opinion Letters from our readers...
Remind teens to think twice
before hitting enter Budget should be priority for Congress
ecent headlines about the far-reaching Congress is struggling replacement plan for would hammer out a new office. You have to wonder
ramifications of social media posts with the revamping and Obama Care. I believe plan. if Congress wants a budget,
streamlining of the repealed President Trump could With the health care without it they can keep the
made by teens serve as another Obama Care health plan. It motivate Congress by sim- plan behind them Congress pork barrel dollars flowing
reminder that whats posted on the internet looks like the wrangling ply repealing their health could then formulate a fed- from the Treasury to their
casts a long, permanent shadow for all to and haggling to draft a new care plan (one that rivals eral budget. Congress has special interest groups.
see. Within the past few weeks, three Lapeer plan within Congress will the Queen of Englands) not submitted a budget to Having a federal budget is
area teens ranging in age from 14-15 face carry on for some time. and including Congress the President in years. How the first step President
President Trump will into our national health can you control spending Trump needs, to begin con-
terrorism-related charges for online posts need all of his negotiating care system. Our best and without a budget? No won- trolling our spiraling debt.
that allegedly indicate a plot to commit mass skills brought to bear on brightest Congressmen and der Obama borrowed a tril- Tom Janicki
murder at Zemmer Middle School. A congress to hammer out a women in a short time lion dollars his last year in Almont Twp.
17-year-old Howell youth also faces similar
charges for an alleged online post threaten-
ing the same at a high school there. Young Life reaches out to Zemmer teens
The use of social media by youths has Teens at Zemmer a positive alternative to up our area financially and request everyone RSVP to
become ubiquitous. Posting selfies and Middle School are strug- the threats of the world. with adult volunteers is Nikki Gray at 810-240-
gling after recent threats Young Life seeks to intro- very real. Our Club at 0977 or nicolegray@
updates on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube from their own peers have duce teens in middle and Zemmer Middle School in
and other social media sites are an ordinary taken place at their school high schools to Christ and Lapeer is going strong but In order to ensure all
part of most teens everyday lives. in the past few weeks. help them grow in their the need to have more the funds donated for the
Sometimes, even the smartest teens dont They are looking for faith. The ultimate goal is adults volunteering with evening go directly back
hope and positive places to have clubs at all five this crew is beyond big. into the Young Life minis-
always make the wisest choices when it to turn. That challenge has middle and high schools Anyone interested in try, meals are paid for by
comes to posting. Imlay City parents were been taken up by the local in the county. Young Life learning more about the table sponsors. Table
reminded of this last week, when Schools Young Life club. accomplishes its mission ministry of Young Life, sponsors are typically
Supt. Dr. Stu Cameron sent a letter home On Saturday, March at its weekly clubs and please consider attending individuals or businesses
18, the group will hold a contact work-spending the banquet on March 18 who receive the value of
explaining a recent incident that raised eye- banquet at Lapeer time directly with kids. at 5:30 pm at Lapeer supporting Young Life
brows in the district. A high school student Community Church to This March will be the Community Church in while getting prominent
posted some distasteful and concerning educate the community areas annual fundraising Attica. promotion and recognition
memes about a month ago. School officials just how Young Life is banquet. This event is by The banquet is being before and during the
providing hope to these far the largest means to catered by Eloquent event. Interested sponsors
were alerted by other students, who brought teens and how more adults generate income to con- Events and a silent auction should contact Nikki.
the posts to their attention. After a thorough can get involved. tinue impacting local teens featuring a variety of items Thank you for your
investigation by the district and local and For the past 10 years, for Christ and to introduce from businesses around support.
state police, the findings indicated that no Lapeer County Young Life more adults to the cause. the county will also be Sincerely,
has placed itself among This years theme is A held during the meal. Sara Lesky
direct threats were made toward any student, teenagers in Imlay and Time to Build. Here in There is no charge to Young Life
staff or schools in the district. The student Lapeer schools providing Lapeer our need to build attend the banquet, but we Attica
who made the posts and the students parents
are working with school administrators as
well. While the student avoided serious legal
Does Rep. Mitchell have what it takes?
troubles, the incident highlights the contin- If our representative, in the district. tigation. Mr. Mitchell stated that
ued need for parents to talk to their youths Paul Mitchell, doesnt have Republicans, including Does Mr. Mitchell the call for town halls was
the courage to meet his Mr. Mitchell, recently believe he owes his alle- just a media circus. All
about appropriate use of the Internet and own constituents face to voted against demanding giance to his party over his the worlds a stage, Paul.
social media. face, can we imagine he has the release of the presi- country? Or will he stand We all have a voice and
Some simple guidelines could include: the strength to stand up for dents tax returns. The up for finding out the truth part to play.
Reminders to be nice. Make it clear that us in Washington? House Oversight of these serious matters and You can call or visit
Mr. Mitchell refused to Committee that Mr. fulfill his commitments to Mr. Mitchells office in
bullying or crude and rude behavior is unac- hold a town hall in his dis- Mitchell sits on could sub- his constituents and histo- Shelby Township (586-
ceptable both in real life and in the virtual trict when he was home poena Donald Trumps tax ry? He can begin by step- 997-5010) or in Washington
world. Ask your teen to inform you of any during a Congressional returns. The tax returns ping up and holding a town (202-225-2106). What
bullying and/or harassing messages theyve recess in late February. His would show who he owes, hall meeting where all can question would you ask
local staff said there was a who holds financial reins be seen and heard, not just him?
received or seen. plan for a phone-in town on him and perhaps why he those he wishes to see and Miriam Marcus
A reminder to think twice before hit- hall. Mr. Mitchell, are your is so faithful in his support hear from. Lum
ting enter. Remind your teen that what constituents that scary that of Vladimir Putin and
they post can be used against them, and to you wont meet us in per-
son and hear our concerns;
inclined toward Russia. In
2008, his son, Donald Indivisible Chapter forms
consider the fact that whats posted online from repealing the Trump Jr., told a real estate A new chapter of the Mitchell, Senator Gary
has the potential to be read by millions of Affordable Care Act, to conference, Russians national group, Indivisible, Peters, and Senator Debbie
people. Let them know that once its out Russian influence, educa- make up a pretty dispropor- was formed in Lapeer Stabenow. In addition, the
there, it cannot be taken back. tion, immigration, disas- tionate cross-section of a County last month as part group will follow Michigan
sembling environmental lot of our assets, and We of the 10th Congressional legislative activities, State
Go through the proper use of privacy protections, the presidents see a lot of money pouring District, known as the Senator Mike Green, and
settings and highlight their importance. conflicts of interest and in from Russia. Lapeer Indivisible Team. State Representative Gary
Remind your youth to never friend strang- refusal to release his tax (Washington Post 3-3-17). As with other Howell.
ers and that passwords are for their protec- returns or whatever con- Recently, we learned Indivisible groups around LIT members will
cerns people might have? that his newly confirmed the country, LITs purpose thank our members of
tion and shouldnt be shared with anyone. Some of your fellow Attorney General Jeff is to stand up for democra- Congress, when appropri-
Make it official. Create a social media representatives were will- Sessions lied under oath cy through implementation ate, push them to do more,
contract for your teen to read and sign. Set ing to take the heat and stay during his confirmation of the Indivisible Guide where needed, and express
limits on social media use, and be consistent in the kitchen with their hearing about Russian con- and provide Lapeer County opinions regarding current
with enforcement of those limits. public, meeting multiple tacts while he was active in residents opportunities to legislation and other impor-
times even. Others, such as the Trump campaign. Mr. gather, share opinions, and tant issues. The group will
As recent headlines indicate, online posts Mr. Mitchell, are missing Sessions is not the first, hold Members of Congress follow legislative activi-
are far-reaching and long-lasting, and have in action, meeting only second or even third person accountable. ties, contact and visit mem-
the potential to create serious problems with carefully selected in Mr. Trumps close circle LIT will focus attention on
when deemed inappropriate. groups and ignoring numer- with Russian connections local Members of Congress,
ous calls to hold a town hall that call for thorough inves- Representative Paul Letters page 11-A

Counting the minutes to...peace

N oon, Wed. March 8. It
feels like someone
poured molasses in the
whats going on in my little
slice of paradise gone wild,
Im nowhere near brave
of my mind.
Denise whips out a
flashlight and shines it
basement (its not flooded
yet, but its just a matter of
time), and Im outta there.

clock while turning the ceil- enough to venture out there toward me. We can do 8 p.m. Cant avoid it
ing fans up to tornadic to take a look. interrogations here today, any longer. Have to go
activity level as I sit here at 1:45 p.m. I can no lon- maam, but we cant do any home and deal with it. Im
the office. Huddled in front ger avoid the dentist dentistry, she grins. We all grateful for the down com-
of the computer on my desk appointment that Ive been laugh. The power is out. It forter and wool blanket the
as if it will offer some sort cancelling and rescheduling had gone out just ten min- folks gave me from their
of extra protection, I do for the utes earlier and unlike in motorhoming days. Aside
anything and everything to past six the past hour, the employ- from the relentless howling
ignore whats happening weeks as ees say this time it appears of the wind, when Im
Photo by Catherine Minolli

around me. my mom to be off for good. Thats underneath those blankets
Wind gusts feel like recovers when I know my powers the world is a wonderful
theyll literally lift the from an out, too. And that perhaps place.
building off its foundation, illness. this particular dentist 7 a.m. Thurs., March 9.
like Im Dorothy in Oz Observations in ink... At least appointment just isnt No power. No shower. I
without the cute dress and thats meant to be. pour some water from a jug Hot fire, frozen pond = paradise at Minolli
basket. And without Toto, Catherine Minolli what Regardless, whenever into a pan and heat it up on homestead.
too. Im theres an outage in Almont, the propane stove for wash-
Im worried about my thinking when Iget in the there are some dark spots ing up. Teeth and hair end, I decide theres no
own TotoTino the vehicle and head down to on Cochrane brushed, Im surprised I time like the present to The fires big and blazing.
Magnificent. The Maine the beautiful Almont offices humble abode being one of dont look worse. Head off begin to tackle the huge The frozen pond reflects all
Coon rescue cat whos been of Great Lakes Family them. I am forced to go to the office where, as debris project that Mother there is around it. The
my faithful companion for Dental Group. In a rush as there to see whats going usual, Im the only one who Nature laid at my doorstep. ducks are still drawn to it,
the past four years. Hes usual, I park rather hastily on. I do. No trees on the doesnt have power at Its chilly, yes, but I have a whether its an ice rink or
stuck in the bunkers at the in the almost-empty lot and house or barn or duck coop. home. beautiful campfire pit and not. Im grubby and a little
old homestead. Surrounded dash through the lobby to In fact, the ducks are on 10:30 a.m. (new time) some really awesome, tired. And supremely con-
by waving treetops, flying the front office where the such high alert they easily Sun., March 12. I thought gnarly old flannel shirts that tent. And abundantly grate-
branches and the scary, office staff sits. Im greeted follow my lead into their my mood would be worse when layered up do just ful for all of the minutes
moaning/screaming sound by smiling faces as I blurt semi-safe haven thats what with the dreaded flip- fine in any conditions. Plus, and hours it took to bring
that the wind makes when out in a breath Im a little shielded from the unrelent- ping of the clock, but the all the moving and bending me to this blissful moment
its bullying its way through late for a 2 oclock appoint- ing west winds behind the sunshine oddly makes up and hauling of twigs and of peace.
the door frames and roof ment today. The staff looks barn. A quick check on for it. Since I dont have to logs, branches and limbs Email Catherine at
vents. While Im fearful of at me like Ive lost the rest Tino, a little look in the go to the city for the week- keeps the heat flowing.
Page 9-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Beware the Ides of March roars like a lion

W e awoke to a roaring failure, I filled buckets What fun to serve my fam-

March and Pi Day

lion Wednesday from our rain barrels and ily dinner when they
morning. Pines and maples boiled water on a propane returned home tired and
flailing. The green burner. A bar of hungry. We gathered
vase on the patio soap completed the around their fireplace, a
Honest Living . . .
I enjoy writing the All the
Liblong Day columns.
Writing is the easy part.
of approximately 38 plays,
154 sonnets, two long nar-
rative poems, and a few
table toppled over
and rolled off the
edge and onto a
The gratifi-
cation from that
pleasure our schedules
would not have allowed
Finding a new idea to write other verses, some of chair. I winced at experience enlight- Wednesdays wind
about is the hard part. So uncertain authorship. His the crack of break- ened me. In my purged the woods of dead
this week Ill write about plays have been translated ing glass. March educational and ash trees, littered our road
two subjects I know almost into every major living lan- claimed my back- spiritual pursuits, I with branches and limbs,
nothing about: Shakespeare guage and are performed yard beacon. had overlooked some places near impass-
and math. more often than those of Wind damage how to survive. able. When my computer
All the Liblong day.. Two days in any other playwright. is common out My mothers man- flickered off, our generator
March illus- Now thats impressive. here on the hill. I tra, use what you started up. This happened
trate each. I really do wish I could cant count the have, took on several times with no need
Bill Shakespeare dismembered gar- new meaning. A
My understand and enjoy it. to draw buckets of water,
English The only thing I remember den chimes Ive gathered woman who had pumped gather candles before dark,
teacher, Mrs. about Shakespeare is from with regret. water from an outside well
and secure a warm bed for
(Joy) the play Julius Caesar, As a new build years for her childhood house-
the night.
Wilson, was The Ides of March. Today, ago, gales ripped the siding hold, Mom wouldve
right off the west side of laughed out loud at my When I prepared din-
Rick big on March 15, is the Ides of ner, I felt a small sense of
Liblong Shakespeare. March. I remember it our house. Thankfully, the resourcefulness.
replacement cost was with- With a positive attitude, victory. Weve invested
She had us because its also classmate heaps of research and
read a couple John Halseys birthday. in our builders one-year sudden deprivation can
warranty. Welcome to build strong character and income into a more sus-
of his works. I dont even In the play, a soothsayer tainable and economical
remember which ones. She says to Caesar, Beware country living. strengthen relationships.
We planted the row of Today, a fellow writer told life, and its paying off.
also took us to the Hilberry the Ides of March. And Dear Reader, as I
Theater at Wayne State sure enough, in 44 B.C., pines for a storm and sun our critique group that a
shield and ran to the base- friend took in her family forced the jagged bottom
University in Detroit to see when Caesar was at the
ment when the house when their power went out. of the green vase into a
one or two of his plays. senate, his old pal, Brutus,
shook from what seemed a I didnt want to go home. backyard garden, I realized
Do you like and about 60 other conspir-
passing freight train. The Her house is cleaner than natural consequences of
Shakespeare? Bully for ators, cut him to shreds.
you if you do. Hats off to Literally. Et tu, Brute? trees waxed. Our fear mine, she joked. our electrical indepen-
you if you can understand Caesar asks as he is waned. Often, Nature pre- Ah! Love thy neighbor dence.
it. I mean, take this for stabbed to death. The Ides of March: not vailed over DTE. as thyself. We no longer need our
example from Macbeth: Thats the extent of my Caesars best day. Yes, weve suffered our Several years ago, it childrens lodging.
Your face, my thane, is as knowledge about share of power outages. was a cold November night And what shall I do to
a book where men Shakespeare. I wish I knew circles circumference to Ive learned to see this Act when our youngest daugh- practice survival skills?
May read strange matters. more because when that its diameter, commonly of God as our right of pas- ter and her husband offered Oh, yes! Beware the Ides
To beguile the time, category comes up on approximated as 3.14159. sage back into the natural us shelter. Three nights. of Marchgardeners say
Look like the time; bear Jeopardy, Im hopeless. It has been represented by worldan opportunity to During the day, I worked an ideal day for sowing
welcome in your eye, Yesterday, March 14, the Greek letter (pi sym- practice skills our forefa- with her laptop and moni- spring peas.
Your hand, your tongue: was Pi Day. Thats another bol) since the mid-18th thers depended upon. tored DTES online grid Email Iris at
look like the innocent flower, thing that I dont know century, though it is also For instance, in one energy indicating restored power.
But be the serpent undert. much aboutmath. I can sometimes spelled out as
pi. Being an irrational

When the why reveals itself

Huh? I have no clue
what that means. number, pi cannot be
How about this one expressed exactly as a frac-
from As You Like It: tion (equivalently, its deci-
mal representation never This is why you walk. advanced to we decided to go
Hath not old custom made
this life more sweet ends and never settles into Its why he went. finals. Of course, to church with one
Than that of painted a permanent repeating pat- And its why I write. Ill say, Hoorah of the other kids,
pomp? Are not these woods
More free from peril than
Quoting Wikipedia one
more time,
T hat's the outline which
was trying to align my
thoughts as we drove home
for Tyler
Menninga! Way to
whose pastor had
just returned from
Israel. I went to
the envious court?
Here feel we but the penal- Approximations for today from a couple of though I cant for find purpose, expe-
ty of Adam, the mathematical constant days in Grand Rapids. The the life of me fig- rience the culture,
The seasons difference; as, pi in the history of mathe- thought grid is way too ure out why any- to see places, he
The circumference of a matics reached an accuracy simple, of course, for com- one would want to began. What hap-
the icy fang circle is slightly more
And churlish chiding of the within 0.04% of the true pacting the emotions of a stand his truck on pened instead is...I
than three times as complicated weekend. end, roll it on pur- met people.
winters wind, value before the beginning
long as its diameter. The reason for the trip pose, leaving the Yes...he
Which, when it bites and of the Common Era
The exact ratio is was to show solidarityto shell of its body met people, and his
blows upon my body, (Archimedes). In Chinese
called pi. cheer on my sisters 20 totally destroyed. thinking and perspective
Even till I shrink with cold, mathematics, this was
I smile and say, improved to approxima- year-old grandson who was For me, the true drama totally changed. Thats, in
This is no flattery. add, subtract, multiply and tions correct to what corre- living out an outlandish happened the morning after the long run, why he went.
Please email me if you divide, often without a cal- sponds to about seven dec- dream which went some- Saturdays performance. In retrospect, Im thinking,
know what that means and culator, though I always imal digits by the 5th cen- thing like this: To drive the We stayed the night with And Joan, thats why you
explain it. use one. Its accurate and tury. Blue Thunder and then the some of our kids. We woke walk. Not just for your
I certainly understand faster. But the meatier Well, thats easy Grave Digger in Monster to find out that some health. Not just for the
the fact that Mr. parts of math? Nope. I enough, right? Clear as a Jam competitions. While I friends from church had exercise. But because it
Shakespeares works have never liked it nor under- bell...3.14 so we celebrate personally have no affinity lost a daughter in a car forms a framework in
been around since the 16th stood it. I envied my class- it on 3/14. Clever. An irra- with that dream, I admire crash the night before. Our which to do the tough stuff
century so they must say mates who were whiz kids tional number? I love that his tenacity in holding out son Mark explained that of doing life together.
something that people at math. phrase. Lots of things seem for his Plan A for which he Joan (our daughter-in-law) Why he went. Why she
understand and enjoy. So what the heck is Pi and irrational to me but as long figured he needed NO Plan and the mom had worked walks. And why... I
Wikipedia tells me that why do we celebrate Pi as the rest of the world is B. In his dads words, that together at one time; were write. To
Shakespeare was an Day? In 2009, the United O.K. with it, Im good. stuff cant be taught. You walking buddies. Their kids pull overlay and
English poet, playwright, States House of So, I hope The Ides of gotta have it in you. And are friends, etc. etc. We had try to find meaning some-
and actor, widely regarded Representatives supported March are a lot better to he does. Has since he was planned to stay and go to where in there. To share
as the greatest writer in the the designation of Pi Day. you than they were to Julius 3. Its just innate in him church with them, but it with you so we all together
English language and the What else would they have Caesar and that yesterday, what to do when youre seemed like a good idea to can grapple with the mys-
worlds pre-eminent dra- to do thats more impor- you celebrated Pi Day with skidding on two tires just hug them and then teries of life.
matist. He is often called tant? your friends. Personally, I instead of four. leave them to figure out Email Willene at
Englands national poet, Wikipedia again comes like Pie Day better. Make Well, while we didnt their next move. Instead,
and the Bard of Avon. to my rescue. The number mine blueberry. stay for the entire weekend
Email Rick at of competitions, I under-
Mark your calendars for upcoming
His extant works, includ- (pi symbol) is a mathemat-
ing collaborations, consist ical constant, the ratio of a stand he won on points and

Lapeer County 4-H auction

Imlay City announces Students of the Month TRI-CITY AREA The annual auctions to ben-
Editors note: The fol- two siblings: Seaana and efit the Lapeer 4-H Youth Program will be held March
lowing Imlay City High Tim. He is also the owner 31 and April 1 at the Lapeer Center Building. Friday,
School Students of the of a cat named Mia. In March 31, from 6-9 p.m. is the Celebrity Autographed
Month feature was submit- addition to maintaining Items Auction with signed items from over 350 differ-
ted by Rich Cross, M.Ed., excellent grades, Cameron ent famous people. Saturday, April l, from 8 a.m.-3
Dean of Students at Imlay is a member of the Spartan p.m. is the Spring Auction for 4-H with thousands of
City High School. He may LINKS Program, as well items of merchandise, business services, etc. The
be reached at 810-724- as the virtual reality/video Silent Auction and a Pancake Breakfast run from 8-11
9815 or via email to game club. In his free time a.m. and the Live Auction starts at 11 a.m. Admission Cameron enjoys playing is free to both events.
ICHS February 2017 video games and watching For questions or to obtain detailed information on
Student of the Month Abbie Evard Cameron Caudillo TV. His favorite video what will be sold at these two events, call (810) 667-
Abbie Evard games are the Call of Duty 0341 weekdays or email msue.lapeer@county.msu.
A bbie Evard is one of
our Imlay City High
School Students of the
Outside of school
Abbie spends the majority
of her free time working,
pursue a Bachelors
Degree in Nursing, and to
use the skills she has
Cameron looks up to
edu to be put on a mailing list.
Check Facebook at Lapeer County 4-H Spring
his parents and his teachers Auction for more.
Month for February 2017! volunteering at her church, obtained to help people
Abbie is the daughter of as role models because
and studying for her cur- who are sick and in need
Bob and Marguerite Evard,
and has seven siblings
rent college classes.
Abbies role models are
of help. Eventually, she
would also like to raise a
they have helped him
through high school as Learn art of baking bread at
(four brothers, three sis-
ters). She is also the owner
her parents because they
are extremely hard-work-
large family just as her
parents did.
well as with planning for
his future. Imlay City library
of an American cocker ing, and they have done a Congratulations Abbie! Camerons current
goals are to finish high IMLAY CITY Bread baker extraordinaire Don
spaniel named Bailey. great job raising eight kids. Keep up the good work! Davenport will revisit his popular Bread Talk at the
In addition to earning
excellent grades, Abbie
is a multi-year member of
She hopes that one day she
can be just like them.
Abbies current goals
ICHS February 2017
Student of the Month
Cameron Caudillo
school on a strong note
and to graduate in June.
After high school Cameron
Ruth Hughes Library on Thursday, March 16. Don
will revisit his first talk, and introduce new topics
including sourdough. He encourages those who
the National Honor are to graduate in June and ameron Caudillo is one plans on pursuing a career
attended his first talk to bring a loaf of their bread and
Society. She is also cur- to spend the summer work- of our Imlay City High in video game develop- share stories of breadmaking success with the group.
rently serving as the NHS ing to save money for col- School Students of the ment. The Ruth Hughes Library is located at 211 N.
Secretary, as well as the lege. After high school Month for February 2017! Congratulations Almont Ave. Call 810-724-8043 for more informa-
head of the NHS School Abbie plans to continue He is the son of Tim and Cameron! Keep up the tion.
Spirit Committee. with the STEM program, Cindy Caudillo, and has good work!
Page 10-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Town Talk
Editors note: Due to space 798-8210 for more info. The Capac Kitchen serves caregivers! Enjoy fun proj- 9 a.m. at Seros, 925 Gratiot Only, Thursdays 1-3:45 p.m.
constraints announcements free meals every Tuesday ects that will develop your in Marysville. For more info, By Appointment Only.
will be posted one week in Adults 55 and over are invit- from 4:30-6 p.m. at Zion childs skills and prepare call Julie at 810-388-0868. Additional Immunization
advance of the event. Notices ed to Berlin Twp. Senior United Methodist Church. them for school! Children Clinics Offered: By
must be received in writing by Center to play cards from also enjoy a snack, story Lapeer County Families Appointment Only (held in
noon Monday prior to the noon-3 p.m. the 2nd Free meals for people in time, and a free book! Call Against Narcotics group 2nd floor clinic area). Walk-
publication date. Wednesday of every month. need are offered at the North the Family Literacy Center meets the 2nd Tuesday of the In (held in lower level). For
Bring a sack lunch, bever- Branch Senior Center on today to reserve your seat at month at Faith Christian additional info, to check if
For Senior Citizens
ages provided. Senior stretch Monday and Thursday eve- 810-664-2737 and for more Fellowship, 69 W. Nepessing we accept your insurance, or
exercise on Tuesdays 10-11 nings from 5:30-7 p.m. Call info on dates and times. St. in Lapeer. Call 810-667- to schedule an appointment
a.m. Potluck luncheons will 810-441-0322 for more info. 0119 for more info or email please call 810-667-0448.
Indoor Sr. Pickelball - Capac be served the 4th Tuesday of Play groups available. Free 6
every month at noon. Call Orchards' Cupboard Food week sessions. At these Free hearing and vision
Elementary School Pantry is open the 3rd TOPS 620 Lapeer weight-
Cafeteria, 4 p.m. Tues., & 810-395-4518 for details. FREE 90-minute play- screens for children of pre-
Saturday of every month 9 groups, children will partici- loss group meets Tuesday school age are available at
Thurs. from Feb. 7 to May Ryan Smith, a certified alco- a.m.-noon. Food distributed nights at the Hunters Creek
23 (cancelled if school pate in storytime, develop- the Lapeer County Health
hol and drug counselor will at 74903 McKay Rd., Bruce mentally appropriate games Mobile Home Park Club Department. To schedule an
closed). be available at the Imlay Twp., 586-336-4673. www. House, 725 DeMille Rd. in
and crafts, learn new skills, appointment please call 810-
Gentle Yoga Tuesdays from City Senior's Center on the and enjoy a snack and social Lapeer. Weigh-in from 667-0448 or 810-245-5549.
9-10 a.m. at First 4th Thursday of every 6-6:30 p.m., meeting from
Congregational Church in
Almont. Practice led by Dina
month from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Museums time with other children.
Parents will have the chance 6:30-7:30 p.m. For more info
call 810-664-7579.
Capac Pharmacy is teaming
with Support Million Hearts
to talk to other adults with
Free Meals, Food
Miramonti, RYT. same-age children. Register by offering in-pharmacy
The Dryden Historical TOPS 888 (Take Off Pounds blood pressure screenings,
Imlay City Senior Center Society meets at 7 p.m. the now for the next session! Sensibly) meets Wednesdays
Numerous locations and 136 North Main St. in Capac,
Texas Hold Em 12:30 first Wednesday of the at the 25 Pine Ridge Dr. in Tuesdays, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
St. Pauls Lutheran Church dates available. For more Lapeer. Weigh-in at 8:30
p.m. For info 810-724-6030. Food for Families kitchen month and the museum Everyone is invited to come
opens every Monday from info and to sign up call the a.m., 9:30 a.m. meeting. Call
Dinner and an evening of is open to the public for free, Family Literacy Center at and have their blood pres-
5:30-7 p.m. Linda at 810-245-3955 or sure read for free.
card playing with friends, hot meals every Monday and 810-664-2737. Phyllis 810-395-7035 for
50/50 raffle and prizes of Wednesday from 4-5:30 p.m. The Capac Historical Society more info.
high and low for each table
every 3rd Monday at the This Heart Loves Food
Pantry is open the 1st
is open to visitors daily from
1-3 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. on Support Groups For those that have experi- Events
Washington Senior Center, Sundays. Call 810-395-2859 enced the death of a loved
Saturday of each month Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) one, a support group is avail-
57880 Van Dyke, Washington from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at for more info.
Twp., MI 48094, from 4-8 meetings are held every able facilitated by a trained Celebrity Autograph
Gateway Assembly Church, The Imlay City Historical Monday night at 8 p.m. at United Hospice Service Auction - In preparing for
p.m. Call for further details, 2796 S. Van Dyke Rd., Imlay
586-752-6543. Museum will be closed to the St. Paul's Lutheran Church (UHS) bereavement volun- its Friday, March 31st annu-
City. public until April 1, 2017. in Imlay City. teer. Marlette Regional al "Celebrity Autographed
Swing Dance Lessons The Attica United Methodist During that time volunteers Hospital, 2770 Main Street Items Auction", the Lapeer
offered at the Port Huron will be establishing new Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Marlette, hosts this sup- County 4-H Youth Program
Church will be holding a and Al-Anon meetings are
Senior Center, 600 Grand free community meal on the exhibits, continuing research port group the 1st Friday of is seeking donations from
Avenue in Port Huron, every projects, and planning spe- held every Wednesday night each month at 10 a.m. in the the public of autographs of
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each at 8 p.m. at the Capac United
Tues. from 7:30-9 p.m. and month from 4:30-6:30 p.m. cial events. Volunteers are at Administration Conference famous people. Autographs
the 1st and 3rd Thurs. of the the museum most Methodist Church, Capac, Room. For more info, call can be of all types of well
For more info please call MI.
month from 7:30-9 p.m. with 810-724-0690 or visit www. Wednesday mornings. For 800-635-7490 or visit www. known persons on any type
instructors Lyle Malaski & questions contact Marilyn Grief Support Group - 7 marletteregionalhospital. of item (authors on books,
Kristina Morton. Call 810- Swihart 724-1904. week series beginning Feb. 7 org. sports stars on balls, movie
984-5061 for more info. The Attica Food Bank at the through March 21 (every stars on photos, etc.) With
The Imlay City Historical
Council on Aging
Membership is open to indi-
Attica United Methodist
Church, 27 Elk Lake Rd., is Museum needs your support
- Becoming a volunteer is a
Tues. from noon-2 p.m.) at
the Imlay City Senior
Fundraisers questions or to make a dona-
tion, call the Lapeer County
open from 2-4 p.m. the 2nd Center, 395 E. Third St. MSU Extension office at
viduals 18 and older. The and 4th Monday of each great way to support the Woman's Life Chapter 855
Capac Senior Center is open community. The Imlay City Contact: Tracy Ruhlman at 810-667-0341 or email msue.
month. Proof of residency Senior Center, 810-724-6030, will continue its Bottle &
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. week- and need required. Historical Museum shares Can Drive, to help those in
days. We offer a variety of its collections and history Ginger Miller, 810-724-5772. Those interested in attend-
need, throughout the year of ing this autographs auction
activities such as fitness and The Capac Community with the public through the Lapeer Area Citizens 2017. Call for the nearest
craft classes, a book review Food Pantry, 114 S. Main generosity of those who give can also contact 4-H to be
Against Domestic Assault drop off location. For large put on a mailing list for
group, cards and bus trips. Street, is open each their time to this effort. meets 1-3 p.m. every donations a pickup service is
Call Lori at 395-7889 for Wednesday from 1-3 p.m. Whether you like to give event details.
Wednesday in the Lapeer available. 810-392-5136.
more info. Please call LOVE, INC. at tours, weed in the garden, Court House for personal Bishop Kelley Fish Fry.
810-245-2414 in advance to help with collection care, or protection order clinic. For The Imlay City Christian Fridays, 4:30-7:00 p.m, Mar.
Almont and Dryden area ensure your food voucher do office work the museum School is holding a fund-
senior citizens meet the 2nd info 810-246-0632. 3 thru Apr. 7. 926 W.
will be received before you needs you. If your interests raiser for TAFFY (Tuition Nepessing St., Lapeer, locat-
Tuesday of the month at 12 stop in to shop. Any ques- are in history you are with FOR WIDOWED MEN & Assistance Fundraising For
p.m. at the Almont Lions ed in the community room
tions, please call Sherrie the right crowd. WOMEN: Lunch-Cards- Youth). Come join us for downstairs. Drive-up, 4:30-
Hall, 222 Water St., for a Cramton at 810-395-1905. Friendship. Join us every euchre the 2nd Saturday of
potluck and program. Call The Almont Community 5:30, in right lane on St.
3rd Tuesday of each month each month at 7 p.m. at the Joseph's St. between church
Historical Society Museum from 11:45 a.m.-4 p.m. at Imlay City Christian School,
is open Saturdays from 1-4 and school.
Cavis Pioneer Restaurant, 7197 E. Imlay City Rd. in
p.m. Please stop by and 5600 Lapeer Rd. in Kimball Imlay City. For more info, The Women of St. Cornelius
learn about your communi- Twp. 48074. No RSVP neces- call 810-724-5695. Corned Beef and Cabbage
ty. Society meetings are held sary. For more info call Dinner. Sat., Mar. 18, 3-7
Medical Care
at the museum on the second Joanne K. at 810-324-2304. p.m. St. Cornelius Catholic
Monday of the month at 7 This activity is sponsored by Church, 3834 N. Mill St.,
p.m. For more info call 810- Widowed Friends, a peer Dryden. Tickets available at
3 Nutritious Meals Daily Light Housekeeping support group www.wid- Lapeer County Health the door. Beer and wine cash
Compimentary Satellite TV
Life-enriching Activities
Health Services
Youth Events
Widowed Friends invites all
Department, 1800 Imlay
City Rd., Lapeer - Regular
bar, 50/50 raffle.
Pancake Breakfast with
widowed to join us for Immunization Clinic Hours: Michigan berry topping.
breakfast and friendship in (held in 2nd floor clinic area) Sun., Mar. 19, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.,
Ready, Set, Go! Workshop. Mondays 1-3:30 p.m. Walk-
This is a FREE workshop a safe setting every 2nd and Yale Senior Center. By
4th Monday of the month at In, Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.- Donation. Proceeds to bene- for 3-5 year olds & parents/ 11:30 p.m. By Appointment fit Yale Senior Center.



Woman's Life Chapter 855

will continue its Bottle &
Can Drive, to help those in
need, throughout the year of
2017. Call for the nearest

St. Pauls drop off location. For large
donations a pickup service is
Lutheran Church available. 810-392-5136.
(ELCA) Free tutor training for peo-

200 North Cedar (M-53) 4411 Newark Road
859 N. Van Dyke Road ple who would like to help
Imlay City, MI Attica, MI 48412 Imlay City, Michigan 48444 PASTOR KEN RENARD others in our community
810-724-2702 6835 Weyer Road Imlay City, MI48444 improve English skills.
810-724-1200 Sunday 2:30 pm

810-417-0265 Volunteer basis. Please call
email: Tuesday 7:00 pm
Worship 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School 9:30 am for orientation before train-
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Friday Youth 7:00 pm Morning Service 10:45 am ing at 810-664-2737.
Pastor Tim Martin Evening Service 6:00 pm
Pastor Alan Casillas
15 Sunday 10 a.m. Service 15 15
Wednesday Service 7:00 pm 15 Volunteer for the Habitat for
Humanity of Lapeer County
Attica Capac Imlay City Almont Light of Christ at the office. Interested par-
U.M.C. C.R.C. ties can call 810-664-7111
U.M.C. 14952 Imlay City Rd., Capac 395 N. Cedar (M-53)
First Baptist Church Community and speak to Carolyn,
Cheryl or Pete at 810-660-
27 Elk Lake Road, Attica, MI
(810) 724-0690 Church 810-395-2112
Sunday School - 9:15 am - All Ages
Worship 10:00 a.m.
Wayne Boyd, Pastor
881 Van Dyke - 810-798-8888
Church 7823.
2720 Winslow Road
Club News
Sunday Worship: 10 a.m Sunday Service: 10:30 am Sunday School 11:15 a.m. Sunday Bible Classes: 9:45 am
Attica Food Bank: Serving those Junior Church and Nursery Available Youth Ministry Worship Services
10:30 am & 6:00 pm
Imlay City, MI 48444
MOPS Program
in need in Attica Twp, 2-4 pm, Bible Studies Every
Community Mens & Womens
Bible Study Wednesday 7:00 pm 1 Mile South of I-69 Overpass
2nd and 4th Monday Monday and Tuesday Evenings
Tuesday Morning
Bible Studies Live Webcasting Sunday all worship services Sunday Worship 10:30 am Veterans of Foreign Wars
Rev. Ron Rouse 810-724-4315 over 15 15
Come as you are - everyone is welcome!
16 15
Come Grow With Us! 15
Proclaiming the Sovereign Grace of God Phone: 810-724-6999 15
(VFW) of Imlay City, Post
2492, 598 N. Almont Ave.
Dryden Imlay City Sacred Heart GATEWAY ST. JOHNS LUTHERAN CHURCH (Fairgrounds Rd.) Overseas
Veterans Meetings 2nd
U.M.C. U.M.C. Catholic Church
(ELCA) 109 E. Kempf Court Capac, MI
(810) 395-7557 Thursday, every other
Corner of 4th St. & Almont Ave. 700 Maple Vista, Imlay City month, 7 p.m.; Post Meetings
5394 Main Street - Dryden (Across from the Library) 810-724-1135 2796 S. Van Dyke Road - Imlay City 1st Thursday every month, 7 74903 McKay Rd., Romeo Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm p.m.; Auxiliary Meetings 1st
810-796-3341 9:15 a.m. Sunday School Weekday Masses
Morning Worship - 8:55 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
10:30 a.m. Worship Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri 8 am Wed. 10 am Evening Service - 5:00 p.m. Saturday of every month, 10
Pastor Patricia Hoppenworth First Sat. 8 am
Sunday Mornings a.m.
Nursery Available
Weekend Masses
Wednesday Family Night - 6:45 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m.
Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Jr. Church for K-5th grade 10:30 am
Youth Group 6th-12th grade Sat. Vigil Mass 5 pm Adult & Children's Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Supervised child care during all services Almont/Dryden Masons
Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. 5pm-6:30pm Sundays Sun. 9 am - English Children's Church during service. Sunday School meets 7 p.m. every 2nd
EVERYONE WELCOME! Rev. Dr. Marcel Allen Lamb
11 am - Spanish
Confessions 1/2 hr. before each Mass &4pm Sat. COME & MAKE A Phone: 810-724-8110 9:00 a.m. September thru May Thursday of the month at
15 810-724-0687 15 Father Paul Ward 15
DIFFERENCE WITH US! 15 Pastor Jeffrey S. Krist 15 Staffed Nursery During Worship 15 Masonic Center in Almont.
West Berlin Imlay City Christ Evangelical First Congregational Church The Imlay City American
Legion Post 135 meets the
Church of Christ Lutheran Church United Church of Christ
U.M.C. 670 N. Van Dyke 1970 S. Almont Ave., Imlay City
2nd and last Wednesdays of
Imlay City, MI 48444 275 Bancroft - Imlay City
201 E. St. Clair, Almont, MI the month at 7:30 p.m. The
905 Holmes Rd. - Allenton, MI Sunday Service
at corner of Newark Rd.
(Corner of 5th Street) 810-798-8855 post is located at 212 E.
810-724-7855 Third Street. Contact them
Corner of Almont Road Bible Study (all ages) 10:00am
810-724-6207 Sr. Pastor: Keith Langley
Morning Worship 11:00am Sunday School 9:00 a.m. at 724-1450 or americanle-
810-395-2409 1st Sunday of the
Month Evening Service 2:30pm
Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m.
Thursday Worship 7:00 p.m.
Sunday School &Morning Adult Group 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship Service at 10:15 a.m.
Nursery available and Jr. Church
Worship Service 10:30 a.m.
Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. Wednesday Bible Classes (all ages) 7:00pm Pastor Rev. Dr. Renee C. Jackson
for ages 3 thru 5th grade The Evening Star Quilt
810-724-3306 Jr./Sr. High Youth Group ~ Sundays 6-8pm Guild meets the last
Rev. Curtis Clarke COME WORSHIP WITH US!
Ralph O. Stuebs
Cell-(567) 674-0438 No matter who you are or where you are Kidz 4 Christ ~ Wednesdays 6-7:30pm Wednesday of each month at
15 John Barker, Minister 15 Come to the WELS on lifes journey, you are welcome here!15 Pre-School - 5th grade
15 15 the Davison Senior Center,
Goodland 16
Family of St. Cornelius St. Nicholas St. John The Holy Redeemer 10135 Lapeer Rd. in
Davison. Meetings start at
Community Christ Catholic Church Catholic Church Evangelist Lutheran Church 6:30 p.m. and doors open at
Lutheran Church - Catholic Church
Church Missouri Synod
3834 N. Mill Street
P.O. Box 208
4331 Capac Road
Capac, MI 48014
872 Capac Rd. 4538 Dryden Rd. Dryden, MI 6 p.m. For more info call
Lisa, 810-358-7294.
2008 N. Van Dyke Dryden MI 48428 810-395-7572
Allenton, MI 48002
7191 Imlay City Road 810-395-7074 Woman's Life Chapter 855
Box 82 Imlay City
Imlay City, MI 48444 Bible Study - 9:15 am Weekday Masses: 8:00 am - BIBLE CLASS will meet April 4, 2017 in
Weekday Masses: Weekday Masses:
810.724.1747 Worship Time - 10:30 am
Wed. & Thurs. 8:30 a.m.
Wed. & Fri. 8:30 a.m. Thurs. & Fri. 8:30 a.m.
9:30 am - WORSHIP Richmond at the Lois
11:00 am - SUNDAY SCHOOL & BIBLE CLASS Wagner Memorial Library
Childrens Church - 10:30 am Weekend Masses: Weekend Masses:
Weekend Masses: ALL WELCOME!!!
Worship Service: 10:00 am Phone 810-724-2620 Saturday - 4:30 p.m. Sunday - 11:00 a.m. Saturday - 6:00 p.m.
Pastor Steven Helms
at 6:30 pm. Everyone is wel-
Pastor Chad Hampton Sunday - 8:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m. Sunday - 9:00 a.m. come to attend.
16 17 Rev. Mike Gawlowski, Pastor 15 Rev. Mike Gawlowski, Pastor 15 Christian Preschool Available 15
Page 11-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Letters Continued: Rep. Mitchell to speak

from page 8-A
bers of Congress, and
these Guiding Principles.
Interested in finding at Lincoln Day Dinner
attend public events while out more? LIT can be The Lapeer County affect our lives. You need to
maintaining a positive and found on the national Republican Party Executive come and hear him speak!
civil approach. Indivisible website listed Committee is pleased to The dinner will be at
LIT members have below and at www.face- announce the 2017 Lincoln the Lapeer Country Club,
agreed to the following Day Dinner. 3786 Hunt Road, Lapeer,
Guiding Principles: LapeerIndivisibleTeam/. This is the largest annu- MI 48446 on Saturday,
1. The current admin- The next LIT meeting al event hosted by the March 25, 2017.
istrations agenda will take will be held on Saturday, Republican Party in Lapeer Come to the V.I.P.
America backwards and March 18, at 10 a.m. County and a great way to Reception between 5- 6

Photo provided
must be stopped. Contact lapeerindivisible- come and meet many of the p.m. to meet and greet.
2. To work together for county, state and federal General doors open at 5:30
to achieve this goal, we details. public servant Republicans p.m. Dinner follows at 6:30
must model the values of Go to www.indivisible- you have elected. p.m. State Rep. Gary Howell serving as committee
inclusion, respect, fairness, to learn more We are proud to Business owners have chair at Capitol building in Lansing.
and honesty. about the Indivisible announce this years key- the opportunity to advertise

Howell moves to ban

3. The Team is non- Guide. note speakerUnited in the program which
partisan and welcomes Lorraine Grinnell States Congressman Paul reaches all attendees and
everyone who supports Lapeer Mitchell. Sponsorship Packages are

Library says thank you!

Several generous City Ford.
Paul Mitchell currently
serves as the member of
Congress representing
available. Contact Walt
Bargen at (810) 417-2344
or wbargen@lakestone-
lame-duck sessions
Michigans 10th District. for details.
donors to our Silent Auction Thank you very much Prior to his service in Materials must be submit- TRI-CITY AREA hours at that point and we
were inadvertently left out for your generosity and Congress, Paul Mitchell ted no later than March 17. State Rep. Gary Howell had just a few hours left to
of our earlier thank you let- support of the Ruth Hughes served as the Chairman of And, you may also pro- introduced a resolution for examine the bill, Howell
ter. Our apologies and library. the Coalition Against mote your business by a constitutional amend- said. Legislators are not
many thanks go to: Sincerely, Higher Taxes and Special donating to our Silent ment to ban legislative able to give these impor-
JER Equipment Tracy Aldrich Interest Deals which fought Auction which is always a sessions extending past tant bills the due diligence
Rentals, B Naturals, Director the 2015 Proposal 1 tax great success. Contact Election Day, ending the they deserve when we are
Mortimer Lumber, Ruth Hughes Library increase, which was defeat- Kelly Bales at (810) 614- November and December facing a deadline that is
Thimbleberry, and Imlay Imlay City sessions commonly mere hours away.
ed by Michigan voters 6979 or dkjlakers@gmail.
known as lame duck Furthermore, it is an
with more than 80% voting com.
Kick butts out for good no. He also served as
Chairman of the Michigan
This year we are also
having a Live Auction!
Howell, of North
issue of accountability,
Howell said. I believe I
The St. Clair County everyone to post their self- Branch, said too often have an obligation to
Faith and Freedom Congressman Mitchell controversial bills are share my position on
Health Department, in ie statement on social Coalition. is providing a Trip to
partnership with the St. media with #IKickButts. pushed through to passage major issues before an
In the 115th Congress, Washington with a Tour of during the November and election is held. Some leg-
Clair County Smoke Free For information, visit Paul Mitchell serves on the the Capitol and we are
Community Team, is rec- December sessions with- islators in these lame-duck
House Transportation and working with others for out public hearings and sessions are term limited
ognizing March 15, For help with quitting Infrastructure Committee, surprise opportunities and/
National Kick Butts Day. tobacco of all forms, talk without adequate input and are voting on issues
the House Education and or items (were not even from the people affected that they will not have to
Organized by the with your healthcare pro- Workforce Committee, and sure ourselves what else
Campaign for Tobacco- vider or contact the by the proposed statutes. answer for. I believe all
the Committee on will be available!) If you During the last lame- lawmakers should be
Free Kids, Kick Butts Day Michigan Tobacco Oversight and want to promote your busi-
encourages and empowers Quitline at 1-800-784- duck session in December accountable to the people
Government Reform. ness in our Live Auction, we were handed a 200- who elected them. That is
youth to stand up, speak 8669. He was also elected by contact Walt Bargen at
out, and seize control Those interested in page energy reform bill at often not the case in these
his freshman class col- (810) 417-2344 or wbar- five in the morning after post-election sessions.
against Big Tobacco. tobacco prevention activ- leagues to serve as their
According to the ies are welcome to attend an all-night session. House Joint Resolution
representative on the for details. Legislators had been in I will now be referred to a
Campaign for Tobacco- St. Clair County Smoke-
Elected Leadership Council For more information session for 19 straight House committee.
Free Kids, tobacco kills Free Community Team
where he works with the and to buy VIP and Dinner
1,300 Americans every meetings at the St. Clair
Speaker of the House, tickets, visit the website
single day. Tobacco com- County Health Department
panies have been increas-
ingly targeting teenagers
on the third Wednesday of
the month at 10:30 a.m.
Majority Leader, Majority
Whip, and other elected
leadership to set and move
Harry D. Akers
Send us your announcements
with national marketing Call (810) 987-5300 for
campaigns. Every day, more information. Visit us the Republican legislative Committee TRI-CITY AREA Do you or a family member
more than 2,800 kids at Like agenda forward. Lapeer Coumnty have a recent accomplishment or milestone youd like
under the age of 18 try and follow us on social What he is doing will Republican Party to share and celebrate with the community?Then send
smoking for the first time, media @scchdmi. us the details and we will gladly help you share the
news on our Announcements page.
and another 700 kids
become regular smokers.
Jennifer Michaluk,
M.Ed, CHES Nominate a Good Neighbor Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, special
birthdays, births, promotions, graduations or other
National Kick Butts Director of Health
Day has launched a cam- Education and Planning TRI-CITY AREA The Tri-City Times is seeking educational achievements, success in competition
paign that empowers our Lindsay Maunz, B.S., your input in an effort to highlight local unsung heroes. To we post these and other announcements in our pages
youth to stand up to tobac- CHES nominate an individual for recognition in an upcoming free of charge. We encourage you to include photos
co companies and pro- Health Educator feature, jot down a few words about the person or group when possible.
claim #IKickButts with a St. Clair County and what theyve done that has left a lasting impression. Send submissions to or Tri-
selfie. They encourage Health Department Email the Editor at or write to City Times, P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444.
P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444. Have questions? Contact us at (810) 724-2615.
Postcards for President

Your Hometown
March 15th is the day Here is the address:
designated to send our President Donald J. Trump,

President Donald Trump a The White House,
postcard expressing our 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
support and belief in his NW, Washington, DC
Presidency. This will show 20500
the media and politicians I encourage everyone
that we stand with him. reading this now to support
If each one of us this effort by sending a
every supporterwrites a post card, greeting card or
postcard and we mail them another form of written
today and tomorrow, the correspondence to our
White House post office President letting him know
will be overwhelmed with that we are with him and
cards of support and praying for him, too.
President Trump and his
to Carol L. Brown
Lapeer County Tea Party
Life Home Car Business
staff. Lapeer
Churchill Insurance Agency
Bar association 800-865-6981
offers scholarship Bus: 810-724-6218 Fax: 810-724-3418
TRI-CITY AREA Selection criteria will 243 East Third Street Imlay City, Michigan 48444

The Lapeer County Bar include academic achieve-
Association is proud to
offer its 12th annual schol-
community LUNCH
arship in the amount of
$2,000 to a high-achiev-
either volunteer work or
school senior to assist that financial need. Completed
student in pursuing a law- applications must be sent COD, CHICKEN, WING DINGS, PULLED PORK,
related career. to the above address or SUBS, SANDWICHES, PITAS, AND MORE!
Applications and emailed to bkonschuh@ 1935 S. CEDAR IMLAY CITY WWW.EATBIGJOES.COM

information on eligibility prior to
requirements are available Friday, May 5, 2017.
through any Lapeer All applications will NO COUPON NECESSARY! CALL AHEAD! PICK-UP WINDOW!
County high school coun- be reviewed by the Lapeer
selors office, at the County Bar Association

Tri-County Bank
Lap eer C o u n ty Scholarship Committee,
Prosecutors Office, 255 and the finalists will be FREE MARKET EVALUATION
Clay Street, Lapeer, contacted for interviews FOR YOUR HOME OR FARM
Michigan 48446, or by to be held the week of LET US HELP YOU SELL YOUR HOME!
contacting Judge Byron
Konschuh at (810) 245-
May 8, 2017. The scholar-
ship will be awarded
4817. shortly thereafter. LOCATED AT NEWARK RD. & ALMONT AVE.


Subscribe Today!

Tri-City Times 989-683-2024
810.560.3677 844 Van Dyke ALMONT
Marlette989-635-0639 Fronney's Family FoodsCapac810-395-8113
(810) 724-2615
Page 12-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Obituaries Lauwers to host office hours

TRI-CITY AREA State Rep. Dan Lauwers
~ Virginia M. Crowel, 84 ~ will hold office hours at the Yale Hotel, 119 S. Main
Street, Yale, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Friday, March
Virginia M. Crowel, the Mississippi. She Merlin (Angela) Crowel Owen and sister, Betty 24. Anyone interested in bringing their questions or
84, of Almont passed also enjoyed journeys to of Clinton Township, Daniels. concerns is welcome to attend. No appointment is
away Friday, March 10, northern Michigan near Caitlyn Crowel of Royal A Memorial Service necessary. Those unable to meet during the scheduled
2017 at WellBridge of Cheboygan, bowling, Oak, her great-grand- will be held Friday, March time may contact Rep. Lauwers office at (517) 373-
Romeo surrounded by her playing euchre, reading, daughter, Olivia Grace 17, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at 1790 or email
loving family. She was watching mysteries and Crowel, as well as her West Berlin United
born January 2, 1933 in old movies, jigsaw brother Bob (Sue) Owen, Methodist Church, 905
Hadley, Michigan; the puzzles and revisiting and many nieces and Holmes Rd., Allenton, MI
daughter of Lloyd Dusty
and Dorothy (Wilde)
the family Centennial
Farm in Hadley. She
nephews. In addition, she
leaves behind many close
48002. Burial will follow
at Hough Cemetery in
Dispatch log...
Owen. She married Earl also loved spending family members includ- Almont.
Crowel on July 25, 1953. time with her family, ing; Carol (Roger) Jackson Memorials may be Editors note: The fol- called 911 to report a vehi-
Through the years she grandchildren and her of Brown City, Sue made to Metro Hospice lowing is a compilation of cle that was all over the
worked at Honey Lees, dog Burton. (Mandernach) Edmonds of Care, 2 Corporate Dr., activity and reports from road. Officer Laura Mohr
Crowel Trucking, and She is survived by her Lincoln Park, Shelley Southfield, MI 48076 or area police departments: found the vehicle as it
Acuna Chiropractic. She loving husband of 63 Campbell of Lapeer, West Berlin United turned onto School St. and
was also a member of the years, Earl, and her chil- Stephanie (Jim) Jarrait, Methodist Church. In Imlay City: initiated a traffic stop. The
Business and Professional dren Viki (Louie) Angie Campbell, and Arrangements were March 6, 2017 driver, a 26-year-old male
Women of Lapeer County. Campbell of Almont and Karee (Brian) Moore of entrusted to Muir Brothers 08:55 Medical Assist from Almont was arrested
Virginia enjoyed traveling Randy Crowel of Attica. Macomb. Funeral Home in Almont. (600 block Maple Vista St.) for driving under the influ-
with her husband Earl to She is also survived by She is preceded in To sign the online guest 10:42 Suspicious ence of drugs. The man
the Caribbean, Europe, her grandchildren: Joe death by her parents; book, please visit www. Circumstance (1800 block was lodged at the Lapeer
and a river cruise down Crowel of Atlanta, GA, brother, Sonny (Connie) Stoldt Ave.) County Jail.
11:29 911 Hang Up 3-11-17 21:48 hours
~ Mattie E. Rayl, 90 ~ (2100 block S. Almont
A concerned citizen had
called 911 to report a vehi-
Mattie E. Rayl, 90, of Sunday School Teacher. 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, 12:50 Alarm (100 block cle that was all over the
Cass City, formerly of Mattie is survived by: March 15, 2017 in Kranz Weston St.) road. Officer Mohr found
Almont, died following a her sons; Francis (Marti) Funeral Home, Kingston 15:07 Property Damage the vehicle on Van Dyke
short illness Saturday, Rayl of Cass City, Arland with Rev. David Hill of Accident (N. Cedar St./E. Rd. near Dryden Rd. and
March 11, 2017 at (Patsy) Rayl of Almont; First Baptist Church of Third St.) initiated a traffic stop. The
Covenant Healthcare, half-brother, Wayne Dean Cass City officiating. 17:02 Incorrigible driver, a 55-year-old male
Cooper Campus, Saginaw. of Bad Axe; grandchildren: Interment will take place Minor (700 block Metcalf from Dryden was found to
She was born February 9, Tom Rayl, Joe (Hilary) in Almer Township St.) be operating while intoxi-
1927 in Akron to Lyle and Rayl, Kevin (Wendi) Rayl, Cemetery. Pallbearers for 18:03 911 Hang Up cated and was arrested. The
Goldie (Vader) Dean. She Paula (Kevin) Simpson, Mattie: Tom Rayl, Joseph (400 block W. Second St.) man was lodged at the
married Arnold Rayl Connie (Johnny) Guntle, Rayl, Kevin Rayl, Pete 18:40 Private Property Lapeer County Jail and his
December 23, 1944 in Bonnie (John) Byington, Rayl, Johnny Guntle, John Accident (1000 block vehicle was impounded.
Akron. He died January 2, Pete (Mary) Rayl, Krystal Byington, Kevin Simpson Norlin Dr.)
2012. (Hughie) Boggs; great and Hughie Boggs. Multiple Traffic Stops In St. Clair
Mattie graduated from grandchildren: Johnathan, Memorials may be made to throughout the day County:
Caro High School. Mattie Rochele, Courtnie, James, Northwood Meadows. Police and emergency
and Arnold, together with Lucas, Jacob, Owen, Eva, Family and friends may March 7, 2017 responders responded to
their children, made dairy and enjoyed visiting with Anderson, Arnold, share memories, prayers 07:54 Larceny (200 dispatch calls for:
farming their livelihood friends from the past and Elizabeth, Crystal, and stories with the family block School House Dr.) March 10
and they loved it. After new friends she made at Brantley; sister-in-law, at www.kranzfuneralhome. 14:54 Suspicious shots heard in the
life on the farm, Mattie Northwood Meadows. Kathryn Dean of Bad com. Circumstance (1000 block 14000 block of Almont Rd.
went to work for Kmart. With her recent adjustment Axe. Visitation: Wednesday, Norlin Dr.) in Berlin Twp.
She later took a job work- to Medilodge of Cass City, She is preceded in March 15, 2017 from 10 to 15:25 Private Property reckless driving at
ing as a secretary in the she enjoyed playing games death by her son, Keith; 11 a.m. Accident (2000 block S. Capac and Imlay City roads
office of Kingsbrook and having friends and brother, Gerald Dean; great Arrangements by Almont Ave.) in Mussey Twp.
Mobile Home Park in family stop to see her. granddaughter, Tess Rayl; Kranz Funeral Home, 20:50 Suspicious domestic incident in
Almont. She and Arnold Mattie was a member of daughter-in-law, Judy Kingston, Michigan Person (300 block W. the 290 block of Christopher
lived there for many years. Almont Baptist Church for Rayl. Debra L. Kranz, 989-872- Fourth St.) Stone Dr. in Capac
Mattie loved her family many years, serving as a Funeral service held 2195 20:56 Larceny (1800 assist fire department
block S. Cedar St.) in the 15000 block of W.
~ Diane Rottman, 71 ~ March 8, 2017
Park St. in Capac
Diane Rottman, 71, of She also enjoyed fishing (Kathy) Farchone; Joseph charity of choice. www. citizen assist in the 100
11:00 Debris in block of E. Church St. in
Hope, Michigan, formerly and hosting family and (Kathy) Farchone; brother hall-kokotovichfuneral- Roadway (Weston St./
of Almont, Michigan, friend gatherings. She was in-law: Bob Siekierski; 10 Capac
Schoolhouse Dr.) larceny in the 3200
passed away after strug- a member of Our Lady of grandchildren; 10 great 11:35 Larceny (200
gling with health issues Grace (St. Anne) Catholic grandchildren; numerous block of Capac Rd. in
block Schoolhouse Dr.) Capac
with her family by her side Church, Edenville, nieces, nephews, extended 16:35 Alarm (2100
on Saturday, March 11, Michigan. She is survived family & friends. intrusion alarm in the
block S. Almont Ave.) 300 block of N. Hunter St.
2017. She was born on by her husband of 52 She is preceded in 16:50 Assist St. Clair
May 31, 1945, the daugh- years: Dale F. Rottman Sr.; death by her mother: Alice in Capac
PD (2000 block S. Almont citizen assist in the 420
ter of Joseph & Alice 4 children: Debi (Billy Farchone; sister: Judith Ave.)
(Kerchove) Farchone. On Joe) Gillispie; Dale Siekierski. block of N. Neeper St. in
18:33 Private Property Capac
July 25, 1954, she married (Gayle) Rottman Jr.; Derek Funeral Liturgy was Accident (400 block S.
Dale Rottman in Detroit, (JoAnn) Rottman; Devin conducted by Father Dan March 11
Blacks Corners Rd.) 911 welfare check in
Michigan and settled their Rottman. Fox on Tuesday, March 14, 20:15 Railroad Crossing
life in Almont, Michigan. She is also survived by 2017, 11:00 a.m. at Hall- the 15000 block of Almont
Down (S. Almont Ave./E. Rd. in Berlin Twp.
After retirement from her father: Joseph Kokotovich Funeral Home, Second St.)
kitchen & bath design and Farchone of New Beaverton, Michigan. car-deer accident at
23:45 Suspicious Bryce and Capac roads in
settling her life on Wixom Baltimore, Michigan; sib- In lieu of flowers, Circumstance (400 block
Lake, she enjoyed leisurely lings: Daniel (Ann Marie) memorial contributions Mussey Twp.
Main St.) domestic incident in
boat rides on her pontoon. Farchone; Dr. Thomas may be made to donors Multiple Traffic Stops the 13000 block of Metcalf
throughout the day Rd. in Mussey Twp.
~ Elaine Schettle, 89 ~ March 9, 2017
citizen assist in the
3600 block of CapacRd. in
05:23 Larceny (500 Mussey Twp.
Elaine Schettle, age 89, and Ontonagon Baptist John Kangas; two grand-
block N. Almont Ave.) abandoned auto at
of Imlay City, formerly of Church. sons: Jonathan Hardies and
11:21 Property Damage westbound I-69 and Capac
River Grove, Illinois, went Elaine is survived by: Benjamin Hardies; two
Accident-Car/Deer (N. Van Rd. in Mussey Twp.
to be with the Lord son-in-law, Carl (Brenda) brothers; Herb Anderson
Dyke Rd./Weyer Rd.) March 12
Thursday, March 9, 2017 Hardies of Imlay City, MI; and Walter Anderson; and
15:09 Trespassing (500 assist fire department
at Marlette United Hospice five grandchildren: one sister: Elizabeth
block Townsend Dr.) in the 16000 block of
Residence in Marlette, MI. Kristofer (Dusty) Hardies Kasen:
20:00 Suspicious Bowers Rd. in Mussey
Elaine Marie Schettle of Clifford, MI, Kim (Leo) A funeral service was
Vehicles (S. Almont Ave./ Twp.
was born April 18, 1927 in Osantowske of Washington held 11:00 a.m., Saturday,
Newark Rd.) domestic incident at
Gladstone, MI. She is the Twp., MI, Melissa (Josh) March 11, 2017 at Imlay
22:31 Suspicious Hough and Capac roads in
daughter of the late Otto Gekeler of Grandville, MI, City Christian Reformed
Circumstance (600 block Berlin Twp.
Anderson and the late David (Rossy) Ostrander Church, 395 Cedar St.,
Maple Vista St.) disorderly subject in
Hilda (Major) Anderson. of Phoenix, AZ, and Imlay City. Reverend
Multiple Traffic Stops the 100 block of N.
She grew up in Gladstone Vanessa (Ryan) Maxson of David Spoelma officiated.
throughout the day Matteson St. in Capac
and Ontonagon, Michigan Toledo, OH; seven great- Burial will be Friday,
and is a graduate of grandchildren: Liam, March 17, 2017 in field fire at Capac and
Ontonagon High School. employed as a baker in a Madilyn, Tyler, Rowan, Elmwood Cemetery, 2905
In Almont: Foley roads in Mussey Twp.
She married her hus- bakery in Franklin Park, Isabell, Aleni, and David N. Thatcher Road, River March 13
3-6-17 23:44 hours fraud report in the 10
band Victor John Kangas IL. While she lived in III; and many nieces and Grove, IL. A 48-year-old male from
and was preceded in death Illinois, she worked as an nephews. Funeral arrangements block of North Ave in Berlin
Hemlock was stopped on Twp.
by him in 1971. Elaine office clerk. Most of her She was preceded in were made by Muir Van Dyke Rd. near Amherst
married her husband adult life, Elaine was a death by her husbands: Brothers Funeral Home, citizen assist in the 100
Ln. for leaving the roadway block of E. Church St. in
William John Schettle and homemaker, raising her Victor John Kangas and 225 N. Main Street, Imlay and traveling onto the grass.
he passed away in 2004. family. William John Schettle; City, MI. Please be sure to Capac
The male was arrested for holdup alarm in the
When Elaine was She was a member of daughter: Verlyn Marie sign our on-line register Driving While Intoxicated
younger, she was River Grove Bible Church Hardies; her son: Daniel 3400 block of Capac Rd. in
and was lodged at the Mussey Twp.
Lapeer County Jail. Officer
~ William Michael Hawk, 69 ~ Michael Ryan made the
William Michael Surviving are his He was preceded in 3-8-17 20:25 hours In Lapeer
Hawk, age 69, of Imlay wife, Sharon (Miller), death by his siblings, A 33-year-old male from County:
City, formerly of Sterling whom he married April Shirley (Jim), Ron, Don Almont was stopped on
Heights, died March 12, 25, 1970 in Ferndale; and Robert. Marr Rd. near Scotch Complaints handled by
2017. He was born April children, Brett (Shellie) Visitation is Thursday, Settlement Rd. for failing to the Lapeer County Sheriffs
25, 1947 in Charlotte to Hawk of Macomb and March 16 at 2-8 p.m. signal multiple times. The Department
the late Ulysses and Michelle (Craig) Funeral is Friday, March man was arrested for driv- March 10
Lillian Hawk. Vroegindewey of North 17 at 11:00 a.m. at the ing on a suspended license, alarms in the 3200
Mr. Hawk served in Branch; grandchildren, Kinsey-Garrett Funeral possession of marijuana block of Greenwood Rd. in
the U.S. Army and retired Ryan, Ashley, Kody and Home, 420 S. Lafayette, and operating under the Attica Twp.
from Chrysler where he Kolton; siblings, Ken Royal Oak. Burial with influence of drugs. He was peace officer duties in
was a painter for 37 (Connie) Hawk of Lapeer, military honors, Oakview lodged at the Lapeer County the 4300 block of Bowers
years. He was a loving Dennis (Shirley) Hawk of Cemetery, Royal Oak. Jail and his vehicle was Rd. in Attica Twp.
husband, father and Chesterfield Twp., Betty Memorials suggested to impounded. alarms in the 8100
grandfather and enjoyed coaching childrens Williams and Bev (Ray) American Diabetes 3-11-17 00:09 hours block of Abbott Rd. in
sports, old cars and sports. Salyers. Association. A concerned citizen had Goodland Twp.
Page 13-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Rural Lifestyles

The great label letdown

Companies selling plants and seeds use misleading
marketing claims to push fear and overlook facts

ts time to buy that gar- received approval by three potato and Aquabounty
den seed and scope out federal agenciesthe salmon.
new plant material for Food and Drug Genetically engineered
spring planting. Youve Administration, the United sweet corn seed can only
got lots of choices, or do States Department of be purchased through

Photo by Maria Brown

you? Sure, you can select Agriculture and the select companies that also
from four different colors Environmental Protection sell seed to row crop
of carrot seed, decide Agency. growers (i.e. grain corn,
between bush vs. pole As a result, those soybeans). Summer squash
beans and choose a tomato non-GMO labels dont that has a built-in resis-
that has tiny or gigantic mean much to me. I tance to crippling viruses No genetically modified plant material is currently available to home
fruit. wouldnt hesitate to use is only available for pur- gardeners but seed and plant packaging with these unnecessary labels
Those are that kind of seed in my chase by commercial has caused confusion among growers and consumers.
choices we garden but the often over- growers. As is the case
can all looked fact is that I cant. with all GE seed, growers half truths should have no unnecessary labeling on food supply.
appreciate. There is no genetically must sign agreements with place in something as garden seed has only Next week, Ill exam-
The choic- modified vegetable seed the seed companies and important in food. It hurts upped the fear factor and ine the marketing claims
es Im currently available to follow federal regulations both the producer and con- confusion among consum- associated with heirloom
question- home gardeners and likely regarding these crops. sumer. ers (and now gardeners) and hybrid seed.
ing have to wont be anytime in the For the most part, seed Heres an analogy to about what is and isnt in Contact Maria at
consider. Youre shopping our bountiful and safe
do with near future. companies see more bene-
Brown those extra Technically those now fits in using advanced around for a new vehicle
labels sup- common labels are correct breeding techniques in the and want to get something
pliers are choosing to uni- in that the pepper seed you vegetable market than with that will protect your fami-
versally slap on every seed purchase was not devel- genetic modification. It ly in the event of an acci-
packet or displaytodays oped using genetic engi- takes an average of 10 dent. A salesperson or
most popular claim is neering. But I believe that years and significant funds sales brochure tells you
non-GMO. label implies that some- to take a GE product from that this particular SUV is
Let me start by saying where there are GMO pep- the research stage to mar- tops in its class for crash
I personally dont have a per plant seeds available ket. safety ratings. While that
problem with genetically and what you hold in your I understand that seed may not be a lie, your eyes
modified plant material. hand is somehow superior. and plant companies have eventually scan the fine
Weve used GMO corn, That raises another issue probably decided to add print and find your selec-
soybean and sugar beet only a select few crops these extra pronounce- tion was only one of two
seed on our farm for years have been genetically ments on their packaging vehicles tested in this par-
and have seen the environ- engineered at the commer- for uniformity and conve- ticular category. Your
mental benefits it promis- cial leveland peppers niences sake but I find model got two stars out of
es. We use fewer herbi- arent one of them. them misleading and five and the other got one.
cides and fungicides and Besides field crops (corn, unnecessary. As is typical- Again, its technically not
perform less tillage on the soybeans, canola, cotton, ly the case, one company a lie but some marketing
land thanks to the technol- sugar beets and alfalfa), probably started and the type has opted to overlook
ogy utilized by plant sci- there are just a handful of rest followed suit so as to the necessary background
information and push what

Washington Family Medicine

entists. Additionally, genetically engineered not appear inferior. I

Photo by Maria Brown

numerous studies have (GE) fruits and vegetables: understand that this may good claims they can
shown (the latest being papaya, sweet corn and seem like a trivial argu- find.
from the National summer squash. Three ment to make but I dont We all like to have

Washington Family Medicine

Academy of Sciences in other GE foods have been like marketing gimmicks choices, but to suggest
2016) that genetically approved by government of any kind especially options exist when in fact
modified crops are safe for agencies but arent yet when they involve food they dontthat qualifies Most seed companies are using advanced breed-
consumption. All have available for purchase and food production. I see as a gimmick, in my opin- ing techniques to create vegetables and fruits
undergone testing and the Arctic apple, Innate slippery slopes ahead and ion. In this particular case, with improved quality and disease resistance.

Sheep, cattle numbers Washington Family Medicine

on the rise in Michigan
By Maria Brown
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor
MICHIGAN The states
sheep, goat and cattle num-
bers are on the rise. Thats
according to the annual
inventory taken by the
United States Department
of Agriculture as of January
1, 2017.
Dr. David Calton, M.D.
As of that date there University of Michigan
were an estimated 85,000
head of sheep and lambs in Dr.Medical
DavidSchool Graduate
Calton, M.D. Juli Grover
the state, a four percent
increase from the prior University of Michigan Nurse Practitioner
year. The number of breed- Dr. Medical
Calton, M.D.
Juli Grover
ing sheep had grown by
Did you know you
University have a
of Michigan
3,000 and the 2016 lamb
Nurse Practitioner
File photo

Medical School Graduate

crop, pegged at 50,000
Juli Grover
head, was also up by 1,000
compared to last year.
More sheep and lambs
More breeding animals and a larger 2016 lamb
crop contributed to a four percent increase in
Beaumont Doctor
Did you know you have a Nurse Practitioner
were shorn in Michigan in the states sheep inventory.

Beaumont Doctor
the last calendar year as
Did you know you have a in your neighborhood?
Michigan was home to number of beef replace-
Beaumont Doctor
well. Of those 68,000 head,
wool production also saw a 12,500 milk goats, an ment heifers dropped by
bump up by three percent increase of 700 head from seven percent.
to stand at 405,000 pounds. the year earlier. The U.S. In the dairy sector, a in your neighborhood?
The states average price
paid for wool in 2016 was
goat inventory also saw a
slight uptick-one percent-in
three percent jump in milk
cows resulted in a state-
Warm, incaring
your neighborhood?
$.71 per pound.
Michigans growth is in
2016 as well.
The states cattle num-
wide total of 425,000 head.
The 2016 calf crop was
Complete family care for all ages.
contrast with national aver- bers grew by 3.5 percent
since 2016 to stand at 1.18
estimated at 410,000, a five
percent increase from the
Full range
Warm, caring staff.
services offered.
ages. The U.S. sheep and
lamb inventory decreased million head. The biggest prior year. Complete
Complete family
as early
family care
ascare for
& asalllate
all ages.
as 5:30pm.
by two percent in 2016 and gains were realized among Michigans numbers
the countrys wool produc- beef cows where an 11 per- mirror those at the national Full
Open range
range of
of services
2 Saturdays offered.
tion dropped by five per- cent increase pushed those level where all cattle and
cent. numbers to 120,000. Its calves saw a two percent
Appointments as
as early
WeMonday -as
accept as 6am
6am &
& as
at as late
6:30 as
as 5:30pm.
insurances. 5:30pm.
As of January 1, notable though that the increase. Open 2 Saturdays per month.
Open 2 Saturdays per month.
We accept most insurances.
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Also affiliated most
with insurances.
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Page 14-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

I.C.P.D. making space for MSP, Sheriffs personnel

By Tom Wearing Youatt further noted conversion will improve and greater safety in that This is all about the their ability to meet the
Tri-City Times Staff Writer that the agreement among public safety by calming area. public safety, said Youatt. needs of the city, said
the three law enforcement the speed and flow of traf- If it doesnt work out, We think the change will Youatt.
entities will not be subject fic. we can go back to the cur- result in fewer accidents In other business:
collaborative effort to pro-
to a specific term and will and greater safety in that The commission
vide office space at the
Imlay City Police
be open ended.
Youatt views the Having that level of area.
If it doesnt work out,
approved a second reading
of an amendment to the
Department for Lapeer
County Sheriffs Dept. and
arrangement as beneficial
to all three police agencies,
law enforcement right we can go back to the cur-
rent four-lane configura-
citys fire prevention ordi-
nance, specific to open
Michigan State Police per-
sonnel is moving forward.
while providing the Imlay here in our community tion. burning within the city lim-
City area with additional In another matter, com- its.
Last Tuesday, March 7,
city commissioners unani-
coverage and potentially is a great benefit. missioners voted 6-0 to Commissioners briefly
quicker response times. renew the citys lawn main- discussed proposed
mously agreed to a minor
change in the license
He believes the overall --Tom Youatt tenance agreement with improvements to the Polly
result will be increased
safety for local residents. Imlay City Manager Scotts Lawn Maintenance,
Inc. of Almont.
Ann Trails pedestrian path-
way beneath the railroad
Having that level of Youatt noted that the overpass.
allowing either party to end
law enforcement right here He added that the rent four-lane configura- contractors cost of $8,100 Youatt said he is still
the arrangement, subject to
in our community is a great reconfiguration will be sub- tion. per year will not increase communicating with the
a 30-day notice.
benefit, said Youatt. This ject to a one-year trial basis. We need to have a under the terms of the Michigan DNR, in hopes
City Manager Tom
collaboration and level of This is all about the public hearing for the pur- renewal. of reaching an agreement to
Youatt acknowledged
communication between public safety, said Youatt. pose of transparency and to Weve been satisfied use the unoccupied DNR
Police Chief Scott Pike for
departments should be We think the change will ensure that residents are with the the job this con- building site for a future
his efforts in securing
advantageous to all result in fewer accidents aware of the change. tractor has been doing and Imlay City fire hall.
donated office equipment

Police hope to identify owner of stolen stereo

and furnishings for use by
officers from the other Lane reconfiguration
departments. In another matter,
Youatt said the collabo- Youatt said a public hearing By Tom Wearing had contact with a suspi- said police have not been the Imlay City Police
ration will officially kick has been set for Tuesday, Tri-City Times Staff Writer cious subject in the able to locate the owner of Department at 810-724-
off on Friday, March 17, April 4, for the purpose of Krogers parking lot. the car stereo. 2345.
with an open house/ribbon educating the public and IMLAYCITY The subject was found We understand the The rightful owner
cutting at the police depart- hearing public input regard- Police Chief Scott Pike is to have a car stereo and owner may think there should be prepared to
ment. ing a plan to reduce the asking for help in locating mount concealed in his was nothing they could do describe and identify the
He added that the city number of lanes on M-53 the individual whose car pants, said Pike. The item about it and wrote it off, stolen property.
will not incur additional from four (4) lanes to three stereo was stolen on the was clearly stolen. This deciding not to contact the We would like to
costs or expenses per the lanes (3) from First Street evening of March 3. person has been responsi- police. return the property to its
arrangement with the north to Capac Rd. (old Pike reported that at ble for numerous larcenies Pike asks residents that rightful owner, said Pike,
Sheriffs Department and M-21). around 10:30 p.m. on that in the area. may know the owner of the and to criminally charge
Michigan State Police. Youatt hopes the lane date, Imlay City officers Unfortunately, Pike stolen car stereo to contact the suspect with larceny.



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subject to

details and restrictions.
or cancellation notice.
without notice.

VALID TIL 12/31/2016
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Page 15-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Distasteful posts prompt letter to parents in Imlay

By Maria Brown number one priority, this that we can maintain the threats, 24/7. In light of that, we have istrators reaffirming the
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor incident was thoroughly best possible ,and safest, Please take this oppor- taken the opportunity to importance of connecting
IMLAY CITY The assessed by school admin- learning environment for tunity to discuss the appro- review our safety proce- and communicating with
school district sent a letter istrators, local police and our students, he said. priate use of the Internet dures and protocols, and students, and maintaining a
home to parents last week, state police. They found He encouraged students and social media, as well as have spent extra time with safe environ-
explaining their response to that no direct threats were and parents to communi- the powerful and potential- building leaders and admin- ment,Cameron said.
a recent security concern. made toward any student, cate with school staff about ly long-lasting impact
On Monday, March 6, staff or schools in the dis- any concerns regarding stu- social media posts and pic-
students notified school
leaders to social media
trict, he said.
The student who made
dent and staff wellbeing.
Reporting is what
tures may have on children
and the schools, Cameron
Join Tri-City Times on Facebook
memes of a distasteful and the posts and the students keeps our school safe. If concluded. TRI-CITY AREA
concerning nature that had parents are working with you or your child are not Last month, three Were on Facebook!
been posted by a high school administrators. comfortable making a Lapeer teens were arraigned Navigate your way to the
school student, Dr. Stu Cameron lauded those report in person, you may on terrorism charges after Tri-City Times Facebook
Cameron said in a state- students who brought the submit a confidential tip to police were notified of their page and become a follower. Well be posting fre-
ment. matter to the schools atten- OK2SAY,he said, refer- alleged plot to attack quent news updates, photos and event reminders.
The posts were more tion. ring to the Michigan Zemmer Jr. High School. You can find us at
than a month old and not We deeply appreciate Attorney General program I do think that parents, Tricitytimes.
considered a direct threat students who take the time that encourages students to students and staff have Have any suggestions for what youd like to see?
toward the students class- to report suspicious or submit confidential tips to been extra vigilant given Post your thoughts while logged on or send us an
mates. potentially harmful behav- trained technicians regard- what has occurred locally email at
Because safety is our iors or statements, in order ing potential harm or in the last several weeks.

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Page 16-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Sheriff urges parents to talk to

youths about social media postings
By Maria Brown McKenna said some in incident can serve as an
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor the community might think important lesson for all
the police and prosecution involved, especially law
LAPEER Sheriff response was severe con- enforcement, school offi-
Scott McKenna hopes the sidering the accused are cials and parents.
recent developments juveniles but he feels it was I think we can find
involving Zemmer Junior an appropriate response ways for all of us to
High students and alleged considering childrens lives improve. Weve got to
threats they made toward were at risk. focus on social media...its

Photo provided
the school will serve as a When it comes to out of control, he said.
wake up call for the com- schools and kids, we must Many teens and pre-
munity. investigate that to the teens are not understanding
In referencing the inci- highest degree, the sheriff that threats made electroni- Dryden staff and students pose with special mascot guests at a recent
dent at a March 2 county said. cally are taken very seri- elementary school assembly promoting healthy habits.
commission meeting, At the same time, ously and, as in the case of

Jumping for health

McKenna said it was a lot McKenna said investiga- the Zemmer incident, can
to be thrown into in the first tors want to be sensitive result in felony charges.
60 days of his new admin- about what information Last month, a 14 year-
istration. from the investigation is old and two 15 year-olds
He thanked all the par- released because of the were charged after making
ties involved including the
prosecutors office and
accused and their status as
threats to commit mass
murder at the Lapeer Dryden students participate in healthy lifestyle programs
Lapeer school district. He said he believes this school. District Health team wanted es in honor or memory of
By Maria Brown
Tri-City Times Assistant Editor to spread the positive someone who theyre par-
impact it had on the Jr./Sr. ticipating for through the
DRYDEN What do High school and bring it American Heart
a cardinal, two lions and over to the elementary Associations Jump Rope
cow have in common? On school this year. for Heart contest.
Feb. 28, all four found Fuel Up to Play 60 is a The goal is to promote
themselves at a Dryden joint effort by the National health, wellness, physical
Elementary School assem- Football League and United activity within our district
bly, encouraging students to Dairy Industry of Michigan. as well as the community of
adopt healthy lifestyle hab- Jump Rope for Heart is an Dryden. Most importantly,
its as part of a Fuel Up to American Heart Association this is a way to open up
Play 60 and Jump Rope for program. dialogue at home about
Heart kick off event. Helping organize the these very important topics
The districts mascot assembly were high school and get our students
was joined by the Detroit students on the districts involved in all of the oppor-
Lions mascot, Roary; the health team, along with tunities there are out there
Photo by Maria Brown

American Heart junior high students who that parents may not have
Associations Rory, also a attended a special Fuel Up been aware of before this,
lion; a dairy cow mascot, to Play event at Ford Field Margrif said.
courtesy of the United earlier this year. One high school
Dairy Industry of The assembly touched student whos assisted with
R.Y.O. Distribution hopes to utilize 35,000 square feet of exisiting space Michigan; and Dryden staff on some of the things we the programs, Sydney
to grow and process medical marijuana on a commercial scale but theyll and administrators for are learning about in physi- Packard, has earned enough
need to wait until Attica Township creates an ordinance allowing for that the special event that cal education classes along points through Fuel Up to
kind of production. included a fun jump rope with jump rope activities Play to become an ambas-
competition. Roarys visit during the month of sador.
Proposal: grow operation in future? was made possible by the
Dryden PTA.
March,Margrif said.
This month we also
This will be a great
learning experience and
ers and processors in Attica many of the necessary Last year we did this at have the Fuel Up to Play 60 opportunity for her to earn
from page 1-A Township. He likened the security measures in place. the high school with the banner and pledge for stu- scholarships for college
Shango, owner/presi- process to that of obtaining Those safeguards are American Red Cross and dents and staff to sign dur- next year. She has been a
dent of R.Y.O said the com- a liquor license from the required by the state for did a Red Out/Hoops for ing their lunch. hard worker and great role
mercial production propos- state. certification which allows Heart games and Fuel Up to Margrif said the model for the junior high
al represents phase one of Shango has estimated R.Y.O. to be a cigarette Play 60 kick off, said schools art program is get- and future elementary
his proposal. that the marijuana grow stamping agent through the teacher Melissa Margrif. ting involved too, by hav- ambassadors,Margrif
We want to see how and processing operation Department of Treasury. The students and ing students create art piec- said.
things progress first before could result in 50 new jobs. Packaged cigarettes
we move on to the next There would be a vari- must be stamped to indi-
step, Shango said of the
potential leasing proposal.
ety of jobs, from laborers to
chemists, and have a varied
cate the tax imposed by the
Tobacco Products Tax Act Revival: Imlay grad seeks to inspire
His plan is to apply for pay scale, he said. has been paid.
two different licenses from from page 1-A I felt led by ship with God, and
R.Y.O. Distributing Shango re-located his
the stateone each for life of a traveling minister, the Lord to make to experience his
sells cigars, tobacco and business from downtown
growing and processing. because it gives him great them into a book presence and power
supplies and vaping prod- Lapeer to the former Crazy
Growing plants would be joy to watch people prog- that would be a in their life, he
ucts, among other items. Mountain facility on old
done on the 24,000 square ress on their spiritual path. blessing to people, says.
Shango said he believes his M-21 six years ago.
feet with the processing/ Of course I enjoy Brandt says. Anyone interested
experience in the industry, We feel that this pro-
extraction area happening seeing people get born The Revival in learning more is
in particular his familiarity posal would be really great
on 11,000 square feet of again by making Jesus Experience welcome to stop by
with government rules, for where were at and in
existing space. Christ the Lord and Savior Handbook is com- a book signing event
makes his move into medi- creating new jobs, Shango Pastor
Shango said he cant of their life, but even more posed of a number at the New Life
al marijuana production a noted. James
submit those applications than that, taking them into of biblical topics Christian Church,
natural one. It would also be a pos- Brandt
to the state until local ordi- the deeper things of God with a basic theme 4411 Newark Road,
Ive been in the busi- itive for the townships tax
nances have been changed and seeing them mature in resonating through- Attica on March 24
ness for 23 years, have my base.
to allow for such use. their walk with God, he out the pages. at 7:30 p.m. Brandt will be
own tobacco factory in The new state law also
At the township boards says. Every person on this on hand to host a revival
North Carolina and have calls for a portion of the
February meeting, A new chapter earth has a purpose, and service and sign copies of
experience in contracting commercial crops value to
Ochadleus had suggested with farmers, Shango be paid to the state, which During his time in Big only Jesus Christ can his book.
they start the process to said. would in turn distribute Rapids, Brandt was a fre- unlock that seed of pur- The book is also avail-
draft an ordinance that Additionally, his facili- some of those monies to quent contributor in the pose, Brandt says. My able online at
would allow for only grow- ty in Attica already has the county and township. religion section of The book will teach the reader Search Revival Experience
Pioneer newspaper. His spiritual laws that God set Handbook James Brandt.
columns became quite into motion, that will help More information is

Upgrade: DDA improvements on tap popular, and attracted a

loyal readership.
them tap into and live an
abundant life.
available at www.james-
Brandt felt that was a Readers will also find Brandt, who enjoys
from page 1-A sign that he should do keys that help with over- traveling with his family,
Special DDA meeting more with the columns, coming the obstacles that working out and sports is
On Thursday, March 16 and so he did. He recently sometimes appear along married to Marianne. She
at 7 p.m., the DDA Board published the Revival the way. runs E.S.T.E.E.M.
will hold a special meeting Experience Handbook, I hope the reader of Ministries, a womens min-
for the purpose of selecting which is a compilation of my book receives an istry. They have four
a contractor. the columns enhanced for impartation and a hunger kidsAlyssa, Brooke,
The DDAs recommen- book form. to press into their relation- Matthew and Hayden.
dation will then go to the
Almont Village Council for
its approval on Tuesday,
March 21. Spring: birds pair up and begin
bonding rituals in prepara-
their diets, feeding on fruit
and berries. They become
Were hoping that by tion for raising their young. nomadic, moving from one
Photo by Kim Schall

April 1, we will have offi- from page 1-A Bernard said this is an area to another in search of
cially awarded the con- wont be seeing them earli- important time for bald that food.
tract, said Schall. er in the season,Bernard eagles who overwinter sep- This time of year robins
Pending poor weather noted. arately but reunite at their begin pairing up, which
or other unexpected delays, Proposed upgrades include cement walkways As for the sparrow pair, nest site in the spring. Some probably makes them more
the project should be com- linking several West Main Street businesses, Glenda said theyve been cleverly refer to this as a noticeable.
pleted by late July. along with decorative lighting and grass. guarding the nest box for nestoration. Bernard said its possi-
YOMS Cleanup Day about three weeks. They work together to ble migrating waterfowl
In another matter, banners, and conducting a Club and the adjacent ten- The tree and birdhouse prepare and improve the will be returning to the area
Schall reported that general cleanup of Burley nis courts. are a memorial for my nest and this serves to soon too. Bernards prede-
Almonts Youth On Main Park. The Heritage Festivals grandson Bryan,she said. renew their bond, Bernard cessor, Mike Champagne,
Street (YOMS) group will Heritage Fest plans Classic Car Show will I dont want to disturb said. told him that recent mild
conduct a Spring Cleanup Schall said plans are return to the parking lot of them, so I resist peeking Although many casual spells resulted in the earli-
Day on Sunday, April 23, also underway for the A l m o n t s First in. bird watchers anxiously est open water on Seven
from noon to 4 p.m. 2017 Almont Heritage Congregational Church. House Sparrows are await their first American Ponds waterways that
Almont community Festival, scheduled to The next Heritage year-round residents of Robin sighting, Bernard Champagne could remem-
members are invited to join take place September Festival planning meeting Michigan. notes that many spend the ber in his 25-year tenure at
YOMS members as they 15-16. is set for Thursday, March Bernard said some birds winter here. the Dryden Twp. facility.
spiff up the villages down- Preliminary plans have 16. use nest boxes as a means They arent as notice- He notes that the cur-
town district, to include the event taking place at For more information for shelter and sleep but able during the winter rent cold snap has resulted
raking, sweeping in front of locations along Water or to be a volunteer or event others may be getting a months because their habits in a new ice layer but
Main Street businesses, Street, to include the sponsor, contact Kim Schall jump start on their nest change, Bernard said. weather forecasts point to
painting, washing windows Southeastern Heatmor at the DDAoffice at 810- preparations too. As winter In the winter, robins above freezing temperatures
and the DDAs seasonal property, the Almont Lions 798-8125. melds into spring, many flock together and change by the weekend.
Page 17-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017


RESPONSIBILITY In work and in play,

Girl Scouts take
Girl Scouts do

pride in everything community service
they do and gain projects to educate,
valuable experience inspire, and sup-

that will help them port others in their
lead more successful communities and
and productive lives.

in the world

TIANAS March 12-18, 2017 Tri-County Bank

Dollar N Deals
Member FDIC

1831 Van Dyke M-53 Kroger Plaza Imlay City 810-721-9900 The Tri-City Times and the


YOUR COMPLETE PARTY AND HOME SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS! following businesses encourage Marlette989-635-0639 Fronney's Family FoodsCapac810-395-8113
the Girl Scout traditions!

FRIENDSHIP Whether learning

Girl Scouts learn
useful skills or just the importance of always count
cooking up new reducing waste,
recycling, and on a Girl Scout to
friendships, Girl caring for the be there to lend
Scouting builds environment a hand to her
around them
lasting relationships community, family
and teaches the GIRL SCOUT WEEK
and friends.
along with others.
844 Van Dyke Road
Almont, MI 48003
Residential & Commercial
Bus. (810) 798-8591
Fax: (810) 798-8079
PICK-UP AVAILABLE FOR LARGE ITEMS 248-628-4555 800-750-6867
MAINSTREET Cell: (810) 441-6002 1633 N. Lapeer Road Lapeer (810) 660-7823 2118 Metamora Rd Oxford

CONFIDENCE ACHIEVEMENT TEAM SPIRIT Girl Scouts Learning from older Girl Scouting lets
learn valuable role models and setting girls experience
skills that help a good example for the fun of healthy
them to help younger girls is part of competition and
others and teach what Girl Scouting is encourages a sense
them to rely on all about. We salute of accomplishment
themselves. the Girl Scouts for the and good
community service sportsmanship.
Almont 798-3596
M-53 SHOWROOM HOURS: Doug Halabicky
Imlay City 724-4418 1 Mile North of I-69
Mon. Thurs. 9:00-8:00
Tues., Wed., Fri. 9:00-6:00 State Farm Insurance - Imlay City
Sat. 9:00-3:00
Dryden 796-3362 SERVICE HOURS:
Mon. Thurs. 7:30-8:00
4691 S. VAN DYKE (M-53) ALMONT
Tues., Wed., Fri. 7:30-6:00
Sat. 8:00-3:00


Girl Scouts Girl Scouts In Girl Scouts,
girls learn to
helps girls teaches girls to
develop the take responsibility respect their parents,
confidence to teachers, faith-
for their actions
pursue their leaders, and others
and words . . . in their community
dreams and
goals. GIRL SCOUT in positions of
GIRL SCOUT WEEK authority.
Capac Pharmacy WEEK

Churchill Insurance Agency

136 N. Main Capac
243 East Third Street Imlay City Michigan 48444
810-724-6218 810-724-0117
; Sunday Closed 810-724-9861
Page 18-A-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Raiders are district champs

Almont win over Imlay City,
42-38, first title in 48 years
By Kevin Kissane in order to win the game
Tri-City Times Sports Editor tonight, he noted.
Once again it was our
TRI-CITY AREA effort defensively that
Almont earned their first allowed us to be successful.
number one district show- This team has proven all
ing in 48 years, accom- year how great they can be
plishing the feat with a defensively. The support
42-38 victory over host of the Almont student body
Imlay City in a Class B and entire community was
championship matchup last remarkable. Their passion
Friday night. and energy carried us

Photo by Kevin Kissane

The last time before though the entire district
that Almont celebrated a tournament.
district title was during the On the opposite side-
1968-69 campaign when line, Imlay City Coach Don
they defeated Gauthier was left wonder-
Memphis,71-63, in Class D ing what might have been.
action. Obviously we are dis- Jacob Witt, of Capac, looks to score in a Class
With the decision, appointed in losing, C district game with Mount Clemens.
Almont improves to 20-3 Gauthier commented. We
for the season. Imlay City
finishes at 15-8.
struggled to make shots
and you have to give Chiefs win 75-72
Photo by Kevin Kissane

I am so very proud of Almont credit for that, he

my team and the way they
kept their composure
throughout the district final
Last Fridays clash for
district supremacy would
in two overtimes
game, Almont Coach John prove every bit the battle By Kevin Kissane and battled a very athletic
Hall observed. We played most anticipated. Tri-City Times Sports Editor Mount Clemens team,
Almonts Clay Schapman drives to the basket as a very talented and deter- With a packed house Capac Coach Chris Baba
Imlay Citys Jose Bartolomei Castro defends in a mined Imlay City team and CAPAC Nobody said. This was probably
Class B district basketball title game Friday. it took everything we had Champs page 2-B said it would be easy. the most exciting game I
Capac saw to it that have been involved with
their postseason path would during my six years coach-
Boys Regional Basketball continue, pulling out a
75-72 double overtime vic-
ing, he noted.
I give our kids credit,

Raiders bow out

tory over Mount Clemens they never thought they
in a Class C boys district couldnt pull it out. I could
basketball semifinal battle see the confidence rising
last Wednesday night. throughout the game. It

in regional semis Brown City High

School is where the action
With the outcome,
was fun to watch. The
people got their moneys
worth for sure.
In Wednesdays battle,
Fall Monday to Notre Dame Prep Capac improves to 8-14.
I thought we came out Chiefs page 2-B
By Kevin Kissane

Capac falls in finals

Tri-City Times Sports Editor
Photo by Kevin Kissane

ALMONT The Almont varsity boys basketball

team watched an outstanding 20-4 campaign draw to a
close with a 65-39 setback to Notre Dame Prep in a Class
B regional semifinal encounter Monday evening at North
Branch High School.
In Mondays matchup, Notre Dame Prep bolted out to Zach Revoldt, of Almont, looks to split a pair of
to Brown City, 58-42
Regionals page 2-B Notre Dame Prep defenders in regional action. By Kevin Kissane cute the rebounding end of
Tri-City Times Sports Editor it. We allowed too many
second and third shots.

Dryden ousted by CAPAC The Capac

varsity boys basketball
team wound up one win
Our plan was to shut down
Calvin Cook and Geiger
and I thought we did a

Brown City, 50-43

shy of securing a district good job of doing that.
title, falling 58-42 to host Caleb Muxlow was the X
Brown City in the champi- factor tonight. I am still
onship game last Friday proud of how my guys bat-
By Kevin Kissane tonight after being down by night. tled this week. The major-
18 points, Dryden Coach With the decision, ity of our team is juniors
Tri-City Times Sports Editor John DelCampo comment- Capac sees an 8-15 season and sophomores with three
DRYDEN Dryden ed. Our kids fought hard draw to a close. seniors leaving. I hope get-
watched an outstanding to the end, he emphasized. I have to give credit ting a taste of the finals will
17-4 campaign reach an I am very proud of where credit is due, Capac motivate these guys to get
Photo by Kevin Kissane

endpoint with a 50-43 loss what our team did this sea- coach Chris Baba said. in the gym during the off-
to host Brown City in a son. This is special group Brown City was ready to season.
Class C boys district bas- of young men. play tonight, he noted. In Fridays game,
ketball semifinal confron- In Wednesdays con- I thought we were Capac spotted Brown City
tation last Wednesday frontation, Brown City focused going into this a 14-13 edge after one
Justin Knox, of Dryden, takes the ball to the night. game. We had a good game
hoop in a Class C district game with Brown City. We came back from Dryden page 2-B plan and we just didnt exe- Capac page 2-B

Schefka Rinke Anderson Peyerk Sommer Zimmerman Beneson

Times reveals All-Area hoops team

By Kevin Kissane average of 12.3 points per Rinke provided 243 Alexys Anderson,
Tri-City Times Sports Editor contest, this winter. points over 21 contests, an Capac.
That enabled her to average of 11.6 points per Anderson amassed 207
TRI-CITY AREA rank first on the Imlay City game, during the 2016-17 points in 23 games, an
From the opening game squad and among those campaign. average of 9.0 per contest,
until the final contest, these named to the Tri-City That placed her first on this winter.
athletes set the standard for Times All-Area first team the Almont squad and sec- That enabled her to
excellence with their court lineup. ond among those who rank first on the Capac
accomplishments. She also pulled down attained Tri-City Times All- squad and third among
Here is a look at the 153 rebounds and regis- Area first team status. those named to the Tri-City
2016-17 edition of The Tri- tered 34 steals. She also grabbed 256 Times All-Area first team
City Times All-Area girls The 5-9 junior guard/ rebounds and contributed lineup.
Photo by Kevin Kissane

basketball squad and the forward finished her third 88 steals. She also finished with
numbers they generated en season on Imlay Citys var- Rinke, a 5-7 junior for- 92 steals and handed off 69
route: sity as an All-Blue Water ward, ended season number assists.
Abby Schefka, Imlay Area Conference first team three on Almonts varsity The 5-5 junior guard
City. pick. as an All-Blue Water Area wrapped up her second sea-
Schefka netted 258 Meredith Rinke, Conference first team Imlay Citys Abby Schefka topped the Tri-City
points in 21 games, an Almont. choice. All-Area page 2-B scoring list this past season.
Page 2-B-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Almont dispatches Lakeville, 66-41

By Kevin Kissane out to a 15-4 advantage Almont then outscored
Tri-City Times Sports Editor after one quarter was done. Lakeville 21-20 the rest of
The next eight-minute the way, putting the finish-
ALMONT Almont stretch of hoops saw ing touches on a 66-41 win.
rolled past Lakeville, Almont amass 11 points Zach Revoldt (18),
66-41, in a Class B boys and Lakeville deposit four Drew Revoldt (11) and
district basketball semifinal through the twines, giving Austin Watt (10, featuring
encounter last Wednesday the former a 26-8 lead at three treys) led Almont
night. the halftime break. with double digit point
Imlay City High School When the action totals. The Raiders also
is where the action unfolded. resumed, Almont picked up had Chase Kapron (nine
With the outcome, where it left off. Thanks to points), Eric Conn (seven),
Almont improves to 19-3. a 19-13 third quarter edge, Ethan Hall (five), Clay

Photo by Kevin Kissane

Lakeville finishes at 6-15. the Raiders went up by a Schapman (three) and
In Wednesdays 45-21 count with 24 min- Jordan Bourdeau (two)
encounter, Almont bolted utes gone. reach the scoring column.

Imlay City hands Caro 56-47 setback The Almont boys basketball team poses for a photo after winning a
Class B district title. It was their first championship since 1968-69.
By Kevin Kissane to a 17-6 advantage after themselves of a 56-47 tri-
Tri-City Times Sports Editor one quarter was over with.
Quarter two saw Imlay
umph at nights end.
Noah Galbraith paced
IMLAY CITY City net 14 points as did Imlay City with 17 points. from page 1-B
Imlay City handed Caro a Caro, leaving the former Jose Bartolomei Castro looking on, Almont jumped
56-47 setback in a Class B with a 31-20 halftime cush- (14), Jordan Lesniak (12) out to a 7-0 advantage 3:26
boys district basketball ion to protect. and Griffin Schirmer (10) in to the game.
semifinal meeting it hosted When play resumed, hit for double digit point Imlay City then
last Wednesday night. Caro bounced back with a totals as well. David Hart bounced back, putting
With the decision, 16-10 third quarter edge. (two) and Curtis Homer together a 7-0 run over the
Imlay City moves to 15-7. That whittled their deficit (one) supplied the remain- next 3:21. That made it a
Caro concludes an 11-11 to 41-36 at the time. ing Spartan points. 7-7 contest with 1:23 show-
campaign. Imlay City then out- Tony Fox led Caro that ing on the first quarter
In Wednesdays meet- scored Caro 15-11 from evening. He finished with clock.
ing, Imlay City charged out that point on, assuring an 18-point performance. The remainder of quar-
ter number one would prove
The next eight-minute
Regionals: Fall Monday night in semis stretch saw Imlay City net
11 points and Almont man-

Photo by Kevin Kissane

from page 1-B Notre Dame Prep with 16 column that evening. age 10, leaving the former
points. Their ranks consisted of with an 18-17 halftime lead
a 19-7 advantage after one to protect.
quarter was over with. Zach Revoldt (12) and Drew Revoldt (eight
Eric Conn (10, including a points), Austin Watt (a When the action
Quarter two would see resumed, Almont struck
Notre Dame Prep add 17 pair of trifectas) paced trey), Clay Schapman and
Almont with double digit Kevin Heim (two each) with a 10-8 third quarter
points to their total and Imlay Citys Jordan Lesniak is chased by
point totals. along with Ethan Hall and edge. That put the Raiders
Almont manage four, stak- Almonts Zach Revoldt in a district title clash.
Almont had six other Jordan Bourdeau (one up 27-26 with 24 minutes
ing the former to a 36-11 elapsed.
players reach the scoring apiece). count when the final scores Kapron (five) and Drew
lead at the halftime break. Almont followed that were added up. Revoldt (four).
When the action with a 14-8 run over the Eric Conn (13 points, Jose Bartolomei Castro
resumed, Notre Dame Prep next 6:58, staking them-
continued to pull away.
Thanks to a 15-8 third quar-
Dryden: Ousted in semis selves to a 41-35 cushion
with 1:02 remaining.
including three trifectas)
topped Almonts scoring
list that evening. He was
paced Imlay City with 12.
David Hart (11 points, with
a triple), Griffin Schirmer
ter edge, they went up from page 1-B When the action Imlay City then coun- backed by Austin Watt (seven), Jordan Lesniak
51-19 with 24 minutes resumed, Dryden inched tered with a 3-1 run over (seven points, featuring a (seven) and Travis Gould
jumped out to a 21-7 advan- even closer. Thanks to a
gone. tage after one quarter was the last minute-plus, only to trey), Zach Revoldt (seven), (one) supported his perfor-
Almont then outscored 19-12 third quarter edge, the fall by a narrow 42-38 Ethan Hall (six), Chase
over with. mance.
Notre Dame Prep 20-14 the Cardinals pulled to within
The next eight minutes 37-36 with 24 minutes gone.
rest of the way, only to drop of hoops would see Dryden
a 65-39 verdict when the
clock zeroed out for the
generate 10 points and
Brown City manage four,
Brown City then out-
scored Dryden 13-7 the rest
of the way, leaving the floor
final time. closing the gap to 25-17 at with a 50-43 win to their from page 1-B
Tariq Derrickson led the halftime break. credit. Capac grabbed a 10-9 edge
Calvin Cook paced
Brown City that evening. after one quarter was over
He finished with 20 points, with.
draining five triples along Quarter two saw Mount
the way. Clemens net 16 points and
John DelCampo (17 Capac manage 14, staking
points, including a pair of themselves to a 25-24 lead
trifectas) paced Drydens at the halftime break.
scoring attack. Max Kage When the action
(12, featuring a trey) hit for resumed, Mount Clemens
double figures as well. padded its cushion some.
Dryden had three other Aided by a 21-19 third
players reach the scoring quarter edge, they went
column. Their ranks con- ahead 46-43 with 24 min-
sisted of Justin Knox (eight
Photo by Kevin Kissane

points, with a pair of tri- utes gone.

ples), Jared Czape (three) Quarter four would see
and Trey Raab (two). Capac amass 17 points and
Mount Clemens produce
14. That made it a 60-60
Capac: contest at the completion of
regulation play.
Jimmy Schroeder, of Capac, goes up for a shot
during a Class C district clash last week.
from page 1-B Points would not come
quarter was over with. as often during the initial vail. points, including a trifec-
Quarter number two overtime session which fol- It was there Capac fin- ta) and Jimmy Schroeder
would see Brown City lowed. Capac hit for four ished with 11 points and (11, featuring a trey) hit
accumulate 12 points and points there as did Mount Mount Clemens tossed in for double figures as well.
Capac manage six, leaving Clemens, pushing their eight, leaving Capac with a The Chiefs also had Brent
them with a 26-19 halftime respective totals to 65 75-72 victory to celebrate Boers (seven points, with
lead to protect. apiece. at nights end. a triple), Jacob Parski
When play resumed, Overtime two loomed For Capac, Trevor (five, including a trifecta)
Brown City widened the next. The only question Boers led the way with 26 and Jacob Witt (five) con-
gap some. Aided by an was which side would pre- points. Andrew Sams (21 nect.
11-9 third quarter edge, the
Green Devils were able to
forge a 37-28 cushion with
24 minutes gone.
All-Area: Kendall
Imlay City.
Sommer, steals and grabbed 55
Brown City then out- from page 1-B Sommer managed 153 Zimmerman, a 5-2
son on Capacs varsity as points in 21 games, an aver- junior guard, completed
scored Capac 21-14 the rest
an All-Blue Water Area age of 7.3 points per con- season number two on
of the way, good enough to
Conference honorable men- test, this winter. Almonts varsity as an All-
close out a 58-42 win at
tion selection. That enabled her to Blue Water Area Conference
nights end. rank second on the Imlay
Hannah Peyerk, honorable mention selec-
For Brown City, City squad and fifth among tion.
Muxlow led the way with a Dryden.
Peyerk managed 160 those named to the Tri-City Second team- Jordan
16-point performance. He Times All-Area first team Peters, Dryden; Elizabeth
hit four field goals of the points over 19 contests, an
average of 8.4 points per lineup. Kerby, Almont; Hayley
three-point variety en route She also contributed 93 Medrano, Imlay City;
to that total. game, during the 2016-17
campaign. rebounds and 26 steals to Delaney Verschure, Capac;
Trevor Boers proved Imlay Citys cause. Kristen Payne, Capac; and
Capacs toughest player to That placed her first on
the Dryden squad and The 5-11 sophomore Kelsey Payne, Capac.
stop. Boers netted 16 forward completed her sec- Honorable mention-
fourth among those who
points. attained Tri-City Times All- ond season on Imlay Citys Mia Sliman, Dryden;
Capac had six other Area first team status. varsity as an All-Blue Water Rebecca Measel, Almont;
players reach the scoring She also handed off 55 Area Conference honorable and Haylee Wolle, Dryden.
column that evening. Their assists, pulled down 50 mention choice. Coach of the Year- For
ranks consisted of Andrew rebounds and collected 30 Grace Zimmerman, directing his team to an
Sams (10 points, featuring a steals. Almont. 11-10 overall mark, includ-
trey), Tim Hall (six, with a Peyerk, a 5-6 freshman Zimmerman accumu- ing an 8-6 Blue Water Area
pair of triples), Jimmy guard, concluded season lated 114 points over 19 Conference showing,
Schroeder (four), Jacob number one on Drydens games, an average of 6.0 Almont Coach Beau
Parski (three), Jordan varsity as an All-North points per contest, during Beneson earns Tri-City
Hellmuth (two) and Jacob Central Thumb League the 2016-17 campaign. Times All-Area Coach of
Witt (one). second team pick. She also registered 57 the Year accolades.
Page 3-B-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Reiff places twice at MIAA meet Athlete of the Week

By Kevin Kissane Reiff, a junior, of Jensyn Garow, Trine University
Tri-City Times Sports Editor joined forces with Jenna Gales, freshman Jenna Gales
junior Alonia Slappy Kaylyn Forrest earned the distinction of
IMLAY CITY (Auburn Hills, and Ashlyn event pacesetter, thanks to
Kallee Reiff, a graduate of Michigan), senior Maskow claimed a clocking of 58.84 sec-
Imlay City High School, Takiyah Smith event honors, onds.
registered a pair of place- (Rochester, Michigan) stopping the Calvin College (194.5
winning performances for and senior Rachel watch at 4:07.199. points) took team honors
the Adrian College wom- Dolphin (Grand In addition that day. They were fol-
ens track team at the Rapids, Michigan) to Reiff to her relay per- lowed by Hope College
MIAA Indoor claim third in the formance, Reiff (106 points), Trine
Championships recently. 1600 relay. They required pulled up fourth among University (94), Albion
The February 25 meet 4:09.274 to cover the terri- 400-meter dash competi- (85), Adrian College (66.5),
was hosted by Calvin tory. tors. She was timed in Alma College (37) and
College. Trine Universitys team 1:01.35. Olivet (34).
Capac sophomore Dryden junior Hunter
Trevor Boers netted 26

McKillop gets hits for Olivet College

Hofmann took 10th at a
points in a double over- Division 4 individual
time basketball win bowling regional recent-
against Mount Clemens ly.
By Kevin Kissane Boston last Saturday morn- Olivet College D e f e n s i v e l y , last week. For her effort,
ing. generated both of McKillop lined up For his effort, Boers Hofmann earns our
Tri-City Times Sports Editor claims our Boys Athlete
The game was contest- their runs during the for Olivet College Girls Athlete of the
of the Week honor. Week honor.
IMLAY CITY ed before a crowd of 144 seventh inning. at third base.
Dominique McKillop, a fans at Hancock Park in M c K il lo p With the outcome,
2015 graduate of Imlay Clearwater, Florida. enjoyed a strong day U-Mass Boston
City High School, saw There U-Mass Boston at the plate, finish- improves to 2-0 Be sure to pick up your t-shirt at the Tri-City Times office.
playing time for the Olivet used a two-run third inning, ing two for two. overall. Olivet
College womens softball a two-run fifth and a one- The sophomore also College now stands FRANKENMUTH
team in a 5-2 loss to U-Mass run seventh to prevail. drew a walk. McKillop at 1-7 this season. PIONEER CINCINNATI

Tri-City Area grads reunite on court

Writing For Many Major
Insurance Companies
By Kevin Kissane Community also con- lected six Life Insurance Automobile Homeowners Builders Risk Workers Comp
Tri-City Times Sports Editor College tributed p o i n t s , Farm Owners Motorcycles Mobile Homes Bonds & RV & Boat
Commercial Medicare Individual Health Annuities
(10-16). f o u r pulled down
TRI-CITY AREA T h e r e , rebounds, s e v e n Insurance Agency Group, Inc.
Three players hailing from Mott used a four assists rebounds, 810-724-0199
the Tri-City Area saw play- 42-24 open- and one handed off 649 N. Van Dyke - Imlay City
ing time for their respective ing half steal to five assists
teams when Mott hosted St.
Clair County Community
College on Tuesday, March
and a 26-22
second half
edge to emerge victorious.
their cause.
D y m a n
Huss, a for-
mer teammate of hers at
and regis-
tered two Johnson
Abbey Johnson also
Page One Printing

When the final buzzer Ashley Rowley, a Capac High School, put up suited up for St. Clair
sounded, Mott (8-17) came Capac graduate, finished good numbers for St. Clair County Community 594 N. Almont Ave. Imlay City, Michigan 48444
out on top of a 78-48 ver- with seven points for Mott County Community Colleges squad. Johnson,
dict over St. Clair County in the win. The sophomore College that evening. The
freshman, who played 36
a freshman, finished with
two points and one rebound
(810) 724-0254
minutes of the contest, col- in 20 minutes of action. Quality Commercial Printing at the Best Price in Town!
Photo by Kevin Kissane


Hannah Peyerk, of Dryden, brings the ball up
the floor in a game versus Peck this season. $10.00 OVER COST

Peyerk, Peters, Sliman are honored TIRE REBATES

TRI-CITY AREA Smith, Kingston; Jillyan
The following players Dinsmore, Kingston; Ellie PRICE MATCH DISCOUNTS
gained selection to the All- Preston, North Huron;
North Central Thumb
League girls basketball
squad which was named
Lauryn Franzel, Mayville;
Abbey Bullis, Peck; and
Hannah Peyerk, Dryden.
recently: Honorable mention- **FREE LIFETIME ROTATION WITH PURCHASE OF 4 TIRES**
First team- Camryn Jenna Franks, Mayville;
MacGuire, Kingston; Lily Mackenzie Falls,
Lyons, Kingston; Heidi Carsonville-Port Sanilac;
Ewald, Caseville; Madisyn Kaylee Ureel, Peck; Faith
Guza, Deckerville; Paige Haener, Peck; Kylee
Woodke, North Huron; Colesa, Deckerville;
Samantha Bissett, Peck; Morgan Armstead,
and Emma Morningstar, Deckerville; Jordan Peters,
Peck. Dryden; and Mia Sliman,
Second team- Carly Dryden.

BWACs top players are recognized

TRI-CITY AREA Almont; Elizabeth Kerby,
The following players net- Almont; Alexys Anderson,
ted an appearance on the Capac; Delaney Verschure, *15 DIFFERENT BRANDS TO CHOOSE FROM*
All-Blue Water Area Capac; Sydney Soper,
Conference girls basket- Cros-Lex; Devyn Gordon, SEE ADVISOR FOR ELIGIBILITY DETAILS
ball team announced Cros-Lex; Kendal Sommer,
recently: Imlay City; Hayley
First team- Rebecca Medrano, Imlay City; SHOWROOM HOURS: SERVICE HOURS:
Oden, Cros-Lex; Claire Mikayla Mlot, Richmond; Mon. Thurs. 9:00-8:00 Mon. Thurs. 7:30-8:00
Knapp, Cros-Lex; Meredith Jessica Weaver, Richmond; Tues., Wed., Fri. 9:00-6:00 Tues., Wed., Fri. 7:30-6:00
Sat. 8:00-3:00
Rinke, Almont; Carley MacKenzie Desloover, Sat. 9:00-3:00
Barjakatarovich, Yale; and Zoe Lambson, M-53
Richmond; Sara Lesnesky, Yale. 1 Mile North of I-69
Armada; and Abby All-BWAC Defensive 810-724-5900
Schefka, Imlay City. Team- Calli Townsend,
Second team- Sandra Cros-Lex; Rebecca Measel,
Tercha, Algonac; Calli Almont; Carley Like Us On
Townsend, Cros-Lex; Barjaktarovich, Richmond;
Sydney Kincaid, Yale; Allison Polzin, Armada;
MaryAnn Yamarino, and Sandra Tercha,

Tri-City Times Online

Richmond; and Joann Algonac.
Seefried, Armada. Final BWAC
Honorable mention- Standings- 1) Cros-Lex,
Emily Nugent, Algonac; 14-0; 2) Armada, 10-4; 3)
Madison Wilson, Algonac; Richmond, 9-5; 4) Almont,
Marlena Bell, Armada; 8-6; 5) Yale, 7-7; 6) Imlay
Caitlin Rawlins, Armada;
Grace Zimmerman,
City, 4-10; 7) Algonac,
3-11; and 8) Capac, 1-13.
Page 4-B-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

Legal Announcements
VILLAGE OF amendment includes Article 2
Definitions of the Attica Township
tour will be 3/27. Board member
questions and comments: culvert
DRYDEN office during regular business hours
or at
the Village of Capac Code of
Ordinances requires the Village
ALMONT Zoning Ordinance to remove the defi- replacements and local road improve- COMMUNITY 11-1 Council to consider any rezoning of
ALMONT VILLAGE nition of access property from the ments. Audience questions and com- SCHOOLS property recommended by the Village
COUNCIL ordinance.
A true and complete copy of the
ments: wetlands on Fox Ridge and a
question about a survey on private
WILL RECEIVE SEALED VILLAGE OF planning commission and, if the
Village Council decides to rezone
REGULAR MEETING Zoning Ordinance Amendments may property. Motion to pay the bills
ALMONT property, the Village fo Capac Code
FEBRUARY 21, 2017 be purchased or inspected at the Attica made and accepted. Motion to NOTICE OF SEWER of Ordinances requires the Village
SYNOPSIS Township Hall, 4350 Peppermill adjourn 8:05 p.m. A complete copy of UNTIL MARCH 29, 2017 Council to adopt an ordinance reflect-
President Schneider called the Road, Attica MI 48412, Monday the minutes is available at the town- The Village of Almont, in coor- ing rezoning.
meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. through Fridays, except holidays, ship hall during business hours. COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, dination with Michigan Pipe WHEREAS the Village Council
Councilmembers present were Dyke, from 9 a.m. until 12:00 noon. The Karen A. Klos, Clerk 3866 ROCHESTER ROAD, Inspection, will be cleaning and tele- believes it is in the best interest of the
Ligon, Love, Peltier, Steven C. complete Attica Township Zoning 11-1 DRYDEN MI 48428. vising all sewer mains throughout the Village to rezone the aforementioned
Schneider, Steffler & Steve R. Ordinance may also be viewed or Dryden Community Schools entire community beginning March properties from the Central Business
Schneider. Staff present were
Manager Connors, Clerk/Treasurer
downloaded at the Township website The Zoning
CITY OF will not consider or accept a proposal through December 2017. This Village District (CBD) classification to the
Residential Multi-Family (RM) clas-
Keesler & Interim Police Chief Ordinance Amendment will be effec- IMLAY CITY received after the above-specified
date and time for Proposal submis-
will be utilizing a jet/vac truck
equipped with a high pressured water- sification or the Single-Family
Martin. tive as provided in the Michigan REGULAR COMMISSION sion. powered hose to clear any blockages Residential (R-3) classification as
The Council approved the agen- Zoning Enabling Act, Public Act 110 MEETING Bids are to be presented in from the sewer mains. It is recom- those terms are defined in the Village
da; approved consent agenda; had no of 2006, as amended. MARCH 7, 2017 accordance with the district bid speci- mended you keep your toilet lids of Capac Code of Ordinances.
objection to Knights of Columbus Nancy Herpolsheimer SYNOPSIS fications. For a copy of the specifica- closed, floor drains covered, and NOW THEREFORE THE
fundraising on East & West St. Clair Attica Township Clerk Mayor Bargen called the meet- tions, visit, check your sewer vent pipes for VILLAGE OF CAPAC ORDAINS:
on April 7 to April 9 & agreed to the 11-1 ing to order at 7:00 p.m. the link is under the Business and blockages as a precautionary measure. SECTION 1. Rezoning of prop-
request by Emterra Environmental Commissioners present were Bargen, Finance department menu or pick up The Village is not responsible for any erty
USA to change refuse pick-up day.
Discussion was held on major
BERLIN Rankin, Planck, Ramirez, and Tanis. bid specs at Dryden High School, damages or cleaning inside residences That the Village of Capac
Zoning Map referred to in Section
street designation, commercial vehi- TOWNSHIP Commissioners Kempf and Romine
were absent. Also present were City
3866 Rochester Road, Dryden MI
48428. Questions regarding the specs
that may result from blocked vents
and/or the routine cleaning process. 30-227 of the Village of Capac Code
cle ordinance amendment, building BOARD MEETING Manager Tom Youatt; Fire Chief shall be addressed by calling 810- For more information, please visit our of Ordinance is hereby amended such
committee report and DDA Alleyway SYNOPSIS Richard Horton; five members of the 724-9852. website at or that the following properties are
project. March 6, 2017 community; and two members of the 11-1 contact Village offices at (810) 798- rezoned from the Central Business
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 Meeting called to order at 7:30 media. The Commission approved 8528. District (CBD) classification to the
Kimberly J. Keesler
p.m. by Supervisor Winn. Pledge of
Allegiance recited. Members present:
the agenda with the following addi-
tions: 7.B. Lapeer County Sheriff
VILLAGE OF Kimberly J. Keesler
Village of Almont Clerk/Treasurer
Residential Multi-Family (RM) clas-
Clerk/Treasurer Parks, Klos, Winn, Christian & License Agreement Amendment, 8.B. ALMONT 11-1 Commonly known as: vacant lot
Steve Schneider Wittstock. February regular board and Proposed Renewal of Lawn ORDINANCE NO. 193.2 Neeper Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
President 0169-400
A complete copy of the minutes
budget workshop minutes approved.
Treasurers report approved. Fire
Maintenance Agreement, and 8.C.
Schedule Public Hearing for M-53
VILLAGE OF Commonly known as: vacant lot
is available in the Clerks office dur-
ing regular business hours or at www.
report given by Chief Phillips: Lane Conversion. The Commission ZONING ORDINANCE CAPAC Neeper Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
responded to 9 runs last month (none approved the Consent Agenda Items An ordinance to add a Planned PUBLIC NOTICE
billable), training on pipeline issues, as presented, including Regular That the Village of Capac
Unit Development (PUD) zoning The Village of Capac, located at
11-1 got newer/better pagers and hired Meeting minutes of February 21, Zoning Map referred to in Section
classification to the list of zoning dis- 131 N. Main St, Capac MI 48014,
Mitchell McMurray. Planning 2017; and Payment of Bills including 30-227 of the Village of Capac Code
tricts. being an Equal Opportunity Employer,
ATTICA Commission report: had 2 meetings: Payroll of $66,826.99 and Accounts THE VILLAGE OF ALMONT will be accepting applications for a of Ordinance is hereby amended such
that the following properties are
TOWNSHIP special land use approved and two
splits and one sign request were tabled
Payable and Trust & Agency of
$602,280.44. The Commission
Article 9 of the Almont Village
part-time position of Bookkeeper/
office clerk until Friday, March, 17, rezoned from the Central Business
NOTICE OF ADOPTION for lack of information items. Senior approved the second reading of the Zoning Ordinance No. 193 is respec- 2017. It is preferred that applicants District (CBD) classification to the
ZONING ORDINANCE report: exercise Tuesday (3/7 & 3/21), Amendment to the Fire Prevention Single-Family Residential (R-3) clas-
tively amended to add the following have previous experience in govern-
cards on Thursday (3/9 & 3/23) and sification:
AMENDMENT Ordinance Chapter 94 - Fire Section: mental financing and accounting,
Commonly known as: 106 East
43 attended potluck (every 4th Prevention; Section 94.01, as pre- BSA accounting program, Word, and
TOWNSHIP OF ATTICA Tuesday). Park report: Easter Egg
Section 9.10 Planned Unit
Mill Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
sented; approved the License Development Excel. The Village of Capac reserves
LAPEER COUNTY, Hunt will be 4/9 at 2 p.m. (bring a Agreement between the City of Imlay the right to accept or reject any or all 0286-000
1. Permitted Principal Uses
MICHIGAN basket or bag). Discussed: medical City and Lapeer County Sheriff 2. Standards for Approval applications. Commonly known as: 108 East
Notice is hereby given that the marijuana meeting in Richmond 3/7, Department, as amended; approved Mill Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
3. Approval Procedure This Institution is an Equal
Attica Township Board adopted an Almont Road closure (repair is prior- the Lapeer County Municipal 0287-000
4. Concept PUD Development Opportunity Provider
amendment to the Attica Township ity 1), budget hearing will be 4/10 at Broadband Intra-Agency Agreement Commonly known as: 103 South
Plan Requirements Crystal Potter
Zoning Ordinance, at their regular 7:15 p.m., homeland security presen- between the City of Imlay City, Walker Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
5. Site Plan Approval Capac Village Clerk
meeting held on March 9, 2017. The tation at next meeting and annual road Lapeer County, and Lapeer ISD for 0285-000
6. Deviations from Approved 10-2
Municipal Broadband Network ser- Commonly known as: 105 South
PUD Site Plan
vices, as presented; approved the con- 7. Design Standards VILLAGE OF Walker Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
tract with Scotts Lawn Maintenance The undersigned President and
for 2017 grounds maintenance ser- Commonly known as: 109 South
Clerk of the Village of Almont hereby
vices at a cost of $8,100.00, as pre- certify that this ordinance was pre- ORDINANCE NO. 2017-01 Walker St., Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
sented; and scheduled a Public AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND 0282-000
NOTICE OF ORDINANCE ADOPTION Hearing to receive comment on the
sented for first reading at a meeting of
the Almont Village Council held on CHAPTER 30 TO THE CODE OF Commonly known as: 105 East
proposed one year M-53 trial lane ORDINANCES OF THE Meier Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
the 7th day of March 2017 and was
AMENDMENT TO FIRE conversion for April 4, 2017 at 7:00 published in the Tri-City Times on the VILLAGE OF CAPAC BY 0283-000
p.m. The meeting was adjourned at REZONING A revised Village of Capac
PREVENTION ORDINANCE 7:29 p.m. Submitted by Nicole F.
15th day of March 2017.
Kimberly Keesler CERTAIN PARCELS Zoning Map reflecting the rezoning of
Frost, City Clerk. Complete copies of OF PROPERTY the above properties shall be prepared
CHAPTER 94 FIRE PREVENTION the minutes are available in the
Steve Schneider WHEREAS The Village plan- and attached to Section 30 of the
Clerks office during normal business ning commission has recommended Village of Capac Code of Ordinances
The Imlay City Commission has adopted Amendments to Section President
hours or at the following real properties be along with a copy of this Ordinance.
94.01 of the City of Imlay City Ordinance Chapter 94, Fire Prevention A complete copy of the above
11-1 rezoned from the Central Business Such revised Village of Capac Zoning
which prohibits making a fire in any street, lane, or alley, or on private or ordinance is available in the Clerks
District (CBD) zoning classification Map shall replace the current Village
public property within the city and to repeal conflicting or repetitive pro- to the Residential Multi-Family (RM) of Capac Zoning Map.
visions. This Ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days after said date zoning classification: SECTION 2. Severability
of publication of this Notice. The following provisions of this Ordinance The provisions of this Ordinance

Commonly known as: vacant lot
Amendment are being published in their entirety pursuant to Public Act 78 Neeper Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- are hereby declared to be severable. If
of the Michigan Public Acts of 1989: 0169-400 any clause, sentence, paragraph, rule,

94.01 OPEN BURNING. NOTICE OF ADOPTION Commonly known as: vacant lot
Neeper Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950-
regulation, section or subsection is
declared void or inoperable for any

No person or persons shall make any fire in any street, lane, or alley,
WHEREAS The Village plan-
reason by any court, it shall not affect
any other part or portion thereof other
or upon any private or public property within the limits of the City for
the purpose of the burning of unwanted materials such as paper, trees,
ATTICA TOWNSHIP BOARD ning commission has recommended than the part declared void or inoper-
the following real properties be
brush, leaves, grass, and any other debris, and if any such fire shall be Notice is hereby given that the Attica Township Board adopted a re- rezoned from the Central Business SECTION 3. Effective Date
made within the limits of the City, the person or persons who made the zoning of one parcel to the Attica Township Official Zoning Map at their District (CBD) zoning classification This Ordinance shall take effect
fire shall be in violation of this Ordinance and be liable for the penalties regular meeting held on Thursday, March 9, to the Single-Family Residential 30 days after publication.
described in 94.99 PENALTY. This provision does not prohibit fires 2017. The conditional rezoning from AG Agricultural to I-1 Light Indus- (R-3) zoning classification: Certification
in places designated by the City for burning charcoal, or other similar trial on the following described property with the accepted March 9, 2017 Commonly known as: 106 East I, Crystal Potter, Clerk of the
materials for the purpose of food preparation or recreational campfires. offer of conditions that: Mill Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- Village of Capac do hereby certify
Recreational campfires are defined as small recreational campfires that are 0286-000 that Ordinance No. 2017-01 adopted
limited to 3 feet by 3 feet in size that are contained within a metal fire ring Commonly known as: 108 East by the Village of Capac council at a
Property Address Parcel Identification Number
or other self-contained metal unit and does not create a public nuisance. Mill Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- regular meeting held on the 6th day of
The above burning for recreational campfires requires a permit from the 2998 Walker Road 003-035-019-10 0287-000 March, 2017 was published as pro-
City. Commonly known as: 103 South vided by law.
1. The maximum number of employees to work at the building will be Walker Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- Vote on this Ordinance, 5 members
92.11 FIRES. eight (8) in total 0285-000 being present, was a follows: AYES:
Commonly known as: 105 South Patti Weyhrauch, Joe Nemecek,
The City of Imlay City ordains that Section 92.11 of Chapter 92 of the 2. Business hours restricted to 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday Walker Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- Samantha Ramirez, Mary Klug,
Code of Ordinances for the City of Imlay City be hereby repealed in its 3. The mold product manufactured on site shall not be sold primarily at 0284-000 President John Grzyb. NAYS: None.
entirety. retail on site, rather the product should be distributed elsewhere by the Commonly known as: 109 South ABSENT: Paul Libkie, Bruce
owner / operator. There are no visitors or customers on the site. Walker St. Parcel ID: 74-40-950- Lawrence.
95.01 BURNING OF MATERIALS. 0282-000 This Ordinance is hereby
4. There shall be no expansion of the building or any other facilities
including the parking lot on site. Commonly known as: 105 East authenticated.
The City of Imlay City ordains that Section 95.01 of Chapter 95 of the Meier Street, Parcel ID: 74-40-950- Crystal Potter,
Code of Ordinances for the City of Imlay City be hereby repealed in its 5. No proposed signage for the existing facility will be pursued for the 0283-000 Village of Capac Clerk
entirety. site.
WHEREAS Section 30-184 of 11-1
6. All areas for employees parking shall be designed and arranged so as
CERTIFICATION OF CLERK to be screened from public view with landscaping.

The Clerk of the City of Imlay City hereby certifies that Amendments
to the City of Imlay City General Regulations Ordinance: Chapter 94,
A complete copy of the conditional rezoning of the subject parcel
may be examined at the Attica Township Hall, Mondays through Fridays,
except holidays, from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. The complete Attica Town- CALL 810-724-2615
to publish your legal
Fire Prevention; were duly adopted by the Imlay City Commission at a ship Zoning Ordinance may also be viewed or downloaded at the Town-
meeting held on the 7th day of March, 2017 and were published in their ship website
entirety in the Tri-City Times on the 15th day of March, 2017. This The effective date of this Official Zoning Map Amendment will be
Ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days after said date of publication. March 22, 2017, 7 days after publication of this notice.

Nancy Herpolsheimer
announcement or email:
First Reading: February 21, 2017 Nicole F. Frost
Second Reading: March 7, 2017 City Clerk Attica Township Clerk
Date of Publication: March 15, 2017 11-1

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Call Paul at 810-650-2688. www.
Albar Industries, Inc., a Lapeer area leader in the STRUTS
IMLAY CITY HW-9-4 automotive painting industry is currently accept- EXHAUST SHOCKS
~Newly Remodeled~ ...................................................... ing applications for the following positions: ELECTRICAL
810-338-0163/810-724-6102 DRYDEN is looking for experi-
enced cook and dishwasher. General Production - Requirements include the COMPUTER BALANCING

Apply in person or call 586-295- ability to keep up with line speeds, capable of
0774. HW-10-2 SINCE 1975
...................................................... performing repetitive motions, lifting, and operat- 810-724-6630 TFN
Where the outdoor enthusiast shops!
Apartment For Rent ing orbital sanders and buffers while maintaining
DRIVER, Experienced tanker driv-
Mobil 7230 Webster Rd IMLAY

er, Leonard area, Benefits. Call

production rates. 314 CAPAC RD. - IMLAY CITY
CAPAC VILLAGE: 2 bedroom 2-cycle & 4-cycle Repair Tune-Up Specials in Effect
248-628-5280. Pick Up & Delivery Available
upstairs apt. for 1 or 2 adults,
50+, spacious, lots of storage,
HW-10-4 Applicants must be able to practice proper safety
appliances and all utilities,
except AC included, carport,
procedures. Applicants must be available to
work any shift. We offer competitive wages and
no pets, security deposit
HARD-WORKING INDIVIDU- medical, dental, and vision benefits. Interested
required; call 810-395-2226
ALS. Part time and full time avail- SUPPLY & EQUIPMENT
and leave message. APR-7-16
able. Pay negotiable upon experi- candidates may apply in person at Albar Indus-
ence. Call Paul at 810-650-2688. tries Inc., 780 Whitney Dr., Lapeer, MI 48446, by
fax (810) 667-2197, online at or
by email to For e-mail submis- Custom Building & Remodeling
HICKORY SQUARE HELP WANTED sions, please indicate job title (General Produc-
tion) in the subject line. No phone calls please.
Additions Kitchens Bath Farm House
Renovations Siding Decks Windows
APARTMENTS CITY OF HW-10-3 Family Owned Since 1973 Licensed & Insured
WASTEWATER FREE 810-724-8060 - Imlay City


1 Bedroom...........Starting at $570 The City of Imlay City is seeking BUSINESS
2 Bedrooms.........Starting at $620
applications for a Wastewater
Treatment Plant Operator for the DIRECTORY RATES
3 Bedrooms.........Starting at $820 City. Under supervision from the
Call Us Today!
Operator performs general labor
in support of maintenance of the
6 MONTHS $6.50 PER WEEK Located Between Imlay City
1 YEAR $6.00 PER WEEK and Almont on M-53
810-724-0266 Treatment Plant and facilities.
Duties range from lab work to facilities maintenance and related Pinnacle Foods LLC Vlasic of Imlay City is PUBLISHED EVERY WEEK, 3620 Van Dyke Almont, MI
Hiring for the 810-798-8533

*Some conditions apply. E.H.O. work. A minimum of a high ALSO ONLINE!

school degree with strong empha-
Call the Tri-City Times between the hours of 8 am and

2017 Green Season

sis on Math and Chemistry skills
5 pm, Monday thru Friday at 810-724-2615 or Fax us Parts c&e E-Z
is required along with one or more
at 810-724-8552 or email us at Servi Fax 810-798-3738 Financing

Check out
years of responsible work experi-
ence in general labor, construction

Professional Directory
or related field. A Class D
Wastewater license is desired or
the great the ability to acquire this license
following one year of employ-
Forklift Drivers ($11/hr.) - Sanitation ($10.75/hr.) -
Toppers ($10/hr.) - Handpackers ($9.25/hr.+Bonus)
finds in the
ment will be required. This posi-
tion is a full-time, TPOAM Union Shift differential pay; $0.25/hr. for 2nd shift
position with a starting hourly and $0.40/hr. for 3rd shift
wage of $16.87 per hour increased
to $17.81 per hour upon success- Seasonal employees have first
ful completion of a 6 month pro-
bation period and excellent bene- opportunity for full-time openings!

Apply today!
fits. A City application, cover
letter, resume with 3 professional

references are due no later than

4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 16,
2017 to Tom Youatt, City of Imlay
City, 150 N. Main Street, Imlay B E E R W I N E L O T TO
City, Ml 48444. The City of Imlay Pinnacle Foods is an Affirmative Action/EEO Employer qualified applicants will be Store Hours: Monday thru Thursday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm;
City is an Equal Opportunity considered for employment without regard to protected veteran or disability status, Friday & Saturday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm; Sunday 12Noon to 5:00 pm
Employer. race/color, religion, gender, national origin, age or any other legally protected basis.
Pharmacy Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm;
Closed Sunday

TRI-COUNTY BANK 136 N. MAIN ST. 810-395-2336

has an immediate opening for a
Commercial Lender / Business Development Officer
who loves working in a community bank environment. This position is in the
Northern Macomb County and Southern Lapeer County market area spe-
cifically serving the communities of Romeo, Almont, Imlay City and Lapeer
along with the surrounding areas. Required duties include: Develop new
business relationships along with enhancing existing relationships, make $7.00 PER WEEK
Tri-City and service commercial loans, approve and reject loans within lending au-
thority, interview applicants to develop information regarding their business,
identifying lending needs and credit worthiness.
At least 3 years lending experience is required and a Bachelors de-
gree is a plus. Familiarity with the market area is preferred, however if not
$6.50 PER WEEK
-relocation to the market area is required. Salary and benefits package is
810-724-2615 commensurate with experience. Interested candidates can submit 1 YEAR
594 N. Almont Ave.
their resume and salary requirements to:
Michael A. Ford, President/CEO
$6.00 PER WEEK
4222 Main Street
Imlay City, MI 48444 Brown City, Michigan 48416 Call the Tri-City Times between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday thru Friday at HW-10-2
810-724-2615 or Fax us at 810-724-8552 or email us at
Page 6-B-TRI-CITY TIMES-MARCH 15, 2017

SALE To Include
(Must take delivery out of dealer sock)

2017 Ford Fusion SE, FWD

Lease for $139 per month
For 24 month with $1,969 Due at signing
Offer ends 3/31/17
2/28/17 must qualify for A/Z plan pricing, 10,500 mile lease.
Resident restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

Your 2017 Ford Escape SE, AWD

Early Bird Lease for $139 per month
Headquarters! For 24 month with $1,539 Due at signing
3/31/17 must qualify for A/Z plan pricing, 10,500 mile lease.
Offer ends 2/28/17
Resident restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

2016 Ford Taurus SEL Waive up to 3

Lease for $
199 per month months payments
(Lease due through July.
For 24 month with $1,058 Due at signing Offer good on select vehicles)
3/31/17 must qualify for A/Z plan pricing, 10,500 mile lease.
Offer ends 2/28/17
Resident restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

2017 Ford F-150 Super Crew XLT 4x4

Lease for $279 per month
For 24 month with $1,829 Due at signing
3/31/17 must qualify for A/Z plan pricing, 10,500 mile lease.
Offer ends 2/28/17
Resident restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

Come See Our Mark Mike Cheri Jeff Dustin

Experienced Vigneron Marvin Whelan Trott
Rushton Wyzgowski
Professional Staff 20 Years 14 Years 21 Years 8 Years 4 Years 4 Years 24 Years 1 Year
Disclaimer: 10,500 miles per year, must quality for FMC Lease, residency restrictions apply. All payment money due plus tax. Title, registration and dock fee extra. Excludes vehicles over 150,000 miles. Must be insured and in drivable condition. Must be 2006 to current model year. Excludes branded titles. Must have owned vehicle for at least 6 months, owner of trade must be on RD-108 of vehicle sold will be based on Kelley Blue Book Good Condition less reconditioning.

Something for Everyones Budget

2017 FORD ESCAPE 2016 FORD F-150 2012 CHEVY 2015 CHEVY 2014 FORD 2012 DODGE
AS LOW AS $21,500 $27,995 $8,995 $19,995 $15,900 $11,500
(4 to choose from)

2014 FORD 2016 FORD F-150 2016 FORD F-250 2017 FORD MUSTANG 2017 FORD FUSION 2011 FORD
$10,900 $35,900 4X4 $33,750 $35,900 OWNED $17,500 $13,995

2014 FORD EDGE SEL, 2015 FORD F-150 2010 BUICK 2016 FORD 2016 FORD F-350 2016 FORD F-150 XLT
OWNED $17,500 NAV. $35,900 AWD $9,995 $33,500 CREW CAB DRW $36,900

Marty Dale Mike Bruno Delilah Bringard Dick Tina

Rankin Simpson Preowned Preowned Dickinson Williams
Internet Sales & Internet Sales &
Used Car Preowned & New Car Sales Preowned & New Preowned
Manager New Car Sales New Car Sales Vehicle Sales Finance Manager
810-721-3212 810-721-3214
810-721-3216 810-721-3209 810-721-3217 810-721-3215


800-764-6505 MON., THURS. 9 - 8
TUES., WED., FRI. 9 - 6
MON., THURS. 7:30 - 8:00
TUES., WED., FRI. 7:30 - 6 SAT. 9 - 3 SAT. 8 - 3