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Tito Barraza



2 December 2015

The world of smartphones

Now a day it is very common to see someone with a smartphone, almost every one

carries one. Smartphones have changed the world dramatically in a short period of time. They

make almost everything much easier and faster to do. It is important to know about smartphones

because we use them daily in our lives. Smartphones are very useful for almost everything; since

simple tasks like finding out what time it is; to very complex tasks like using the GPS to find out

exactly where a place is located or also get a glimpse of what the weather will be like. It is

important to be self-conceit about smartphone usage. Smartphones have not always been like we

know now; in fact smartphones have changed very rapidly since the first smartphone that went

on sale.

It all began in 1992 when the IBMs Simon personal Communicator came out.

This phone was very simple it could send and receive emails, faxes, and it only had

a monochrome touchscreen, a stylus, and a charging base station. When using data,

you could expect to charge the phone after about 60 minutes of use. (Martin Tylor).

It is clearly to see that Simon was very simple. Simons cost was $900, and almost

50,000 Simons where sold. But although Simon had all these characteristic it wasnt
called smartphone. The very first smartphone was Penelope. Penelope came out

in 1997 it was released by Ericsson. Penelope could send emails, fax, it could go on

internet, it had word, and it had an 8MB of memory and a touch screen that came

whit a stylus. In the next years several companies came out with more smartphones

but they didnt change at all; their main function was for office work. Everything

stood the same until 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone. The iPhone apples

idea of the smartphone combined powerful multimedia functions with the same

email and web browsing features as all other smartphones previously had.(Martin

Tylor). We can tell that the iPhone was better than the other smartphones. The new

iPhone had a lot of new characteristics, but the best innovation that it had was that

you could connect it to the internet almost like you can do it today with any phone.

IPhone was the first to completely innovate technology. After the iPhone was

realized al of the other cellphone companies tried to keep up causing a

revolutionary phenomenon. Competitors were trying to keep up with the iPhone.

Companies have accomplished great advancements in cellphone technology in the last 8

years. Social media is something that we didnt have as much 8 years ago thanks to the advances

in cellphone technology it is part of most peoples daily life. Smartphones have gotten us the

accessibility to faster and more efficient communication. Different platforms have been design

for media communication for example Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others. There

are pros and cons to this technology. Interacting with people has gotten somewhat a bit more

difficult. People have become lazier with the use of cellphone technology. On the other hand;

having a smart phone gives a person the ability to do many things. One of the multiple things

that you can do while having a smartphone; is that you can download infinite amount of apps

that can be very useful for many things. There are fitness applications that calculate your heart
rate and mark the steps you take on a day to day basis. These are so amazing you will soon be

able to start your car with the slick of a button on an application, probably designed by apple.

Smartphones have definitely come a long way. Experts predict that in future technology

will be more advanced. Example of this is the advanced technology we have today. Home system

security is a great example of these great advancements. With this technology you can check on

your home with the simple click of an app. Business owners are the main ones using this

technology. There are a lot of benefits to Smartphones, however many experts are saying that

even though the smart phone is a great tool to have for the ones that us it wisely, those that dont

might be becoming more stupider, relying on a smartphone to do every task, stupefying the youth

with social media. It is important to balance technology with life itself.

Social media has become a very profitable field. One of the ways to get involved with

this technology could be as a web developer. Web developers are either independent or employed

by companies to develop content. Without web developers there would be no applications for

new smartphones. An engineering degree is a good degree to get is you want to master a career

in smartphone technology. There is a lot of analytical and cognitive thinking in the field of

engineering. Achieving an engineering degree is the best credential on a resume when applying

for a job related to this technology.

In conclusion smartphones havent been out for a long time actually they didnt change

much until 2007 when the iPhone came out from there to now smartphones have gotten very

advanced. Since smartphones came out they have completely changed society for good and for

bad. The good things about smartphones are that they can be very useful for lots of tasks, but in

the other hand, smartphones are making society too lazy in the social aspect therefore people
dont really talk to each other like they use to in the old times. In my opinion, based on my

research I think that in the future obviously smartphones are going to get better than they are

now; perhaps there will not be smartphones perhaps there will be other devices that have the

same function of a smartphone but better. We dont know what they will look in the future. In my

opinion these changes are going to affect the way we live in a good way and also in a bad way. I

belief that these technology is going to be very useful on our lives like it is today.