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Annexure-V- Cover Page for Academic Tasks

Course Code: Course Title:

Course Instructor:

Academic Task No.: Academic Task Title:

Date of Allotment: Date of submission:

Students Roll no: Students Reg. no:

Evaluation Parameters: (Parameters on which student is to be evaluated- To be mentioned by students as
specified at the time of assigning the task by the instructor)

Learning Outcomes: (Student to write briefly about learnings obtained from the academic tasks)


I declare that this Assignment is my individual work. I have not copied it from any other students work
or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made explicitly in the text, nor has any
part been written for me by any other person.


Evaluators comments (For Instructors use only)

General Observations Suggestions for Improvement Best part of Assignment

Evaluators Signature and Date:

Marks Obtained: Max. Marks:


Academic Task 3

Assignment -Design Problem(s)

Mittal School of Business Name of the faculty member: Ujjwal

Kumar Pathak

Course Code: HRM501 Course Title: Human Resource


Class : MBA Term: 2 Section: Q1303,1651

Max. Marks: 30 Date of Allotment: 27.02.2017 Date of Submission:


S. Roll No Objectives Topic Details Evaluation Expected

No of Parameters outcomes

1 Individual To test the Individual Student will As per Rubric: Students will be able
understanding select a Bank and perform Written Report-30 to develop the
a detailed marks application of
analysis and submit a conceptual learning
applicability report on the following: 1. Selection of in a real-time
of the 1) Identify the current HR
organization and environment.
concepts by practices in that
organisation Clarity of the
the students 2) Critically analyze the HR Practices-
identified HR practices 10 Marks
in terms of SHRM
3) In case of discrepancy in 2. Analysis of HR
any HR practice, provide Practices
Recommendations for the followed-10
smooth conduct of the Marks)

Students are required to 3. Recommendatio

submit the written report ns in case of
by 15-3-17 Discrepancy in
any HR
Practice- 10