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Data Governance Tool

1.0 Introduction
Colorado Springs Utilities (UTILITIES) is a municipality owned four-service utility
company, an enterprise of the City of Colorado Springs, located in Colorado Springs,

UTILITIES seeks competitively priced proposals from CONTRACTOR(s) who will

administer quality services to provide a software solution for data governance and
reporting for the following: file server data, SharePoint sites and as an option, Office 365

2.0 Background
UTILITIES recently transitioned to SharePoint and Office 365 Exchange. Utilities currently
has to monitor and /manage user access and security/permissions to folders, file shares,
SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Exchange Calendars\group mailboxes, and reporting for
about 3200 users. There are approximately 726,000 folders occupying approximately 10
terabytes of storage. All the folders have their permissions set and managed via Active
Directory security groups.

3.0 Scope

CONTRACTOR will provide a solution that will enable UTILITIES to manage the existing
permission structure without significantly impacting UTILITIES end users, and allow
UTILITIES to easily manage, delegate, and report/audit file system permissions and

3.1 UTILITIES will:

3.1.1 Assign a designated Project Manager on behalf of the UTILITIES,
who will have responsibility for providing all project approvals, project
information, and the day-to-day project management of the
Implementation. UTILITIES Project Manager will be available to
consult with the CONTRACTOR and to facilitate the delivery of
services per this Statement of Work (SOW).
3.1.2 Ensure that all Service Accounts, SQL databases, Windows Virtual
Servers are prepared and ready to have the software installed on it.
3.1.3 Provide the CONTRACTOR with supervised access to all locations
where services are performed.
3.1.4 Provide a suitable work area for delivery of the service, including
access to an outside telephone line, power and any network
connections required.
3.1.5 Perform all UTILITIES data backups and restore operations
necessary to preserve data during installation and implementation
3.1.6 Participate in the Data Governance Implementation Project Wrap-Up
Meetings upon completion of the Implementation.

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Data Governance Tool
3.1.7 Coordinate service deployment of any third party maintained
hardware/software with CONTRACTOR. (For example, third party
maintained hosts must be prepared in conjunction with delivery of
this service.)

3.2 CONTRACTOR will:

3.2.1 Participate with UTILITIES personnel at a project Kick-Off Meeting.
3.2.2 Provide a demonstration of tools or free trial of tools.
3.2.3 Provide a Project Implementation Plan including a detailed Work
Breakdown Structure (WBS) for each Deliverable Milestone in the
Plan. The Plan should include design, installation, configuration,
migration, test, verification, and documentation of the proposed
3.2.4 Be responsible for all project approvals as well as the day-to-day
management of the CONTRACTORs resources assigned to this
3.2.5 Provide UTILITIES with the necessary Operating System Pre-
requisite Information, prior to the Project Kick-Off Meeting (Software,
3.2.3 Coordinate with the UTILITIES Project Manager and the
Implementation Team to review the Implementation activities to:
Ensure that all UTILITIES requirements are addressed.
Mutually agree upon the roles and responsibilities of
CONTRACTORs personnel and UTILITIES personnel
3.2.4 Describe the criteria for assuring full system performance and outline
how tests will be conducted to demonstrate proper installation.
3.2.5 Install and/or review all required Data Governance Tool specific
software, firmware, drivers and UTILITIES.
3.2.6 Provide best practices for utilization of Data Governance Tool.
3.2.7 Provide training for the use of the Data Governance Tool.
3.2.8 Provide procedures for software updates and upgrades.
3.2.9 Provide complete configuration documentation and submit electronic
copies for review/verification by the Implementation team.
3.2.10 Participate in the UTILITIES Project Close Out and Wrap-Up session.

4.0 Project Schedule

CONTRACTOR will provide a detailed Implementation Project Plan to UTILITIES in

CONTRACTORs proposal. The Project Plan will include a Work Breakdown Structure
(WBS) and a timeline for each task. UTILITIES and CONTRACTOR will mutually agree
upon the Project Plan and then the approved Project Plan will be incorporated into the

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Data Governance Tool
5.0 Deliverables

CONTRACTOR will provide UTILITIES with the following deliverables:

5.1 Project Implementation Plan. Provided a detailed Project Implementation

Plan including a work breakdown structure with a start and end date for each
Task for review and approval by UTILITIES. Full Documentation.
CONTRACTOR will have provided UTILITIES with an Implementation
Document, and an editable electronic copy (Word, Visio, etc.) of the as is
configuration information captured.

5.2 Data Governance Tool. Tool must meet UTILITIES requirements outlined in
Exhibit B - Supplier Response Form.

5.3 Software Installation and Verification. CONTRACTOR will be responsible

for the installation of the software and verification that the software is working
according to UTILITIES requirements outlined in Exhibit B - Supplier
Response Form.

5.4 Customer Orientation. Provided knowledge transfer and hands-on expertise

to UTILITIES employees throughout the entire Implementation process. Such
knowledge transfer and hands-on expertise will include all features and
operational use.

5.5 Project Close Out. CONTRACTOR will have participated in all

Implementation, Project Close Out and Wrap-up Sessions for knowledge
transfer to UTILITIES resources. These Project Close Out and Wrap-up
Sessions will be held at a mutually convenient time and date.

5.6 Knowledge Acquisition. CONTRACTOR will agree to providing UTILITIES

training at no charge for the Data Governance Tool to be utilized over the
next twelve months.


6.1 CONTRACTOR will have performed standard testing on schedule.

6.2 CONTRACTOR will have installed the Data Governance Tool per the

6.3 CONTRACTOR will have provided documents to UTILITIES on required

upgrades needed for Data Governance Tool installation on schedule.

6.4 CONTRACTOR will have provided complete configuration documentation

and submitted electronic copies for review/verification to the Data
Governance Tool Implementation team.

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Data Governance Tool


8.1 Delivery Location. The Data Governance Tools will be delivered to:

Colorado Springs Utilities

System Energy Control Center (SECC)
215 Nichols Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

8.2 Hours. All on-site services will be performed Monday through Friday during
the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MST) excluding UTILITIES Holidays


CONTRACTOR will describe the origin of all proposed services, identifying any tasks or
services that will be assigned to sub-contractors. CONTRACTOR will be fully responsible
for the acts and omissions of the sub-contractors.


9.1 CONTRACTOR agrees that all personnel assigned to this Project will adhere
to all UTILITIES security policies and guidelines at all times and at all
UTILITIES locations.

9.2 UTILITIES may require a written background check verification for any of
CONTRACTORs personnel who will need unescorted physical or electronic
access to one or more UTILITIES Critical Cyber Assets (CCAs), i.e. SECC
Control Center, LYSC Control Center, and Tesla Hydro Control Center

9.3 Any CONTRACTOR provided computing equipment to be connected to

UTILITIES computer network must be scanned for viruses and other
malicious software by UTILITIES personnel prior to each connection.
UTILITIES recommends that the CONTRACTOR supply general Internet
access for all of CONTRACTORs resources through CONTRACTOR
provided mobile wireless devices to maximize on-site productivity.

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Data Governance Tool


Date Issued:

___________________________ _______________________________________
______ __
Contract Number: CONTRACTORs PM:
______________________ ______________________________
Task Order No:

Colorado Springs Utilities PM: Location of Service Delivery: _______________

__________________________ Colorado Springs, CO
Delivera Start Date Comments:
ble Description of Deliverable: Date Compl
No. ete

My signature below indicates that the Services for the deliverable(s), have been delivered
and completed to Colorado Springs Utilities satisfaction as per the Statement of Work, or
the Task Order, and in accordance with Terms and Conditions in the Agreement

Colorado Springs Utilities

Project Manager: _____________________________ Date:


Deliverable Description of Deliverable: Reason for Rejection:

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Data Governance Tool

Colorado Springs Utilities

Project Manager: _____________________________ Date:


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